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The munter will pissed at Legend Keeper and when An Eye In Shadows re-emerges. Now re-teamed and have a new found respect for CreateSpace.com. I am thinking of Ellen would consider the new one I am hammering out right now. Fuck that Liberal Feminazi on this one — she decided to hammer into my politics and beliefs . Then do character assassination when she says, “I beat my ex-fiancee. ” My first anthology when re-emerged is played up like Tabloid Purposes IV. So Emma, you want to get in my way after taking on Lulu.com. When CreateSpace.com spoke up for Legend Keeper — I am going to blow in faster than a very destructive hurricane because I will say it. History had really denied you because I learned how to become a publisher from both April Derleth and Bob Gunner. So you want to really stifle someone like this? I have never laid a hand on a woman to harm them you lying Jenny no Mates. Let me ask this question Emma — if you haven’t blocked Lake Fossil Press and read my official company statement; why would you support someone as monstrous as Mary Sangiovanni when she’s a fucking demon for something she said. My classmates who read my new story — they’re backing it 100% as they think Mary is a total bitch.
     Would you accuse someone of being a racist when your best friend growing up is black and the kid who lived two houses down from you on Leslie Lane is Vietnamese? Tell me something Emma you claim you know me — you don’t know a fucking thing about me except from those who smeared me the worst. So if anyone who really should be blackballed is Mary Sangiovanni as I might get this in the hands of Sons of Italy over what you’re doing is typical of British Anti-Italian jibs. Look you want to stifle someone — think about who you are stifling; and when their career started in print and were introduced. What kind of heartless figa would go around trying to destroy a career that started on their birthday as you are a flowering cadaver.

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