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The very fucked up thing I was addressing when I wrote Legend Keeper when I was approaching a character who was a self-racist. I’ve seen Italiophobia in Iowa — they thought I was with the Mob with how fucked this is. My classmate Akiliah Gillette pointed this out to me — if this twat lived in Glendale Height this is the attitude where you get the angry mob after you and the public execution you pull is everything you do. What are you going to say if you were going to stand at the White Throne? They should have your license as a teacher completely revoked – Richmond, Virginia, which were deeply racist in the early 20th Century where they were in the heart of the white and colored bathrooms (this was my grandmother’s term, not mine I call them African-Americans or just Americans. Someone needs to stick her with layers of Duct tape and force her to watch Tales from da Hood the scene where the man is in the dark room and all the people who show up in front of him, asking, ‘Why did you kill me?” This is a dark question I presented with Legend Keeper — be prepared for an era when history had fucking erased you from the history books and your grave shall be desecrated.