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The last two years I had been looking up the debate but I chimed in on it in a profound way and made the most shocking statements. I have to ask how frightening did they go into the depths of this movement; did I go into the nightmare far enough or did I uncovered a monster — as what Nietzsche said, not seek out monsters we end up becoming them. This is what happens when that heresy has the abyss gazing into them. this is really fucked up when you think about it — and hope Seventeen-Eleven doesn’t mind me sharing this because I ended up butting heads with a few more in recent years. You realize the nightmare you uncovered — and believe me it’s as lot of fun uncovering this weird, yet disturbing train wreck.
      I am going to show you how disturbing this is and when you see this in this way you’re going be thinking you walked into The Twilight Zone when you think about this one. I hope some of you are sleeping with one open this Black Christmas.


King James Only

The claim that the King James Version is the only true, infallible, perfect and preserved word of God is one that I found myself engulfed in for quite some time. The arguments are often compelling, and the desire to latch on to one particular translation of the holy scriptures can leave one in a state of confusion, desperately seeking answers. Is this claim true? Is the King James Version alone the final authority in all matters of faith and practice? I once answered yes, it is in fact the only perfect, absolute, flawless bible and anything else was simply a diversion influenced by Satan.

If you find yourself asking the above questions, searching the internet and libraries deeply looking for answers, than this you have arrived at the right place. Together we will look into this issue very meticulously  and in the end I pray you find the truth. We will look at…

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