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In the wake of Robin Williams and what she said to me.   I really think Megadeth should have a little chat with her about this.

Look in the wake of Robin WiIliams, and your statements — I sincerely hopes Megadeth does see this because they wouldn’t approve. Instead of a book signing I got personal tour of Richmond as I was there for a few days. I was on vacation — hand delivering my titles; it wasn’t a celebratory but wish I had a video camera running because this ceremony happened in the library when I saw my first namesake staring at me. They saw me do what I always do — I will kiss the back cover of my projects for good luck. Why be photographed with a pair of Keds with a thrash metal shirt because you look like a fucking Saved by the Bell parody.

You and Keene made jokes about stealing from a museum — you saw my anthology there and made photos of sticking this in your purse. What you did there is kind of like equal to stealing from a church — I had revealed your full scandal to the museum — stealing from a museum is like stealing from a church. The reason I am reblogging this because when I went they asked me to speak myself — but I didn’t feel right doing it because that was Poe’s day. If I was to do this on my birthday it would been more suiting — but speaking as one of Poe’s posthumous publishers you don’t deserve to go to a museum like that. What you did was equal to pulling you pants down and taking a shit on a long standing horror tradition. I went on the anniversary and my impression was long standing because what you saw on facebook.com flipping off Poe’s foster father’s grave.
      That came because when I saw his foster father treating like shit — I saw my father in him; I would rather not have a biological father at all instead of a father that’s a dick. I am fortunate to have a very cool step-father who taught me how to work with a camera — so what you and Keene did is extremely disrespectful with my anthology. That project is my most personal project — and for your cunt ass friend like K. H. Koeher getting me shut down from Lulu.com. You took a shit on everyone who worked their ass off to get their work out there — especially when you decided to use where I work with now as your personal toilet. Especially when some of us were from the Booksurge era — get fucked you cunt. I wish they saw the blog posting I did and the company statement before they let you in the museum. Oh in the wake of Robin Williams you will be fucked over — mark my words; I don’t make threats.
      As you seen on my blog on tumblr.com; I keep my promises. I only brought four projects with me — two sold on the spot and the other, my memoir was on me. These projects will be made available in the gift shop and I will give them a generous discount to get them less than what I paid for on lulu.com. Pay attention lady welcome to the world of hurt that’s scandal. You want treat people like they are not a person — you really want to see someone who is not a person.
      Look in the mirror lady because you made yourself out to be total cunt. You were stealing a museum or trying to make attempts to burn a book — as Brian Keene was making claims he was going to do this. That’s a hate crime Keene — you know why if you looked on my company page; you will know why. As I said that to my former classmate because she would been burning a book with a story written by an African American. You think I am obligated with your valley girl parody of a metalhead. I don’t have the bookstore links for my titles but if you want them I will make them a direct link so I can offer generous discounts at any time and upon request I can get you 28% off on some titles. This is my second project to re-emerge as the CreateSpace.com version — three more touches added too. Why 28% that’s symbolizing my 28th birthday. You want to disrespect someone’s career that started on their birthday — especially your cunt drunkard cuckolding bitch that’s Karen H. Koehler and Christine Morgan. The places where I was photographed — were not in the typical places one are photographed in the museum. Tabloid Purposes IV has one of those photos on the spine of the anthology. These are her Crocodile tears you got caught — and you’re a fucking monster over it. Burn in hell — as this scandal you can’t fucking handle; you caved by your tweets. You want to know what it’s like to be vilified; that’s your own damning words — someone who is guilty when they get caught.

Mary SanGiovanni

This weekend I will be appearing at the Edgar Allan Poe Museum in Richmond, VA with Brian Keene. We will be giving a talk on Poe’s influence on modern horror fiction, followed by a Q&A. We’ll also have books on hand for folks to buy and get signed, or we will sign copies that you bring along with you. We certainly hope that if you’re in the area, you’ll come out and see us.

The Edgar Allan Poe Museum
Talk/Q&A and Book Signing with Brian Keene and Mary SanGiovanni
July 27, 2014, 2-5pm
1914 E Main St
Richmond, VA 23223

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