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When I tag in facebook or tweet to you;  it's like I am making direct eye contact with you as I am talking to you to your face but if you're going to  be a frocio and say

When I tag in facebook or tweet to you; it’s like I am making direct eye contact with you as I am talking to you to your face but if you’re going to be a frocio and say “Too long, didn’t watch” or “didn’t read.” What is your fucking attention span then — 140 characters or less? Matamas you’re on par with on vile one can get.
    Pay attention kids you’re about to learn some world history as I read about the history they really don’t teach you about in high school or college. This is where abnormal psychology, sociology, and Christianity will overlap. Contains strong language and graphic descriptions so readers are advised this is not suitable for younger readers.

” I’m laying this out as clearly as I can, even though you once knew all this well enough and shouldn’t need reminding. Here it is in brief: The Master saved a people out of the land of Egypt. Later he destroyed those who defected. And you know the story of the angels who didn’t stick to their post, abandoning it for other, darker missions. But they are now chained and jailed in a black hole until the great Judgment Day. Sodom and Gomorrah, which went to sexual rack and ruin along with the surrounding cities that acted just like them, are another example. Burning and burning and never burning up, they serve still as a stock warning.”


— Jude 1: 5-7 (MSG)

I guess Michael Rowe was deeply offended by calling his fake marriage a Nero defined marriage; don’t care — because this is very much the truth. That kind of “marriage” has origins with Emperor Nero as he married a male slave and cutting off his genitals. Why does one even want to even engage in that kind of perversion is beyond me — I know this will divide families over the issue but what it was written in the New Testament the belief in God will cause division in your own family. Since I am dealing with faggots — and they are getting malicious with me on twitter; I made a nasty tweet about this and will not apologize either for this.
How can you define what belongs to Emperor Nero to those who belong to God?
Here I am working on new material and this AIDS carrier denied I was plagiarized. My uncle one afternoon stumbled across a show about Caligula and said, “Caligula, that fucker is beyond weird and way too fucked up!”
I am waiting for all the cute liberal buzzwords to be thrown at me like demons shooting arrows like in Pilgrim’s Progress — I wonder how many caught the reference to that book in my piece? If one is going to judge my writings based upon my tweets — piss off already and get a personality if I gave you a $10.00 bill. Think about what I am saying — if you’re saying videos and blog entries are too long. Go fuck off already. I am not in the mood when Brian Keene brags about plagiarizing my articles — isn’t it enough he accused me of stealing then threatens to take my family’s house from me? Do you really want Nero back in this century? His spirit can be felt in Illinois — Governor Quinn didn’t read up on Nero before he signed that marriage bill in order.
“What does he mean by a Nero marriage?”
He fucked his own mother — got her pregnant and kicked her to death. Nero fed lions Christians for breakfast — so you want to go around approving that kind of marraige? Nero and another emporer of Rome was equally vile — if you look him up you will know what I mean on this. I will not allow an abomination to insult my intelligence. I have no college degrees but if I am able to do everything in house — I will not let some Sodomite Choirboy dictate the direction of my career. So you I will not allow to discredit me in any way as I saw asshole using my screenname gothicpreacher@yahoo.com saying he submitting my novella as the name of my classmate — not cool at all man.
If you are willing to engage in an amoral marriage defined by Emporer Nero — you’re a criminal against nature. You would have a threesome with a goat if you had a chance — how does it feel when you made God cry because you contracted an anally inflicted death sentence I created all my careers from the ground up and I will not some fake named “biographer” try to smear my name through the mud — Rowe picked a fight with a man he is not going to win because he will end up burning in hell. Does he approve of assholes trying to write as me and hacked into my e-mail account writing rape stories to my female contacts?
Listen up fuckface — you really don’t want to cross me in person because I do not relate to Matt Shepard; I relate to the two who killed him. I also relate to the soldiers who killed the one with a baseball bat because I could easy seen my friends doing something like that. You want to call me evil for that — but you knew why I say that think about where I grew up in the 1980s and 1990s it’s very Conservative in a now Liberal state.
“Why you hateful vile little…”
Wop — yeah I am waiting for you to call me a Wop.
Let see if he can figure out this one,”Ottenere scopata lei analmente inflitta condanna a morte trasportando scassinatore stronzo.”
Calling me an extra for the Lord of the Rings — sorry but I don’t believe in fairies.
“Did he call me a fairy?”
I guess he has fantasies about getting raped by a unicorn.
Let me ask this Morgan — rule of thumb when doing a 294 page anthology — there is a reason I don’t publish poetry unless it is epic poetry it’s because I need to fill a quota of 183-384 pages per anthology. The longer range short stories are the magic number — Mike Rowe can’t read over 2400 words on a blog entry. The assholes who steal from me stole my memoir from me too; do you justify something like that if you are in a Nero approved marrage? I have my limits and homosexuality of any kind is prohibited in any publication of my imprint.
Linkedin.com allows those to keep the jokes to a minimum and Gay Marriage is a fucking joke– the sickest joke ever played on the sacred union of marriage. But if you see this blog and scream hate speech; what I said is well rooted in history as I mentioned this on my video blog. Marriage is something defined by God but defiled by man — where Michael Rowe falls into the traditions of man. I speak up for traditional marriage; so if someone is to ask me what are my views on same sex marriage — comparing it to what Nero did; you will call me vile but if you were to stand before God. You are a man who is admitting unrepentant marrying a man — you know your fate. A place of fire and darkness waits for you; I support those who can practice their second amendment right — but with my mental health condition in Illinois, I am not allowed to conceal and carry.
If there was a time machine I would send some friends back in time and shoot Nero in the head at point blank range for killing his own mother. You really want to be in a union defined by a known cocksucker who played his harp while he watched a city burn before him. Those of you who are trying to steal my uncle and classmates’ you have a lot of nerve — with Michael Rowe. You’re about to have your nerves ripped out verbally as your friends as skullfucking my catalog. Think about what I am saying as my real words are stomping on your face. When you been published and sold work; you insulted those who bought it — why doesn’t it surprise me that you’d burn books written by Christians? Think about this one — you’re really poluting the blogophere with your perversion as Poppy Z. Brite corrupted an entire generation when she was active.
Horror became politically correct.
And Michael Rowe and Brian Keene are not the solution to this or their lackies but the problem. Think about what I am saying when I address this when he’s willing to destroy a career that made waves when I wrote The Fandom Writer. I guess my anti-Liberal stance rubs him the wrong way and why he became a fruit. What I do — really is not compatible with twitter and if you going to base my writing on my tweets you were eating paint chips for breakfast.
That’s what you have in common with Robert Champion as he is encouraging many to turn off, cook off a rusty spoon in a bathroom then shoot up the product in their veins, and drop out. What would you see your kid do — beat on a guy who is of the same sex making an unwanted pass on them or rot their brains on black tar? You can’t make jokes about punching a fag without getting arrested because you are back under the laws of Nero. The artist who did the artwork of Obama playing a cello in the foreground while the City of Washington, D. C. burned — we’re very easy in the times of Nero.
I guess Governor Pat Quinn might see this as a swipe at him too with this one but I am guessing he’s the next Governor in line to be incarcerated. This day in history, July 18 64 A.D, as the History Channel chronicled 64 AD — Rome was torched; like Rome in 64 AD Chicago in the 19th Century it burned too and the difference being a cow tipped a lantern. We don’t want to imagine a United States where Caligula is elected President of the United States; so think about it like that — I guess Michael Rowe doesn’t want to realize this because the two most vile men in antiquity were faggots.
Homosexual marriage has origins in Emperor Nero — are you sure you want something like that anywhere in the free world? I’ve google’d around — they are comparing Obama to Emperor Nero and when there was going around that Omaba was a homosexual. That’s why he approves of a Nero Marriage that’s what I call when two men or two women marry each other — when he realizes what he approved of they will keep drawing comparisons to Emperor Nero. He hid the faggotry to be President — I am looking this up and this is eerie when you realize Obama has similarities to Emperor Nero.
So Rowe sit down and think about what I am saying; this is why I am waiting until 2016 to vote I want to make sure we don’t end up getting Caligula in office, God forbid the idea. What I am looking up online — it makes Legend Keeper very shocking and much darker in the tone; the new story I am doing immortalized another one of Jon’s paintings.
Michael as he writes for Huffington Post — might not had came across this 2013 article. I am guessing Hufffington Post has something against anyone who is of sincere faith, but I am going to say something that will change their tone on Gay Marriage and instead of allowing something like that to take place. Think about the time of history what Emperor Nero did to Christians as well — we’re not too far off with ISIS. Think about the modern era when Christians are found beheaded — you don’t see that in the states when two men or two women are engaged in a Nero Marriage.
Tell me Michael, do you want to be cursing me when you’re unrepentant about being in a Nero Marriage? According to Glenn (Danzig) there was a comparison to Caligula with Barrack Obama being the long distance drone bombings. The homos were never a fan of mine — feeling is mutual there. I don’t want that demographic and I am going let have Hufffington zoom in on me a little bit with that one as Michael Rowe is on their payroll.
“Did he equate same sex marriage to that of Rome being burned?”
When you realize Kirk Cameron drew one million likes on facebook — he did something right, the only thing young about this earth is human history. Think about that one — if he can acknowledge the realization that Pat Robertson revealed he’d be in good shape. As I am working on the new material — I had noticed I seen all walks of life on my blogs; but if you’re from the gay community you don’t like Kirk Cameron you will think I am an asshole too. Hufffington Post will be quite pissed off at this one because I am giving The Fig Sign which in Italy is the equal of giving the finger — and Rowe is someone born of an unknown mother and born of five fathers.
Pretending to know my work wasn’t stolen when I seen it done — then saying it was a prank is a bitch move. That’s not funny and if they are willing to do something that Caligula-like; I will equate them to Emporer Nero and Adolf Hilter as I am guessing they were a failed abortion of those who were admitted members of the Hitler Youth. So I want you bastards to think a little bit some about what I said. The most documented early same sex marriage is linked to the most vile thing ever done — killing one’s own mother and burning down a city. Nero cut the boy’s genitals off to make him feel like more a wife — so think about that one before you opt for a sex change too. Nero and Caligula are connected to every perversion in antiquity. — do you really want to bring something that vile back to the modern era?
I am writing this blog you might be thinking of one of the verses from The Book of Revelation and let what belongs to God be of God then of those of Cesaer to Cesaer. If you are still saying too long and didn’t watch — you hang out on your smart phone too long, put that fucking thing away. The reason you assholes think my stories are fake is because I will not adhere to a homosexual audience and write something “abomination-friendly.” Deviantart.com had failed to understand that — and when it comes to lulu.com I was asking for the supervisor above pig feces (Howard Stern had Pig Vomit to deal with. I call lulu.com ‘s Powers that Be Pig Feces. I am going to let Huffington Post engage me a bit on this because what I said is far more controversial.)
Oh Alana Horowitz — if Michael Rowe is calling me a “fucking retard” think about what I said the help of Bing Translator in Italian. I wish I was able to say that in the language of Nero and Caligula, let’s see you engage me a little while. I am not going to change my feelings and thoughts on this either as Kirk Cameron said something to Piers Morgan, I will use the quote that Huffington Post also used of this — trying to put something really heart-felt into a 4 second sound bite.
I too had been also persistent as when my testimony is published I rebuked Michael Rowe in print. Michael Rowe’s attention span with me and my thought patterns is less than 140 characters where you cannot do that with me as I was with Diary-X.com — twitter.com residents think “U” is a word.
I would give Kirk Cameron 70-80 minutes on video to let him say what he will say because vimeo allows for longer videos if he is able to speak with me and Pat Robertson together. Whoever created twitter is protecting and silencing those who have something to say and it takes more than 140 characters to say it. If you’re going start a political firestorm — be prepared to shoot a harpoon into a wasp’s nest.
Homosexuality is a crime against nature; like what Kirk Cameron also said — as I said this in 1992. Emperor Nero and Caligula were both criminals of nature and criminals of God. You are saying that’s offensive your political correctness deeply offends me. Lord of the Rings Extra, how much dog shit did you eat for dinner and did you clean your plate because I would bite the hand to those who feed me shit.
Homosexuality is ultimately destructive as Kirk Cameron said — but if he looks at when man first really emerged (Adam as being mankind) would been 200,000 years ago. Kirk — you said marriage is as old as dirt; as I said in my blog addressing King James Version Onlyists it’s as old as time.
Dave Mustaine was asked this also about his issue — he answered, “As a Christian, no.”
My answer in between both of them — I don’t want to fuck up and burn in hell. I would like to see Kirk Cameron and Dave Mustaine to hang out together. It would be an interesting exchange to see. I can see them both saying what I said in this blog this kind of “marriage” is defined by Emperor Nero — not by God. So if George Takei ends up seeing this and calls me “douchebag,” well that would apply to the entire portal that Alan Horowitz writes for. I am closing out with this, “They die in their youth, among male prostitutes of the shrines.” That would be from Job 36:14. What happened to the author who had the hissy fit reaped what he paid when he lusted for strange flesh. If you’re an Italian — if you really hate your kid you would name him Nero or Caligula. That’s the last thing you would want to name your kid — that’s like naming you kid Judas.