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The HWA treats me like David Boyer – what would they do if I was invited to a convention that my roster are still members of the HWA and I was invited by them. I will say to them that I was banned on a flat out lie. I think this will be the basis for this observation because Rocky’s ignorance on this is something that gets to me. They think I had knowledge of the HWA directory when I didn’t know it existed – they don’t realize I was bulled by a few of the members at the time and when I tried to talk with one of the members as a human being. That was when I found their phone number by looking up a domain. The photo is of the DJ who singled me out in 2007 as I banned his friend from the Goth Community on LiveJournal in 2007. The photographer’s website is linked behind the photograph Photography by OnsenDesigns.com.
      The author who recommended me for The Bram Stoker Award is no longer around – so I need my roster guys to speak up for me in the HWA because I am a persona non grata on grounds that were non-existent for some of them. Horrorworld.org bullied me too in 2004 – as when I got accepted with New Writers Of The Purple Page I had told the one of the editor’s to “Go pull a rabbit out of their ass.”
      Janrae Frank called this The Ass Rabbit War.
      Angeline Hawkes was the one who had tried to go out of her way to get House of Spiders 3 cancelled and what she pulled was why I had said, “Just because you fuck and suck the moderator, and didn’t get your way with getting my novella pulled. You didn’t get your way so you had to go and take it out on Tabloid Purposes.”
      Don’t treat me like Boyer – because if you will say to me that I am Boyer one more time; if you are a male I am not going to be civil with you. Meaning I will end up punching you over it – you wonder why I came very close to getting into a fist fight over Tabloid Purposes and for the longest time I was critical of teachers becoming writers? The contributor I have now put my faith back in teachers who are writers, but when you have either Kevin Lucia or Aaron C. Bennett – more so Bennett and what he pulled before my anthology first released. You don’t post every link to every story in an anthology before it releases – that’s as bad as plagiarizing someone in my eyes.
      “Nickolaus, the ban still remains,” Rocky commented.
      All right let me ask this question since you just welcomed self-published authors – ten years ago they were persona non grata; but what I did. You are honoring my medium and my roster are now in the HWA so I have representation in that sense but you and C.S. LeSart might think me being plagiarized is a huge joke too. So you think that I like being lumped in with David Boyer over this one – you owe me an apology for that one because he tried to peddle Electrocuting the Clowns of as his when I learned it was Rick’s story. Brian Keene enabled a plagiarism by Robert L. Baupader of my new just written this year known by Stygian Dealer. His whore covered this up too. I have the fabricated letter he did for public record — I do also have them speaking up for Legend Keeper. Lulu.com cowered with their tail between their legs when they gave into the fabricated claim. The anonymous support staff are ignoring something huge and what I was to have them avoiding is being served a shit sandwich for dinner if it was equated to a meal.
      The whole unnerving affair unfolded with one known an as Andrew Smith (Drew Smith) aka the act of Thirty Silver. The fat fuck is dragging my reputation through the mud and the controversy with bandcamp.com is the name your price aspect because you can use this as a protest tool. Smashwords.com has a similar feature and I have a set price on scribd.com of a $1.90 when I have downloads there as I would offer my downloads less than what you pay at McDonald’s or Burger King — but the one thing that will call to mind is I have someone trying to threaten plagiarism of a story I got published in the UK.
      “I think I would write a story called Ghosts in the Tornado,” Brian Keene would often say. The thing that bullies done is try to disassociate the title with my name – that’s a common thing with SomethingAwful.com and their known efforts of serial plagiarism. That story is mine Keene – get your hands off of it as this was published in the United Kingdom around two months before my ban from the Horror Writers Association – Horrorworld.org’s staff plays dumb when my work is plagiarized. They almost think this is a joke when I get plagiarized – but do they realize I took on lulu.com.
      Horns said, “You are someone who should be feared.”
      I think that’s what happened with Lulu.com when I pulled out the Obama burning the Constitution painting – I scared them into getting my catalog back, but this war isn’t over with them. I am making sure what happened to me with Legend Keeper doesn’t happen to anyone else. So I hope Jon (the artist of that painting,) doesn’t mind the reason I use the painting for to get my catalog back – as I was a wrestler it is a game of leverage. The situation with Christine Morgan having a page where she doesn’t have that many likes – and going around encouraging plagiarism where Robert L. Baupader sent her my plagiarized work and questionable policies with her authors are the fake names with the bylines. G. Preacher, Russel Nayle (aka The Rusty Nail,) Lewis Unknown, and Stinky Cat are what I call to mind. The policy I have is real names or sound like real names with a pseudonym – no screen names with submissions with the bylines because I want things to be legit. Look Randy think about what you invited to the table when you are honoring that kind of ban – Ralan think about this too; you’re inviting Stephen Glass to the table with that one as I am not a Stephen Glass.
      You assholes owe me an apology for trying to lump me in with that plagiarizing faggot because what you see with my horror stories some of them have elements of nonfiction in there as I mention the movie Black Sabbath. Think about who you treat like a persona non grata as I am writing three stories right now. What if you were to see a story written by me along side with Kealan Patrick Burke – as you fuckers cringe about the thought? God forbid you like one of my short stories – even Ramsey Campbell encourages hatred of me.
      You want to ban self-published authors yet you treat me like the persona non grata; you are too busy eating out the ass of those who will bend over at the chance. I am not a fucking chomo so don’t treat me like one. So think about this because I made a statement in Italian that was very scathing because what you bastards did was viler than you even think you did. The industry are a bunch of insecure cowards; the only one who has the bravery and valor is no longer around along with Stephen King but the one who did what he did – he fought for our freedom yet some aging Oriental sexual deviant has more likes than him. I am not a racist but damn; where is the morality in that? The morality went down the shitter when a convicted Child Molester gets a Bram Stoker award where he was forcing a kid to take it in the mouth on camera – yet you ban the person who is in there for noble reasons, to find his son.
      Where the fucking logic in that?
      You honor a plagiarist enabler the Grandmaster – that a fucking mockery where you have these vile assholes being honored; those are the kind of people whose books should be burned. You bastards really don’ think things through when you deal with someone who had taken Lulu.com on and had made the fabricated takedown noticed public on my Wikipedia user profile as I am now Plagiarism Watcher 3:16 – plagiarism is also a major problem within the faith too; and where I see that what Robert L. Baupader did. Some of you who call him a friend; you’re enabling him – are you that insecure that you encourage plagiarism of people you hate.
      I am not the one who is Stephen Glassing their takedown notices and I am e-mailing people trying to get the fact checking cleared up and when it is said of Stephen Glass you need to check with two or three people. Apparently Wikipedia doesn’t want the truth being told about this instance and the HWA enabled this by covering up the fact that their Grandmaster sent my manuscript to be plagiarized as a work in progress.
      Think about what I am saying, you may not want to slam a door in my face because I will kick it down – as in I will kick down the door at Lulu.com HQ if I was in NC when I learned of what they did with a bunch of disks and asked to get on their computers and get my files myself. So think about what I am saying on this one – I refuse to be lumped in with Stephen Glass, Jayson Blair or some of these assholes because I was thrown out on a fabricated claim by a cunt who died in recent years (good fucking riddance to her about her keeling over because she covered up for a plagiarist.)
      You owe me a formal apology and help me get my namesake anthology in schools because what happened with David Boyer – that fucker scammed me like everyone else. The feud with me and Timothy Lieder has ended and what he said to Jerrad Balzer; is what ended that one. Think about what I am doing when I took Lulu.com on and now addressing you asses again – this is an unsettled score. I was thrown out on a fabricated claim of me having access to the HWA directory; the assholes did an impossible petition to get me back in the HWA – they threw me out on a lie. Like what happened to Lulu.com.
      I was thrown out for insulting the authority figures – but what Boyer did was more unforgivable in my eyes. My new story I am working on is 18,300 words right now but you bastards make it really hard for me to submit to anthologies when you lump me in with Stephen Glass because he passes fiction off as fact. Think about what you’re doing there because I refuse to be lumped in with Glass.
      I got the plagiarists saying I am the fake – yeah really using a fake name like yours, you really should talk peckerhead. As Drew Smith lost all his anonymity when he spoke ill of my far-off friend claiming I was putting words in a dead woman’s mouth – Drew come and say that to my face because I will not be civil with you besides the point you ate one too many twinkies and the money you make goes right to the all-you-can-eat line. Why do I seem to end up with dealing with the fat fucks in this business – it was a fat fuck in 2003 I would never be published too. Ever since you bastards tossed me out of the HWA – you dismissing what I am making statements about; you’re advocating plagiarism of my catalog. Think about it like that – you invited David Boyer over for dinner by throwing me out, and the asshole known as angryinillinois@gmail.com who claimed to have taken my company over because the two plagiarists are feeding that lie too.
      You want to libel the shit out of me. Joe, as I found your idmb.com as it was under fair use of copyright because I wanted to put the face behind the malicious asshole who is covering up for a friend who enabled plagiarism. You want to fucking silence my online footprint excuse me while I make your friend’s fabricated defamation claim public – he lied about me using his e-mail address in Legend Keeper. You want to also lie for him on that one? Rocky by keeping that ban in place you are covering for Keene that alone you need strip him of all his Stokers and his Grandmaster status. You are going to defend your friends to the death but you need to go back to college and take a few philosophy classes because the only your movies will be watched will be if someone streams your movie for free on youtube.com. Legend Keeper had no e-mail addresses in the story; and here’s where you can e-mail the author — that’s what happens when you lump me in with Stephen Glass. Don’t fleece Carnies because I almost worked with a traveling carnival but they were too low tech and remembered my first tenor with a carnival — worked 7 hours but only got $20.00.
      I uploaded the fabricated claim to my dropbox made this public and it’s Brian Keene’s writing. Don’t fucking fleece me for my catalog you bastard. Because I caught you’re enabling Robert Baupader plagiarizing that’s not yet published. The story was the pdf version a work in progress where this cuts off at ten pages – Stygian Dealer is 13,000 words plus that’s how I know it was plagiarized as the bastards used the artwork fucking cat with a unicorn head on it. The signature calling card of the plagiarism posse is the sexual abuse of unicorns as they have fantasies about getting raped by one. If you are guy with a unicorn poster in your room and reading books about unicorns, you’re a fucking pussy – I would rather have Wes Borland’s weird artwork in my apartment than that.
      There is a message board I found where I am going to quote this guy’s joke, “If that island had any faggots, they were no doubt preening and gossiping in town.” I am linking this up with the crack and because I thought this was too damned funny because of picture on the stall goes with the crack I made about the trolls having fantasies about unicorns raping them.
      Okay who left the canned unicorn meat in the house? I guess the HWA will say I am a bit sick for that joke – but the high fantasy writers who hold unicorns sacred as something who’d be pissed off at that one. But when you have plagiarists who use this as their hallmarks; you will see where I am a little pissed. So Rocky – tell me, when you say that ban is still in effect do you advocate the plagiarism of my catalog too?
      No comment on his end when I am trying to address this – as it goes back to 2004 when mailer implied of my career, “Fuck your career!”
      Think about it Joe if you are reading this – when you have your photo on idmb.com; you left yourself wide open for people to put you under a microscope. Or in my case a scalpel, as you’re my frog, waiting to be dissected in biology class with your lack of intellect as I am getting into your head. Rule of thumb if you don’t want people using your own photograph with your own damning words plastered on them – don’t say something stupid. Because I put the face behind the words and voice with it too so you’re lucky I didn’t have a voice recorder with the conversation because I would had made that public too.
      Or cover up a scandal because you are opening door for something where you will be even more scandal-scarred than Stephen Glass. What I got from you saying when you wouldn’t let me get word in edge wise was what I wrote and the conclusion I’ve drawn – believe me, what I say I can be even more grisly than you are. What would you do if someone approached you with multiple copies of a pre-signed book as in it comes signed when it’s published. That would be what I have and if you’re sabotage something like this – I am who those kids come to when they become teenagers or turn 20 years old. Because my readerships are 20-somethings in the print medium since the characters when I was first getting published are all 20-somethings,
      When you have friends who smear me every chance they fucking get and you’re trying to help sick kids – that’s a negative impact on you because I do work with young adults as a publisher. Angeline Hawkes and S. E. Cox took dents in my reputation because they dragged my name through the mud,
      You little assholes flagged my accounts, fabricate DCMA complaints, and go out of your way to libel the shit out of me – the practice of character assassination is something that is a fist fight waiting to happen. Character Assassination is Brian Keene’s most well known trait; where he along with Drew Smith of Thirty Silver, lumped me in with Stephen Glass. That is an open invitation to say “fleece me because I lumped you in with a plagiarist.” This is where I am not going play games and I going to lobby to have his Grandmaster and Stoker Awards stripped from him. It’s because and I quote, “I am going after everything you care about.”
      Also another one he said and I also quote, “I ended your career years ago.”
      How did you do that Keene?
&      When you have a DJ version of a plagiarist going around on Vampirefreaks.com – what pisses me off he’s local. The DJ I am talking about is DJ Pathogen because his idea if making music is stealing other artists art created work and “remixing” it. Matt Pathogen – I never liked you as a human. Making yourself present among the SomethingAwful.com circles and defending them when you know I caught your friend plagiarizing me makes even worst for you in Chicago. So the HWA think about what I had to put up with locally – as that plagiarist and his best friend, his fellow goon, is also a plagiarist. I will not fleece you for your catalog but if you are one who accused me of fleecing you for your catalog because I will fleece you if you have a bandcamp.com page with your name your price from your original work. Those who sell their work deserve it only when they respect other’s hard work and catalog; Drew Smith doesn’t respect my catalog enough to let me sell my work in piece so why should I even give him a dime if he’s going to use to for his twinkies (it looks like it went to his ass.)
      The featured image is my company’s treasure – the original .rtf file I used and edited this using Altantis Ocean Mind. So Ripple – do you really want to mess with someone who stops at nothing to get their catalog back; think about what if someone was streaming your movies on youtube.com. That’s what Brian Keene attempted to do when he tried to fleece me $200 per book as what the blogger had attempted. If you are going to fleece me for my catalog, go home and go rape your mother some more — I hope you give her a bastard in the process. Paraphrasing from Stand by Me on that one.