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She’s going to get hit with a foul ball when she reveals this Christian is an Evolutionist as in I acknowledge evolution as a science not a theory or a belief; a real science. I saw a documentary I shared this with a few people as my public page. This one — send Thom my way and I will go and give him a stalemate . Going at it with Eric Hovind and challenging “Dr.” Dino ripping him a new one and using the term a “fucking cartoon” to describe him. SD don’t know what to make if me as she hates me because I am a Conservative in America; but pisses her off that I am an Evolutionist who does believe Christ died on the cross for me. But when I look at this picture — because it’s a lot easier to read one book than a bunch of hard ones, right Brother Noyes? Easier is better as you claim — sometimes the easy way is not the right way. Sometimes it takes time and more effort to research something.

The Skeptic Detective

I am honored, really, to have this opportunity. This morning a fellow calling himself Thom decided to try his hand at making an argument for Creationism / Intelligent design on the Logical Fallacies page of this blog (isn’t that ironic?). I read through his diatribe and decided that it would be remiss of me not to respond, after all this fellow doesn’t seem to have copied and pasted from any other sources (I verified this by searching for particular phrases in his comment on Google).

Well Thom, I hope you are paying attention because here follows your education. You say;

“The fact that no life has ever been discovered anywhere other than Earth does not disprove that life on our planet exists only because life adapted to our environment, but it has to raise the question. If it doesn’t science is dishonest with itself.”

Let me stop you right there…

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