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I see Dan Mowrer in the same light I see Casper Phoenix. What Dan Mowrer pulled is as unforgivable as what Casper did – Casper is really Robert Lipper Jr. as he tried to draw a half-assed flier up for a TV satelite company he was trying to draw up. You seen me on another blog speak of Lipper via tumblr.com now you’re going to see me hammer into Mowrer because he knows nothing about that scandal I was dragged into back in 2010.
      Dan Mowrer might as well had kicked a pregnant woman in front of me as Amy Schaffer laughed as he did this. Think about that Mowrer as you’re reading this blog; you begged not to blog about you – you refused to hear me out about David Boyer as some of you are associating with my rivals in the industry.
      “I never liked your friends and your roster – I could care less, I want to get drunk at a local pub and go back into my mommy’s basement,” is what I got out of you Mowrer when you told me not to blog about you. Think about what I said of you here – you slandered my roster; and pissed on a chance to meet some cool people.
      Amy tell me what is your world like after you said you checked yourself into a hospital for mental health reasons – why I ask? It because your apology was fake – if you were genuine you would at least checked out Tabloid Purposes or my things as a publisher. But I really doubt you care to check something like that out because every time your names will be googled – my anthology will pop up with your name.
      “I hope you die alone,” I could see both of you saying that. Kathy Nolan said that but but look where she is – so sit down and think about your worlds as they are now. Schaffer you realize where you live now is where I discovered H. P. Lovecraft’s work at 20 years old – the book store where you are at in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, is where I bought this book on special order.
      Did he call us evil?
      What would you do if your kids came home with my work – would you encourage them to join a street gang?
      Think about what I am saying to the both of you; as you have the invitation in your hands to join me on my ensemble but you will be having a special submission to both of you – an apology to my roster and current era friends. What’s wrong with the both of you don’t like having something this malicious said of you so openly; well when you snubbed my friends that is something you brought upon yourselves on that one.
       What did my friends do to you? What did my roster do to you – when I was only trying to get you connected with my current circle.
      Think about what I am saying and do you hear my real words burning in your virgin ears – good think about that one as you want me to tell you why; you snubbed something that happened on birthday. The perfect world you assholes live in – the illusions are going to die before you eyes as I show that you kiss everyone’s ass; the public execution you bastards pull to those who have a ghoulish imagination.
      “I am sorry,” is the lie you smiled.
      That is sweet sounding lie when you are really telling me to “die alone.”
      The difference between me and you is I am not afraid to still jam up the middle finger at you and call you a fake to your face. As I am working on these new stories and blasting a Black Sabbath cover – the whole thing with your fucking cardboard worlds; show up with a rivals book in front of me and this blog is the nicest thing I will say to both of you.
      Think about what I am saying both of you – the way you bastards are; what is your life like in your thirties as you must be rotten miserable worms in the apple. Sit down and think about that one because you think I am going to be a fucking toy you can break; so think about that one the both of you – when you both haven’t done a fucking thing at 38 years old and planning a 20 year reunion. What the fuck are both you going to talk about – the same fucking bullshit you did when you were 16-17 years old when I traveled to other countries twice in my life.
      A classmate caught me just before I went to Canada; about two months before I went to Canada and was in town for Halloween of 2000. So think about that one if a classmate was willing to spend Halloween with me for a few minutes when I was in town – if you were both to see me in town I would called you worms in the apple as you are rotten. When I was able to go to Richmond in 2012 – I was planning that trip an entire year; so think about that one the both of you. I invite both of you to collect a few classmates together from Chicago and take my anthology to Washington, D.C. but the rule is no hotel for both of you while the rest of them get to sleep in the RV but you losers are going to sleep in the street. Everyone else gets to eat from a filled fridge where you losers are going to eat from a garbage can.
      Amy Schaffer and Dan Mowrer what I am going to have you both do is live like someone who is homeless and invisible. That’s something Sarah Jane Ferridge didn’t understand about me and my circumstances when I said she lost all will to be inspired. Sit down and think about that one – when you are treated like you are invisible and pushing a cart around with your bed and everything you have for the week in there; while the other classmates see the sites and go meet the artwork that was based on Washington Irving’s story. You two losers will be sleeping on the street and only going to the RV just to shower. You think I am harsh with both of you – think what I pulled on an ex-Tabloid Purposes member when I wiped my ass with the front page of her book. The same rules in Richmond apply too there as the both of you really don’t deserve to see what I did there too – think about that Schaffer as H. P. Lovecraft was treated like this.
      Everyone else gets to hang out and listen to my Spotify.com playlist as they travel to the area and drive around seeing what I have on there – you want to see how I stand alone. So think about that one Mowrer and Schaffer; as you will see darkness and despair within the brightest of days. You really want to be like that with me when you snubbed my roster and my current era friends – I will show you what it is like when you are not treated like a person at all as you both will not be allowed to carry any debit cards or money with you. And all who are traveling with you are not to give you anything because you will learn humility.
      You will wonder what that world is like when Proverbs 19:5 is played out before you – as Mowrer you are saying I was promoting my own work the whole time; that’s a lie and you know it. I am not doing what Sherri Parker/Hibbet had pulled on me because she had did the, “Look I have this $10.00 in my hands, there is a man sitting there looking for a lunch but his rival is selling a book the next door over. I will give his rival that money but instead I will give him this Bible, and I will pray for him to get what he needs.”
      “I will pray for you,” sounds more like “Go fuck yourself.”
      Sherri Parker/Hibbett treats me like the one known as Archfiend from my friend’s track The Lost.
      So think about that one both of you – do you want to treat me like the one who was cast down from Heaven?
      So I am recommending the novel version of Paradise Lost for the both you to read as you’re both sleeping anywhere you can lay your head if you can keep from freezing. I am not that heartless but think about what you both had pulled – as what Parker had pulled too in that sense.
      Did I call call you both evil?
      Think a bout what you did when you insulted my friends and my roster – you said, “I hate them” when you didn’t get to know them. So the eyes you are looking at me – it is like I am the snake who had said, “Taste the fruit.”
      Am I the snake that you see in your nightmares?
      “Don’t even put me on the spot like that!” I can hear both of you saying.
      But when you hear my words on this blog – as both of you are on the street; you near my words ringing in both your heads as you will see yourselves in the same light as David Boyer. What will be the thing that I will address when I say this you will both be carrying Paradise Lost the novel version and The Bible with you. While the rest of the classmates will have Tabloid Purposes IV, Collectives In A Forsaken Landscape, and the namesake with them and the anthology when this is finished they will present this to a library in Richmond or around the area. When you wonder of God doesn’t give a damn about you and what you done – you will learn something if you haven’t lost it.
      The deeds and life you choose – both of you I leave it up to you; but ultimately it is up to God what happens. The reason I am having you do that because you both need to learn what the darkness is like what you see within my catalog and the horror I write; is born of shadows and when shadows glare – light glistens but still the horror born born when you are wide awake. So think about that both of that one as that chasm opens under you – what happens when you both been cast down as that what it feels like what you did to me. Sit down and think about that when you are looking at this blog – that chasm that opened under the three of you knowing that. The prosperity heresy that Hibbett bought into as this movement she shoved all those ministers shoved down my throat.
      That book I read where I saw the ages of the terrorists – don’t lump me in with them; as what you’re suggesting when you said, “I would rather let my kids join a gang like The Latin Kings than read your catalog.”
So that is something you really want them doing – joining a gang? Didn’t you assholes learn from when they came to the area when we were kids? When they kill someone because they were told to kill – when they are that young; the trauma and tragedy given to you – do you even want the blood on your hands over that?
      “I Hate You!” is what I am waiting to come out.
      Both of you are not thinking about this – as Mary Sangiovanni wasn’t thinking when she said I needed, “to be locked away and have decades of therapy.”
      Do you hate me now?
      Think about that one what I am suggesting – you want to hope the mighty fall as that’s what lulu.com saw nearly happen but when I took them on – night is longer than the days; as my imagination is born of this. That world you are seeing – that comfort zone I disturbed. Good I want you squirming a bit there because what you’re doing by disrespecting my roster both of you – what do you realize what you say and do; do you realize what happens when we’re no longer around. That’s what we have in common – we’re all going to die.
      Mary Sangivoanni hates me in this light too as I had called her on the spot over this as she insults my intelligence where I am thinking how she got fired from her college job. Insulting someone with a learning disability – as their counterparts of our Barney Fifes freak out when someone makes a very dark natural disaster tinged joke. They don’t get our black humor – the sick jokes that come with a natural disasters; where they care more about their TV than their garage.
I have seen Hibbett/Parker spouting scripture at me every other reply I was trying to get her to speak freely – when I pulled her and the rival author together; and went for the throat when I said this.
      “Fuck you – you fucking fake saint!”
      That – she responded in a way where a vampire is exposed to holy water. A pastor’s wife will respond to fuck the same way; the whole thing that stands what I do there is sacrifice – I had sacrificed a near 26 year friendship because what I did when I hammered into David Boyer. So think about that as you sit down and read this – as Cherie M. Priest also contributed to Baupader plagiarizing me with her ignorance – ignorance to some is damning. So think long and hard both of you as I address you on here – a horror you will experience is very real. It will show you some humility as Thirty Silver saw what I pulled as they expressed a deep rooted hatred for me.
      When Susan Hallman seen me speak up for H. P. Lovecraft I quoted a story from my own anthology, “Put your faith in God and cast your ass to the wind.” As Ken Goldman wrote this –- so think about that one as this would be the aspect of you will see happen play out when you and Amy Shaffer will be sleeping in the street in a city that’s alien to you.
      That’s what Sangiovanni suggested when it came to my catalog; she would rather let someone join a street gang than let someone buy anything of mine – as she keeps calling the Barney Fife on me. They freak out when I say something that controversial but I am not just hammering into her but I am hammering into all of you on this one. So sit down and think about what I am saying and take heart in this – you want to hate me for doing something legit and opening doors for other writers or you want to be like Ramsey Campbell slamming them in my face. When I am writing new material I had caught many plagiarize my five year memoir and call it a submission – what kind of sick fuck goes and plagiarize something like that?
      If you think plagiarism is funny – then if you call yourself a writer; this is your retirement I am calling for. Sherri – what does your testimony look like right now? By the looks of it – I smell your heart turning into a flowering cadaver. You are going to stifle something like the anthology where my name is in the title – the fact that I can get God into public schools with this thing; don’t you think you’d stop something like that? If you are willing to burn something like that – as Dan Mowrer and Amy Schaffer have the Nazi looks to their Jesus smiles.
      So both of you – you seen this blog as what you tried to hide; the cheerful dispositions really showed the shitty human beings you honestly are. So you two want to prove me wrong – you have a word processor show me how you are not fucking sub-human worm shit. If you both can hit the 3400-4800 word range to show me how you are “Good People” and yes the good people burn in hell too. I suggest both of you sit down and read my short story “Congregation of the Unwanted.” That is going to crawl in your heads as you see this blog entry lurking around every time you losers are going to Google yourselves – so with that in closing, how do you like me now?