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Leaks, Whistleblowers, and the Media’s Right to Report.

“You shouldn’t make friends. It’s not a good thing to be friends with people you’re covering. There’s just no point in doing it. It’s tempting, but they’re not going to consider you their friend anyway. They just know that you’re somebody that can do something for them. So you shouldn’t really flatter yourself that they want to be your buddy. They don’t… They want you for some reason or other, and you just have to fend that off all the time. And you can’t really cover people critically that you’re friends with. How would that work? That would be bad. So you always have to keep that in mind”

The kind of journalism I am prone to with my blog – there is an organization for those who are the investigative journalists; the ones who go in hard and sometimes don’t come out in the name of getting the story. Sometimes with Investigative they end up becoming part of the story and that’s the scary aspect of this style of journalism.
      I am pressing what I found on another website in my searches and I had saved the link as a draft so I can add more to this. I do a more underground version of this with my tumblr.com blog as I show my findings on youtube.com and facebook.com.
      My new stories I am doing play up a lot of my investigative traits and do a lot of fact checking within the pages of my five year memoir’s preparation for re-emergence. Emma Audsey claims to have doen’t her research on me; her true research. She doesn’t talk with my friends from Glendale Heights, guys be careful who try to get in touch with you because some in the business will try to friend you on facebook.com because they only want dirt on me. Robert Champion, sadly, fell into that trap too. He says he’s got unrealistic goals as he’s an artist – the difference between me and him is this. I have realistic expectations as a writer and publisher. You’re going to get to play on my own Spotify.com with this one — this blog entry I didn’t pair it with a heavy metal album because it would be insensitive of where I am going with it. If you’re not listening to heavy metal before — when you see my Spotify.com; you will be looking for heavy metal that’s less than radio friendly. When you listen to this kind of stuff thumbing around ProCon.org. You will find a lot of fun in the investigative journalism that shows in my fiction. My playlist is known as The Maven’s Den.
      Jet gave the hat tip via the vampirefreaks.com facebook public page on this one. I am going to pass this along to everyone who wants to see themselves writing in this field – as I am also providing information for The Illinois Center ofBroadcasting as my cousin was the Production Director at the time who went on to do his own thing.
      I have a story I am working on that became a novella in less than a month –took a pause from writing this one to get the things ready for my CreateSpace.com migration of An Eye In Shadows. Word is being weird right now with the cover arrangements. I have been toying with the new features of LibreOffice as my buddy Clint Thiele has a podcast for Geek culture – investigative journalists often sometimes get killed for what they are doing. This is a dangerous style because you are going into places where you are interacting with gang members, drug dealers, prostitutes, a convicted murderer or two – as what happened when I realized the subject of The Cabbie Homicide knew this story existed. One aspect that he wasn’t aware I was published five times as an author and nine as an anthologist. Anyone wanting to get into the field of journalist, Shattered Glass speaks of the disgraced faux journalist, Stephen Glass — who is from Highland Park, Illinois. (My testimony has very strong investigative elements too.) I had sent my work to real scientists and historians to see if I am close or far off with my historical references. Brian Keene is another Stephen Glass in this department when he does the blogs smearing me.
      Stephen Glass said this of the movie, “It was very painful for me. It was like being on a guided tour of the moments of my life I am most ashamed of.” There is a lot of fact based elements in my horror fiction about the history of the Chicago area. As I use real cities and real neighborhoods, very much like Richard Matheson does — H. P. Lovecraft elements are tossed in meaning my horror can happen anywhere in the populations of 20,000 or larger. 
      “You’re a tough act to follow Nick,” is a message I got when I was introducing my friends in the heavy metal community to the guys from the neighborhood.
      I loved what Monika (the person one of my new characters is based on as she will have the last name of my contributor. This character is going to be introduced in my brand new story I am working on that’s a novella length right now.) said of Legend Keeper. As I did analysis of the writing sample on this failed attempt to get Legend Keeper pulled by Brian Keene.
      I am going to reveal this in the article to Vampirefreaks.com for their open tryout for writers. I told them they would need a wordpress.com blog to feature the article because it requires a cut tag or two. Sherri Parker got involved with something deep – as in when you are involved in a scandal that’s what you say. Scandals are something investigative are often exposing left and right – sometimes when had exposed them they end up watching their family bury them. A really dark spectral picture with that one – I know that’s very dark about this, but when you write horror as I do you have to wonder about that side of the spectrum as a journalist.
      This kind of journalism – people have left the business in a box; either by old age or by murder. As what’s going right now as CBN.com reported this one; this is very shocking (Chris Mitchell didn’t flinch once.) That’s what you’re more than ready for – to meet thy maker. Russian journalist, Anna Politkovskaya, was shot and killed over what she does –- as I will show the links about this too. That’s the side of journalism that no one wants to get into when they do it but when I do horror I learned how to be an investigative; and been thrown off sites because I am an investigative. That’s my methods for fighting back against the gossip bloggers like Emma Audsey who claims to write horror and a fan of the genre – I amrevealing the very real horror stories that these kind of journalists deal with, especially when you speak of the anchorwoman from Mason City, Iowa, who was presumed dead.
      Look Sherri if you are paying attention the kind of journalism I do – people have been assassinated doing this or had been beheaded on camera. So if you are saying that you’re doing God’s work; you’re a measure of character is in comfort. The measure of a man’s character is when they stand in challenge and controversy – you seemed to have forgotten that when you left for St. Louis, Missouri. She’s scared shitless of the idea of putting things in a perspective as this is a matter of perspective.
      My contributor on Tabloid Purposes IV had written a character set in that area.
      “All these people you speak of – you talk of professionals (RBM and RCM.) Who you mention I can care less — I care about is the Gospel,” are your words right. You disrespected a very well respected writing family who you might had seen on the small screen growing up and the patriarch got a degree in journalism when he came back from the World War II. When Tabloid Purposes emerged – I was reading about this the journalist mentioned in this entry was poisoned in 2004. Some of the most fucked up stories form journalists are the investigative; because they don’t always make it out when they go on assignment.
      She was an anti-war activist but I would had been a war correspondent – war journalist if I was able to stay in the Navy. Richard Matheson might had been writing while he was on the front lines; journalism is almost a death wish if you are in Russia because if you are an investigative. They’re going to want your blood – enter the occupation of your passion, and you exit in a box. That’s why the First Amendment is a beautiful thing as some would call it sick because we can write some very fucked up stuff and not get in trouble. Unless you’re the asshole who wrote the Turner Diaries and inspired the cockroach from Oklahoma City to do that damned bombing 19 years ago. The enemy of the violent true believer is the investigative journalist. They are the enemy of the King James Version Only movement as well because what you see with them is they are always digging for things.
      I am the Conservative counterpoint for Michael Moore too. Personally I can’t carry but I support those who are able to practice the second amendment as I seen readers hanging out at the gun range. Guns don’t kill people – people kill people as the gun is often a tool. Michael Moore is a documentary film maker who should see blogs and research his subject matter a little better. John McCain said a huge “up yours” to him as George W. Bush did get four more years. What you will see with my book I am arranging that’s written entirely in 2013 and having a 2014 introduction that’ in depth is I am citing all my sources. I could fall within this type of journalism too – alternative journalism if you wonder what the hell that is? Creative Nonfiction is known as this in some ways where you play up horror traits when you combine surrealism into the mix as what you will see with The Ward I have many pissed at me because I openly appose to same-sex marriage.
      Gonzo Journalism was the start of this movement as I mention Shattering Glass too in some of my work – Michelle pulled this out for me as she rented it; House of Cards referenced the movie. I will mention Holocaust Denial in Legend Keeper, and ask who the hell can deny something that monstrous – especially when you have Daniel Pearl who was murdered on camera in 2002. King James Version Onlyists are not keen to journalists — especially the investigative and found a blog from four years ago I am linking as well from February 18, 2010. That’s it they are going to say I am going to Ghenna in a handbasket.
    &nbsp Jet’s style of journalism is an interviewer – and he might be a good news anchor if he connects up with my cousin (that would make a good video blog for him touring the Illinois Center of Broadcasting.) This is the kind of journalism I do – the kind that people have died in the process of doing this. I wonder if Jet knows of ProCon.org and it would be a good chance that his site was covered a few occasions — don’t always believe the spin but investigatives are the ones you can reallly trust. Lisa — I hope you find this blog and see who I linked up because this very subtle in what I did.
     That’s what investigative journalists have in common with Christian Missionaries. I honestly do think Christian Missionaries would make good investigative journalists if they took journalism in college. What I have in common with a missionary is I am promoting education reform and literacy – science literacy and getting subcultures reading books again. Personally I do believe in the Great Commission but what I do and operate in. The field of investigative journalism; this field when operating in the court of public opinion is very unforgiving.
      Along with Alice Cooper and Dave Mustaine, I am one of the most visible Christians on VampireFreaks.com but I also acknowledge the field I work in effectiveness is the best way to leave an impact upon society. I started to greet my visitors who are internationally with, “Greetings from the Stars and Stripes” because when I got published in England in print for the second time — some were wondering who was the kid from village that was a densely populated Mayberry near Schamburg making waves. In my eyes the way I write — tradition had always met tomorrow, which is Roselle, Illinois‘ motto. I know that the owner of the Glendale Heights, Illinois, facebook who banned me for being too intelligent — one of them anyway, but my boyhood home the cool thing that some would hang on my public page.
      The one who I was butting heads with as you seen on my tumblr.com entries – I guess it’s time he is mentioned on this blog too. He might had taken offense to King James Only comment – so I am going to share the comment here, “Nick is assuming I am a meaning that the King James Version of the Bible is the only one that is the true translation. While I prefer the King James Bible above others, other translations are better in certain parts.”
      That one who was stirring shit on my company page saying I already lost; the aspect he doesn’t understand you deal with journalists any kind. They are the talking head in the industry. The industry hates the investigative or when the ones who smear pretend to be one because they would take the investigative journalist’s name and drag them through the mud. In the world of Dystopia – the investigative is doing the revolutionary act in a reality where 2 + 2 = 5 to many.
      There are not many short answers for anything – and the King James Only world they want short answers for everything and anything they can come with. King James Only’s don’t make good journalists – but I had read Lucifer Dethroned just to to get some insight; I had looked over a sermon of a KJO pastor and noticed a few typographical errors. I had found myself proofreading a street evangelist’s written tract – when I was not quite known as an editor yet.
      I am controversial because I align myself with the Christian right except with the aspect I will speak for is the science of evolution; I will give the new meaning of Teach the Controversy. As in bring this into Christian high schools because they are a reason that many are science illiterate. Investigative journalists and scientists seem to get along quite well because we seek fact checking and evidence. I encourage teaching sex education but show a strong display of modesty — do the education with an air of caution because I am from a public school background myself..
      This might shock the guys of Vampirefreaks.com because I am also the most modest looking of the members on the site. The modesty comes with the disciplined approach I have as an author. The self-education aspect of my career is the thing that comes to mind as I learned how to design websites myself – I never took a class in it; and what I did with the standard templates is I study other websites that do html coding and what not. The things you see in Illinois – where some of the influences are attributed to the Bible Bible. Tyndale House encouraged critical thinking as I was trying to obtain permission to reprint an article for my book’s cover as a segment of the collage.
      The term you hear this come from, originated from an American Journalist,“The old game, I suspect, is beginning to play out in the Bible Belt”
      The journalist is from Chicago in 1924 – named H. L. Mencken. Yes he was a known Atheist who coined the term, the name stuck. I wonder if H. L. Mencken would be rolling in his grave when he sees a Christian who is intelligent and very literate, knowledgeable too. When you came from a similar background as H.L. Mencken, a woman I had came in touch with while I was just entering college. When speaking with her, she said, “Some how the way you see things and the questions you do ask. Why do I have this guess you’re a writer?”
      When you’re a writer and were involved with the church they would ask you to write for the bulletins but I thought of that as being limiting – especially when I studied Philosophy in college. What is it about horror authors that piss off the King James Only types – they act like they have a bug up their ass about when someone asked very hard, difficult questions. That’s a critical thought process and it angers many but at the same time it keeps things interesting at the same time.
      “There is something about you that intrigues me – as much other Christians piss me off, but you. I am quite intrigued by,” this one who got a hold of me via VampireFreaks.com had said of me.
      What I am writing with my new works adds to my enigmatic career I hardly made public appearances unless they are close to home and who I got in contact with over the 17 years surprised me over the years. Where I have long time friends who have over 1000 plus people connected with them but they haven’t really done anything that played this up – when you see investigative journalists. You almost have to ask how many of them are devote because you the last thing you want. Is the clouds splitting and a bolt of lighting striking down two feet in front of you.
     Gary Starta as I asked him what kind of journalism did he do before writing science fiction. He was a general reporter – they do a little bit of everything; like what the interviewer who did the interview with me in 2011 for The Herald News in Joliet, Illinois. What I wrote for Vampirefreaks.com wasn’t a fluff piece but it was a study of controversy in the depth and the heart of it.
      What I am trying to do with An Eye In Shadows – there are traits that will tie into Legend Keeper with the vibe; though this story is not mentioned yet because it wasn’t written yet. There are traits where it reflects the first namesake as it is published as I added W. W. Jacobs in the part about England and my quote from 2000 closing it out. The whole thing with horror is the monster known as mankind. The aspect about investigative journalism is getting into the head of a bad guy. We’re the bad cops of the realm of journalism while the advice columnists are the good cop. Investigative journalism always had a dark element to it – when you’re at the making of history and seen the dawn of a war. How can you be an Investigative journalist when the only thing you read in the house is The Bible?
      Journalism of this kind, you’re going to really see the horrors that I write about as an author when I write horror. I learned something too – I Am Legend was Richard Matheson’s second novel as I also thought for the longtime it was his first. Someone was Bleeding was his first though.
      Reed said of this country – as unnerving as this country is, The Stars and Stripes, we can at least walk the streets and not worry about death for something we wrote. Though this does happen when you go on assignment interviewing a gang member or two; but I wish I had a good video camera and a memory card reader on this computer. So I can do investigative assignments. As Vlad from Gothic Underworld.com when I did my column with them on occasion, he quipped, “work, work, work, write, write write —” that’s about accurate with that one but I do keep this to heart.
      The question when you see this field – how many end up standing before God before their time? When it is not their time yet – the ones who were found bloodied or buried alive because they said something that was a revolutionary act. And if you know of George Orwell we know what that is – the truth. My new story I am writing – the one that’s almost 18,000 words there are powerful aspects in there.
      The one for Vampirefreaks.com is very in depth and suggesting they also offer a printer friendly version as a pdf file too. H. P. Lovecraft said a true gentlemen writes as an amateur but now or days – you can figure out ways to get some pocket money for what’s in your head. What I made on Lulu.com paid for my lunch on the city and I don’t mind getting a tip jar feature – I guess Lulu.com isn’t kind to the investigative journalists who were on payroll. They were a publishing service but when I worked with them they acted as my publisher because I did have the IBSNs to work with.
      Where you see the world of the investigative – that dark tormented world what they realize. Some have to keep a clear head about what they do. Sometimes had said a prayer or two on camera – Geraldo Rivera was the first Christian to do the hard hitting journalist style on camera aside from Cronkite.. And gave it to our generation in many ways, I had studied Walter Kronkite‘s broadcast journalism style and what I do as a video blogger is kind of like broadcaster but a louder toned accent. When you’re Italian-American it’s very hard to get into broadcast journalism.
      I can see pastor’s throwing this at me Col. 2:8, See to it that no one takes you captive by philosophy and empty deceit. According to human tradition, according to the elemental spirits of the world, and not according to Christ.

      Stygian Dealer had thrown this one back and forth in the story. Not throughout the story though but you will see it from The Message version and from the KJV version in the context of the character. The measure of a man or woman is not who can stand in comfort, but who can face challenge and controversy – and the ones who have the most courage in the world of journalism are the investigative. Walter Kronkite when he was alive he got into the trenches with the Vietnam soldiers – the whole thing where sometimes the journalist ends up becoming the story in some cases. That’s speaking of Geraldo Rivera when he got punched in the nose trying to get a segment and it broke out into a brawl. Walter Kronkite, like my grandfather in World War II had been in the gliders divisions – so if you were a War Correspondent of my generation. With this I am doing – I’d love to hear from you on that part.
      Wait, someone who is of my generation is a war correspondent – this guy was reporting on the Iraq War in 2003. Investigative Journalism and Broadcast Journalism are related fields; and when you are doing Gothic Horror you are needing to be very journalist in the delivery with some traits.
      The thing with Emma Audsey is she doesn’t fact check as journalist; and you see what I am talking about when you see this portal. where’s her fact checking? There’s everything that has holes in her fact checking on that one. Brian Keene and Emma Audsey when they do journalism of me is known as Tabloid Journalism – leave the Tabloid Journalism to the Tabloid Purposes anthologies. I am goingto show you why there are investigaitve journalists — they are the ones who are helping with war crime trials. I do warn you — the footage from archive.org is graphic. CBS (60 Minutes comes to mind) is the one network news channel that does real reporting so check out what they featured too for those who want to see what kind of shit they catch. The one thing with Jet — he doesn’t deserve the controversy that is drawn on him but what I am submitting for him. I am going to take all the controversy that he had received and let people play with me a little while there. The reason they don’t like investigative journalists such as Encyclopedia Dramatica — they use faux reporting to pass off as actual sources. So my guess that’s where Emma Audsey got her source material about me. I spoke with Jet one year before I joined Vampirefreaks.com, now years ago, via myspace.com off record over what the flack he got on LiveJournal.com because two years earlier I had drawn my first two controversies. The one who broke the controversy about what happened in 2006, is my old friend Trench who knew me from my days from WBS as Lorcan Campbell as well knew me from this era too. (Okaynow I am pissed, the re-emergence of Murder Groupies. The fucking mutants — stop doing fan pages like this. I has tossed the most people off the Goth community group because they were murder groupies. Those kind of boards I will go and become a troll just to get into their head.) That being I was reinventing the community to be more heavy metal and literature friendly. I am known for having the record of banning 30-40 people in one day. The difference between myself and Cherie M. Priest — her blogs are boring meaning; who wants to read about fucking yardwork?
      Not me — so what you’re going to see with this is giving condolences to all the families of the investigative journalists who didn’t come home. When you have shit like this in your backyard — one year ago this one took place, holy fuck this is in Will County! All right kids — what would you rather read about, Cherie M. Priest’s boring yardwork or seeing the information you can use for your own subject matter to play with. Just be sure to cite your sources when you do so — and what this asshole as Trench made note of this too did associating Dave Mustaine’s most emotional and powerful track to something that ugly. A track Dave did that was his most personal too. I wonder what Ms. Megyn Kelly would say of the recent events that I shared on my series of blogs — especially the one about what happened with what CBN.com reported too. So Jet — if you see this blog, you are seeing what kind of journalism and I am an advocate of. The hard-hitting style given a little more attitude. Candid shit with real reporting. You want to do the journalism that takes serious balls to do, it’s the investigative. This site is the network for Investigative Journalism — the kind people have died over. Investigative Journalists are the ones who are truly hated and get the death threats. You know you are an investigative when you were on the receiving end of a few.