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This is a hell of a change since I left Mason City, Iowa, in 1999, and a lot can happen in 15 years but I asked the ones who do the website Downtown Mason City they really lack a night life because when I was there at the time the only thing a person who was 21-24 years old was go to a bar and get drunk — when they had no heavy metal night clubs and cannot drive so I could escape to Rochester, MN. So seeing this; I figure it is worth reblogging and those who are my friends who still in Mason City, if you have the cash for a plan ticket you have no excuse not to come visit me now as I know the place you can stay at and cook your own meals. There is a hostel within the DePaul University Campus if you have an Illinois State ID you can’t stay there but the Hostel I stay at you can have Downstate residents come up and visit too. So this is a change some and I invited the editors of Downtown Mason City to hang out in Joliet for a week and see what they can take from my adoptive hometown area as Joliet is my adoptive hometown.


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MASON CITY, Iowa- Each year around this time Jon Mayer and his family make the long drive from Chicago to Mason City to visit relatives and it’s not always easy.

“It is a pretty rough time to be driving into North Iowa,” says Anne Rottinghaus, Jon Mayer’s wife. “We have had some pretty horrific experiences, so we jumped on the opportunity to fly out of O’Hare Airport since we live in downtown Chicago.

As for Mayer, he says that the experience was not much better for him.

“I was the driver,” Mayer says. “I always bragged about driving through all kinds of weather, but nothing compares to the weather in North Iowa in December sometimes.”

When the family heard about the option to fly to North Iowa, they jumped at the opportunity.

“This is a tradition that we have every single year, so being able to not…

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