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Looks like I am dealing with a plagiarist sympathizer when it comes to Digital Diarreha as he’s going for having me deleted from VampireFreaks.com – let me ask this question.
      Jet would you rather have a journalistic fraud on the site and sheltering him like a stray mongrel, or having to deal with more angry writers? You really have a PR nightmare on your hands with this one — a controversy you kind of should had thought about and not intervened when I am doing my job! Don’t undermind authors who are after a plagiarist — when they fuck with what’s rightfully ours.
      You want to be the one who contributes to the solution or let your cronies be part of the problem. As you seen in my e-mail that I wrote cc’ing it to a lot of writers and different factions of the industry but writers is what makes the world go around. It’s who cronicles the news, chronicles history. So think about that one a bit – do you want to harbor a plagiarist like Robert L. Baupader and AutoAim_CFG who are ban dodgers or put up with the rest of the literary community. I think I will send Wei-Hong in to have a talk with you now as I will screen cap your office address for him to find the place – I will not pass this around to anyone else and I will tell him to arm himself with a video camera.
      Using this blog as his guide – and have him write everything from what he does on video.
      “What’s with the too long didn’t read replies,” David responded.
      Don’t be friends with writers or journalists if you are going to pull something like that you fucking chomo. His friends got really mad at the chomo response but if he is going to be associating with someone who pulled something that vile about my sister – chomo is the word that fits for him and Robert L. Baupader.
      Mahl let me ask this question – are you a plagiarism advocate?
      Think about that one a long time when you respond to this because that’s a strong term as being called a plagiarist is too – I do not appreciate being called a plagiarist by those who allowed to manipulate you as you bastards said, “We don’t care for Lake Fossil’s intellectual properties or creative properties!”
      That’s what I got when I got suspended for thirty days again but now I am ready to send in Jayson Blair and will reinstate him as a writer – I seen the cartoons that are drawn of him, I will have him reclaim the cartoons because I will need him if I am going after Baupader and the journalism community will be breathing down your throat on this one. The Court of Public Opinion – let me tell you something about them. They are judge, jury and executioner – David aka Digital Diarreha is about the same age as that crazed shooter who did the Belltower shootings in 1966 as he was a child genius and the youngest Eagle Scout.
      Think about what I am saying carefully and choose your words wisely with this one because I am not swearing at the staff but paraphrasing and drawing the conclusion you were all manipulated by StinkyCat as you may notice my blog on wordpress how many follow me via e-mail. Someone is listening. Let me ask this – are you willing to destroy a career of someone who became published for the reason to find their now 15 year old son? The fact I had cc’d the e-mail I wrote to a few within the industry and don’t be surprised if they are going to come knocking on your door and asking questions about being a plagiarism advocate.
      “What did he just call me?”
      “What is a plagiarism advocate?”
      That’s as bad as being an actual plagiarist – what that is I will explain is when you are offering to hang out and eat with plagiarists without saying anything to them and reminding them it’s wrong. Would you steal from someone’s dinner table? That’s what the factions in the industry does when they advocate this of my work – the HWA stole from my dinner table in that sense.
      Do you bastards really hate me for that statement?
      I will let you draw your own conclusions on that one because I am trying to prevent those from joining street gangs like The Latin Kings, Gangster Disciples, or The Vice Lords – I don’t like being treated like either. (Legend Keeper I had researched the Illinois Deparment of Corrections. The highest honor for a gang member is incarcerated and calling soldiers. Be very worried if you hear someone shouting, “High Five the Six Must Die” on the site.) It is not like I am flashing gang signs. I am just trying to get authors for an ensemble project for fuck’s sake – Joseph Rubas even said I have journalistic merit for a fiction author; there is a journalistic voice in what I do and that was something a then critic who blasted me on the open mic circuit took notice with.
      Get it through your skulls if you’re the powers that be – plagairism is not tolerated in this industry I work in. Lulu.com hid behind anonymity and I took them on then engaging Anderson Cooper; I have nothing to apologize for when I have my journalist friends knocking on your doors in Brooklyn this isn’t stalking but they are doing the pavement pounding if they are in closer range than me. I am willing to get this in the hands of Victoria Strauss and A. C. Crispon of Writer Beware – you don’t want VampireFreaks.com on that list because you are harboring a plagiarist. Do the right thing and turn over Robert L. Baupader to us and report him for consumer fraud – that’s how Ferrel nailed David Boyer because Boyer was selling his plagiarized goods on CreateSpace.com. Robert L. Bauapder had been thrown off linkedin.com over misrepresentation of Lake Fossil Press; think about it like that – he and the compulsive liar, angryinllinois@gmail.com have a plagiarism ring going.
      This one where the twat, StinkyCat, claims, “We own Lake Fossil now and was properly put down.”
      As in they were bragging about killing Lake Fossil Press – my company didn’t die but it merged with the parent company of Lulu.com that being Lightning Source and I am trying to employ crowdfunding to get ISBNs batches for future anthologies with LSI Spark.
      Robert L. Bauapder – yes I called him a mongrel. I had someone who appeared as me using nickolaus_pacione@rocketmail.com rigging my e-mail address up in the reply-to and calling one of Janrae Frank’s cronies a mongrel. One of the jackholes who was writing as me was using a word I never heard before in my life as a combination starts with the n-word and chases with whore in one word. I would never use the n-word, in my life – so you don’t even know how vile that combination is. I had been called the n-word when I was six years old when I had a tan – when you’re Mediterranean you do have an olive complextion and my late grandmother’s older sister when my grandfatehr was first dating her. Never seen Italian and called him a “black man.”
      This is the Midwest – not the deep south as you saw the reblog that was shared and reblogged; I had laid into a former classmate with rival author together and called her a “self-racist bitch.” Think about what I am saying because face it VampireFreaks.com you libeled me in that sense when you keep because you keep ban dodgers who had been deleted for stalking yet you suspended me – don’t you sense a corruption on the ranks as I called Slade Kraven a “corrupt faggot” and I am not sorry for saying it. We’re supposed to be guardians of written speech in a free society – so tell me do you care more for musicians or actual writers? The difference between musicians and writers – a writer can really make one strong statement that really screw someone over.
      Think about that one – we’re the reporters, the fiction writers, reviewers, the historians, the bloggers, the screen writers, the preachers, even our teachers. Writer’s Strike on VampireFreaks.com — don’t give they any written content until they wake up about plagiarists So you may never know who will be a writer or who will be a Lake Fossil Press author – they can be your neighbors or even your own grandmother for that matter. I am approaching this with intelligence.
      But what Mahl or the cronies like Digital Diarreha say, “retard.”
      Did I just hear some of you call me the r-word?
      “Plagiarize the retard, no one cares!”
      I think the staff called me a “retard.”
      I will stop calling you a “faggot” when you stop calling me a “retard.”
      I doubt they will stop with the latter. Because when someone like me was called “retard” the word “faggot” was used with a chaser of a right cross then a left rabbit punch if you were a male. Females using that word gets sexually degraded because I was raised to never hit a woman – so you have a crushing comback like “flowering cadaver.”
      Yes that’s what Zadra is – you want to call me vile for saying this. But the things that are going around VampireFreaks.com can ruin a man’s career for that matter – also if you want to treat me like the man who shot up a lot of people from a bell tower when he was 25 or the asshole who did Sandy Hook; I will not allow you jokers to lump me in with them. I didn’t write The Turner Diaries when I wrote Legend Keeper – none of the main characters carried a gun. Things like being called “rapist” had almost destroyed a stand up comic’s career – I know I spoke with him via e-mail in 2002 when I had the e-mail address horrorscribe@juno.com (this is now defunct but think about what I am saying. That’s why I am sending Wei-Hong to talk with you in person and having him armed with his camera phone in video mode to show me the results.)
      So think about what I am saying all of you – Digital Diarreha is associating with someone who is a known plagiarist and that’s guilty by association comes to mind. Do you want to have someone like this around knowing you will have all the creative writing and journalism communities knocking down your door? Do you want them knowing you’re a plagiarism advocate and a plagiarist sympathizer – think about what I am saying when you cut me off from my private profile on facebook.com; this blog is going to be sent around with the tag Plagiarism Scandals on tumblr.com.
      The Pandora’s Box had been opened as there is blood in the water boys – plagiarist afoot; the fox hunt begins. Fugitive from the law too on top of this so send in the bloodhounds; help me find this loser’s place of residence because if you are a known plagiarist you have no privacy as you have ill-gotten fame. What is even more disgusting is that this man calls himself a cop. I guess I will call up to the Wheaton Police Department to follow up to see if they have an Officer Robert L. Bauapder – then send them all I have to expose him as a dirty cop. Plagiarists are like cop killers in my eyes too – yeah when you have Police officers who are after cop killers. They shoot first as questions later meaning they want to send a cop killer to hell.
      Robert L. Baupader I wouldn’t run this past him about killing cops because he might do something like that if he gets caught with being plagiarized.
      David aka Digital Diarreha along with your circle of cronies time to wake up loser because this is where you see trolls get treated like child molesters. When they use plagiarism as a weapon to bully – that’s very low to do something like this; it’s unforgivable and no excuse for it. That’s why I am willing to send the industry in to help me out when I have 1000 connected wth me privately and 580 followers via e-mail – someone is going to see it. As when “Sweetexile” was willing to say, “You were caught pleasuring yourself watching your children bathe,” I am planning to find where she is and call the DHS to have her kids taken from her over that one.
      Don’t run that past me because Melany’s mother is who had my kid taken from me on a lie – I didn’t threaten the foster family but when I left the venomous e-mail to my ex-fiancee’s parents I was very pissed over what they did. The cunt at the DHS office used my website to vilify me over this and I had this fat balding fuck who worked at the gas station across the street from me – when I was in that cunts office I was going, “No! That asshole who was acting like my best friend is your fucking husband?”
      The husband at the gas station a few days later, “I have a message from my wife. Treat her nice.”
      Treating her nice is letting her burn in hell for using my art to get my son taken from me. So when she sees my anthology Tabloid Purposes IV and my son having this in his hand. I hope she has her wrists sliced open because no one gives a damn about her – my cousin put my faith back in social workers but with Debra Blankenship at the DHS there is only utmost hatred for her. So Sweetexile you want to act like that around me accuse of plagiarism as your new “friend” who was the owner of the H. P. Lovecraft cult tossed me out after 6 years when I caught him associating with a plagiarist – that’s why said let him come to my company page so I can ban his sorry ass. Fucking faggot you shouldn’t even be a writer if you are going to ban the one person who could had gotten you published with Arkham House. I will see to it you will never be published while you are alive and after your gone. Meaning I have no problem destroying every rough draft you written and every digital footprint you have as long you are associating with a plagiarism sympathizer.
      Get out of my industry you vile scumbag – you don’t want to be in the same room with me right now because I will not call you a scumbag but it will get very physical (not like that song by that Grease cast member, but a vulgar display of power. As in I will have someone photographing me as I am punching you in the head – a very real punch too as I will see you on the ground like what Ali did when he stood over the man and talked trash after knocking him out.)
      So Jet if you are reading this – you never found home in a boxing ring. I invite you to a boxing gym in Chicago for a sparring session; not a threat but a friendly invitation because I do have a boxing background. You never studied combat sports did you – gladiatorial sports like Boxing, Sport Wrestling, Mixed Martial Arts, and Judo, that’s why I hated getting into a fist fight because I had combined boxing, Wrestling, Judo, Savate and Muy Thai – I know how to clinch up like a Thai Kickboxer. I was almost arrested at 16 for kneeing a guy in the face – one knee strike and knocked him cold. I don’t need a weapon to do serious damage. My grandmother was scared that I can kill someone with my bare hands. Billy Porras when he did what he did Jet – he punched the man to death as he strangled him over $50 – it’s not worth a reunion with him think about that one a minute.
      Don’t be a plagiarist sympathizer or an advocate of such!
      Serial plagiarists are scumbags. You want to see me in that light? Do you really want me to be seen in that light? Do you really care about someone’s copyrights – I fleeced Caustic when he did that name your price feature too; any of your industrial acts who gave me shit over the years such as Automoation1313 or Unter Null – if they are on bandcamp.com they better hope they don’t have the “name your price” feature because I will encourage fleecing them. I will ecnoruage people to fleece Caustic over what he pulled in 2007.
      In the years that Caustic and I went at it for man years – I will hand this to him, he never plagiarized me
      His ass is still burned by the crack, “Retire you fucking drunk!”
      You wonder why I am on his shitlist and he was encouraging many to downrate me it is because of this. What would you do if I paid for three years on premium? Would you snip my debit card in half – the fact that it was someone who was disabled who downrated me that really had me baffled because this community I am the biggest advocate of. You like your money to be coming in and that will not stop – but the thing that comes to play when you’re going to deal with me – accountability; you will learn this. So think about that one a minute – do you really want to see my work get plagiarized? Yes or no answer in great depth with this one – I will consider this as part of your submission instead of your collaboration with Wei-Hong because you be listed as a “hostile contributor.”
      You really don’t want to lump me in with Stephen Glass because I will do a special report about cronies – and as the question how would one illustrate it. Digital Diarreha plays up the cronie trait as he’s now one of the plagiarists cronies – you can choose your friends but your family you really can’t unless you are married into one or become part of one by marriage. I would never hit a woman – my mother raised me right on this one but if you want to defend your choice on keeping a plagiarist and those who willfully are set out to ruin me. The invitation is open for you defend your position on this one – that’s what this anthology is about too also publishing those you don’t agree with or even hate.
      I am not doing the screen cap to anyone – normally I wouldn’t screen cap an office phone number but giving this to a few trusted friends who knew me for quite some time. The one who who lives in Brooklyn, New York, now also I will get in touch with my step-father’s college buddy to accompany him. They knew me from way back – and you will have a dialog about this; that dialog will be Wei-Hong’s piece as I will get him in touch with a few writers who also live in the area there. The thing about calling me a racist and was suspended over this – calling who I called an “aboriginal bitch” came when she was attacking my mental illness, as she’s a Plagiarist Groupie.. Think about what I am saying, Illinois, we’re tired of Liberal Cronies – so get your hands off my First Amendment rights and you will honor my intellectual properties as you do everyone else.
      Do you want to hate me for making that kind of statement.
      You can either contribute to the solution or be part of the problem – that’s what I am offering with this. If you are going to advocate and honor a plagiarist — GET OUT OF MY FUCKING INDUSTRY! We don’t need David Boyer or people like him polluting our creations with his theft. We barely tolerate fan fiction writers.
      You don’t like ultimatums – well I presented one. That’s my ultimatum – either honor my intellectual properties or you will hear from many who would love to hear how you are harboring a David Boyer or Stephen Glass rolled into one mixed with someone like the MySpace.com Mom. Come on – think about this one; I will never do something like what AutoAim_CFG suggested invoking someone to commit bullycide then laugh about it afterward.
      Still think I am a scumbag and a pest? I am not encouraging terrorist threats or making bomb threats on a blog or looking up bombmaking websites as what Grundy County Sherriff Department accused me of. I scared the fuck out of Adam Whittlach over saying I will destroy his hometown in a natural disaster – so what you have with this is a Catagory 5 shitstorm. Do you care about someone’s intellectual properties?
      “When it comes to yours, Nick, we don’t give a damn!”
      That’s what I am getting from you and that’s why you’re getting a piece of my mind. Don’t defend Digital Diarreha from this because there is no backing off this one as I am making my one profile linked back for direct feedback.
      Would you give a damn if you heard from A. C. Crispin or Victoria Strauss of Writers Beware?
      Come on think about this one – why I was tossed from Shocklines.com was because I laid into an ex-contributor and called him a rape-baby because he was trying to say I “died” in San Fransisco. Just as I re-issued Tabloid Purposes One he did this. The little infant-raper became hell-bent on ruining my career because he wasn’t happy with what he got paid.
      Where it was a bigger slap-in-face to me is when he said, “This writing thing to me is a hobby. It’s not a career.”
      Hobbists I will publish but only if they are willing to make it into a career.
      So do you hate me now? I am not Encyclopedia Dræmatica meaning when you know I am hammering into you will know it and what I pulled in my e-mail cc’d and bcc’d was a call to arms to nail Robert L. Baupader so I suggest you don’t interfere in this bloodbath. It was a bloodbath when we hammered into David Boyer – the one now known as The Shadow Dolls Plagiarist. I was caught up in that scandal unwillingly as I was defrauded – he victimized and scammed many so I was chasing around to get a hold of Ferrel Moore who now owns Sams Dot Publishing. When you are dealing with plagiairsts – publishers, editors and writers we’re an angry swarm of Africanized Bees. You never seen these in action? Dive in the water you can’t escape them – they will wait for you to surface. Writers, publishers, and editors when they catch a plagiarists – we’re like cops after a cop killer, we want to really get this guy.
      I got read reciepts for “No One Cares For My Copyrights?” The nice thing about who I work with wen it comes to my roster, they look out for shit like this and with the read receipts – Jayson Blair is officially instated for this one. New York Times if you object to this – I need someone who had been caught up in this scandal on one side as I saw it from your perspective as a publisher and understand why you get pissed. Robert L. Baupader is a ghostwriter style plagiarist – he will word for word steal your work. As I will make all the hatemail public too in this statement.
      “When are you going to realize that nobody fucking likes you and going to the admins about me when you are the one coming to my profile and leaving nasty comments only results in your dumbass getting booted? Guess this will free up a lot of extra time for you to spy on young girls bathing. That new profile pic of yours on VF trying to lick your sister is SUPER fucking creepy in light of what we all know you did to her,” this is the e-mail from Valerie Blouchette, sweetxexile@gmail.com – I am going to make her picture public with this statement so everyone can see what this vile bitch looks like. I was screwing around and not taking myself seriously when I did that photo. I would never look at my sister when bathing so you want to see this vile bitch’s photo – I will have her kids taken from her over this. Congradulations you just made yourself an unfit mother with that comment. CSPAN2′ BOOK-TV confirmed they read it.
      That e-mail I cc’d and bcc’d my roster was going, “Holy shit you laid into Jet!”
      So you want to harbor plagiarists – that’s in our eyes harboring a terrorist. I ordered with the roster and professionals in my field to invade vampirefreaks.com – when it comes to plagiarists this afternoon we dine in hell. Time for a kind of controversy where they warranted it this time and dealing with someone who takes controversial stands. So you want to wonder why I make really nasty and fucked up comments think about what is set in that email to me – don’t fuck with my sister or my family. So that’s a huge rule with me – calling me Nicky in a query, retard, or plagiarist is a fucking deal breaker with me. Jet you seen me lay into you like that – when I had cc’d to every industry bigwig there is – if I am willing to reinstate Jayson Blair, you know what you’re dealing with.
      Think about this one Jet – you didn’t want a culture war with me.
      I am not starting a culture war like what Michelle did – this is a war on plagiarism that I declared in 2010. You will hear from my trusted friends in real life – don’t mess with those who have a learning disability as Digitial Diarreha well he’s going down and don’t intervene with this one because this is going to leave collatoral damage.
      I am not encouraging school shootings – I was blamed for Columbine and lost my son over this. So think about that one – the staff of VampireFreaks.com are considered “hostile contributors” as Wei-Hong will be on assignment. So do you really think I want to be lumped in with Stephen Glass? I really don’t appreciate getting that done and I think it’s an insult to my state of Illinois and Chicagoland when you do so. I had to apologize publicaly on my behalf of my state for Stephen Glass.
      You bastards going, “Too long didn’t read,” if you are a 38 year old man saying that to my face I wouldn’t be vocal. You’d be on your ass because I would have socked you in front of your woman. I don’t play the singling out game personally but the thing that gang up players hate when you take them in a one to one situation. So really should you be lumping me in with that asshole who shot up so many people who was then 25 in Texas? Plagiarists Advocates and Plagiarist sympathizers – there is hope for you but if you cover up for a plagiarists, watch it because we’re not going to let up.
      Don’t fuck with authors who have the journalistic aspects! We as in the publishing industry as I had e-mailed what I wrote to Jet to Executive Customer Relations as I closed it as Elder Statemen as this is the first of my duties as Elder Statesmen – busting plagiarists and call plagiarism advocates to the rug. See the documentary at the very beginning of this blog entry then think about what you are doing when you vilify those who are former Boy Scouts because the man who did those shootings from the Bell tower. Sadly enough, he was a former Eagle Scout and learned how to do what he did in the Marines. I am not some bullshit gossip blogger – I am a journalist and the kind of journalism I do on the side from being a horror author and publisher, it’s to keep me sharp as a horror author. You fed me shit and you had the post about this on twitter — when you fed shit you bite the hand that feeds. Don’t lump me in with Charles Whitman because I am a better example than he was — my mother and stepfather raised me right on that one. Digital Diarreha — this man was a better human being than you are but makes you wonder what made him snap, killing his mother and his wife.
      VampireFreaks we follow each other on Google+ so you might have a few asking questions about what I addressed with this as I will link your profile up on Google+ via this blog as I am waiting for the others who cc’d and bcc’d. I am not laying into the staff as a whole in hostility — but I am laying into those who are the suckups and ass kissers. When you say you don’t care about one’s intellectual properties — you kind of warranted some nastiness on that department. It’s not going to be from me you will hear from but those who worked with me and from my most trusted friends; as I am passing this screen cap to them you will hear from them as you must honor their wishes to let them speak to you at the office as they are close to where you are. The screen caps are done and the messages are getting ready to be sent — the EMN this place and staging area is my own social network.
       Think about what I am saying as I am making this public; my one profile rigged to twitter I made open for those to speak with me. Jet think about this would you be willing to destroy someone’s career knowing that there is a lot at stake on both ends? Do not lump me in with that subject of the documentary is. You don’t know what bill collectors are like when they get ruthless — I know I am a bill collector’s son. According to my findings the office is a multi-family home and I will ask Wei-Hong if he knows where this place is at.
      Trulia.com showed me an idea what this place looks like — I not only look up you on google.com I do a whois.com and trulia.com search. So you have to realize I am very in depth with my search. I go one further when I google. These are the tools of the Bill Collector in the new era — I wonder what the one guy who goes around with the leather duster and baseball cap wanders around serving papers is like in that area. All Worked Up; I have to sometimes wonder how to do this project to fund Monika’s bail bondsmen because I had worried about how was I am going to keep her from going back to jail a few times. This is the first time I am working with someone who did have a record — so think about this VF.com; have you ever worked with someone who had the checkered past? The reason I am offering to teach her how to do what I am doing for years is so she can turn her life around. My roster are not a full time staff so the Pro Tempore is in effect when I have a team of illustrators as I did when I published Issue 12 — I had a full team as I also act as the art direction on Lake Fossil Press. So Wei-Hong will be enlisted as a acting regional rep of Chicago-Brooklyn Relations.
      Journalism 101 — following up on leads. Lake Fossil Press is owner/proprietor and operates as think tanks. This is a content strike to VampireFreaks.com and if you want to submit content if you are in my generation I will take it. I can protect writers better than they can — come to CreateSpace.com and I will show you the ropes. I am fair when I do things but what you see unfold with what went down was a sense of unfairness that unfolded. If you are a personal journalist — protest what happened on VampireFreaks.com because that shouldn’t been done. This is a writer’s strike for VampireFreaks.com — NO REVIEWS, NO SUBMISSIONS, OR CONTENT FROM ACTUAL WRITERS until they do the right thing with me. Toss the plagiarist hand him over to us — head on a platter. Behead the motherfucker. Iced Earth did a creative strike for two years in their early years with Century Media. You are not dealing with a typical troll guys — I am not a troll as I had taken Lulu.com on and got everything back. There are 580 who follow my blog and 448 who follow me on twitter. Vampirefreaks.com has 826 followers via Google+ so if someone gets this via e-mail and sees what I state is not a lie on this one — don’t harbor journalistic frauds. You want to say I make vile comments I will show you the twat who made the vile comment at my sister. I am not someone you want to burn bridges with — don’t make me an enemy because I am a nasty one when I am ruthless. A plagiarism advocate or a plagiarist sympathizer is something you really don’t want on your head knowing you’re housing a plagiarist. A. C. Crispin blogged of David Boyer and Jaycee if you want to delete my account for telling the truth about Boyer you will hear from The American Writer’s Museum on this one because this is next. You really should think about honoring one’s intellectual properties. I’m pissed because you called me a slave and a slave has no property. My state freed them in 1863. I am trying to get in touch with A.C. to bust this plagiarizing faggot where he stands and you will have a writer influx invading vampirefreaks.com until you have this fucker history. So think about that one that’s my one warning. Comply with the industry standards or else — I can protect writers better than VampireFreaks.com as they are published it will be hard to plagiarize them and given name policy or sounds like a given name. Think about one because non-cooperation in this joint operation of journalists, writers, publishers, authors, and reviwers anti-plagiairsm task-force will come for Robert Baupader and looking for this alleged flash drive that I “stole” these stories from when they are rightfully mine..