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When you have those who are brainwashed by Peter S. Ruckman -- what should you do?  They will not say anything other than Scripture every other word.  The Young Earth Creationist movement is deeply rooted in this as I am doing a crowd-funding deal to take a project a lot further as there is interest for this already.

When you have those who are brainwashed by Peter S. Ruckman — what should you do? They will not say anything other than Scripture every other word. The Young Earth Creationist movement is deeply rooted in this as I am doing a crowd-funding deal to take a project a lot further as there is interest for this already. If you have objections to profanity or history that’s researched.
     If you think he's a prick — by all means be my guest and fund my project; I am not begging but give freely because this is your anthology too an anthology of short stories for and by the people. If you read my in depth pitch and took the time to really watch the video I did — then you would not intervene with this. This takes from 2 Timothy 4:3-5 from the Phillips New Testament, “For the time is coming when men will not tolerate wholesome teaching. They will want something to tickle their own fancies, and they will collect teachers who will pander to their own desires. They will no longer listen to the truth, but will wander off after man-made fictions. For yourself, stand fast in all that you are doing, meeting whatever suffering this may involve. Go on steadily preaching the Gospel and carry out to the full the commission that God gave you.”
     Are they referring to the King James Version Only Movement or Prosperity Heresy — they could refer to both. As I learned in Greek Orthodox tradition this is known as Name Day. The two movements are unnerving as TBN is in the heart of this. Do they think the masses are wandering into my imagination as I am a fiction author. I guess when you chronicle weird history you might get a dirty look or two.

As I am working on these new stories — I came to notice two that really insulted my intelligence; and organizing my first indieagogo.com crowdfunding deal. I am have a 4000 plus word write up I did explaining what I am doing and a 15:00 video using the webcam’s fun effects to explain what I am raising for as this. I wore my bank account quite thin just in one day as I explain on camera and in writing.
      We all know and agree that wisdom does come from God but man is allowed to learn — to grow read every book they can get their hands upon. Ask the tough questions; as you will see this what I am doing is going to counter Ray Comfort (no bananas were harmed in making the video for indieagogo.com.) Well all joking aside I am still writing on these two stories that I am fleshing out — I could easy have a collection of four chapbook length works and talk with Tom Kelly to do the artwork for this.
      If I can hammer this out — I know where this is going with the stories and I found a story I started originally in 2008 and thinking about going back and adding more to this. I am still sifting through all my files and when Lulu.com tossed me, they did a number on my catalog when I asked for my print readies — what pissed me off is I need to figure out what’s what. That can take years — reason I am not pleased with lulu.com is they refused to listen to a long running author as Kevin of Smashwords.com is also a cocksucker like that too.
      The one thing that I do have a rough time doing is obtaining the funding — so I tried to keep profanity to a low roar and there is a joke about shit in the pitch. I did a cool graphic playing with the draw program though I will not be doing anything with unicorns as I caught someone stealing my artwork. I did something pretty damned humorous that was a swipe at both Eric Hovind and Blake Judd; unlike them I deliver the goods.
      I had a weak comeback from a King James Version Onlyist.
      “Hogwash,” she said when I addressed her questioning her educational background.
      “Look why don’t you go back to college and take a few philosophy classes?” I gently asked.
      “Get yourself some common sense — throw away all your books but The Bible,” she refuted.
      This what I am writing is paraphrased.
      Yeah it’s clear that she’s full of shit — when she uses one of the answers that is known of Ruckmanites. My new characters I introduced are Ruckmanites encountering longhairs and ink; oh that’s a fun interaction because it mirrors too much of real life. I will be featuring a few acts in the video so they get an earful of heavy metal too. I did something fun with my 2007 era desktop and with a 1997 era photo at the end — so these who are KJV1611s will just *love* me (the sarcasm with that one.)
      I need to reboot the computer a bit too and save things as I go — I had my dropbox taken hostage as my first e-mail address is too. nickolauspacione@aim.com is set up for PayPal.com payments too and I might try again with chipin.com as a tip jar but I have to ask how can they prevent the penny payments that took place.
      “Are you begging for money online again?” I can see a troll or my cousin asking.
      “No this is the few ways to obtain funding if you work as a writer, film maker, musician or publisher to guarantee a quality result,” is my reply. This is the era of the indie and we got the market-share but Barns and Noble still don’t carry our titles on shelves.
      The whole thing with the one saying I will never make a dime — fuck him; fuck the naysayers because I will do what I am going to set out to accomplish whether he likes it or not. When you had to proofread his comment — you can tell he can’t be taken seriously.
      “This asshole is ‘devilish’ we need to shut his operation down and he’s corrupting the youth with what he’s compiling. He writes horror fiction and read Catcher in the Rye, those books are fit for a fire,” I can see one responding to my campaign as I made this video as weird as possible but what I did was very cool looking. I know that God is not a salad bar but with the King James Onlyist or the Prosperity Heretic — you might see them taking and choosing what to obey; when they are the ones not offering a very cool read. The masses will remember the cool read over a gospel tract.
      I am going to quote a line from the movie Footloose that came out 30 years ago with this one, “The Devil doesn’t live in these books. He lives in the hearts of man.”
      The thing that they don’t understand — the mind produces the original thoughts, and if they studied anatomy the heart only pumps blood. For every 3400 word sermon that Pastor Frank Noyes churns out — and blasts on known authors without even reading them. We must churn out about 3400-4800 words with our short stories so you see that with my indieagogo.com pitch explaining the importants of crowd-funding.
      How is intelligence — I mean genuine intelligence “hogwash” or let me give you a stronger word, “Bulllshhittt!
      I do believe in God but that young earth creationism crap — it’s bullshit.
      You must be really fucked in the head to not realize that humans and dinosaurs never existed together — not once. Whoever came up with that pulled his sciecne out of his ass — and everyone stuck their head up his kissing it. Did I just reference The Obscene Kiss? Great they must think I have a poster of Piss Christ on my wall.“Did he just make a vile joke?”
      So when I did my pitch — I had made reference of what they pulled out about Answers in Genesis and one of the allegations; you mean to tell me Ray Comfort pulled a David Boyer? There was a lot I learned — we’re still a nation under God but it didn’t quite start that way. So I am taking an educated guess that this lady who I engaged on pinterest.com didn’t graduate college; take a few classes in psychology and Philosophy then while you’re at it — learn some journalism too.
      It must be a lonely world for a Ruckmanite — and I didn’t always knew what it meant but when I looked it up and when I read of this, I created a Ruckman character. This will be a lot of fun — the third and second time I got in a King James Onlyist’s head. There will be several aspects of the video and the pitch I am doing that’s going to be a bug up the ass of a KJV1611‘ist (code for a King James Onlyist.)
      I wonder what they’ll make of my indieagogo.com campaign when I have this ready. I will piss off the factions and that’s a garuntee — I have my perks set up and will be adding more to them. one of them will be I will get something for sponsors and trying to take cues from others who did this. I have my deal ready and the reading public as I see a 600 plus followers so I want to do something where all of you helped make this happen plus some perks that show up on here too — I don’t know how I got all the followers via e-mail but I will say it’s quite unreal. For every one of those KJVO tracts shoved in our throats and faces I want to get three copies of my anthologies to every one of theirs.
      When you insult my intelligence — you will see the fecal matter hitting the fan as my new stories are highly controversial. I encourage a 1611-ist to sit down and read a project I edit without spouting Scripture every other word. Where I had said it’s more Twilight Zone than a sound belief you have to realize how I came up with that conclusion?
      “Are you mocking God?”
      By all means I am not — Alice Cooper even said he would never make a joke about religion because he claimed he may never know a bolt of lightning will hit hm. I am sure that front are claiming I am speaking of another Gospel; what’s wrong with you? I am sure one would panic when there is a global blackout.
      This lady claims I am “straddlng the fence” (her words not mine) because I am not going to shove Scripture down someone’s gullet. As I wrote in my pitch on indieagogo.com — I was trying to play up my problem solving. I am not arguing against Christianity — what I read of that movement is not sound “doctrine.”
      “Don’t think — Just love the Lord!”
      Fuck you! That’s it — telling me to shut off my racing mind, these racing thoughts.
      I should show the full exchange where it gets heated on both sides, man it’s going to show up in the pages of my new novella that I started back when Legend Keeper became published. I was looking up the research about what Ray Comfort did — I am not going to offer free textbooks to a campus but offer a very cool read. Featuring short stories fiction and narrative nonfiction alike written by writers of my generation.
      The children of Nam vets, Hippies and members of the underaged mother’s club who were born in the still-beating heart of the 1970s. We still get generations saying, “Even as teenagers we didn’t understand you!” The reason I got into it with anti-war protesters is because I kept thinking was possible bullshit my uncles had to put up with when they returned from ‘Nam. What’s funny to me — is going to make people cringe; I did a crack and illustration of this that’s really cringe worthy.
      “You’re upsetting my comfort zone,” I can see someone saying this.
      I will continue to upset this.
      So think about what I said here — as I did a photo for research and sent this to the Egyptologist and the contributor. I know there might be a few going around saying things that are completely in left field; I’ve seen it. There are things I wished I was never exposed to — where I learned that I am in a realm of perverts.
      It’s not Y’all in Chicago — it’s well, fuck all of you!
      These new stories (as I am working on two at once. Will disturb a few comfort zones — as I am playing up even more psychological elements with both but there are parts that might give one a real gag reflex and the dry heaves.) It’s been a while I nearly had an editor throwing up in a garbage can. I could imagine the TOR.com boys in the office telling me “I am all about making people sick, but the rest of the boys might not be good for this. Go for more psychological effects.”
      I should had guessed I am dealing with a Baby Boomer — they’re sometimes even still yelling at my generation like we’re kids when we have kids of our own. I hope I wasn’t too harsh with my statements when I told her to take a few philosophy classes and psychology; she was pretty mad when I suggested that. I never seen a Southern Belle lose her temper; why I am so amused with offending Southerners? Pantera had the controversial flag on a Dean ML — Dimebag when he was alive wasn’t ashamed from being from Texas that was a huge part of their identity. I am trying to find a .pdf to EPUB and .mobi formats so I can faithfully preserve the formatting on nook and Kindle. Seems I can’t do a drop caps with word on nookpress and with kindle it turns out wonky.
      I wonder about what the KJVOs will make of the story that’s coming to nookpress.com and I will also publish anthologies with their print division. I am just trying figure out how much it will cost with BookBaby.com or Outskirts if I do an anthology with them I would like to have three co-editors to produce a 294 page anthology. I have ideas for the next 294 page anthology and this will be all horror — as this will be separate from my two anthology vehicles I edited for quite some time.
      What I am trying to do with this anthology is repeatedly hit someone with a foul ball (Blackie Lawless’ term not mine.) So that’s how you reveal to an Athiest that you’re a Christian that acknowledges evolution as a science — not a theory or belief but a science. Image being like the character Karlof when he was entombed alive — that’s what YECs and KJVOs often do to those who are intelligent and genuine. This is not about being a good person or the most vile human on earth; it’s coming at things with a level of critical thnking both ends really lack.
      When one scientifically looks at the world of antinqity the world of the New Testament and Old Testament; I have to ask this what was ancient North America like in the era of The Bible.how humans were in North America — another Gospel? Click here to learn about the 17th Century.. No it’s being informed with everything one studies in science and social studies. I have to ask about North America before the era of antiquity. I was wondering if anyone wants to explore a work of fiction where someone camps on a location that would been now Illinois but thinking in the times of the New Testament was North America like at the time? Or South America for that matter — the KJVO is an American born movement. The modern version you feel like you entombed with the Pharaohs — alive and forced to watch everything take place. That’s it is akin when you have an original idea in your head, they would call you “Lukewarm” for having your own thougts. Having ideas and thoughts which genuinely yours — exploring them is not a sin. I found a video that I will be pointing out which ties into my own blog about the movement — how this heresy is a nightmare for everyone involved.
      I am trying to get Issue Five of my magazine and Issue 10 on Nookpress if I can change files back to Word 2007 and turn them into Open Office. I found the original photographs that I used with the issue. If I can dissect my files I can turn them into either CreateSpace.com release or NookPress.com titles in print. I just need to do a new title page and do a Editor’s Lounge speaking greatly about what happened since I first published this. I have the means to do The Ethereal Gazette a little more inexpensive than when I was with lulu.com; so when I see those who are KJV Onlyites (this video I found they use that term.)
      If there is a way for me to get ISBNS for places where it’s costly — but I can publish as Lake Fossil Press on Nook.com my own tiles might be nook exclusives if I can can figure out how to design an ePub. That opens the door to publish in hardcover. Tabloid Purposes 3 will be a good candidate for this — if Nook can handle the Royal Trade Paperback like CreateSpace is able to then I am in business. (I wonder if Tabetha would want to produce hardcover print — as Nookpress.com like lulu.com and LSI Spark does. Cool oppurtunity to be published by BN.com and if they publish print books I can get carried.) I might publishe the 2007 version of An Eye In Shadows on nook so the masses are able to compare the two. The thing with Nook I may have to watch my language in the copyright pages.
      I also have a new toy that also converts to word 2007 — so I can rework Dirty Black Winter to fine edit this and give it a sheen with a new introduction and see if I can locate my 2009 era photographs I used on my birthday weekend. I will crop up my 2008 photo with me in the tie that was done as a daytime portrait for the re-emergence of Dirty Black Winter. Dirty Black Winter’s introduction will reflect having books in a museum and I with my new toy I can play with the second namesake’s anthology body and able to do some tweaking.
      New fonts that I didn’t have in 2011 and was the first anthology I did in years to nail over 380 pages. I have a tool to make my job moving to new places for print titles a lot easier but working smarter — is easier better, you end up having to work a lot harder. I tend to work with my intellect as many really shun intelligence for one reason or another.. I am trying to get a progrm where I turn pdfs back into word documents so I can revise this book and catch the edits I missed when I compiled Dirty Black Winter if possible. The thing that I have to deal with when it comes to the King James Onlyites is the constant insulting of my intelligence. So what you see with my indieagogo.com perks they get somewhat creative –I was laughing my head off when I came up with some of them. I hope that this campaign goes off without a hitch because I want to have some fun with this. If you’re a Christian who is sick of the Ruckmanites or King James Onlyites harassing you for having an original thought in your head — there is a few ways one can take part in my campaign if you don’t fall within the bracket of the writers I seek there is a way to become a backer on this, then have some fun with Ruckmanites in the process.