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Well making some real headway with these new stories and designing the cover for my testimony myself as you noticed on my codexed journal I had pulled out some of my old articles from the early 2010s that appeared on deviantart.com. Turns out I caught Jenna Tulls plagiarizing Bloodletting and Dreams From An Old Man’s Child as Brian Keene is making a concious effort to have my websites silenced — he’s pissed at what I had out there on him. He fabricated the take down notice that was to Amazon.com as I have this all in a zipped file ready to send this to every newspaper along the Eastern seaboard.
      The new stories — the one is 6400 words as this is the size of The Ward or close to it when I first wrote this my blogs I am churning out 4800 words on some entries too which is interesting how I can pull that off — when you have someone like Brian Keene manipulating everyone around you; it’s disturbing because you have friends for years turning into enemies.
      Love your enemies hard to do when someone wants to put a bullet in your head for something you will say. The short story I opt not to reveal the title now but on another blog or a large private facebook group.
      I will when I get further along in the progress of this — it’s too big to send to a magazine but I will say it interacts with my blog and short stories that are published in print.
      The struggle begins to get everything back in circulation as I am struggling to make my light bill and can’t find someone to take me to renew my state ID as that expired on my birthday. I am kind of nervous getting stopped and finding out my ID expired it is like someone driving on an expired driver’s license. While I am writing this I will go searching around for a documentary for you guys to enjoy or another Twilight Zone Episode streaming to keep you entertained. I am sifting through my old photos on Photobucket I found one from 2004.
      I got anothe threat at my career attempt from Drew Smith as he was making a vicious attack at my late grandmother, dude not cool. What angered him enough is I managed to goose egg him on bandcamp for speaking ill of the dead last time. It will was two years since she passed away as it was a year since my grandfather passed so Legend Keeper was the first thing that got published since they passed. My testimony I was hammering out when my grandfather just passed away and was struggling to get new material out there — when I said to Ferridge that she lost her will to be inspired, but now I think she has a new perspective on things. She thinks I am low life blogger but when you learned how to be a journalist from your roster — bloggers are journalists if they can be indepth.
      Those of you who are going, “This is too long and I didn’t read.”
      Let me say something — Don’t call writers friends then if you bitch about that especially if they are a short story writer. I had called the ones known as Digital Diarreha and Dark-Freaks to the rug when I did my presentation of Gothicism On Trial via Codexed.com. These stories I am writing — some of them are weird news bloggers and candid life bloggers as what you see with this blog. I am in depth but quite candid. Vampirefreaks.com doesn’t carry a cut tag with their journals where ning.com has it but when you feature it on a profile page it’s not quite what you see as a stand alone. I am thinking what would be a cool feature to have with this blog without someone pulling a fake DMCA complaint on me.
      I understand why Kurt Loder said, “You shouldn’t make friends as a journalist.”
      When you deal with those in the industry — they try to see what they can get from you but at the same time I don’t like my kindness taken advantage of. That’s something I’ve seen happening in 2011 where I was wanting to work with young writers again and someone pulled that claiming I was a sex offender someone pulled up my name and there was nothing in the reports. Lulu.com turned me into a monster — when I am left in cages and I am the number and my new story is reflecting how I was called a holy outlaw.
      What makes me smile is when I see someone say, “Heavy Metal thanx you!”
      That makes me smile but now if I can get metalheads reading books again or short stories that will be the challenge — as this story is the range of what Lake Fossil is as Hunted Animal is featured on my Codexed.com and working on doing some codeing where I will feature other stories that were thought to be lost in time too. I am not sorry that this blog is a long one too get used to the fact I do indepth blogs and we will get along great. Lately as far as reading goes I have been reading a lot of blogs to get ideas for my new short stories — I am trying to get my generation behind a word processor and writing again because that cell phone bullshit is bad for business when you are a writer. So if you are bitching about this being too long and didn’t read — dude; I don’t want to hear it because if you haven’t read a novel you would say that too. I can handle Stephen King when he does 300 page counts and short stories so I am always looking foreward to when he writes a short story collection As I read some of the stories in that book as I did read 1408 — he did a good job with this. As I noticed there is about 551 of you following me now so please sign up with CreateSpace.com and grab some good writers on there. Lulu.com if you support writers on there I still have friends who work with them but the company itself left a bad taste in my mouth over what happened with Legend Keeper.
      “We do advocate the plagiarism of Nick because what he wrote in Legend Keeper,” I can see a few saying right now so I sought out Jayson Blair because I think with his unique situation he can give me some insight about what happened four years ago and in the recent years when you see Robert Baupader finally caught for this.
      “Too long didn’t read,” Digital Diarreha bitches as I am suspended again because I was trying to put everyone in the know about the journalistic fraud on our hands. Brian Keene had my dropbox account frozen for 8 hours over what I wrote because he didn’t like the reality I made his statements public — Joe Ripple had made some very public threats peppered with cute Liberal buzzwords. I had some asshole posting as my pen name saying I had plagiarized him as Thirty Silver is pulling the same shit they did back in 2013 when he was posting as The Silent Order.
      “Do you support independent authors or you celebrate writers who their body of work is Star Wars, Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings fan fiction?” I almost asked him.
      Stember and I both weighed in on this in 2004 where these weird types who get pats on the back for a cultural thing known as copyright infringement. The weird world they celebrate — when you have written creative nonfiction and horror fiction most your career as me as now. It would be 24 years I’ve been a writer in the world of fiction since it was my first writing assignment. Someone expects all writers to get trashed like Hemingway to write the way he does; as The Gethsemane Church likes to hammer into authors — I figured I would let them hammer into me a bit because they seem to only listen to short stories when they are sermons. I am not going to give sermons but they know 1 John 2:21. Where no lie is of truth as I opened Hunted Animal with this as I am doing my name logos for this book as I have the ISBNS for Tabloid Purposes 3 to ready this for CreateSpace.com — I get walked on because I do believe in God and have notions of getting kicked often.
      I really see it as some I asked about the King James Version Only Movement — I had encountered a few on facebook who are such. Delusions aboard I have to say where you see the artwork allegedly when they had pointed out every disaster. There is science than explain this but God had a hand in such but they say, “Don’t question anything — your mind don’t even bother with intelligence just love God and nothing else.”
      As Halloween is in few — some will say don’t go out for this; for horror authors this is the busy season so when one grabs our catalog in print it sometimes depends if some can go Christmas shopping or not. Some who are writers might be able to make rent with what they do — my roster, a lot of them are part time writers as what you see in my namesake and Tabloid Purposes IV. I had engaged a preacher’s son who is born in 1976-1977 as I invited him to join me on this venture; this endeavor I am exploring as a publisher based upon my five year memoir.
      “Still think I am a fucking loco bastard?” I have to ask.
      When I read the book as you seen the blog with the photo of me holding this book in hand — as you seen the photo of my Christmas present from 2006. Some classmates who stuck around — hung out with me on larger forums too; hang out with my roster some — I am taken back by this. There is a rational sense as I am writing these new stories Those of you who pull that too long, didn’t read. Can you even read 2800 words?
      Do you think you can even answer that question without sounding like an ignoramous? I don’t even want to sound like an asshole on that one but Christine Morgan the known fan fiction writer is letting her ignorance shine through but what will happen when she’s in a world of fire and darkness. I had someone asking, “Why isn’t there a movie made about this man?”
      I will say if you want to do a movie with me — do a documentary first because you can follow the path I do when I plan to speak about my anthology as it is reemerged as the CreateSpace.com version. The stories I am working on the blogs I have which I are very in depth are going to interact with the characters in the new story — I ask myself, “What does my classmates make of my blogs?” I am sure some would see that too as this is a matter of perspectives as I spoke of Legend Keeper on a previous blog — these new stories are slow going as I am also doing the HTML on another story. That story — which was the final one before being tossed from Deviantart.com.
      “Too long I didn’t read,” what is your attention span like then and were you were eating paint chips? As I am going to pull out a documentary or movie that is going around the web — this is a random one that I am picking so I am even surprising myself on this one too. So those of you who are my readers via e-mail; I don’t even know how long and how surreal it is that I really have that kind of following via e-mail and via twitter too who follow me back. I truly do get all walks of life checking me out there; but if you are saying “too long I didn’t read” I guess you haven’t really read anything at all because you will say that of H. P. Lovecraft or Edgar Allan Poe too.
      This is a shorter blog for me — because I want to get back to writing this short story; but in the mean time enjoy the article, Gothicism On Trial. I will have my about.me profile linked if you want to leave some feedback on this one as you can read some of the other short stories too from that era — one of them is The Bully Effect.