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Wait? This is happening. Did The Christian Fellowship follow this guy? The more and more I read your blog — Iowa felt more like a Twilight Zone episode where I am playing Rod Seling’s role. See my journal entries String of Nerves and Weird as it Comes are about Iowa. I am working to get my titles moved back into print with CreateSpace.com with these. You have my testimony as a .pdf file. I had played the video you shared you showing this blog — what young earth creationists are calling me is a heretic because I believe in God but rejected young earth creationism even in my first era as a Christian. What happened with The Christian Fellowship I almost said “F.Y.G.”   This is disturbing when you think about it — I could see Megadeth coming up with lyrics based on this — I think Dave Mustaine did the song already about it. Designer Behavior.

Mark T. Barclay's Heretical Theology

Here is a new video that I made and will put it up other places soon and hopefully before Barclay tries suppressing the truth like other Trinitarian heretics.

It’s called Mark T. Barclay: Heresy on the Trinity.

Here is an alternative link. 

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