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I cannot believe it was 17 years ago since my first e-mail account had been hacked into and someone wrote rape stories using my name to every female contact on my address book. That’s why I get so pissed when I get impersonated on sites like twitter and facebook as I seen this happen. When you had that shit cookie handed to you on Christmas and seeing that rival publishers are thinking it’s funny when I get plagiarized then bragging about having me tossed from Lulu.com.
      “I know who had you tossed from Lulu.com, but I am sworn to secrecy,” Miss Fraudster added.
      Then she’s going around pulling up troll art where someone doctored my likeness on a fucker in a unicorn costume. What a fucking whore who lies through her teeth — that kind of thing came to mind to what took place Christmas in 2001 where I got cheated out of $125.00 by a woman who was supposed to come to Chicago. People like this must been served a plate of shit and a glass of piss to wash it down; I am sure someone can find a similar insult to that in the Old Testament — about eating their own dung and drinking their own piss.
      Learning that someone plagiarized Steeplecase — that’s not even funny when someone is willing to do that to a new freebie no less. If the VampireFreaks.com staff really condone something of this nature — they need to re-think everything I’ve done. I have been working on new material and taking my time with this because I know Shock Totem will not even bother to read it. In fact they would publish the *editor* of “Fossil Lake” before they’ll publish me; they’d publish her fan fiction.
      I kept the fan fiction writers contained when allowing Lake Fossil to be this being the only condition I publish it. With Dan Mowrer and Amy Schaper I show them how vile they really are — when I uploaded my contributor’s obituary with commentary based on our TOC mates speaking of him; as this contributor his daughters are our age. They might as well seek out my rivals because they don’t know how to handle a publisher with his ass burnt; as my best friend of what would been 24 years and I are no longer talking and it will be four years since I cut ties with him. I don’t think either of them can make amends over this one as this is something you will see their headstones smashed with a sledgehammer knowing what I revealed.
      I am having trouble with getting my cover to my liking as CreateSpace.com kept saying I had blurry text and hard to read — I need to speak with them because my design work is quite intricate and I refuse to dumb down anything. Designing a cover is tricky a CreateSpace.com pointed out and I am not able to talk with anyone on the boards to help me out because the tensions with diehards who never worked with Lulu.com were at an all time high. This is what I compare the tensions with the two classmates to as that is the kind of tension they really did bring on themselves. What is worth when they are going to destroy a career of an author and taint a memory of another –Mowrer what you going to do; draw horns on my photo and blacken my teeth? When I gave you jokers a chance to meet new people — what is that like to you losers?
      “We perfer the middle of the road!”
      That’s what I think would came to be if someone hacked their email accounts. I wonder what Cornerstone Academy would think if Tabloid Purposes showed up with one of the writer’s obituary with a note saying “Schaper snubbed the dead. If she’s in a teaching position and creative writing positition ask her to step down and do so on video and show me the results. Signed The Heresy Vigil.”
      I know that wouldn’t sit well with them as I realized where this is — a church? She works for a church? Fuck!
      That explains why she snubs freaks as I made a joke about my watering hole about what it look like to have beer served in hell? Heresy Vigil — might be the guys on Temple of Dagon I call my brothers in the Lovecraftian re-emergence of the 2000s; but what I see with Amy Schaper snubbing Senator Dodge — I really doubt she might be able to sleep knowing what she pulled. This is not good on any front — when I see this it’s as bad as Sherri Hibbett pulling out a Bible to a homeless person when she could have gave them her last $10.00 in her wallet.
      I really don’t appreate being given shit cookies as I am sometimes seen as Krampus.
      I do see some hypocrisy in Amy Schaper when I realized she worked for a church — it’s that kind thing I will not do; shake down a church. That’s not in me to shake them down but I will gently remind them what Amy did was not acceptable by me because my roster is grieving one of their own right now. I was supposed to celebrate my companies anniversary on August 3 — now I have to do a memorial for one of the authors; I really don’t appreciate being served shit cookies when it comes to this. It’s a rough holiday for everyone involved as the industry treats Tabloid Purposes like shit — Horror-web.com was one of them that did this. So this should be a holiday where it should be festive — for who should this be festive for? Us — our famlies or for those who are no longer with us. I know that the admins of Metal-Archives.com called some of my blogs, “Tabloid Articles” where I am not going to respond with anger but I will explain I fact check and Google everything when I do my blogs. I explain on my indieagogo.com deal where I am trying to solve a few unique problems as one of them — the kids are given evolution free books.
      Think about that one — the demographic I am approaching are those who are either supposed to graduate high school and entering college; then ended up flunking out because they were in a science class where Evolution is discussed as a science. So I would not want to be in the room when they are served shit cookies when they say their source of why they make the claims they made came from Ken Ham as he served them a shit cookie.
      “What does being served a shit cookie mean Nick?”
      I can see someone saying that — it means when you seen something gone to hell before your eyes. As you seen a site like jesus-is-lord.com or Dial The Truth who went and viflieid heavy metal music. This is a holiday where we’re supposed to put hostilies to rest but the hostilities are for those who snub the sick and turn them away because of their selfish agendas. When you have a book from a serial killer that’s a cook book — you’re bound to get a dirty look here and there. This is now an 80 year old grandmother who is serving a day and night plus three (so think about that one; I don’t know if she was really able to drag bodies that weighed 180-190 pounds.)
      But when I am tryint to get everything ready it’s a pain in the ass because I have a hard time getting the graphics to my liking and what not. What my classmates don’t understand is how much work I put into writing and designing titles. It’s a lot of work; and I suggested why don’t they keep a blog or write a short story so one can learn the process. I fact check every blog I do — but it’s a question where Amy Schaper works is for a church or a charter high school as I looked this up too The question is if she is working around those who are literature programs do not even let her around a book or short story.
      These new stories and trying to ready a few books for print — as I am working on Tabloid Purposes 3 and like Tabloid Purposes; I do have the original documents to work with and need to redesign the back cover. I wonder if Classmates.com is going to get on me for making remarks that are a little R-rated. But well with this Holiday — those of you hold it dear; if you have family or friends who are no longer around celebrate this for them too.
      As there are times in my life where it does feel like a film noir movie; as I will feature a YouTube.com playlist on my blog for those of you to enjoy. As I found this one looking around; but if the classmates who snubbed my roster then go around treating me like hell yet add my guys too — you have a choice to make there. When you ditch me you have to decide whether to support my roster or not because I had ushered some of them in; as you kissed my ass good bye — you need to think about something there, as I seen one of them lay into my best friend of 24 years. That hurt me more than it will hurt him; knowing I didn’t intervene when my roster laid into him. Is it Biblical to be harsh? I am going to reference about someone eating their own shit and chasing with piss. I was looking at that and it does have a term to “eat shit.”
      Well I am doing some correspondence to round up the last few submissions and the invitations I have — hope to God that some are up to joining in on the fray. The King James Bible does have the word piss in there; as I had used the term “drink my piss” when someone said I was too offensive — as I am listening to History Channel where they speak of The Spear of Destiny. This is one of those lines where you can use when you defend the use of strong language, “But Rabshakeh said, Has my master sent me to your master and to you to speak these words? Has he not sent me to the men that sit upon the wall, that they may eat and drink their own waste with you?” That’s the King James Version 2000 version that came about — and from Isaiah 36:12 no less.
      That’s a bit sick and I would love to image a pastor doing a sermon about the line “don’t shit where you eat,” but that can be something my classmate who is a pastor’s wife who is offended by strong language will be checking into that one. But I am wondering if Amy Schaper ever suggested that someone can do that — I know that’s a bit gross when you think about it that way. Though while some of you are thumbing around — my gift to all of you is a wealth of information I can share for ideas so writers can get a short story or two out of it. The new stories right now are 19,300 and 10,500 words — working on these at the same time as my correspondence are at great length this anthology is to take a year to produce as this is a when filled deadline because I am working at everyone else pace on this one. I wonder if the man who does Decoded could go into and decode Gail Riplinger. I have a part in my new story which is a crack at Bryn Riplinger; as I want to ask, “what would she make of me?”
      When I am working on these new novellas as I have a video up as I am going to share this with a few video with my detailed invitations — I spoke slow on video for an Italian as I have a hard time when I am dealing with a mic because of feedback. I have been playing some with Google+ as VampireFreaks.com blocked my Google+ account over some truths I pointed out. I guess they were too dense to realize what I said is quite true. But when you see on this holiday the King James Only Movement are working overtime.
      The one thing that many forget when it comes to the church — intrigue within a dark cloak of sincere faith as H. P. Lovecraft wrote The Evil Clergymen. Between men of faith or men of science what we are. We’re men — human with our flaws. So I pointed out flaws of those who snubbed those who were on their death bed podium.
      “Why does Pacione speak in these disturbing riddles?”
      I can see someone asking this — or pulling “too long and didn’t read.”
      I guess they are too damned illiterate to read a short story or a blog that’s in depth — but if one goes reading my article, “Am I Making This Up?” as I am sure a few might get an idea or two from reading this — why do I have this notion someone is going to throw Proverbs 30:5 at me over this blog entry?. Any damn way you look at it — there will always be one person who will pick on your madness. But I will say that much — there is always some crazy someone seeks in anything. Those who are going around on twitter trying to lay into me — you can’t read under 140 characters as your books have that many characters on 200 pages.
      What is it worth to someone if they do enjoy what I wrote or hang on the blogs and watch a movie or documentary? So I noticed how many followers I have on twitter plus what I have on wordpress.com via e-mail. So it’s a trippy thing to see when you think about it — I sometimes wonder how many have retweeted my tweets and what not or do a link back from my blogs. I don’t always recommend reblogging because the tag doesn’t always translate that well. But if you are willing to watch a few film noir movies and hang out on this blog a bit — you can discuss entries on google+ and share them that way.
      Steeplecase is the few pieces I wrote in 2011, but typed it up just recently and man this one is one of the more intense writes of the era — I am sure a few would look at this wondering what was in my head. When I wrote that; I was thinking about all the madness that played up on the weekend I saw this being reversed and going, “What the fucking hell is wrong with you Kentucky?” I am reading this and wondering what the hell are they doing reversing a decision on what Ken Ham is attempting to do — and why do people really do believe in weird things?
      Well when reading about Kentucky they are trying to bring Bible Study into a public school — when you have Kentucky involved; the question of God will be tossed up often. I am going to share that message board thread that is on topix.com; as you will see a few links tossed around on here for those who want to line up everything I say on here. I am not a fool to say the least — thought I will say The Bible is not immune to strong language as you hear the word piss in the Bible. So piss on you! What’s that did you call me an asshole? Well that’s Chicago for you — you want to say I am sarcastic and have an attitude; I am from the Chicago area and the sarcastic tone is contagious. Am I a cynic? Well when you approach someone with views that are controversial even for Christianity you are seeking reasons to believe. Then I got this jerkhole, (yes that would be his e-mail,) sdupp1975@gmail.com, going around stealing my work and attempting to pull the plug on this project.
      I will not be bullied out of this or be lied out of the deal either.
      As I have a part of my website where it accepts donations too if you read my work on there and like what I do; believe in it and wanting me to take my anthologies further than what I can normally able to do. It will allow me to take this further than I am normally able to do with this. You seen a pastor railing about not being allowed to read about the Sermon on the Mound; but I am going to add — you can’t read I Am Legend without being thrown in the Principal’s office. Dance of the Dead might be something read in dentetion after school or during Saturday School; but if you read the story Children of Noah in Sunday School you might be seen as a heretic.
      Well hard to believe that 17 years ago I had to face that hell — and when I have someone putting their name on my work all over again; it’s a nightmare they don’t want you waking from. So when you are a classmate who snubs a dying man — you have a lot of nerve to you. I am sorry but I can never ignore something like that; and hope Krampus visits your kids over that one because that a naughty act that your grandchildren would also pay for as in something you done and brought disgrace to your family.