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Public Relations Nightmare With Smashing Pumpkins lead singer and Glendale Heights native son.

Glendale Heights, Illinois, other son chimes in on Anderson Cooper. Believe me this one is even more scathing than Cooper is more prone to do. Takes score for those who are the Children of heavy metal music. Everyone is listening to fools when you speak of Cooper. Author did a critical review of Jersey Shore Shark Attack. Prepare to sharpen the blades kids as this is something all of heavy metal wanted to happen.
    Sit back and enjoy when the tables get turned and let the games begin, How does it feel to be called out? Must really suck ass to be you right now. I hate to be you, and you know I don’t feel sorry for you either. I am also showing a horror classic if you are reading this. Anderson Cooper would put the late Vincent Price or even Alice Cooper on his so-called “list.”
    So I am going to feature a horror show because that’s what you are — being a nightmare to those who are artists and authors. If you are Megadeth or Smashing Pumpkins fan boycott this loser. Billy Corgan could been a possible neighbor when I think about it so I have to speak out about Cooper’s recent stunt. Photo credits: Tulane University Public Relations. Talk about a NR nightmare.

Anderson Cooper is a damned #sodomite moron for picking on Billy Corgan — let him pick on me a bit as I am a smaller target but I will say you can’t take the dog out of the fight, but the fight of the Dog so Cooper pay attention as you are about to get skewered as you picked on Dave Mustaine too. We’re doing what we want — and you, are disobeying God and marrying a man. That’s an abomination — but what Billy Corgan is doing is almost very Biblical in nature as he’s looking out for the voiceless. I wonder if he’s heard a heavy metal song called Ark of Suffering. In our eyes — from all of us from Glendale Heights or have those ties, Billy Corgan can really do no wrong.
      So I am looking for the song Black Oblivian to help me say what I want to say of Cooper — the voices in my head tell me to promise not to tell right, as there are lines you crossed. I never really gave a damn about CNN even since it’s inception but when I am working on these new stories; there are some issues I also address in my body of work and my blogs. Bullying — Conservatives get bullied worst than the LGBT community and those who are Christians get this the worst.
      “What are you getting at Fossil?”
      Cooper, like you I am freelance — but the differences begin from there, and what I do say carries a lot of weight so you might feel like you were put through the spin cycle on this one. But I will not say — “Love is love” as that is one of your arguments. Love is not Love but God is that. I never watched Anderson 360 religiously but I will say — about the movie theater shooter, that was beyond fucked up. Be careful to not seek out monsters — as you will become one, as what you said of Corgan. You became one there buddy. I am guessing Billy Corgan’s favorite short story growing up is the Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe — so I am going to share the article from Rolling Stone as he’s dead on with this.
      With what you see with Anderson Cooper — I am sure the metrosexual globalist would like to pick on an underground investigative, I am sure he might had spoken ill of Wayne Static at some point too. I think what Smashing Pumpkins did for Billy — there was a similar front with Iron Maiden and I think it would be really cool to see Smashing Pumpkins play with the heavy metal titans. Iron Maiden never got into the drug addictions and usually when it came to membership changes it is either sickness or creative differences but they for the most part — the alumni are still in touch with each other.
      Seeing Corgan with two black cats it reminds me of what Chris said raising two black cats so I see the photo Corgan on that Chicago magazine as a very cool photo — black cats are the ones that are the most exploited but should be celebrated because of Poe.
      Billy Corgan will have serious metal credibility working with Tony Iommi — so Anderson Cooper is an enemy of hard rock/heavy metal that doesn’t have his agenda in mind. I am sure Anderson Cooper would have a field day with me but I am going to find the right and well timed Scripture to show he’s a fool. Love not the world, and what Billy Corgan seen in Anderson Cooper is that he represents the world we really don’t give a damn about in some ways — Corgan is showing what is Biblical Stewardship.
      I am going to get really harsh with the Globalist version of the media rent boy where one should learn not to point the finger because you will be the one who stands before the white throne in the end. But think about what I am saying as you might come across this blog because of your public execution because some of us refuse to play up your Diversity Standard. Tulane Public Relations are the guilty party with the photograph I am presenting with this blog, you are a public figure so you know better — or at least I think you do. I am sure some of you are going to be screaming “hate speech” when I say this but I am sure the faggot had heard a lot of it.
      “Wait did he use what I think he said?”
      Am I going to go to rehab for saying that word — but I had been in facebook jail a few times for making a controversial comment, but I really have to say that Anderson Hays Cooper needs to take his head out of his ass. Anderson Cooper you want to accuse me of raising the original murder as you are not your brother’s keeper — the gays never had dogs attacking them for civil rights or had fire hoses nailed on them. So stop calling homosexuality something that you deserve special treatment because what’s in your stomach contents that’s done for making babies and procreating.
      My buddies also support Paws Chicago — as I am guessing that Anderson Cooper cares more about getting a load of baby batter up his ass and calling The Bible a blasphemy. Anderson Cooper is a blasphemy to journalists because he picks on those who do what they want to do and wish to do — Corgan if you see this, as I am from Glendale Heights, Illinois, as my classmate who is a Politician on the other side of the political spectrum. So I guess he is used to being someone’s puppy (oh man someone can take that any way they want it there.) My own dog is a shelter refugee as we got him from a shelter while my grandmother was still in the hospital and my grandfather was alive.
      I am involved with a few charities off and on — my first earnings from Tabloid Purposes II went to Feed the Children so think about that one Cooper, a horror personality doing something rather epic in nature. So where is your heart man? I really see what Billy is doing with the black cats — really noble, and there are many who support them. If I lived closer in — I would too, but they need to help with homeless birds because I had seen dead exotic birds on the street in Justice, Illinois, the birds escape from the apartment when they are allowed to run. Bird owners — if you have your parakeet or bird allowed to fly around, please keep your windows closed in the apartment because I seen my cousin’s bird get out and not return. There is an album going around and I am going to share one track with Corgan if he sees this blog — God said to take care of the voiceless, as Anderson Cooper never heard Ark of Suffering.
      If you are able to visit one of these no kills — it might have you opening up a bit, not like Cooper more interested taking a load from Bret Eastan Ellis. Even though I can never be a vegan — it would drive me crazy not to have a roast beef but I am very selective where I get fried chicken from; as God did give us meat. I wouldn’t mind being on the cover of Paws if they can have me holding a parakeet, sitting with a dog and a rat on my shoulder because it represents something powerful — I was always around animals as a pet owner growing up and did work in a pet store for an entire year.
      You want to put me on that shitlist Cooper — I can use the buzz with my work.
      Hell even Jet is photographed with a dog — so think about that one Anderson, think about who you alienated. I am writing this out with an open source word processor as you might bitch about a DCMA complaint with your photo is within fair use of copyright to me to chime in on your cute little twitter wars with those who do things that are biger than they are. Dave Mustaine might end up donating to Paws just to spite you there because you are a damned idiot. When I chimed in on a teacher getting nailed for her so-called bucketlist — the photo that will be one of your old promos back when you were 38 so it will be like I am screaming at someone who is my age. So I have the photographer who took his photo linked but photo altered for this blog by me — I did some things to match my blog’s color scheme as you’re a bitch.
      “Fuck — did he just call me a female dog?”
      Fuck your Rediculist — it makes you look like a tool, and when you do that no one will save you from falling into the abyss. That doesn’t matter when you see the Book of Life open before you and your name was written in pencil in your own writing but it was erased from it before your eyes. I am sure that the college kid who seen you as then a hero but you were never one — though I was never made of stone. You wiped your ass with The Bible when you got “married” via the style of Emperor Nero as he married off two men. Call it what you want but don’t call it a “marriage.” The whole Mr. and Mr. really wears think on me — my stomach churned inside as I wanted to be sick, as one of the black metal originators raped a man in prison. I am guessing you haven’t investigated heavy metal’s blame for the Satanism — I did when I wrote An Eye In Shadows.
      Think about that one — the one who was responsible for that was one of your own.
      The one who is known as you as I will not listen to a fool — as I am guessing you don’t listen to Black Sabbath, where you know where the mob stands. I can see Anderson imagining someone relating to Black Sabbath’s “I” that I had smashed someone’s face in with a smile but “Mrs.” Anderson Cooper. You picked on those who are from the heavy metal community as I am going to share Billy Corgan’s tweet at your expense as I will go one further — you’re the global rent boy as Devin Townsend was tired of being a “musical whore.”
      I am someone you never seen before — as you were living in yesteryear; but when one is a Conservative and a Republican who stood firm with Gary Oldman.
       When Gary Oldman said that and when I sought out Victoria Jackson; it was at the start of a horror story that I wish I wasn’t the main character of — but what do you see when you opened the Bible and it turned black before you. The thing you speak up about — bullying, I remember right. Don’t pull that “gay-bullying” bullshit with me either because Conservatives get this more than anything because one stood up for something — why I have enemies is because I stood up for something. Look you standing up for bullying is coming at this from the wrong angle — when Sarah Jane Ferridge snapped at me it was because of a very critical blog entry where I think it was a one-sided agrument because I don’t hate her at all. You — well don’t be surprised if you are covered in my vomit. I never seen homosexuals at protests where they have dogs sicked on them so I find what you guys doing comparing you to the African-American civil rights movement of the 1960s highly offensive to me. So don’t pull that Stonewall Riot crap either with me.
      Take your head out of your…..
      Do you need to fill in the blank with that one.
      You really know nothing about those who came out of a subculture — it’s different from your term of “coming out.” It was on my own community I revealed I am a Conservative and a Republican in Illinois. Being a Republican in a Democratic stronghold is an act of Rebellion as I do support the Illinois Family Institute — but where I am at odds with them is I acknowledge Evolution as a science. One thing I would love to see happen is AARP featuring Ronnie’s widow and their involvement with a charity we have in common — Children of the Night which battles child prostitution.
      So if Joe Ripple sees this and bitches — the thing where he filed a fake DCMA report as Brian Keene did; zeroing in and engaging Anderson Cooper. This is not just me who wants to take barbs at him — loudwire reported this one too. I guess I am going embed the tweet to hammer into him too over this; Cooper quit being the global rent boy who bends over at every whim because no one wants to see your pink sock. Build up Corgan and cheer him on boys — but Anderson Cooper you’re fucking dog chow.
      This is UncleFossil 720 as you call yourself 360 what the hell are you a skateboarder — I am taking that term back. Time to clean house with this one — as Anderson Cooper is a taker where Corgan is a giver to those in need both those who have two or four.
      Anderson Cooper took a shit on The Bible or ripped out the final page from The Book of Revelation to wipe his ass. I will say this much — it’s going to be something that will tell me to “Fuck off I will burn in hell.”
      Want to throw all your cute liberal buzzwords at me. Globalist Shill — I think I will borrow that one with this blog too; let’s see if I can get your head out of your for this one as I remember those photos from Rotten.com where they had a man with his head up his own ass. I am stating more than one source with this one as one of them was you. So think about that one — I am not attacking you because you are faggot, no I am not doing that but I am addressing how inhuman and unbiblical you are. And that abomination known as “The Gaily Grind,” what’s wrong with you for rewarding evil with evil.
      That was in 2013 I remember right — I will stand with Gary Oldman about the thing he said, “Take a fucking joke” in a Playboy Interview.
      I am looking for a wife but you must be desparate because no woman would even want to touch you were straight. 1 John 2:21 — no lie is of the truth and you build your fame on a lie. Dave Mustaine, Alice Cooper, James Hetfield, Reverend Billy Graham, Rod Serling, H. P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, and Richard Matheson are role models to me — and learning two of them are admitted Christians I am in good company with them. The third one I share a birthday with and other Metallica fans were going, cool — as I am born on August 3, 1976. I want to do what I can to help Dio’s surviving family as well as my friend’s surviving family because in 2009, cancer claimed him as he would been forty years old if he was alive. Take your ridiculist and shove it up your ass as you might had been fisted by your own father. I am pro-family but you an abomination of what is. In honor of Bily Corgan I had pulled out the 2011 remaster of Gish — he can do no wrong in Chicago, you never heard Smashing Pumpkins sell their work out for a beer ad so that’s how protective of his art. To tell you the truth Billy, I am the same way on that department — I am very protective of doing Tabloid Purposes and my publishing moniker. I am just a writer who gets disability but trying to make enough money so I can go visit friends for the weekend in the city.