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Copyrights Should Be Honored from Nickolaus Pacione on Vimeo.

I am doing the best I can to show great restraint on this one — especially when my family is dragged through the mud. Let me say something here and the whole thing with downrating — I rarely downrate people. Do you want to keep your lies straight on that one? @vampirequeen24 or @dark-freaks maybe if both of you read about the Illinois Nazi, Frank Joseph Collin you’d understand why I made such a strong statement. Especially when someone makes a vile claim at the expense of my now nineteen year old sister — I love my sister to death and I am more like a parent than a sister because my sister and I have a nineteen year age span. (Would you treat her like the way you treat me on here — as in will you treat my family like a cockroach? I have the means to do articles for Italian magazines and do an expose over there for Italian-speaking magazines as my cousin Livia can help me translate as she lives in Rome. I would never do anything that would make my mother cry and that’s the last thing you want happen when you’re from an Italian family. I asked for a pizza not your opinion but when I speak up for my copyrights you were the ones making the vile claims. When I see someone dressed up as me portraying me in a compromising position I am very protective of my persona — and if you understand that it will make sense to you because I am reclaiming my role model status. This is not reporting because someone *don’t like me* but when my name is being dragged through the mud — why don’t you print one of my photos and burn them. I am not the one who is doing the character assassination at the expense of the staff. But when I made my statement — that’s going to carry more weight when you have to think about what I said. I want you saying, “Wait a minute. Is Pacione saying — he’s telling the truth?”)
      I am protective of her and when tarnishes my grandmother’s memory I am not going to back down either so you should think about that — when my copyrights are not honored you don’t know how much of a disrespect that is to me. The rotten little game a lot of you play is called gangup and I will not play that — if you play gangup I am looking for your real website outside of facebook or vampirefreaks.com; then I will have chat with you. Don’t you realize I pull people aside and try to talk to them like a human being. When you see people taking screen caps of my novella and I tried to bring this to your attention — and what I did was not screaming out for attention but that’s coming to you professionally and speaking of up for my work. I know you are just doing your job. I am doing mine too and you will not allow me to do the right thing. You believe in doing the right thing don’t you? I am doing my job. I am ready to reinstate journalist Jayson Blair to go after Robert L. Baupader — send an accused plagiarist to go after a plagiarist. Send a maniac to go after a maniac kind of thing there — I had gone after Anton LaVey’s grandson when I learned what he did raping a 19 year old woman at 33 when my sister just turned 19. When I do something and setting out to do this — I will do it and make it happen. Over the past ten years I have been making this happen for other writers — so you want someone’s writing career; you do a lot do a lot for musicians but you hardly do a damn thing for writers. This site is the most unfriendly to writers.
      The statements calling one a plagiarism advocate and plagiarist sympathizer are two things you really want to be called by a writer because when one says that it’s got some nasty connotations. (This is could be the possible thing that she may be facing — as this is a serious thing.) I have the statement that CreateSpace.com made speaking up for me when I wrote and published Legend Keeper — they said I reflected that reality of Freedom of Speech with a certain amount of force. The one who created the handle @TheLegendKeeper is author Brian Keene because he was pissed off that CreateSpace.com didn’t give into his demands to have my account terminated — you missed out on what I pulled on Lulu.com ask what their staff seen on facebook.com they will tell you as I did this as my public page. Pulling out a painting of Obama buring the Constition got everything back. Lulu.com’s staff hates me over that one because I refused to take a termination laying down — when you were with a site for ten years; and ten years invested in a place. If I was in North Carolina at their headquarters you will see a size ten into the door of one of their offices. My roster on Lake Fossil Press called me a door kicker because I have kicked down doors when normally they would slam in my face. Every complaint some of you say is fabricated against me; and when I speak up you look at me like I killed your dog.
      I wasn’t a ban dodger like @autoaim_CFG or @RLBaupader as they were both deleted (baudpeth was the deleted account as he created this about a week later. Look up Archive.org with VampireFreaks.com to investigate ban dodgers.) Do you want to believe @sweetexile because she said she was going to do a book bbq because of my statement on my blog because I took one of her most vile statements at my sister with one of her pictures and made it public on my blog on wordpress.com. Copyrights should be honored — but if you don’t honor my copyrights then why should I even honor yours? As in I fleeced Caustic when he was offering his albums on bandcamp.com — you better hope you don’t have a name your price option on bandcamp.com when customers use that site because you will be giving away free music all the time because they will be doing the goose egg as payment. I became a copyright activist in 2004 when someone posted every link to every story in Tabloid Purposes. I will back up a statement like what I said and I will say this forbatum — plagiarism denial is up there with holocaust denial and when you are going around not honoring someone’s copyrights filing a DCMA you need to honor a DCMA takedown request. That’s why I am saying this because I will not let my family get libeled; and if you support something like P.E.T.A. let me show you something they do kill animals.
      I am not a criminal don’t treat me like one. So when I stood up to one of the admins — I didn’t threaten them and didn’t swear once at them; but the term Plagiarism Advocate was thrown at them they responded with the harshest profanity. You want to go around lying about me how I downrate people — I hardly downrate and when I would try to do the support thing it’s because something was nagging at me and didn’t seem right to me. What did I did that triggered an abject hatred — the threats of deletion showed up three times with Digital Diareha because I have thrown the term diaper sniper at him. If you’re making claims at my sister like that I will call you a diaper sniper or a drug charge (Iowa you know the term there they call someone who is a child molester a drug charge as they were dragged out of a sandbox. Care to rebut that one chomo?) If I was vile would I donate to St. Jude on behalf of a friend; or try to advocate those to sponsor authors on AuthosDen.com and you can send the cash to paypal@authorsden.com. (For the record, that’s Matt Miller’s paypal when he says where members can send payments for their membership dues manually..)
      I had gained new readers over what happened and you really want to alienate your writers over this — when I said what I said of a content strike; I meant this. If you are internationals you don’t give a damn about our First Amendment because that protects a statement like what I made; it is in place because of unpopular speech. No lie is of the truth — and tell me @vampirequeen24 how many lies have you told about me to get me suspended and it’s the ones who can’t keep their lies straight about me. I invited Jet to seek out my friend Wei-Hong Su who lives in Brooklyn now as he was from my hometown of Glendale Heights, Illinois. After nine years I was with this place; why now do you declare this much hatred for someone? Author Christine Converse saw this as she worked with Voltaire – I had shared the billing with him in Chicago. When I engaged you I never dropped a single profanity once at you but you were throwing them at me left and right — does the truth hurt when someone puts you on the spot like that? One on one is where I handle people better than the gangup game many of you play. I got in trouble more than once when I was attempting to do the right thing; and that alone should raise questions — and something I am going to write will go to The New Republic and the questions are going to be raised even more.
      I guess when someone puts a lot of themselves out there — someone is either going to manipulate or go around twisting around what someone says. Have I threatened you in my conversation? No I haven’t — and you wonder why I never brought my family over to this site; it’s because of @dark-freaks, and those who are making claims I “raped” my sister because I would never do that. You want to believe the liars — those are the ones who when I called out on other places started the e-mail address book burners united bbu@gmail.com; and have made claims they stole from a museum when I have four books in a museum. That’s up there with stealing from a church in my eyes — tell me would you steal from a church? That’s kind of similar from stealing from my dinner table in that sense when you will not honor my copyrights — what would you do if I paid for another person’s account? Would you terminate them too. I sponsered an album and speaking up for dog welfare — more vocal on this becaue of that site I found, @biocarbon13 brought that to my attention — I signed the petition because I remembered my very public fight with members of P.E.T.A. during my book signing. Someone who e-mailed a person who was approaching me — don’t ever lie to him because he doesn’t forgive that. Tell me @vampirequeen24 have you ever lied to someone’s face with a smile? Everyone pointing the finger at me for one reason or another — don’t point fingers unless they get broken. And that’s not a threat I am making but you point fingers at people what do you expect in return. How many of you are quick to jump the gun as I have my statements I said to one person as he’s lying through his teeth — fucking libel merchant at that. I am not swearing at the admins but you will see where I have the strong language in this rebuttal.
      If knew what I am trying to accomplish you will let me do this — getting Richard Matheson and H. P. Lovecraft into schools; I have the means to do this with the latter as I rejoined with CreateSpace.com and a new found respect for them though not allowed to post on boards because of very heated arguments with their recent members. CreateSpace.com knew my distrust with them over what David Boyer did — he used CreateSpace.com to do plagiarism of many authors including me. You wonder what I say carries a lot of weight; Sarah Jane Ferridge said I hope I get eaten and shat out a lion on a tweet — that was a onee sided hostility because I kept my cool with her. My name invokes either a lot of hatred or respect pending who you ask — you follow me mutually on Google+ as Century Media also does.
      I will point you to an article I did in 2011 as I made this available on codexed.com as I am seeing supporters coming out of the woodwork on ths one. When you realize 600 plus followers follow me via e-mail on wordpress.com — I don’t even believe that one and 1000 people connected with me on my private facebook.com account. The statements made at me can ruin a publisher’s career or a career of comedians; I kept going and trying to do all I can to recover from what happened on Lulu.com. What would you do if someone sponsored my paid membership for three years? That wouldn’t fly too well with @mahl as the plagiarists manipulated her as they did with my roster on a site that he owns called The Author’s Pub.
      So you want to really threaten someone like that — I haven’t threatened the staff ever; I had respected them to some extent but I got none in return. You have a staff member in Chicago if I remember right — I invite him to hang out with me for an afternoon any afternoon when I can get to Chicago and have him turn a video camera on me too then you can decide if I am a criminal then. I am not a criminal so don’t treat me like one — I will invite him to visit with Porras too along with me then decide then if I am saying carries no weight. When you hear Nickolaus Pacione uttered there is a strong emotion in different circles — either of the utmost respect or hatred in every bone in their body; sometimes both. I am trying to ease writer/admin relations but when someone is willing to say, “The hell with your copyrights.”
      I want someone to say that on video too because that will be something that will cause a lot of hostility with those you have who are writers on here — you want to alienate a writer or publishers; or have them hating you for years advocate the plagiarism of their work or not say anything when a writer is plagiarized. God forbid if you burn a book of theirs too because they want to find the book burner. Each of you had a hand in stifling writers you either write them off as trolls or go around saying they are fakes — I was transparent as I never did a photo of a dick shot or pulled my pants down once on my photos. Yet you go around spouting the utmost hatred for me — because I make the strongest statements; when they are the most modest looking always watch the quiet one as I speak softly but carry a lead pipe.
      You want to make your hateful comments I request a change of venue. So tell me would you rather let a teenager read my work or join a street gang? As I am trying to become active with AD1436.org (Matt Miller’s foundation.) When Matt Fanalle and I really went at it — we never plagiarized or invaded each other’s privacy; but god forbid you see me at his show because I will be arrested because what he pulled on the community I helmed in 2007 and this caused so much hostility for this when I turned around and banned him. I’ve been a site network admin off and on since age 20 on other places — I know what the job ensues. I personally invite your Chicago based admin to follow me around on movie grade camera and he wil have 2 hours of footage he will work with — as he gets to have long streams of footage to work with. I will tell him personaly I will never use the six letter n-word even once; I get very mad when it’s uttered. This is a game of poker and I put the cards on the table. When you are known for a drawing of a KKK hanging from a tree with rope around their neck — being called a racist doens’t sit well with me. I am the one laying down the gauntlet on this one — as you know the statement I made comparing plagiarism denial to Holocaust denial. You’re dealing with an angry wop. I was waiting for Caustic to throw an anti-Italian slur at me; you claim I hear loud voices I am Italian my entire family is loud and the only thing I fear are wooden kitchen utensils. I have seen an African-American woman, a pastor’s wife no less, say something anti-African-American against my members of the African-American roster as one of them appeared on The Steve Harvey Show. She responded to the taunt, “Fuck you — you fucking fake saint” with full hostility as I pulled my rival author together with her in an e-mail because she said she would rather slip me a bible than her last $10.00 — on twitter I said ot her she carries herself as a good little Christian, in truth, she’s a fucking goblin.
      I am trying to get my namesake anthology in the hands of Jet Magazine as well as Tabloid Purposes IV because the guy who wrote the introduction is African-American. In 2004 you saw a wave of African-American horror writers and you’re seeing what happened in 1920-1930 in the states with The Bloody Pulps in Canada in the 2000s. I will not say when I can make the encounter happen on video because my funds are low right now — but I invite some of you to hang out with my hometown friends and my boyhood home. That’s where this encounter will happen so you can speak with my family on video too as well as my college buddies and if you can track down my local rosters you will be able to hang out with them too. Chosing my local roster I asked, “Am I able to hang out with them too after publishing them?” That’s a huge process of when picking my writers of my anthologies — are then able to hang out with classmates or friends as well as my best friend of 20 plus years and I no longer speak because of the David Boyer deal. I paid a very expensive price for that one as my classmates — only a handful still talk with me an the organizer of the 20 year reunion and I flat out hate each other because I spoke up for my roster. That admin would seen the mixed emotions as the heavy metal community in Chicago recognize me then eventually my cousin; and I invite that admin to hang out with my cousins too. I will also invite you to hang out with my editor I am trying to usher in if you can fly her back up to Chicago and I will let her talk with you too as she got behind my novella that was published. She wants to become a historian because of me.
      My occapation of subculture historian became accidental when I started doing reviews on here — I got noticed for this; the Gothic community I have very few friends left in Chicago because my re-affirmed faith in God and Paul Taylor had called me an angry yong man as an insult I laughed and told him I wear that with a badge of honor. I took up the Angry Young Man voice mantle when it was long been abent with Rod Serling departed this world. That one was really upset when I did an e-mail that used “bullshit,” “fuck” and “motherfucker” in that order. The comment that invoked the exchanged when I used a bleeped verson of bullshit. If I was able to piss off Eric Hovind, when I engaged him asking how the hell can he believe in a young earth when there is more proof for Evolution as a science not as a theory or belief. When I started engaging Hovind on my tumblr.com the four letter words were flying — I was letting the f-bomb fly a few times as you will see the six letter f-word thrown around; but which one as there two. You thrive on being individuals but the thing is you’re shrouded in deeply rooted political correctness — Gary Oldman in his interview railed off on this (you know the star of Dracula. He’s the Conservative voice in Hollywood. Everyone celebrates the idea that someone is engaging in an Emporer Nero approved marriage but when either someone reveals they are a Christian or Conservative; God forbid because they are seen as enemies of the state. I am trying to figure out how to get in touch with his agent becaue I want to send him my namesake as a way of saying, “Thank you for speaking up for the rest of us who are this. I have been a Conservative now since 2002 — came in the clear with this in my own community. It was in the Goth community I helmed that I stated I am a Conservative.”)
      I am in good company with Dave Mustaine and Alice Cooper who are both Christians and Conservative too doing dark subject matter. So think about it like that have you thought if it that way because Alice Cooper is the biggest Christian on the site. The plagiarist got really mad when I said, “Excuse me while I fuck your wife for you and give her a baby — it’s because I want him to keep an eye on you as in I don’t believe in abortion. But I am sure you would knowing that that bastard is watching you closely because he’s got my eyes.” That kind of crack sent him over the edge — the fact he knew I was pro-life sent him even harder over the edge as he’s very left-wing. I am one of the most visible Republicans on the site and voted for George W. Bush — and why animal fighting is illegal is because what he did. What do you all think happens when people buy my catalog — where the money goes? It’s not to an addiction — I will not publish drug addicts unless they are willing to warn people about addiction and they will not get paid because I don’t want to contribute to their drug supply. As in I will not even finance their habit of white powder as in I know how some have done their breakfast on a mirror. So @dark-freaks is that how you eat your breakfast — rolling up twenty dollar bill; take out a credit card and divide up your white powder and snort. Come on you look with your photos you had done nose candy. Do you want to have a snappy comeback to that one; you know where I will be. Did Nick call @dark-freaks a druggie?
      I’ve seen drunk spouted at me a few times where I rarely drink. The Exit will tell you I rarely have more than four beers in a span of five hours. I had made more than one controversial statement in this reply alone — you want to say something vile of my sister again; trust me that is something you don’t have the stones to say in ear shot of me if you met me face to face. The statements I say here — I will say to you personally so you can punch me if you want. I am not the one throwing around fighting words out there. Do you all care now at that kind of statement? Want to report me for what expressing my First Amendment Rights of Freedom of Speech. What some of you did in eye shot of me is walk into a movie theater with an iphone and video tape the release that is in the theater and sell it for a cup of coffee on a site like piratebay.com (I’ve seen someone asking for pirated copies of my anthologies on this site. This is not a talk like a pirate site but it’s a copyright infringement advocate site. ) I am sure the owner of the H. P. Lovecraft cult would like to chime in on this one as he became a plagiarism advocate too. I will see to it he will never be published as some are trying to do this with me.
       “You are out of line Pacione! Your career is done and I want to have a hand in ending it…” I can see a few of you saying over that statement. I stand by everything I said in this address.
      “I advocate plagiarism of your work,” is what I hear when I speak up for my copyrights.
       I am trying to be careful on CreateSpace.com because if I fuck up here I am unpublished. They really did give me a second chance and I am willing to help those on CreateSpace.com if they are in good graces with me — as in you don’t slander me, don’t call me the r-word, blasphemy my faith in God, speak ill of my family or longtime friends. Who I connected up with even surprises me — when the Lulu.com thing unfolded; I read about what The Huffington Post had pulled on Victoria Jackson and Kirk Cameron. I sought out Victoria because I saw a similar situation unfold on Lulu.com — I was ready to send The Tea Party in on Lulu.com; when a Republican is in trouble they are the ones we turn to. So you really want to endorse copyright infringement with my work? I have all the statements I made that are in my outbox where I can show what I said to speak up for my sister so you bastards want to lie about me again; how I am a downrater.
       Are you a plagiarism advocate or something — were you eating paint chips a baby or are your parents first cousins as you are from the deep south? Whoever said that about my sister are you a product of incest — as in when you become when cousins fuck. Tell me you want to respond to something that strong — you’d parade around Skokie in a Nazi Uniform or Maywood, Illinois, in a KKK outfit which are both quite wrong in my eyes. That’s something you just don’t do. There is no room for racism where I grew up — if you burned a cross on your neighbor’s lawn one day like you hate the person with every bone in your body then two days later talking with them like they are your best friend. Do you think they will remember what you did? I am not going to drop the six letter f-word that got me in hot water when Kobe Bryant also said it but if you go to my wordpress.com you will see my blogs using this in rapidfire. Do you think I am evil?
      I’ve seen the vile claims of those who say I *beat* my son or my ex-fiancee; I would never raise a hand with a closed fist to harm a child or hit a woman — so if you are going to say something like that you’re the child with a temper. When I laid into Sarah Jane Ferridge there are times I thought I was too stern with her — but when she took the swipe at my mental illness; I really think having her walk around the gang infested areas in Chicago would do her some good to get some inspiration for subject matter. Some of you seen my posts on Google+ do you stil think I am an asshole when I point out what I do there? What I got for Jet it was an act of goodwill as I was trying to have him defuse the myths about me being told — as having him meet with Wei-Hong Su with his most trusted admin because Hong is not a violent person. I have a volitile temper and haven’t punched a wall in years then lived with a room mate who had a violent temper (those of you in Chicago know of Crazy Michelle Russo. That one is my former room mate.) You really don’t want to engage in psychological warfare with me because I read how to really play this up and that’s how I went at Lulu.com — I threw everything I got at them. When I realized I was a featured member a few times and didn’t realize I was featured — think about that one @vampirequeen24 having me featured was that a way for the admins to make my life hell?
      I called DJ Weird Sketch a coward and said “fuck his night.” He was ready to get into a fight with me at Nocturna when he realized I am real and seen what I had on hand he bought me a beer instead. DJ Matt Pathogen started a subculture war in 2008 — I am trying to prevent a subculture war from happening. When you realize I am known for getting into it with trolls and with anti-war protesters — I almost punched an anti-Iraq war protester when I thought about what anti-Nam protesters did to my uncles when they came back from Nam. Don’t disrespect veterans around me either; I have no respect for people who speak ill of veterans because my reasons for publishing veterans is saying thank you for your service. I have called Goths in Chicago something rather dunicatory — I called them “Hippies in Black” as everything about me is anti-hippie. I tried to enlist but my diagosis of ADHD kept me from having a military career. I have problems retaining information when studying for exams when I was in basic training and also when in speech class in college.
      The reason I had “C’s” in two of my classes is I missed two days of classes as they drop a grade if you miss a class. If I didn’t miss days — I would had got either an “A” or “B” in those classes others I had to withdraw from because of getting hit by a car — as you see on @RLBaupader’s profile with his picture you realize I was hit by a Lexus then you realize what he did is vile. Do you advocate this?
      When you realize something is nagging at me I will say something — something isn’t right and someone isn’t telling the truth; if I am willing to go at length with this I will risk my membership if I am going go stand up to admins. This is not the first time I did this or the last I will either because I hope one of you have a gun because the only way that I can be stopped is a bullet to my head; as in assassination might be an option for you. That’s the way investigative journalists retire some ways — in a box. Am I out of line on this one; I was trying to prepare this written statement a while and some who are also writers are prepared to speak up for me on my behalf as I had messages of support during this — what would you do if you hear others speaking in support of me? Would you ban them too for being members of The Collective. Do you want to hate me now? Find a better reason because you will have the disabled pissed at you — as I seen a disabled person become a total dick to me when I said I am one who will fight for them. This statement might be the start of a political career and believe me when I say this I will run on a Republican Ticket as my party has the majority right now. I will go public with this one and will do another version for The New Republic. You want to end a writer’s career, end Caustic’s career not mine. What has Caustic done for the realm of literature?
      You contribute to his drunkeness — has he ever appeared on stage sober, yes or no? Am I out of line now? You know what to do — buy a gun and put a bullet to my head at point blank range I doubt some of you have it in you to pull the trigger on someone some of you it’s not worth living your life in Stateville over that one or Dwight Correctional Center. I played that similar game that they did from Aliens with a sharp engraving pen — you know the one they played with a survivor knife? The knife dance with the hand. I will not do anything that will get me arrested so I am saying that right now but that’s what P.E.T.A. does when they lure out someone’s dog with treats just to put them in their shelter — and do you know what P.E.T.A. really does they kill the family pet. It’s not like I shot your dog — I would never do that either. @dark-freaks you are a rape-baby if you are going to go out of your way to ruin me everywhere I go — so you are a coward as you look like a druggie. You have a video camera challenge what I said on YouTube.com or Vimeo.com.
       As the one who makes the statement about my sister why doh’t you say it on video if you’re going to be lower than worm shit; I am sure you get verbally skullfucked in a prison boot camp — I am sure they arrested you while you were caught mounting your mother under the sheets. I am sure some of you want to take a swing at me over a comment like that as there are many statements I made in this and I will not apologize for saying them either as Deviantart.com had their head up their ass about this too as they became plagiarism advocates. What would you do if I gave your site business — would you turn them away; or if I bought something for a classmate? Would you reject my payment? Money is money the same as you want the dead presidents. I am sponsoring a classmate’s career as a weird historian and my blog, anthologies, the new novella and additional production notes is her means of research as she became a writer because of me. Some of you say, “Your reputation preceeds you,” which one — the one where I keep my promises years after I made them, when I get published I am going to bring a few friends with me, or deliver on the things I do and get what I say I would get. I have a well earned reputation of publishing former classmates — you are going to ask, “Who does that?” I spoke with Jet one year before I joined the site on Myspace.com when I saw him singled out on LiveJournal.com — does he remember “nickolauspacione” from MySpace.ecom. I am the same man from that era as I am now — I spoke up for him but when someone smears my name through the mud is it wasted words? That was when I was first writing Lake Fossil. Aprox about May/June 2004 that took place but MySpace.com changed everything around so they didn’t have those exchanges archived. You want to say *shoo* the rhetroical question I ask which one of you is burning in Hell and one person I can pull out from the flames — who will it be?
      That’s not a threat but allegory of who I can take out of those flames as I do believe in Hell. You want to tell me to burn in hell. Knowing what I said now — do you really want to hate someone when the reasons they are doing the things they are doing is noble? Hate those who are noble — think about it there what does it make you look out to be seeking out monsters are we. Lest ye become one….. Do you really want to tarnish someone’s name of someone who is looking out for their sister and why they became published so they can find their son? I never beat my son as the unfit mother @sweetexile claimed. You bastards dragged my baby momma drama on this site as a few brought my dating life into the industry when I was toying with doing personal ads on craigslist. I will not let the staff ruin my life; but I want them to rethink what they are doing when they approach me though — debunk the myths and misconceptions. Seeking me out and seeking out Wei-Hong is the answer to that — offline. I will have Wei-Hong seek you out in person and with a video camera as the admin from Chicago seeks me out on camera. I am an online pioneer and I will not let anyone drag my name through the mud. The claims of me stalking minors on this site — I would rarely talk to teenagers under 18 years old; but my interaction with members often over 28 years of age up to 58 years old as one is old enough to be my step-dad. You care more about your younger members than your early era members — and when you have online pioneers you don’t give a damn about them.
      You want to say I am anti-Liberal — I am an EX-LIBERAL I know every lie liberals told and that was why I grew more into Conservatism. I shouldn’t go into this much depth with confrontations but when my family is getting harassed; and had been impersonated — I have never impersonated someone @vampirequeen24 think about that one; what have I done that is a warrant for my arrest on this site? I didn’t threaten admins but what I said to you is to make you think about what you are saying or doing; when I invited the Chicago admin to seek me out with a video camera as Wei-Hong will be doing the same where the camera is the mediator on something that will from something we will all regret as we’re all in our thirties we should understand and not go at each other in ways were we might all stand before one person one day. This is for own good this happens for the integrity of both journalists and those who really need to know what the hell is going on — I am almost fourty for God’s sake. You should respect your elders. Hate me for what, being right. Deep down you know I am right on this one and that bothers you. I will give the Chicago admin my phone number and my cousin’s facebook.com as the video will start outside my cousin’s condo — when one had been on a place for almost a decade and treat them like a criminal. Don’t you think someone will get sick of that when they are just trying to get their own art out there? Think long and hard about that one plagiarism advocate.
       I am trying to round out an ensemble anthology where I am training the classmate how to do this one as an editor — haven’t you taken part in mentor programs; same thing here. I wanted to get involved with a mentor program but the thing is we hardly have anything like this out here and there teen centers like they had in Iowa. This place got me an editing job for a writer who wrote s full length book and looking to work with CreateSpace.com — think about that one; he was the age I was when I first came online. I made enemies that means I stood up for something in my life; as Winston Churchill said that too it means you stood up for something. Do you really want to see me in the same light as a Latin King or Frank Joseph Collin? That’s why I am requesting for the Chicago admin and the video camera — he can ask why I used these two examples to lay into people. Truth burns doesn’t it — it sucks when you hear it because the lie is more inviting. You have a PR nightmare on your hands and that something I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy in real life. So I am presenting the gauntlet on video an what I said in text I said it on video — I am trying to prevent a PR nightmare from happening. Believe me when you have something like this on your hands; you don’t want this coming back to haunt you years from now. My video I will show my spoils of war — as in I have something that belongs to a friend of yours; and this will piss him off as I had fleeced Thirty Silver. Why should I honor the copyrights of Caustic or Thirty Silver when neither of you will honor mine? Was that blackmail on my part… I am not going to blackmail anyone here but this is more less putting all my cards on the table and slapping down a $50.00 bill on the table if you are in Boston; the most disrespectful thing you do is slap down down cold hard cash. You shouldn’t deal with someone who fights fire with fire; especially when you slander one’s family as you seen the interaction with them on facebook.com.
       Sit down and think about what I am saying — I didn’t threaten you but you did threaten me when I put you on the spot. That’s all I did. I put an admin on the spot — if they want to hate me for that; find another reason to hate and point the finger at me. I have an 18:00 video where I laid down the gauntlet as this will be on vimeo.com; if you take the time and hear me out on this — then see if I am still a scumbag. When I am getting new followers sometimes by the week or day. I got some goon pulling a page out of my own taunts, “Fuck your career.” br>       That’s what I am saying to VampireQueen24 if she’s saying what she pulled and I have some information for those who want to report abuse of the disabled — and this was a huge one with me; I don’t know what Aussie Law on that is but she’s breaking federal law in two countries. Not honoring a DCMA takedown request and then abusing the disabled in ear shot of me. So you will see a really punishing video that’s getting uploaded that’s a rebuttal to the verbal abuse and accusations flying around so when you see her URL in the video an pause this there are two people’s urls that you are going to ask questions to as they’re both half-hearted if they even have that. Some of the support staff really are in deep shit with this one if they broke federal law — not honoring a DMCA notice is breaking federal law. Both here and in the land Down Under.
      So I am going to send a message to diaper sniper too don’t talk about my family again because I will find you; give up your privacy to me so I can confront you. Don’t EVER say what you said of my sister again. Put it like this — I am very close to punching you right between the eyes for that one; I am sure the department of corrections would have fun with you knowing you’re a diaper sniper. When you talk about my family like you have no privacy and I am taunting you outside this site because this is one sideed as some of the admins are corrupt where they don’t care about a DCMA notice. Wait till they see the video that’s 20 minutes long plus additional footage and information one can use when looking at abuse of the disabled — so that’s not tolerated with me as this so some of you who are with Vimeo I hope you enjoy my 20 minute PSA. If you have an attention span of 140 characters or less then I will piss you off because you don’t like when people are this in depth; this is a controversy that the staff warranted and they can’t handle the fallout when the video is about to go live.
      Pay attention VampireQueen24 because you broke the law in the United States — and not honoring the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 that’s a federal law in America; and I have the Aussie Version noted in this too. So you really want your mugshots for something like this? You might be extradited to the United States over that one. I am looking up the prison term for this because guess that’s prison you’re looking at — you want to say I am getting arrested; you might face the Feds here in the states over that one. You really want to think about your actions the will to comply to this because you don’t want to be facing heavy fines and prison time for this. I will press charges over it too — I will figure out a way to have you arrested over abusing the disabled then have the book thrown at you for interfering with a DMCA complaint. I am looking for people online who had arrested for this. You are a scumbag.