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In the fourteen years I had some kind of blog or online journal; the ones who gave me the most shit were the bloggers who used their blogs to be chatty they didn’t have any depth to them. The fact that I didn’t have to deal with assholes violating my copyrights until 2004 – that was the first time I had to file a DCMA complaint for someone stealing my photos. I think in 2014 I came full circle with the idea that bloggers can be writers; and will open the door for a blogger to be a print published author – more so if you were born in my era. In 2004, a few weeks before today — at my ten year reunion it was where I first announced that I was getting this anthology ready to go — as those of who were at the ten year reuinon. Some who get to see Tabloid Purposes in a way they’ve never saw it before: where it interacts with the first namesake project and Tabloid Purposes IV.
      Dan Mowrer failed to understand this technology and if he noticed how many follow me via e-mail – must be doing something right on that one. I also came to accept the fact that Brad Fritz is now working with Google.com so I am trying to reach to him saying, “Look the years of hostility when you were the owner of LiveJournal.com had ended. I blamed you for all the bullshit that these bastards would do to smear my name. The current owners – well I wish I can say the same of them.”
      I invited the former horror forum owner on Lulu.com as he left in 2013 to help me get this on wheels as turns out he graduated in 1997 – the reason I have the story The Mortal Immortal is because of on of Nick Popio’s tips via e-mail. I think the direction of Nickolaus Albert Pacione Delivers: A Liberary Of Unknown Horrors took in 2010 came because I told Nick about the situation with David Boyer. With my uncle in the hospital with diabetes – I was unaware how bad his condition was. Where Brian Keene told me to retire over my grandparents having Alzheimer’s all of my era when I was with Xanga.com and LiveJournal – the place that remained and remembered I was with them was Blogspot.com.
      In the recent years I had seen fabricated DCMA reports against my blogs and had blog accounts frozen for days because I addressed the rivals in a very hostile way as I questioned their parenting practices. It wouldn’t surprise me of Brian Keene let his sons plagiarize my work. Since the jokers who were trying to submit to my anthologies had plagiarized my five year memoir, Legend Keeper, and The Ward. Brian Keene enabled that to happen because he thinks it’s a huge joke about me – Karen Taylor was the same way; as you saw what I said on her facebook with the help of Bing.com.
      “I don’t advocate plagiarism with ‘Fossil Lake’ as a publisher,” the fan fiction hack known as Sabledrake aka Christine Morgan claims – it’s all the writers who have less than 8000 likes and have less than 10,000 followers on twitter who act like they belong on LiveJournal.com. With my testimony as it will be published – some careers will end; and you know I really don’t give a damn if they do because they accused me of beating my son via facebook and on twitter. SomethingAwful.com and Brian Keene made a vile claim at the expense of my sister – claiming that I did something on the vein of a child molester like Frank Joseph Collin or that prick on LiveJournal.com awhile back. I can’t say what he did because it was so vile as he did this to an infant on camera.
      Where it’s the handful that would fabricate a lie about me how I stalked teenagers on vampirefreaks.com – Slade Kraven contributed to this threatening to blackmail me so I called him by his screen name on YouTube.com. As he’s known as Halofade; I am sure some of you were known of my last stand on the VampireFreaks.com cult as the owner of the H. P. Lovecraft cult had the plagiarist letting him toss his salad so to speak. Do I need to explain that one to those reading this blog – believe me if you seen prison documentaries you will hear the term. Slade Kraven on Vampirefreaks.com in 2010 advocated plagiarism of my work too as he is buddy buddy with the person who did this.
      David Boyer cost me my best friend since 1986; and that is something that angers me to this day – I made friends and lost friends; facebook.com reunited me with longtime friends as well as got me rosters for my magazine. I am not done as a publisher as Brian Keene tried to do with me. When you were with a place for almost ten years with one and nearly ten on another – the anonymous staff have this willful ignorance when it came to plagiarism; they’re looking for writers so they should pay attention on that one. When you have an asshole from Vaasa, Finland sending fliers to your family’s neighborhood and the creepy stalker came back on Vampirefreaks.com as the same handle and everything.
      I know Jet wouldn’t stand for the plagiarism – they have a policy themselves with reviews not to plagiarize. I didn’t plagiarize a single review I did; and I did the in depth reviews entirely in HTML. I am trying to educate the facebook location about how to catch these types – the whole thing where one of the admins is wrapped around the plagiarist’s finger is unnerving to me. As in Robert L Baupader has Mahl wrapped around his little finger because I had said on my own social network about having active interest in becoming an admin on Vampirefreaks.com. My suggestion is ditch the support form – or have two forms; one to get the attention of an admin immediately if someone is going to write for the site. A support form for only the writers so they can report plagiarists and allow for attachments of the documents that are plagiarized.
      The plagiarist had the screencap of Mahl’s statement to me, “He will never be an admin.”
      I am more than qualified because I was an admin of some kind since 1997 – I was admin of Shadow of Darkness until MSN bought them out, my contributor got manipulated by the plagiarist on The Author’s Pub and had me thrown out too the second time. Look these things I am saying – this comes from many years of being online and if one is calling me the troll; I am not one who is hiding behind a fake name or changing screen names each time when someone gets busted. I had different screen names over the years but if you’re going to watermark my photographs like they belong to them, think about what is being encouraged on that one.
      “Copyright infringement of this author is okay because he’s a retard,” is what being said.
      “Intellectual properties you don’t own because you’re a slave,” is what Brian Keene implied when I was speaking up for my work. This is why Mandy “Babygurl” Raines would make a shitty publisher because she would let this slip through her fingers and my other classmates are learning how to catch these slimy assholes who pull that kind of thing. I didn’t have to deal with plagiarists as submissions since 2007 but I had a problem with one plagiarizing my entire blog and posting it on their Xanga.com blog – that was the blog who became The Rusty Nail.
      What makes me sick is her husband would act like he was my best friend too – only to get dirt on me to give to his whore. Will go by the gender neutral pen name of Russel Nayle; I had to put up with this one since writing An Eye In Shadows. I am not going to really smear someone but what I do is I used their own words against them – that’s what I did when I wrote my testimony as a full length book; I had addressed Ramsey Campbell on video asking to give me one good reason to give up when the authors he celebrated ostracized me for years. When he called me out of name – and he blames April for teaching me how to be a publisher. Look if he seen the photo on my wall he would know the book that was given to me by April in 2005 as way to wish me luck in writing horror to also doing science fiction.
      That’s why I blocked Ramsey from my facebook and banned him from my public pages because he accused me of stealing from an author I respect. I have no problem cussing him out to his face or spitting in it for that matter over that one – the band Thirty Silver did this too as The Silent Order; as well as disrespected the Derleth family in front of me via e-mail. Look if Karen Taylor, Jodi Lee, and Kealan Patrick Burke want me to retire after the fact I saw my work plagiarized – I think they are the ones who are insecure.
       When I’ve been at this for almost 24 years in October; as a writer – the fact I am published bothers them enough and proved I can hold my own with the best in the business. When Karen H. Koehler still calls me a goddamned wannabe; she doesn’t have the heart to go to video and say this as Emma Audsley had repeatedly made the accusation of plagiarist. I didn’t these type of accusations early on but the author who revealed to be the LiveJournal.com user Spitphyre I told her to fuck off on LiveJournal and any solo title she has I will burn because what she pulled on her old forum. Her cronies hacked into my message board account that Trench had running and the password hint “moosepoo” being the thing they did.
      Jodi Lee you did a hostile takeover of a friend’s publishing outfit – that alone when you treat the roster you inherited like garbage; it makes me wonder what kind of person you are offline. Look think about that one – if you treat The Writer’s Post Journal alumni like shit; what kind of twat should I treat you like when you are a false God worshiping harpy. Scott Colbert thinks the plagiarism of my work is a joke too as would Dodger from Gothic-Classifieds.com as the circle I really got hostile with said the same exact things that the liberal ass kisser who’d give NoBama a rim job would say.
      Dodger was the first asshole I had to deal with who also had DuPage County ties – so I am guessing plagiarism I shouldn’t run past him either as his buddy Darren P. McKeeman created the fake account of me on twitter. If one is going to treat a publisher like garbage because they refused to kiss someone’s ass in the industry – my guess that Horrorworld.org also thinks that plagiarism of my work is a joke too because they will review the plagiarized work before they’d read the original creator’s work.
      When I seen the emergence of the blog – it seemed like the world of bloggers everyone is a goddamned gossip blogger and not a legitimate journalist. I can’t joke about schools getting destroyed in tornadoes because this does happen and I never looked up bomb making materials on websites. What the hell – Grundy County Sheriff’s Police I want that photo you took of me under the Freedom of Information act I am requesting this. You want to arrest me for making black humor? I was almost arrested in Chicago during JournalCon 2001 and that was because I made a dark observation speaking of what Richie and I spoke of on the phone.
      “What if what happened in New York happened in Chicago? What would Chicago look like without it’s skyscraper,” I got frisked over that question until they seen my briefcase I had during the era where it was all my notebooks.
      “You’re a writer? Who do you think you are Edgar Allan Poe?” they asked.
      “Yes I am a writer and I write horror,” I responded trying to be respectful.
      I have to deal with everyone’s small town paranoia because I didn’t grow up in Grundy County – I didn’t go to school at Morris Township High School; nor did I go to middle school in that area. I wasn’t born there so don’t say I am from Hickville because I show the tags about where I grew up and where I spent much of my adult years – a lot of those adult years are in Joliet, and I found some of the photos from the era. In 2001 I ran into Robert Champion on the train from Chicago to Glen Ellyn; and a few times I had seen a former classmate on the commute – but I guess Robert Champion’s willful ignorance on the aspect that I’ve around online since I was twenty years old.
      Where someone appeared on twitter as my most well known screen name from WBS – I am mad because they know the meaning behind why I chose the name.
      “We’re not going to listen to some wannabe,” the anonymous staff replied to me about the known plagiarist but that is how it went when I had to deal with admins from other sites when I am dealing with harassment and censorship. I guess Lulu.com was willing to listen to fabricated claims than listen to someone who was with them for nearly ten years. I guess being with a place that long doesn’t mean a damn thing to them – but when you had a lot invested in your storefront when you hammer into something like the establishment. You are going to see things an a way where you are going to be a little jaded. Sort of like how Jani Lane felt when he was ceremoniously said he was yesterday’s news when Alice In Chains emerged. There will be a video that goes in combination with this blog talking about fabricated DCMA claims – as I think that’s what happened with Ass Ripple and Brian Keene when I was acting under fair use to address them. Ass Ripple that is when you blow a fart in your underwear.
      “You’re welcome to publish elsewhere,” the anonymous staff responded to me with.
      But they forfeited my files but none of my print readies. They must not like the idea that someone knows how to deconstruct a lulu.com print ready document – as what I did when I toyed with Tabloid Purposes IV and the first namesake project; in 2002 the technology hasn’t caught up with me to be a publisher and when I joined CreateSpace.com in 2008 I was mad because they turned out to be BookSurge. Now my job is to get the BookSurge era writers to gain the trust back with CreateSpace.com – there is a sense of trust issues there as FandomWank (rot in hell losers with your Wiki page.) I will say this much that the owner of the Wiki will be shamed for years to come because she attempted to ruin my career and now look at her, a bitch without a country.
      “It’s just Pacione, let’s plagiarize him and submit this to him calling it a submission because he’s that naive.”
      That would I could imagine some of out there who might be saying when they think they would submit something. I figured out what parts had been plagiarized of my work and just changed the names thinking that you wrote it. If you think I am naïve; you were the one who grew up in the 400-6000 population all your life – such as the one who acted like he created something original when he plagiarized Wild Wild West and Max Max Beyond Thunderdome by doing a Mad Max in the Wild West. Look if some of you are saying I need to be kicked off the web – what’s a better reason than trying to get a plagiarist off a site and away from any word processor he can get is grimy paws on. Deviantart.com is harboring a plagiarist as AngryInIllinois is running a plagiarism ring; and they use plagiarism as a form of bullying.
      This is something that you didn’t see too often in the early era when I started out on a blog when I made it very clear I use my name out of the box. The fact that many will look at The Rusty Nail as reliable but everything that joker says with truth it’s as fabricated as Stephen Glass’ submissions for The New Republic. So think about that one because what I said to an Industrial metal band in Chicago where their keyboard player slandered me and said I was a homoerotic writer.
      “Look as long as that cocksucker keyboard player is active in your band – I am not going to buy anything from you,” that band was the keyboard player of Kevin Defekt.
      (His stage name and that band thought I punched all of them over a comment like that. Same deal with Caustic because he pulled what Drew Smith did years later – Drew started a subculture war.) Caustic was still sour from when I banned him on the Goth community board – as he was that po’d over it; to this day he’s still got me on his shitlist. I will explain that one too as there is a story to that one. I told the fucking drunk to retire because of his very public fights with me on the Chicago Gothic community on LiveJournal.com when I tried to get Tabloid Purposes ready to go.
      Caustic and DJ Pathogen have a flat out hatred for me that stemmed back from that era – and I am true to my word I will out Matt Pathogen’s real last name when I get it. As long he’s involved with SomethingAwful.com – I am going to chase him back to San Francisco. DJ Xian I think she contributes to the illiteracy of the subculture; as I have to ask what if Cherie M. Priest’s kid was to walk home with Tabloid Purposes? That’s the climate now with the current era of the blogosphere some things haven’t change worth a damn – but I think writers became more warm to having a blog for an official website. Though I am critical of this because I always had a website out of the box. My Codexed.com journal was also the number two website with the main website – that was how Diary-X.com was when I had this.
      Look if the guys of Vampirefreaks.com are serious looking for content writers – they do need to take what I am saying on this blog in consideration. If I took on Lulu.com – they need to see something like that as a serious thing to take them on. If they see this blog I am sure they are going to boot me out for this one because I have gone public with what they did; the anonymous staff well it wears thin on me when I am telling the truth.
      So I wonder what is Dan Mowrers’s mindset is like when all he sees is the middle-of-the-road as I am sure that’s what Amy Schaffer thinks because when she apologized for being a bully. To be honest it sounded fake. Snub my roster is like snubbing me in some ways; if you are a classmate who added the roster then takes me off your list. You should think about that one because I am the one who pointed you the people who can take your illustration career seriously. Especially when I learn you have friends in common with me who run in similar circles.
      “Please don’t blog about me,” I can see Mowrer complaining; disrespect the roster or my modern era friends – you are fodder and every time they google you. They will find this blog entry where you are ostracized. Look if you are Robert Champion and you have a high twitter count – you had a chance to be published, yet have unrealistic expectations. Especially when you are listening to Phish. Jerry’s dead and Phish sucks – if you seen the shirt you know the rest.
      In my eyes Mowrer – you just as well had plagiarized me because you will be treated worst than a plagiarists. In the 14 years I had an online journal or a blog in some form, I’ve seen my share of assholes smearing me over the years. This is not what you call whining but what you assholes do – picking on someone who has a mental illness or a learning disability. Then sic the Barney Fife on me because I hurt your feelings – I am not encouraging someone to bomb a fucking school or anything like that, but if I make a joke in the vein of something getting destroyed in a tornado to a jagoff. Especially when they claim to be a friend of Garland.
      “I will pay more attention to where you get published at if you mention my name again,” the one I wiped my ass with front page of their book replied when I addressed them on their own public page.
      I remembered what Stephen Dekken said when I saw me get in a magazine and got paid.
      “Really this place got your published?” I could imagine him on the other end looking at the news when I sold to Tales of the Talisman the first time. I am trying to submit out to magazines again but at the same time, a place like Shock Totem would go to video telling people “Don’t publish this psycho, plagiarize him instead and submit the plagiarized work to the magazine.”
      Character assassination is something Brian Keene is known for; but I don’t think I can do character assassination. Accusing me of stealing from Ray Nelson was the biggest character assassinations I ever seen and the chomo from Boston dragging a mutual friend who is no longer around pulled that too in 2013; as I am getting my testimony ready to go. I cited every source and every blog that I seen that defamed me over the years. File another false DCMA complaint – I am giving Lulu.com a chance to give up every DCMA complaint against me with the names too (no fake names,) as in I am ready to sue Lulu.com over the lie they pulled my account over.
      How would I go about doing that – as they are a private company; but if they want to do something very public as throwing me off a website without letting me speak up for my work. It’s time that anonymous antics end because that’s what Encyclopedia Dramatica pulled over the years; and some of them still don’t leave me alone because of what Corrosive Truths pulled on me. One of the assholes involved with that site is now published “author” and spoiled brat Jenna Pittman. Being that I am now 4000 plus words into my new short story and 18,771 words on the answer novella to Legend Keeper getting pulled – where some aspects of the industry don’t want me publishing. Or be published; I do want to know why and be detailed if you are in my generation I will publish your best answer that’s over 3000 words.
      It’s like what a person noticed when I was first published – the industry would have none of it; but when they realize I was plagiarized that gave me some legitimacy in that sort of way. If someone is willing to treat me like a plagiarist on the HWA – when I did no such thing; what would you do if someone was to walk in with one of my projects. Then said, “Go rape your mother then drink bleach.”
      The drink bleach thing I said to the LJDrama.org set as some of them made my life a living hell on LiveJournal.com and when I was on modblog I fought back. The industry didn’t like I was trying to rip their balls off – when my modblog.com got locked it was something that one of the assholes in the business, as insecure had said. Look Lieder, what you said on your blog of those two
      Skullvines Press jokers – you want to set things right with me, help me get my namesake anthologies into the schools in your area. Give me the audience I was trying to get from the beginning instead of intentionally giving me the wrong audience because some “director” wanted me to play a transsexual in prison and raped behind bars. I am not going to compromise my beliefs for fame and when I do get discovered with something in my head – I did this on my own terms.
      “You are nothing but a fan fiction writer,” Balzer of Skullvines Press said on shocklines.com when I was trying to query for a magazine. I think the asshole from Shock Totem heard that in an ear shot and bought into it.
      “Plagiarize him we don’t care about his intellectual properties he’s fucking retard – he’s too dumb to understand it,” is what I see when they go around saying I am some fake persona created by another person. When you heard that for the last 11 of the fourteen years I was on an online journal medium; some of them picked fights with me when my blogs had an authorized LiveJournal feed – I might have this for my tumblr.com blog who has a paid account or even this one.
      I am wondering what would happen when they see the testimony finally published as I put it all out there. There are things that I know about – I wish I didn’t know about, so I can relate to Joyce Myers in that honest but an aspect where some reading this is listening or reading this blog. Take it from someone who started blogging or had some online journal since the age of 24-25 years of age – I was still 24 when I was with LiveJournal.com. They tossed me off just after returning from Springfield, Illinois, as Angeline Hawkes had me silenced on DeadJournal.com over something I said and it pissed her off – the whole thing about authors discrediting what I did. I asked the why they’re hellbent on doing so.
      The answer I get, “Because you pissed me off.”
      That what boils down to it – I said something that pissed them off; and that goes back when I was 24-25 years old and pissed people off. More so when I revealed I am a Conservative on my own community. Where some my page like Doogie Howser goes and says he likes to go down on other men – that made me turn my stomach thinking that because I used to watch that show as a kid.
      “You need sensitivity training,” I really can see a few saying – especially from the Lulu.com staff because I cussed in a copyright page.
      I could picture Mowrer the day I did my first heavy metal show and freaking out because I cussed at the crowd because I was trying to rile them up. How would Mowrer or Schaffer respond to if one of my friends was in the same room as them – they already treat me like Bender from The Breakfast Club. I guess they find their way into my work – Mowrer did with Stygian Dealer as D. L. Mowrer.
      There will be a Schaffer character where she uncovers a manuscript at my old address in Roselle the place that’s sill there.
      When one has a middle-of-the-fucking-road mindset – their idea of getting books are either Wal-mart or K-Mart. I was rather lucky to find the Richard Matheson book I have which Cameron Diaz played in The Box. I read the story first now I want to see the movie. What would they do if they seen an anthology like mine in a bookstore or my testimony for that matter? These two jokers want to bitch about what I said at their expense at a great length – go create a LiveJournal because they hate me over there any way. I think when it comes to two of them – I see a yellow stripe down their back.
      Think about what I said Mowrer as I am not only addressing you but also Schaffer – I had address this. What if your teenager walked home with a Pantera album then was seeking out the movie Black Sabbath? Think about that one – I would rather have them doing that than going and end up joining a gang like The Latin Kings. The same goes with those who are going around devoted to screwing me over. Would you rather let them go off and join a gang or read my catalog? Your call – because the way the industry treats me it’s like they were getting jumped into a gang and when they see my work get plagiarized it’s a joke to them.