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Message from Pacione About this blog entry: Back in 2014 I was in the height of banging heads with VampireFreaks.com and was still buddy-buddy with CreateSpace.com. But I had started to catch a lot of masses plagiarizing my work. Then in the findings by sheer chance i found Stephen Glass’ Spring Breakdown. I was going to my mother, “Mom have you seen the movie Shattered Glass? Well by sheer chance i found one of those articles.”
    As a joke I was trying to obtain the access and permission to publish Spring Breakdown and say this is a work of fiction. Author feuds do lead to plagiarism as Rachel Deering got my company pinterest shut down for calling her out. Showing support for Brian Keene’s identity theft as I contacted Law Enforcement via e-mail pointed me to the direction to go as I got in touch with the right crew. I realized that M. J. Sydney was nothing but a hanger-on as Rex Brown wrote about in his book. I want to up and punch Stephen Glass for what he influenced many to do as well with promoting unethical shit in journalism. I found one of my old articles which has a new meaning when Keene gone after my ssn. Kealan Patrick Burke challenged me to a fight with this comment as I retorted, “Why don’t you ask Bram The Talking Wonder Dog about The Cabbie Homicide?” A year after this blog was done, Jet on Linkedin.com realized I am someone he can trust as he knew me as Nickolaus Pacione before I was known as my science fiction title on VampireFreaks.com — I showed him the informatin that will take down Brian Keene and do what he will do in his best judgement to act on nailing Bauapder as I caught Bauapder in a web of lies. I taught Jet how to catch plagiarists on a much larger level as the plagiarism scandal that’s now 6 years long is going to be an epic showdown. The VF guys gave me only two suspensions because my blood was really boiling over a joker making a sick comment at my sister. I was more or less saying, “You better hold me back from this guy because I am going to blood choke this faggot.” VampireFreaks.com would have to study unique Italian problems as I will admit I am a hothead.

I am looking online to get a comparison between author feuds and hip-hop feuds because author feuds the first name that will come to mind, me. The reason I say it like this is because I had seen the most of them — I had managed to speak with Seth Lindberg of Gothic.net on AIM and he said something very disturbing of my feud between me and Darren McKeeman. This was one year after Darren had been canned. of those articles.”
    As a joke I was trying to obtain the access and permission to publish Spring Breakdown and say this is a work of fiction. “You and Darren, this scares me because you’re very alike,” he types.
      This is paraphrased because this has been many years and what you see with my testimony as it’s typed up as a full length book I paraphrase everything. Emma Audsley called me a plagiarist — that ends careers over those kind of accusations when they don’t do that. I am not Stephen Glass (the illustration is from Pando.com as I am linking this up with it as this blog was posted earlier this year on January 27, 2014 — the illustration’s original color scheme is featured on this entry’s main body. See The New York Times Article in January of 2014.) Him or the other one that is linked, the other who is born in the same era as myself, Kealan Patrick Burke, or Mary Sangiovanni in the sense because he was also born when we are. Emma don’t even lump me with Glass or Blair. This is him trying to get into law and they told him to fuck himself. So Ripple about it — for a good long time, do you want to treat me like Stephen Glass? I am not an Ex-Publisher as S. E. Cox is or an Ex-Writer; that’s the last thing you want to be considered when you’re trying to get an anthology together. I think Jayson Blair would be an interesting invitation if he could very honestly write his story without plagiarizing any part of his manuscript because I can catch every kind of plagiarist.
      When I saw myself go at Chad Savage over what his wife said of me that became very personal; I wonder what happened if Darren and Chad had a falling out or still friends. Who knows there but Darren and I went at it well into 2012 as he is still impersonating me on twitter. Kealan Patrick Burke and me going at it now has a name. This is named for stories within the era they are written as the reason I can do his style yet retaining my own identity and I can take on traits of my contemporaries. Passenger vs. Empathy is the name of this feud because he is a cutout hardcore — a cookie cutter who never did hardcore until the 2010s. Meaning he never written hardcore in the beginning and hardcore is what I am very rooted in as a horror author; hardcore horror is the style I did when I was 14 years of age. In other words he’s trying too hard to do my approach and my venom.
      I don’t think Kealan is thinking things through when he’s snubbing me because that’s a Biggie vs. TuPac waiting to happen. That’s exactly what happened between me and Savage because the sad thing about it is we were friends. His wife made us into very bitter enemies almost on the same level as Darren and I going at it; when Darren and I were enemies out of the box. I am just scared that I might be blackballed in the horror community in Chicago over it meaning they will not me book shows or make public appearances in favor of Chad Savage. I am scared because Alex will drag our mutual friends over what she said because she claimed I “stalked” a friend of hers.
      I am trying to also bury the hatchet with the message board moderators on vampirefreaks.com because they refused to listen to me — the one moderator banned me from the board because I blew up at him. I will explain why I blew up at him, I wanted him to take a stronger stand on plagiarism and using this to bully writers. Whoever is the moderator who blocked and banned me; I am making my about.me profile available in this blog so we can talk off record via e-mail. They don’t realize this shit cost me some very good friendships; I mean friends who knew me more than 20 years — that’s not cool when you drag those long time friends into it. I will explain why — you can convince them to betray one’s trust. That moderator — I am on a public level apologizing for blowing up like that. But what I said to Chad’s wife — I am not going to apologize for anything because what I said is because I am not in the wrong for it.
      This industry — I had seen classmates cut me off because they didn’t approve what I pulled on Sherri Parker and Susan Hallman because they were friends with them for years. The statements they made they became linked to my professional rival because they said a similar and equally notorious statement. Where a classmate intermingles with my rosters – I think that’s beyond cool on their part; I wish more did that. But if they are intermingling with my rivals and saying things that are in agreement with them without even listening to my side — then coming at me more venomous than they are. That’s something I get a little irked about and this was what became the result of Legend Keeper. The combination of having to deal with them and having gotten the snub from Kealan Patrick Burke had angered me enough to pull this kind of novella off.
      “Go to bed,” the classmate said to me in an e-mail at 8 P.M.
      Sorry but my world is when she’s in bed — that idea where she’s facing comfort is being the measure of the character. The progress on these new short stories are coming very slow and steady; but when it comes to getting An Eye In Shadows — CreateSpace.com (then but got canned in 2015) are not used to layouts where they have a lot of moving parts. That’s how I describe the intricacy of my cover and title layouts because there is an attention to detail that I do; and I heard from Social Security I need to go in for review for my status on this. I am nervous but as long as I show them I am still going to my shrink but explain she uses Skype. Then it should be cool, I hope, but I will ask Mrs. Chad Savage this what if she had a sister or a brother who has a learning disability or a mental illness; would she ostracize them too like she does with me?
      Watch me pull out the empty chair bit like what Clint Eastwood said at The Republican National Convention — excuse me a minute on this.
      “Tell me Alex, what if you had a brother or sister who has bipolar or a learning disability and they were called ‘retard,’ or had been told to exit the way Robin Williams did?”
      Nothing — silence, it’s like what she was encouraging Brian Keene to do because he said this on both vampirefreaks.com and in my e-mail like an asshole.
      Yeah that’s what you think when you ask her something like this — it’s an empty chair in front of thousands of people. Same case with the contributor of Fangoria Magazine who insulted my intelligence. I was a Liberal before 2002 after 2002 – I said I will not let Liberalism deceive me with vain deceit. The one who said the infamous comment is mouthpiece of The Liberal as her blog screams Liberal. Her blog is riddle with Liberal buzzwords. Going after Robert Baupader like I do on Vampirefreaks.com. My reason for this it’s because I don’t want Vampirefreaks.com getting dragged through the mud because of a plagiarism controversy that SomethingAwful.com seems to attract.
      I have a list of links for the plagiarism controversies and I am surprised David “Doc” Boyer hadn’t been added the list by the HWA — as Emma likes to toss these accusations at me often and I will say. Nothing in my catalog I had plagiarized though other writer’s stories are referenced in passing or a movie or two; if they had checked out that movie or album — that’s how I know you read my work. Mary Sangiovanni was always two-faced on that part as I see Chad that way in 2006 — I wish I saw that in 2004 when I realized he said I had made nasty statements to his clients but back then he refused to hear my side of the argument. Jet said on his profile when he sees something that really burns him — he will stop trusting you. When I got him in touch with my cousin I wanted him to see what Chicago sees and what my friends in Chicago sees.
      There were a few times in this industry where I had someone said to me, “You’re a good man.”
      Ron Dondiego said it and horror host said it — Chad Savage and his wife are smearing a good man through the mud on this one, and I really don’t appreciate it. What you see with Jet — he’s a good man and being a dad; I don’t see him as the personality that everyone knows him as — the DJ, the promoter, but I see him as the dad. That’s that’s why I get worried when he got his son out there in the public eye — I get worried when I see it because he, like me also has enemies.
      Ice-T would screams in his song “Talk shit — get shot.”
      That’s what I wonder what Kealan Patrick Burke would say to someone who is a Latin King or a Gangsta Disciple because they’d pop one in the motherfucker’s head. Talk shit you can get nailed with a ratchet — as Ice-T had it on the money with this one; I am not going to spout off the lyrics for that track because it does use the N-Word. So as I am writing this new story as I speak — I am playing up the nature of persona; as K. H. Koehler claims that I am defaming the persona as she was pissed off that I had got in the heads of Kealan Patrick Burke’s hometowns and Mary Sangiovanni’s hometowns too. I wonder what ST thought of Body Count’s version of their classic and damn it’s funny — I told Limp Bizkit and Kealan with the hash tag to eat a dick. I could see someone imagine me in the same room with both of them in the same room and I flip them both up as what I say that survival makes you play for blood. Am I really bloodthirsty? I had someone in the Goth Community when the 9/11 attacks unfolded I had made the statements that are bloodthirsty — Legend Keeper has a bloodthirsty.
      I wonder how long Kealan will last in a mosh pit — but I guess he’s never been in a mosh pit. I wish I had my camera footage I did where I turned the camera on the mosh pit when I started moshing; but when I read that Kealan was trying to do a Grunge vocalist — I used to be able to a death roar but I need a processor to growl if I want to sound more Dystopian with it. I think what would shut Kealan up is having a Drill Instructor screaming at the top of his lungs in front of his face and two others standing with him.
      I got some jackhole claiming to be me and saying, “I hate Chicago.” When I engaged Hovind — I was having fun and he wasn’t a good sport about it.
      Dude — give it a rest already. You seen my photos you know I don’t listen to Queen. Ripple don’t be in the same room with me when you do that document because I will punch you on camera.
      My bandcamp will show my recent purchases and that will show you it’s void of hair metal.
      Addressing Chad Savage on is private profile unfortunately he refuses to comment — I guess he saw the Obama painting and angered him; I want to invite the artist of that painting to hang out with us in Chicago. He will get Legend Keeper on me because I immortalized the imagery of that painting. But I will say this much, what if Chad had an display and by chance I was booked for the book signing. I wonder what his response will be if he sees Tabloid Purposes IV as every Tabloid Purposes are sequels but each one they stand alone. The presentation of the Biggie and Tupac documentary is here for educational purposes — and if you seen the recent events with me and Kealan Patrick Burke or me and Chad Savage now (this became personal. I told Chad this didn’t have to be personal. His wife made it personal.)
      Look if you’re a creative — and if you condone plagiarism; your silence or a refusal to listen to what I am saying. Your silence on the issue saying that I haven’t been plagiarized or the response, “Why would someone want to plagiarize you?”
      My uncle doesn’t understand it and said I shouldn’t publish if that’s the situation.
      I guess the words Chad Savage said, “As long your name is attached to it I refuse to do anything with it. You had told too many of my clients off.”
      Which clients — oh yeah, Darren Mckeeman and who else? Well wait til he sees the memoir’s fonts that would piss him off. I am thinking of approaching the guy known as Pizza Dude to help design my custom fonts — the font based upon the story Legend Keeper. A font that is a hybrid of one of Chad’s fonts and Bitwise (not stealing from Chad’s fonts but having that kind of feel but more inspired by the works of Richard Matheson.) I would love to have some Richard Matheson inspired fonts for some of my books or with the latter installments of Tabloid Purposes.
      Chad if you haven’t paid attention in the recent years. I don’t even need you as a cover designer. I proved I am really capable of doing this with LibreOffice.org — but if I was still with lulu.com this would been a lot easier but if you want to do books on CreateSpace.com. I do have the tool kit to help you guys and I can point you to the man who can deconstruct your lulu.com print readies. That’s how I got Tabloid Purposes IV and the first namesake ready to go — I don’t appreciate how they did a humpty-dumpty on my catalog meaning it’s all scattered in pieces. Make my job easier you jagoffs. CreateSpace.com — if you are reading this; you need to adapt techniques for the watchmaker style publishers. I gave this a name for my method; almost like an Intelligent Design terminology for this one. MS Word for cover layouts are now acting a little wonky (now I need to invest in the program Indesign. The aspect of this is how do I apply my intricate techniques I developed with Lulu.com with Createspace.com.)
     Design chances for others will come on occasion — the one I am offering to design on me is going to be the manager of my friend’s band. What I did when I offered is I gave her instructions for me to pull this off with the effectiveness I did when I arranged Tabloid Purposes for CreateSpace.com. If you want GraveworX to do; you’re book will be treated like a Lake Fossil Press title when I worked with lulu.com. If you are going with Lightning Source — let me know because I am going to need a hand with some traits.
      When I designed Legend Keeper — I had new techniques in play when I did that one. I have collaborative programs too; AbiWord and there is a website where you can collaborate on a story so this project — I am looking for collaborations. All I need is the latest version of Paperport and those if you who are visually impaired they can help you get Dragon installed and you can write with this — well your story into a word processor. I don’t have the tools for this but I will be doing a combination of writing speaking with the manuscript because I read exactly what I type when I do it. My grandparents thought I was talking to myself when I did this; but the program I used Atlantis Ocean Mind is how I created my first book and Tabloid Purposes before I got Open Office. I wish I had LibreOffice in 2007 as my best friend told me he uses them too now. Being a writer became much easier for those who work on a shoestring budget or a modest income.
      Chad rule of thumb — never tell your competition where you can find this shit. One of the programs you use I had already knew about. The program I just got I didn’t realize it was around since 2002 but if you are working with createspace.com you need broadband because you’re working with very large files. So tell me Chad — let me ask this one, how do you like me now? Do you hate me — good if you do, hatred for me drives me to become even more competitive and what I became very good at is becoming the competition. So think about that one man we were friends before you and I became competitors then competitors becoming enemies. I am supposed to love my enemies but when it comes to you, this is not hatred but contempt. I guess that comes with the territory when I called Alex your beard. That one you really don’t want to be on the receiving end of when you got a really venomous chewing out in Italian.
      What Kealan Patrick Burke is like — arrogant. He doesn’t listen to his fanbase or his readers, what if his readers read my work and asking for the anthology where we appeared together in print. My classmate is the public face of this one as she’s a Legend Keeper era classmate. I am sure you want to take a piss on my grave right now but I had not even began to take a shit on Janrae Frank’s headstone. The reason it was painful for me to hammer into Savage like that is during the 2000-2004 era I considered him a friend; and for him to betray me in 2006 that made me a contender as a cover designer in my own right. Quakes and Storms was my first design. That will come to createspace.com too I am trying to think how to really format this one to play it up like the namesake with an anniversary introduction from the day it was first planned. When Chad’s wife took a dig at me — that hurt; that really hurt because we have too many friends in real life that are in common. I am scared those friends will end up turning on me because what they said. The thing about me when I said I did the fact checking and google’d places that were not smear sites unlike she did.
      Does he care if I get plagiarized?
      ;He thinks me getting plagiarized and my copyrights being violated is a fucking joke to him. I am not the one who will be crying like a bitch though — if you saw what what I did guys; I showed him that painting that I used to get everything back. Pay attention Keene because you are a fleecing huskster and I am not your sucker. Again no comment from the Savages (and I almost want to say they had savaged each other like how I saw a pair of rats eat another one; leaving the intestines dangling from the half corpse.)
      What can I say in conclusion — rivalries suck no matter how you look at it. Makes things interesting though but if you are swiping at someone’s disability or mental illness that’s a shit move right Alex — that’s what spawned the rivalry between Biggie and Tupac. Think about that one — you don’t want that happening in horror and in the journalistic sense of the word. You know deep down when I am saying this — I’m right with this one. This started when you see something like what my contributor James Watts said, “An author’s nightmare when you have something you’ve written appear in an anthology and spoke of this in the open, then someone showed up and put their byline on your work.” That’s where Chad’s silence became his hypocrisy — when his wife in turn contributed to the “Nick-bashing” is there a term for this or “Pacione-bashing.”
      Much of this stemmed from my original feud. I have no regrets about going at it with Poppy Z. Brite because I knew what I was doing was speaking up for every author out there who identifies as being Conservative. Did I piss off Ramsey Campbell when I said I am a better author than Poppy Z. Brite — man that felt good because I proved it too. I proved you can become published via a single entry journal and I am not a one-short-story-wonder either when I was selling to magazines in the mid-2000s but everyone in the industry right now. I guess I had their blood boiling over some of my statements, I refuse to apologize over them and when I pulled that painting of Obama out on Lulu.com out. I will not apologize for that,
      “Apologize to my wife Pacione,” I could see Chad saying.
      That simple I am not going to because what she encouraged and what becomes the end result of that Pacione bashing is seeing three stories plagiarized; two that are not published yet. Then one that is. I remember in 2005 when I first got in touch with Tabitha who became part of Issue 3 pointing out what Poppy wrote denying of the rivalry but she saw it and said, “Yep she hates you.”
      Passenger vs. Epithany because I studied Epithany to write Passenger; R.J. Sevin sent me that anthology as an uncorrected proof then turned around doctoring and stealing my photographs. That why I want to teach the editor and run the short story that’s part of a full ensemble roster. Come on — what harm does it have to appear in an anthology with me; Timothy Lieder spoke up for Mike when they were smearing Chimeraworld. I guess when I saw Timothy speaking up for me on a personal level — I am going to say that feud between Lieder and me is considered dead and gone. The decade long feud between me and him I consider this an end of it. I am going to need his help teaching my classmate how to play this up like both our imprints even though he’s taken some vicious barbs at me over the years — rule of thumb Tim don’t take barbs at my learning disability or illness. I had seen my work get illustrated by very cool means so I am doing something right
      Come on Ramsey — you haven’t seen my work get plagiarized and if you are contributing to not letting people read my anthologies along with showing up in an anthology that’s not Legit. If they see G. Preacher — someone snagged my name GothicPreacher on twitter; not cool when someone does that or goes with my short name with a “y” on the end too. When they are going around claiming I am one of David Boyer’s aliases.
     Brian Keene made this statement, “David Boyer was a better writer than you.”
      My best friend since 1986 made that same statement I told him I don’t want to be in the same room with him because I will punch him over that one. When your best friend since you were den, met when I would visit my family by marriage — he tries to pulled that move, members of the roster laid into him without mercy because I had to put up with David Boyer. That’s when you have to cut ties with him — I would rather put up with the guy who stole my bike and bragged about it than someone who steals my intellectual property. Because physical property can be replaced – if you don’t have the master copies of your intellectual or creative properties or get locked out because you said something controversial. If you don’t have a painting of Obama burning the constitution laying around; you’re screwed.
     I hope the painter of that Obama painting doesn’t mind it being used in a way of in case of emergency break glass situation (it is a powerful way to get your catalog returned. And an aspect that’s a treasure is the original RTF I used for my first anthology.)
      When you are dealing with author rivalries — there are going to be many times where that painting will come in handy to get them to back off. I showed some of my readers how I did this; as I seen someone do a doctor’d photo of me burning Old Glory on Vampirefreaks.com — the on known as DatAss pulled this move in 2010. And also get what you want back that’s rightfully yours — I am going to end up using that with Deviantart.com to get my articles back. Especially if the staff went at it with me smearing my name through the mud when they used liberal buzzwords to justify the reasons for suspending my account — when I said I wasn’t a scam publisher and tried to speak up.
      I got banned after 11 years with them. Don’t you think that’s a little off? If you’re on my shitlist on that site what gets you on there is character assassination or took a barb at someone who did something huge for me — or seen me take lulu.com on then continue to bash me. You should figure it out now; the time for games is over and you made this into a bloodsport and when that happens you will lose. What Tim said of my grandmother and what happened with David Boyer, if your reading this Tim — where my memoir will be appreciated is when it’s paired up with the original namesake anthology.
      I had added traits to the era where you will see my yearbook photos with the modern photos are on the front and back covers then with the bonus story. When I am willing to send these two you from CreateSpace.com as they will be pre-signed by way of my artwork. Then you know this feud between you and me is officially done with when your roster connected with me over the years. I want you to see where I am coming from on that aspect. I think K. H. Koehler was part of that Ayran Privilege because she looks like one of those Ayrans in her promotional photos — fucking feminazi whore.
      Tim if you looked at Tales of the Talisman where I sold my work — if I was able to see cool illustrations with my work, Tim I can hold my own in a brawl situation. When I took on lulu.com I showed I can hold my own; as who I re-teamed with and have a new found respect for them — I showed you what I had on some of the parties involved with Pacione-bashing. So Adam J. Whittack — do you honestly think plagiarism is funny when it’s done to me? Same with you Jerrod — you assholes really should consider that before you defame someone because that’s what the end result of something like this. Tim you should see Chicago and what I am really like here; I am not a punchline as the insecure community is like. Look Tim — if you get the facebook message and my confidental e-mail; shoot me a phone call because I will talk off-record. If you called me Nick instead of my short name with a “y” at the end — I guess you might be willing to listen about ushering in my longtime friends as publisher because this industry needs a new guard of veterans because Adam Whittack gets celebrated for plagiarizing Mad Max and Wild Wild West. Even when I did a story that mimics Kealan Patrick Burke’s delivery I still retained my literary identity — my science fiction delivery is that quiet aspect. Want to take digs at my mental iillness or learning disability, get the fuck out of my industry. I saw something, Wait a minute — did Tim Lieder call me The Messiah? TIm if you read An Eye In Shadows I am not from a small town in Illinois as you know the small town — I grew up in a small town but it’s relatively large. Tim I saw people apologize because something I wrote in my book — they saw themselves in it.
      “He tends to come out on his own and offer himself up to be sacrificed on the collective free-floating hostility and insecurity that is the horror writing community.” “
      Also those of you who are the support staff who handle the support on VampireFreaks.com — you do need to sit down and read these blogs because everything I did unveil within them. There is a lot of information there, don’t take things I present lightly because I am in deep with this. This is Stephen Glass level scandals when you realize it. I gave everyone a lot of information and tagged the admins because I wanted them to study this; learn how to catch plagiarism is a huge part of my career as a publisher — the law enforcement side of my career. The rivals again called their Barney Fife’s on me and had threatened to have me arrested again because they took something I said out of context. When they accused me of stalking I call it very in depth research and asking questions — very powerful rhetorical questions. Having the questions asked in great depth but when you’re dealing with law enforcement they don’t want in depth. When they are trying to say I was looking to cause a Columbine — that’s an outrage because I am very against this. But having a natural disaster like Plainfield, Illinois, hammering into the entire township — when something like that happened to them. That will surely change their tune.
      They were asking me if I had owned terrorist weapons or had access to bomb making websites — my blogs are what make me very transparent. I was this transparent with Vampirefreaks.com from day one. Meaning I am very approachable but the kind of journalism I do. If I do public appearances in the winter months I can invest in a bullet-proof vest because there are many who do want to kill me for what I revealed. Brian Keene is the one who owns all the heavy artillery — how are some would as ask if he owns an AK 47 or not or a Glock pistol. My knowledge of guns came from my friends who were in the Military but I was asked if I owned any — because of my diagnosis I am not able to carry one.
      I research my subject matter but there are some lines I will not cross — that being of looking up sites about bomb making. I will never take a rivalry that far and Rockaway — if you did any research about me, you will know I will not go and do a bomb threat. If I destroy a school in a story; it will be an act of God because it would be funnier that you would try to sue God. I am the combination of Fox News Channel, The New Republic and Weekly World News — but the difference when I lay into your going to see some hard-hitting journalism. So I am wondering if hip-hop magazines find this blog too; but I will say this much — I am going to e-mail this to NJ.com with all the information I have. If the Barney Fife’s of Rockaway Township want to get a hold of me — look my e-mail is available and you can talk with me personally. But I guess you would rather see me get raped in prison as I am not a faggot.
      I would be the Conservative, Heterosexual counterpart to that known blogger out there — except I don’t draw on someone’s photos.
      I think the rivals should be worried of that disgustingly cute pink blog is breathing down your ass because that blogger is on you. You think that I was the one who is not going to leave you alone, he’s going to be giving you a constant riot act. I’ve seen some the shit he’s done — kind of like a soiled diaper as in he’s always going to be on your ass. So those of you who are rural badges you do have a big city problem on your hands and the only one who can handle these problems are journalists. In other words don’t say something stupid — as I get accused to saying something stupid; I am going on record with this what I did was a mako with a V8 flat head engine. When you are dealing with a man eating shark with a thinking mind — do you want to be in the water when they are thinking how they’re going to eat you. I am not going to use fictional cities or fictional towns; I want my work to be as convincing as possible — as I use real haunted places for my fictional ghost stories. What kind of hostile bitch would take a swipe at a learning disorder and a mental illness; where I had adapted to concentrate and use photography to help with the writing process. So when you see this documentary — compare it to what’s going on between the insecurity of the horror genre in the modern era. My blog — Tim I give you enough research to play with for new stories; if you do a story do it based upon the research I provided as I hammered into Joe Ripple for covering up his blood money.
      What Tim said — I would gladly join him in cutting off Adam Whittach’s hair on camera and show the world what he does. His friend who plagiarized me would say, “Get a hair cut to me and work at a jobby job.” I found one of his profiles — it’s on ning.com; and I am going to look up his hometown of Bonaparte, Iowa. Tim if you are reading this blog I pointed out his profile — it’s time we gave him the pink slip from the industry because we’ve both been at this ten years as publishers; keep this honest because you admitted to what you said and you called me Nick. When you say my short name without a “y” at the end — I will listen to you. This is is where he’s from Tim — that should explain alot. figures a backward hick. Van Buren County is about the size of my professional rival’s hometown — so I think the message I will send to Adam is do Ghosts in the Tornado to Keosauqa where not even City Hall will be left because that’s a Plainfield level tornado. That’s how you scare these small town types — play up their paranoia. What if a group of Latin Kings and Gangsta Disciples had invaded those areas and started to do their thing?
      That what you really seen when you lived in my second hometown in the late 1980s-early-1990s. So think about what you are doing Adam — this is a Tupac waiting to happen with your Pacione-bashing (wait there is a term?) Small town pigs don’t like investigative journalists when they say something controversial and unflattering about them; as much as I have respect for big city police forces — the really small town police forces are Barney Fifes who really don’t look into someones research and take something out of context. Seems like I can’t make jokes about natural diastes destroying landmarks or rivals high schools; you suck. Great I wonder if I get handcuffed for slandering the Police on this one. Rockaway Township Police you’re fucking pigs. The Glendale Heights PD are cool and so are Naperville as Joliet.
      The small town police force what I said was out of research for a story I did weighing in on small towns and you took this of context. Are you that fucking ignorant? I just hope that Zion, Illinois, wasn’t pissed because of Ghosts in the Tornado — I needed a city that’s relatively the size of Roselle, Glendale Heights or Plainfield because these are the areas for my small town environments when my idea of a small town is 20,000 or larger. Rule of thumb, never do natural disaster style horror stories in smaller populations because the kind of storms I write about will destroy them because I usually have an F5 tornado in these kind of stories. But with Adam Whitlatch; guess what mothefucker — your county is toast when I do this style on your town. I am going to do an F5 tornado blowing through destroying your hick county. Anyone who is an ear shot of this — if you see an author who is published engaging in making fun of the learning disabled in eye shot of me. If you have a video camera and you are showing up at their book signing — take that book, with with a nice 30 gallon garbage can. Place that can in front of that author, then drop teh book in the trash in front of them. This will apply to Kealan Burke for his snubbing of those who have learning disabilities and people who pirate Joe Ripple’s movies — that’s the only way they will be watched because no one even knows about them. Adam all the friends you have or claimed you have — will abandon you, because the person who punched me in the head as a kid not even he made fun of the mentally ill. Adam pay attention you fucking plagiarist does Warner Brothers know you recycled Mad Max beyond Thunder Dome with your collective circle jerk outfit/ Okay one thing I have to ask what are the shield laws in Illinois and New Jersey?
      Illinois has them and I am operating within the shield laws when I wrote Legend Keeper as I had not published addresses of places in either Glendale Heights or Rockway; it’s speculation of the address in the story exists or not. I work with the free softwar movement but I also use Standard Copyright license with my books and blogs; so if you want to reblog something you want to ask first when I have written content. I am looking to apply fror one of these passes for my blogs on tumblr.com and this one so I can use a camera for my footage and come back with my findings for writers can use my blogs as research for subject matter. Where I became a journalist — it started from blogging. I would rather read The Fabulist than anything Mary Sangiovanni or Adam Whitlach ever produced because I am curious what would make someone like Glass fuck over The New Republic as insecure the horror writing small press is — when they pass fiction after fiction as nonfiction where I pass nonfiction after nonfiction off as fiction when I write creative nonfiction.
      (That’s from Shattering Glass if you haven’t caught that. Publishers stand behind their writers unless they go around doing what Marc Lyth had done. What you see with An Eye In Shadows — I do have a photographic memory and remember Joe Lansdale’s blurb but if you’re lump me in with Stephen Glass. If anyone who should be lumped in with that asshole, it’s Karen H. Koehler because she had silenced several sites that told the truth about her and they were watching my blogs. These author feuds you tend to throw Stephen Glass at someone — if you are looking at that one and you know the story. So you are going and getting a book pulled and a storefront shut down on a bullshit claim, The Powers That Be refuses to comment.
      Mary Sangiovanni is another Stephen Glass waiting to happen because she doesn’t do her real research on me her deep research. Her tweets about allegations I make of her are fabricated based upon her small town paranoia. Because the accusations of stalking is getting old on me as she’s contributing to nick-bashing as the HWA did. This would be WSJ reporting on Glass in 2013. Glass is an embarrassment of my state of Illinois. So those who are in the journalistic realm and writing communities — I apologize to all of you for us producing him. When that movie came out — it was one year after penning my true crime work. I remember what I said word for word in that cab ride. My parts of the conversation were exactly how I remembered them on the weekend evening of November of 2000.) Charles Lane went on to work for Fox News Sunday from 2010-2014.