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Yeah that is what I want to ask him -- does he care for those whose sick children for those who were left from suicide or from war?  What about those who were left bloodied with a hole in their chest they can see through.

Yeah that is what I want to ask him — does he care for those whose sick children for those who were left from suicide or from war? What about those who were left bloodied with a hole in their chest they can see through.
     Pay attention Joe; this is where you are going to feel like those animals in a lab that are not treated very well. This is what you call hell — the court of public opinion is rather unforgiving though I do believe in God as he forgives; but there is one thing that is not forgivable.
     You want to treat someone like they are a person. You are not even a person to me — I wanted to say that on the phone instead of calling you an asshole. Photo Source: Internet Movie Data Base under fair use.

Look Joe – think about the scandal that Mary Sangiovanni opened a can of worms of when she said that infamous statement in 2013; those words in the wake of Robin Williams are coming back to haunt her. Agendas — you pissed away your common sense. Do you really want that scab hanging over your head on this one over the charity you’re doing? Look you’re doing a cool thing and all but if you don’t listen to me you will lose the heavy metal community over this – especially when Ozzy said of Robin Williams.
     “I don’t care about people with learning disabilities or mental illness,” is what I got out of your statement.
     What about those who were left bloodied with a hole in their chest they can see through. That kind of scandal is something you’re opening the doors to and that kind of demon will linger over you because what if people who had died by their own hand left behind children and a house without a way to pay the bills. Think about that before you speak of the donations you get from Mary Sangiovanni – in your hand it’s blood money because that is the blood of thousands who had taken their own life over a statement like what she said.
      Look – I was able to shakedown Lulu.com to get my files back and I have traits similar to what you seen in The Shield.
     “I don’t care what goes on between you and Mary Sangiovanni,” he said but what he said there was an assault on the heavy metal subculture with that one. What I did in my total disclosure was shown the crimes that Mary and Brian Keene are guilty of in the court of public opinion. I didn’t raise my voice with you but you raised yours at me and more or less had called me a “retard.”
     I will get the Patriot Action Network and every horror outlet that really supports mental illness organizations as well as those who support learning disabilities in my favor because Robin Williams had a learning disability too. The reason I don’t make too many public appearances is I can’t drive and when I do – I want to have what I produce ready to fly too when I go; because I am a true independent author and publisher. Do you really give a damn about people who have a disability or a mental illness? You really don’t know what I am capable of doing on levels of controversy – the reason Lulu.com banned me from facebook is because I disrupted the system.
     One of my readers saw that and said, “Only the C.I.A. is capable of that level of psychological warfare.”
      I am not in the mood for a shit sandwich as I caught someone plagiarizing Legend Keeper, and I made her e-mail public on my company page. Think about our conversation as you refused to hear me out – don’t you really think you are being a fool on this part. You really should look into the people you get donations from because of some of them are really corrupt in nature – if you are saying I am slandering you with this blog entry; I am drawing my own conclusions and the thing I saw really when you said that is “Fuck the disabled and those with a mental illness.”
      I am sitting here producing new fiction and nonfiction – each blog I have sometimes is about 2800 in one sitting or 4800 words on some of them between my short stories and novellas. I am actively trying to get ten years worth of work into a place in less than two months – you don’t know how stressful that is along with training an editor on an ensemble project. Ripple don’t even think of touching my catalog if you want to do a movie either because I refuse to work with someone who treated the learning disabled like dirt; especially when we’ve self published and learned how to become publishers. So think about that one awhile pal – if I am going to take the time and talk with you on the phone or write an e-mail explaining what’s going on don’t snub me because that’s when you get me pissed.
And believe me with you; I’m pissed.
      The only ripple I hear is when I fart between my boxer briefs – but with your last name; sounds like a very bad fart joke. You really don’t want the Chicago Metropolitan Area turning on you in the court of public opinion; and that’s my courtroom when I hammer into rival authors and public figures – think about what I am saying when you’re looking at this blog. I am not blasting your organization but I really think you are deaf, dumb and blind to those who have a cancer with no cure – that’s the one we live with when you are diagnosed with Bipolar Type II. When Lulu.com fired me – I became a man on fire to get my catalog back; when someone comes between me and my catalog there is no stopping me think about that when I went at the owner of Darksites.com in 2001.
      What about the children left behind by suicide Joe? Have you forgot about them – they get the most shit over their family being left dead in the basement with a rope around their neck or naked in the bathtub when they find their mother naked with the wrists opened like Christmas presents. Think about that while Joe as you refuse to listen to me on this but I will lobby to talk with families who’ve lost family members because of self-murder – Lloyd Phillip Campbell’s second controversial story addressed loss of faith and suicide. You help kids with cancer and mothers who are burn victims – what about American children who are orphans of war; the ones who had gone off to serve their country and are returned in a box because they took an IED. The children left behind in the war dead – as my roster served our country and I had published a posthumous story by William Hope Hodgson. Look you had a damn good catalog in my roster to work with – but what you did when you snubbed me is bought into horror with cheap sex scenes and schlock; you really don’t have a good concept for horror fiction and nonfiction.
      What about them Joe?
      No one is left behind – that is why I fought for my catalog and my memoir has a black and blue layout for the CreateSpace.com emergence because I was black and blue but the one who was still standing. If Stakes was a short story considered for Tabloid Purposes; sorry it wouldn’t make the cut – I would had stalked it because it had nothing to offer me as a short story or a written format. You only had three horror films directed to your name and all of them well hate to admit it look like shit. Think about what I said with that kind of venom – what I said will burn in your mind and wander awhile; you want to help women and children but what about the widows of war or the orphans who had been left behind because of gang violence too?
      I see what you are doing, but you are going at this from the wrong angle. You want to silence me over this as you let Brian Keene ban me over what I said – the truth burns doesn’t it, and when I caught someone plagiarizing my new work I am not exactly in the mood to be nice. Meaning I am cracking skulls on this one. You want horror; try Library of Bones or The Seasons of Black September – those will tear into you like there is no tomorrow looking at the synopsis of your movies you lack real depth for a horror writer. Go back to college and take some Philosophy and Psychology classes then try your hand at horror. What you did with your movie was smear Gulf War veterans from the original theatre – I would have a hard time writing a character who served in the Gulf War because I couldn’t do it justice. But a Nam vet I could try to do from an accurate perspective of the 1990s because what they said of the first Iraq cycle.
      You live in a shack when a hurricane is blowing through Joe – think about that one for a bit too; as my new story I am working on is going to have elements where it refers to Ghosts in the Tornado. I just got done taking on Eric Hovind on my birthday – when you snub me like this; you really need to think about some aspects about me as not the joke but someone who really will blow through like a hurricane. Real monsters Joe – you haven’t seen a monster; I had the industry turn me into a monster but I said I will give you a monster my hometown of Glendale Heights, Illinois. The two stories I am working on as a result of the Legend Keeper controversy gave me ideas behind tomorrow to work with – and when I am trying to get an ensemble together someone went and plagiarized Legend Keeper.
      Look, Joe – you really want to be treated like a ghoul think about what I said in the wake of Robin Williams; the kids he left behind because of him being found the way he was. Robin Williams studied political science which is why he did quite well with Good Morning Vietnam – that’s why the USOs seek him out there Joe, what had you done for those who are families who are sick and are without their patriarch who is war death? Why don’t’ you fly to Chicago and look me up with my friends in Chicago and we talk to some who have a mental illness also have cancer too – you want to help children who have illnesses. What about the illness that’s unseen?
      Robin Williams played fathers and family men – and that’s why a lot of us who are fathers (I might be an absentee father not by choice. When the system almost destroyed me in Iowa – I almost threw my career away because of this because I would have killed my ex-fiancee’s parents over what they pulled with my son. That’s why in 2001 when I learned of her mother’s passing I said, “Ding dong the bitch is dead.”)
      You want to support that unfit mother? Your call pal – you want to treat Conservatives, those who have disabilities and a mental illness like they don’t exist. You have me to worry about. Look Robin Williams played in A.I. and what you seen with me welcome to a distortion field – as you have a lovely day to start war; as he was the one who had filled in the shoes of Bob Hope with the USOs. The Democrat that the Conservatives call a friend because of him willing to entertain the troops like Five Finger Death Punch does – so tell me Ripple; do you care about veterans as much as you care about women and children? Look you want to dish out stigma – I am going to show you what stigma looks like. Think before you speak Joe – because you were shooting at the pecker with your words; so if you speak to me choose your words carefully with me because there is only one judge of both of us. That is the one who is sitting at the White Throne – fight of flight Joe; as you can think of me as the wall of doom that you have in your sleep.
      Joe I want you to really think about this when you read this blog – do you even believe in God? Well if you are looking at the blog as I am the one where the demons stand aside. So Joe – am I demon in your eyes? Do I scare you yet – think about what I am saying because you want to help kids and women right; but you are tearing apart the children who are left behind from those who had left when their parent was hanging in the basement. Think about your kingdom of ashes Joe – what I heard coming out of your mouth on the phone, you were a babbling fool. Think about what you are doing – Good works without grace doesn’t equate to a damn thing. With your movies – who are you are trying to make a sucker watching them? So you want to make someone look like an asshole – who is the bigger asshole now?
      I lived in madness and walked away the saint in the end – tell me something were you always a reptile when you entered the business as a film maker? Are you a gambling man Ripple – if you were playing craps you rolled snake eyes; as you lost when you came to me because you are dealing with someone who believes in God. I took on Lulu.com and Creation Science Evangelism. So this blog I am forcing your hand pal; you wouldn’t let me get a word in edge wise so in that sense you are the demon as much as Mary Sangiovanni is.
      Think about who you approach when they talk to you like a human being but you screamed at me like I am not a person.
      You want to not treat someone who is disabled like a person – we will see who is not a person here. You heard me on the phone and refuse to let me get a word in edge wise – you call Brian Keene a “friend” then why should I even let you have your fucking say?
      “Calling me on the phone, and telling me that I should not interact with people because you have a personal agenda with them, is not going to work. Even more so, when you state ‘Listen to me, asshole…’ That will REALLY inspire me to hear what you have to say. Take your ramblings elsewhere. Brian Keene is a friend of mine, and I will back him to the bitter end.” His statement – that is “fuck the disabled and those who had died by their own hand.” I will back my roster until the end — so you really want to support a known cyberbully who threatened to take my house.
      His facebook statement – this is where he looks less and less like a person and more like a ghoul. When you don’t have something that puts a lot of thought in what you say Joe – what kind of ghoul are you there in the wake of Robin Williams killing himself; that makes you really insensitive – so I am calling him out on my company page. I found a publically photo of him where I am going to pair this up with that loser’s statement – his own damning words. Think about that when you donate to him – I am not threatening him when I called him but saying I had my own agendas. That offends me more than anything – you offend me Joe; you make me sick someone really should cut your dick off for that comment because when you make a comment like that not mentioning my name – I knew you were talking about me there pal. You should think before you put your foot in your mouth my “friend.”
     Asshole – that was being polite; I should had been more offensive as one of your friends plagiarized my work. How many people did you plagiarize for your screenplays Joe? What I heard on the phone really when he wouldn’t let me speak – he was saying, “I don’t give a fuck about the learning disabled you retard.” Ripple like the motion my underwear makes when I cut a greasy fart in an elevator and blame it on your mother. You want to have fun with this asshole — I have no respect for you. I am giving you a link to his phone number — I will point you to the non toll-free number; what I said wasn’t harassment but if he wants to hammer into someone who is disabled. I will have the media asking him questions. So if you’re in heavy metal media and find this blog Joe Ripple’s email address will be linked to his photograph. Does Joe care? The answer to that in the wake of Robin Williams — nah he doesn’t. Joe — next time we meet; it will not be online but on a dead end street and who will have the dislocated arm afterward? Not me because I am doing this for everyone who died by their own hand and for the disabled — so if you are disabled and those who had been left behind because someone had killed themselves, I am your voice and this will almost be the where I can possibly run for office. Why should I respect you Joe when you don’t respect those who have a disability?