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I had a disturbing realization when I was reading up about Anton LaVey’s grandson — and I pointed this out to my mother. LaVey’s grandson is two year younger than me and this scares me when I reading about his mother — I think I was too hard on her with that one; but with her husband. But when you keep reading — this gets more shocking in my analysis. Get out of the way because what he said about the disabled needing to be eliminated. I am waiting for him to respond to “Your ‘God’ is a pussy.” The photo for this blog entry came from BizarreMag.com as I am linking them back with this because I think this would be an interesting subject having him weigh in on my analysis of LaVey’s grandson.
      When I was reading about how LaVey’s daughter disowned them — I wonder if she spoke with my mother and seeing that she is two years older than she is. I was looking at photos of my mother when she was 20-23 years old thinking they have a three year age span. What would LaVey’s grandson make of me?
      Damn — as I am working on these new stories. I am thinking about that one some. I am looking in a mirror and I see LaVey’s grandson. That being Zeena’s son. Shit — am I making a pact with the Devil looking into his head the head of a scumbag?
       Getting into Satanist’s heads is a scary fucking thing.
      “No turning back when writing Legend Keeper,” I said to myself as I am writing these new short stories — one of them hit the 3000 word range and I am trying to get my better arranged CreateSpace re-emergence ready.
      The tempting idea I am going to send Anton’s Grandson the first and fourth Tabloid Purposes because I doubt he’s able to handle Christians who are intelligent. The whole thing about their psychodrama — might be a little haunting when you think about it. I am going to speak of that in a way where Corvis said this had a lot of psychodrama but I could never understand the psychoplay of Satanism and why would they engage in something that’s an unreligion.
      I am a Christian yes though I am not preachy about it and I will be creative with the way I do things — when I reaffirmed, I had a hard time finding a church because I didn’t want to be caught up in the trap that’s legalism. The new stories you are going to meet some interesting characters and the one that’s now 3000 words is set in Naperville, Illinois, I picked the location because this is where Kristov grew up and I had appeared on public access reading one of my early era works on camera. But thinking when looking at the photo of Zeena’s son — the scary thing I was looking at myself when I was on the verge of turning 19 because I had a shaved head during the era. The final time I had been bald was not by choice when some boy band listening brat that was my co-worker’s daughter naired me then kept going sheer happy when I didn’t want my hair cut off.
      When you are trying to cover up a scar from something that was very frightening that I had nightmares about that for years — forcing a hair cut with a dog hair clippers. I am wondering what Stan LaVey (I know Eminem might be creeped out when I say that his song Stan has a darker vibe because of the events what Stanton LaVey did being arrested for rape in 2011.) When Brian Keene is calling me a rapist — I do not want to be lumped in with Stanton because I am known for just making rape jokes but what he did was no joking matter.
      “Shit — is Stan that immoral when his dyke girlfriend assisted in the rape of a nineteen year old?” I am saying when I am reading this. My sister is about to turn 19 years old so you can understand my concerns on this one, I don’t date women under 29 years old — my idea age bracket for my girlfriend or wife is 33-41 years old; and normally when I date a woman she’s older than me. But I am not going to do what Dustin pulled as he was ten and fucked an executive. (That’s up for speculation because I don’t know if he’s serious about that one or was joking because she’d be a pedophile if that is true.
      But thinking what Stan did compared to Dustin’s book — those of you who are the cast of that show; it made a parody of our generation. A generation that Dustin really wanted to reflect and seeing what Stan LaVey pulled and seeing his photo when I had my shaved head photo it did haunt me thinking about this. The reason looking at the timeline of his mother and when she gave birth to her son — two years earlier my mother was 15 years old with me. My mother didn’t raise a needle dick creep. That’s part of the reason I asked his Agent to give this a better treatment; look you jokers treating him like he’s a freak — come on, if anyone should be treated like shit is it’s Stan LaVey because he raped a 19 year old woman when he was 33. If that was in 2007 instead of 2011 he’d be a pedophile in denial.
      “What the fuck, the Xtian called me that hardcore insult?” I could see him saying.
      I have people saying I am misogynistic or sexist; I am neither just women can be assholes and creepers as men can be. Mary Sangiovanni is a fucking creeper because she knows nothing about why I was removed from the one Glendale Heights group on facebook and if you’re taking screen caps of what I am saying and doing; you’re stalking me on that department — accusing me of the things that you are doing. Stan in his case, mommy didn’t give him enough love as a child she treated him like an abortion. What kind of asshole would go around — doped up on grass and rape a 19 year old woman? You’re lucky she didn’t produce a bastard because the worst thing you can produce when woman is raped is a baby and forced to carry it to term. Stan LaVey is a ritualistic rape-baby. But what the hell would make someone like Stan snap and rape a woman that is almost old enough to be his daughter?
      Look those of you who treat me like this or Dustin; what’s wrong with you. Dustin as least is trying to do what he loves as a standup comic and his agent got in touch with me and I thought of something that plays into his love of horror movies and heavy metal. Since his stint with Reality TV — I think this might be an ideal thing for him a real life Twilight Zone documentary where he’s following the trail of long gone horror authors on my namesake with the living members of the namesake. He doesn’t deserve to be treated like shit — when you see who I am speaking of; he should be though where Stan LaVey is a real ghoul
      “You are vile, disgusting little asshole,” as Mary Sangiovanni said of me — I think that fits Anton LaVey’s grandson as he’s might be eating out another guys ass aka tossing a salad because he is not very big in stature and would very easy taken advantage of. I was reading this — fuck legal technicality! What the hell — he got away with rape! Stan you are a product of your environment as fucked up as that is. Neither Dustin or I would ever do that to a woman — both of us might make comments that are below the belt or make a joke about rape, but you — you make me sick you fucking creeper.
       If I could only speak to you in person to talk some sense into you but at the same time I want to smash you in the other cheek. Though I will not punch you but just one look and a few quick posts; and people get scared — it was you staring at the abyss when you look at me and what is that like when you wonder about the final hours of this world. The Dusk of your Life — but think about what I am saying; I made a career out of writing about those who have things they are afraid of. My horror roots are supernatural horror and been studying superstition as this would been my paranormal style — my new story plays off this. I am not bending on the occult but I can see where Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden scientifically examined the occult world.
      “Is unexamined life worth living?” would be what my philosophy instructor would ask. The question will be with the Satanists will be is what if they had encountered a Christian who was unrestrained on thinking on humanity. What if the Assemblies of God is all grown up; a church without religion (as in without legalism?)
      I asked my mom on this, How would you see a contrast between me and Stan?”
      My mother said in reply, “No comparison.”
      Stan is dealing with a Rod Serling who writes horror and dark subject matter, I don’t believe you retain salvation through knowledge but I am knowledgeable. Just as my mother getting ready to go to bed.
      “Polar opposite you think?” I asked.
      “Pretty much…” she laughed.
      The difference between you and me Stan — I had a mother who loved me and instilled a sense of culture and left me the hand of choice about what I believe. So what I am thinking of what comes to mind — Stan; has a few screws loose.
      The more I think about this and reading about Stan LaVey and his estranged mother — it freaks me out a bit when I think about it; but I need to stare reality right in the eyes. That’s something Christians are scared of doing — as I am writing these new stories; one of them is 18,000 plus words and I am trying to invite classmates to move into CreateSpace.com. They will have a joint account where they handle their payments and I handle all the techie shit because they told me I can only have one account.
      This is where I address him on facebook, “I am going to scare you with this one My mother is 15 when she had me and I didn’t know my own father either but I would never do what you did. What the hell was going through your head to rape a woman that’s nineteen years old and get a slap on the wrist. You want to know why I am so pissed off about that one — I have a nineteen year old sister. You are a product of your environment. My birth year and DOB August 3, 1976 as your step-dad said something of the disabled where I was ready to kick his over it. What kind of asshole would even want to rape a woman? What kind of scumbag are you? Nothing is different in the dark when you have the lights turned on — you’re stealing with a Rod Serling and when you have someone like this; they are going to get in your head a while. Wonder what the hell is going through your goddamned head of yours? Come on Stan think about that one because I am your mirror image. I am you.”
      Careful what you ask for Stan because you might have someone like Rod Serling getting within your head in the way that you have another angry young man re-emerging. I am going to share my classmate’s current home’s church where they speak about this — speaking about The Exorcist; I wonder what he’d make of an author like Richard Matheson. When getting in someone’s head like Stan LaVey; getting into the black depths of madness –as when you study someone like The LaVey family in the realms of dysfunction. I don’t burn my books because they are not occult titles but they are science fiction and horror. But what happened to lulu.com — I am moving into the new place and readying my testimony for print and looking for the artist to help with this. I am thinking of another aspect — an illustrator doing a facedown between me and Stan LaVey; him in the photo that is from the 2005 interview vs. me from the same era. Holy shit — Lisa’s pastor is a real psychologist? I should ask him — what does he make of a LaVey; not from a pastor’s point of view but a psychologist. That’s why I am asking Lisa to join me along with her husband. I am going to need them both to help keep us from having the roster staring into that abyss for way too long.
      If he wants to use some of my blogs for sermon material — look, pastor, be my guest that’s what it’s there for. But the images when I transload them are in creative commons for presentation purposes; though I had some complain because they are abusing the DCMA aspect to have my tumblr.com taken down but what you see with the images and the audio combination they are for the complete presentation and for education purposes. The written content on the other hand is a standard copyright license meaning if you are going to cite my blog please mention my name too when you do so. You realize what I am showing with this blog is truly submitted for your approval. I wonder how much of the book that Christopher Syn omitted about this information when you think about Stan LaVey. How much did Bill with-hold as he is a King James Onlyist and that really opens up what he wrote to speculation especially about heavy metal.
      I think I am going to listen to Lisa’s pastor over Bill because Lisa’s pastor is a psychologist whose got the M.D. title so I wonder what his take on either Zeena LaVey or Stan LaVey. The question is there could Stan — is he a junior? A troll had called me a rape-baby and that pisses me off because that’s one of the most vicious terms I had ever been called; but when I saw what I looked up and I found this site before shit — I have to book mark this one. The difference between me and Stan is my family revealed my father’s identity on Easter of 1995 — and that was when I started exploring my dark side at a healthy range. I am looking at this — Satanism wasn’t born in San Francisco, but it has origins in Chicago because Stan LaVey could be a Jr. because Anton LaVey was born Howard Stanton LaVey. Anton is a Lloyd Phillip Campbell and Logan Swanson — a pen name. I do research the Church of Satan site myself because I wonder how much that shit is Twilight Zone and how much shit is reality. This is my similarity to Howard LaVey, Sr — I studied Judo, a photographer, and a carnival worker but I never created a religion as an author.
      I don’t know why Satanists are so drawn to horror authors; but this one is getting the head of one and asking questions that are so dark — that it will leave him with one eye open. The LaVey’s should be more nervous of my family because there are more of us than of them — Stan in Chicago, look in a phone book with my last name.
      Guess what — we’re all related.
      As I am working on this new story — this one is about the size of the blog entry and if you are looking to be a writer; you have the information to work with and this is is a lot of information I am giving you. Those of you who are connected to him — wondering why I did this analysis in depth. You have to realize I am a teen pregnancy too; so Stan LaVey — you and I are in the same club on that one. That club that you’re in it for life because you don’t always understand how you entered this world — the reason, we’re not planned.
      So no matter what you say Stan — when you pass this world and this life; you are always going be a sinner. Think about that one as you read this blog; as I am going to let my classmate’s pastor examine this blog thinking of analysis of mirror images because we’re the mirror images of each other. When I noticed with one of my projects — the AuthorsDen.com page for this saw almost 100 likes; and when this project came to CreateSpace.com it’s got 50 likes. Not too shabby if you ask me but going back on Stan LaVey; dude what’s wrong with you?
      I know some might give me shit for ragging on another member of the teen mom’s club but for fuck’s sake man — we already have enough shit as it is for being a teen pregnancy but you have to go and rape a 19 year old woman. What kind of asshole are you? Think about that one — as your mother disowned you while I still have one I still talk to, and said, “When you get out there you really get out there. They know when you are after them because you don’t hide behind a fake name you leave a hint who you are. For that alone I have to hand it to you.”
      Stan that’s the sound of a mother who is proud of her son. But what about you?
      When I see dysfunction — you immediately think The LaVey Clan who left Chicago for a black house. But he had to deal with someone who spent a year across the street from the churchyard where he watched a funeral happen for his balcony every few days; yeah Stan that’s how fucked up my humor is.
      You want nihilism Stan you never seen the nihilism of Tabloid Purposes and An Eye In Shadows because I was more nihilistic than I was when I wrote Collectives In A Forsaken Landscape. You want even think about raping another 18-19 year old and I find out about it — you will see your world burn down like a cigarette ash where your “God” doesn’t give a fuck. So think about that one Stan before you rape another woman of any age you motherfucking ghoul!”
      You want sulfur breathing into you as that’s what you see when you look in my eyes when I learn of a rapist who is a member of the underage pregnancy club. Think about that one because if you rape a teen girl you are going to produce a bastard — like us. Unlike you, I know who my biological father’s name is and I don’t want to see his face because I will punch it.
      The fact I had got a study here of Stan LaVey wondering what this would be like if we faced each other knowing he seen this blog. I wonder if there will be a fight in the midst over this one as my mother said there is no comparison between me and him. That Rod Serling with long hair screaming at him but the realization that we’re both part of the underage mother’s club.
      With the eyes of a man who believes in God — I am doing the best I can to show some restraint on Stan LaVey; the rapist who got away with rape. So think about that one Stan — what you did at 33 years old, as someone who is two years your senior asshole. When I was having fun with Eric Hovind without cussing once. You, on the other hand, I am going to show you how twisted an individual if you are willing to keep your news footage as a badge of honor. Stan if you pulled that one in 2006 instead of 2011 you’d be a pedophile in denial.
      You should rape a female when you are a rape-baby yourself. This is a fucked up realization when we have friends in common — one of the found me on MySpace.com, the doll maker knows of me. This is when you realize this very Twilight Zone like when his own mother tried to kill him — new meaning to late term abortion. When he realized my seal is a lion as I am born in August — the Abruzzo Lion. I too was raised by my grandmother so this is getting eerier when I am looking at him — as he looks like a prison guy as he confesses; where you have the Rod Serling from DuPage County examining this one who has a broken nose. This interview would had me just on the verge of turning 29 years and just published the second Tabloid Purposes. I am going to host the photo of him with the attributed photo with the date of 2005 on the photo with the weblink. I wonder what he’d make of a now 38 year old then in 2008, age 32 and photographed wearing a Chicago White Sox cap and a Dali Melting Clocks tie. Think about it Stan you illustrate but when people learn you raped a 19 year old — you will be persona non grata.