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Because I had a plagiarist who plagiarized a short story of mine from 1998. If you want to query — I suggest you turn on a webcam or your video camera and upload it to Youtube.com then send the video as a direct link if you are someone who never submitted for a market. Because someone who goes by a fake name and steal my work; calling it a “submission.”
      That doesn’t fly with me because that story went with Dirty Black Winter — don’t plagiarize your submissions. Or lie about you not doing so when you were caught. Look those of you who spoke with me on the phone — or family; this is where the video query rule will apply for those I never seen before and a precautionary measure.
      It’s to make sure that no one rips me off — as I have been transparent with my career and diagnosis; I am ADHD and Bipolar Type II. I’ve seen many take swipes at my learning disability over the years. Illinois has a large population of those who have an intellectual disability — as Sherri Parker took swipes at my diagnosis and learning disability as well as my subject matter. As I am sure she wants to be a real life Clair from the Cosby Show but I am sure Clair doesn’t know that her husband was drugging models to get his dick up them.
      “That was racist Nick!”
      No — it wasn’t because rapists have no skin color; but it’s up for speculation there but going back what I said. The reason for a video query because I want to hear where you exactly where you got your idea from. I won’t steal any of your ideas but the reason my videos and blogs are in depth with myfindings and research so there is no excuse for plagiarism. Why people plagiarize or write fan fiction is because they can’t come up an original idea or thought (though I write original fiction predominately.)
      Joshua Fraim, Trent Roman and Jason Andrew all emerged from that circuit as did some of my other members on roster who came there after noticing the debate I invoked 11 years ago. It’s in the Old Testament they stress one should not steal — and I use strong language with this becaue I am sressing a very strong point. I guess some don’t want to take the time and go on video to speak — can they take 6-8 minutes out of their day to introduce themselves? I am sure small towners when you were in one of their diners — the dirty looks one gets when they asked about dark or shocking news stories.
      One of the locals when speaking with me, “You must be intrigued about dark history as writer.”
      When writing that novella I wrote — it was every influence coming together too. If you are going around saying, “Too long; didn’t read” can you even read something longer than 2200 words? I noticed how those who had vandalized my magazine over the years — they would say, “50 words or less because I can’t read..” yeah right because I am producing good length novellas and short stories. I doubt key staff members would understand not to make fun of those who have a learning disability.
      The new rule — video query is for those who have a learning disability like myself who can show me some of what they have with their learning problems. I will work with you one on one via AIM if you need help with additional proofreading in case you have a problem like dyslexia.
      You want to really insult my intelligence — the “too long; didn’t read” will insult my intelligence and if you call me a retard — I will insult you. Homosexuality is prohibited in any of my publications — of any kind, I don’t want to read about it or see it in print.
      Meaning rule remained since my days as an e-zine editor meaning I didn’t want to read about it back then; meaning no slash or yaoi and it’s perverse relatives.
      I caught this one and said, “Fuck off — you plagiarized, serious inquiries only!”
      This one is claiming he wrote a story called “A Dark Hole” when it was a story I wrote from Melany grandmother‘s house in Chapin, Iowa, as I wrote Mental Graffiti from my duplex in Mason City, Iowa. That story he stole is a A Dark Place.
      When doing your video query for submissions — use either Vimeo, MySpace.com, or places where you can do longer videos. You want to make me smile be creative with your inquiry as you will have 6-10 minutes to do your query — pretend I am interviewing you in an office and getting a job.
      Cyberspace is my office guys and the blog is my home to speak with everyone — to be myself and let my guard down a bit. But with this anthology — it’s an ensemble project so I can’t be taking almost anyone off the street with this one. I have an anthology that will be a free-for-all and no holds barred that’s planned as Tabetha Jones is looking for stories too.
      I suggested with this project she’s doing — work on doing something that really plays up what I will be contributing. I will suggest she does this with print.nookpress.com so she can publish hardcover. She’s got an author on roster I am hoping she can get out on loan for this one as I want to talk with Ian’s literary estate to get a story for Tabetha to work with. I am working on getting my cousins Livia, Noah and Pete to join the fray with this one (two of them their last name is Pacione. Issue 11 would been a prank issue where all my cousins would been the contributors.)
      It’s a funny idea to have a Pacione family anthology — the roster being the cousins in my generation. I am encouraging some contributors to make fun of “Lord” Rayven on VampireFreaks.com where you use his real name in the story and his likeness — really fuck his world for his vile claims about my sister Don’t go around making up a lie that will really destroy someone; because the backlash is something one can’t clearly handle. Journalists are responsible for their words like as I wrote in the 2008 short story, Media Darling. I am working on rounding up the last few spots as one of the contributors offered to help co-design the cover if he can use LibreOffice Draw — we’d be in business.
      This anthology I am doing — new tech had been employed but the thing is I have writers who want in but don’t fit within this bracket
      I am so concentrated with this. I have plenty of ideas to work with — the new story, “Pariah’s Mind” is quite brutal as I introdcued a characteer with a childhood friend’s first name and a contributors’ childhood friend’s neighbor growing up. My first Asian Indian character named the honorable Zubin Patel as he was a judge who almost shot a White Power asshole in the court room.
      That was a swipe at The World Church of the Creator — my rivalries were with the Klan and other types like that. That hatred I had for them I had as a Liberal shows up as a Conservative in the Midwest.
      “You took them on?”
      15 years ago I engaged them — I had to deal with a White Power based pop group fangirls back in 2002. I had to ban this one from Caligious Thoughts. I had many pissed at me for facing down Gaahl for using the N-Word — I wonder how many times did he drop the soap. The n-word when heard — in ear shot will have me getting in a fight with someone because I was called that word when I was six when I had a tan — being Mediterranean you will hear some of them.
      Brian Keene wants to try to steal the new one, “Now that I have your unfinished draft of this, I think I will collaborate and then submit it to Shock Totem”
      Here’s the loser’s email address, briankeene@live.com — hate mail is posted; will always be but if he’s trying to say Shock Totem endorses plagiarism when my work is involved. There is something Brian Keene doesn’t want the masses knowing — do you wonder why? It’s I refuse to kiss his ass as he keeps calling me a retard and telling me to exit the way Robin Williams did. 2014 saw my most explosive moment — taking on lulu.com on the 4th of July. I am going to remember this for years as some on my other blog; I had seen a classmate apologize to me over treated my roster like persona non grata.
      The video query is demanding transparency with submissions because this the era of Back to the Future II; and lot of the things you see now as science fact was science fiction in 1988-1989.
      There is a Back to the Future joke in Legend Keeper — how Glendale Heights in 1988-1989 was a 1994 era Glendale Heights as 1985 from Back to the Future II resembled what Joliet looks like. I have two discussions going on this; thinking there might be a writer getting an idea from this. So when Ass Ripple filed a fake DMCA on me as Keene did — it’s like he employed a straw man, a sock puppet so do you jokers approve plagiarism of someone you flat out hate.
      So think about that one — in 2003 I had tried to integrate video with my website but it didn’t have the technology yet. My tumblr.com has a cute little feature — as I am going to see someone calling me “Mental as fuck.”
      If you are going too long and didn’t read on fictionpress.com; that’s not a good way to make an impression. That’s a very quick way to pick a fight with someone as the AIDS carrier known as Michael Rowe had invoked that — would he do if someone showed up with Tabloid Purposes or my namesake anthology saying they like my work? I am planning to do shirts based on my member ID on AuthorsDen.com and with with FictionPress.com. I am careful with my photos on both places because FictionPress.com does have a much younger demographic and this is the largest fiction database one can come across. There is something that you’re going see in heavy metal — if you haven’t seen it already.
       A literary boom — this Video Query Rule is I can keep writers honest because if you’re going to plagiarize and pull out a photo where you’re calling me a retard; you can eat shit for dinner and drink a 16oz. glass of your piss to wash it down.
      “Did he just insult me — that little retard insulted me? Son of a bitch!”
      Sit down and produce a short story and write some kind of blog that’s in depth — pull out a word processor and write something because everyone’s doing poems but hardly anyone has the patience for an article or a short story. I was tipped off on something — I am just learning of “Metalgate” (I wonder if this is like Watergate?)
      They want metalheads to stop using “faggot” — we’re going use that word even more you faggot. Within this anthology I am overseeing — I wonder if Metalgate was an urban myth; Christians do fit in heavy metal more so now in the 2000s than they did in the early 1980s. The political correctness came into play when Gaahl was admitting to taking it family style — but I wonder how much of this is truth or urban legend. What is it with frocios?
      According to my source about Metalgate, “Metalgate is all about the anti homophobic, anti racist, and profeminism topic going on.”
      I was asking about this because it might come into play with my anthology I am working on. I asked him if Otep caused this to break wide open but according to my source, “Its because of people like Phil McSorley.”
      Those of you who are Querying for submissions — Phil McSorley would make for a good short story idea thinking I had written a character similar to him. When you see this and watch the videos; I am leading by example as I am the most interactive in terms of the blog. I wonder how far back that went with Metalgate — is that a recent deal? I am going to also feature a link to a short story on here too as I am pasting links in notepad then I go on and write the blog. I wonder what’s going with this — does it mirror what’s going on in horror? I am trying to get the reprint rights about what was written of Blake Judd because that’s too fucked up to be made up. I know just the person who’d opt for a documentary talking about the article because I know Blake’s old band. I saved the article in the program and saved it as Niell — that’s so I can read it without the photos. Update this will be in the project!
      “Why do you want a video query with a submission for a print story?”
      To keep things honest. I’ve seen the dishonest controversy gone around and as Joe Ripple has blinders on towards it as he is willing to fuck over someone who has a learning problem. Look if you think this in a way where this is 2015 — it’s time for be more transparent. So think about what I am saying with this — I doubled someone’s chances to get blacklisted from being published. If the industry want to try to have me blacklisted even after my death — I am sure the HWA can get pissed about this one.
      I am going to show some of you something, as you seen my tumblr.com blog — this is what she wrote,”Thank you for the invite Nickolaus, I appreciate your kindness after everything that’s happened to you on vampirefreaks. And I’m sorry if I said anything offensive to you or about you at any point.”
      This one sees what Chicago does, but I wish the admin from Glendale Heights took their head out of their asses. The one who stole my horror title as a screen name is Brian Keene — trying to disassociate the story with my name; it’s low. I got this whore who accused me of plagiarism, “You aren’t original, all you do is plagiarize the works of others. Nothing in your head is original, you steal everything you write and try to pass it on as yours.”
      It’s quite original — because they are from my nightmares and memories. I never plagiarized and I will give you the e-mail address who wrote that… She plagiarized my five year memoir — when I was kicked from lulu.com, my work got plagiarized. This is her e-mail: anitamann69247@gmail.com — this is why the new rule is in effect.
      If you can take a few minutes of your time and go on video camera to talk about your work — that will show me it’s yours Plagiarist don’t go on video camera and talk about they are goin to steal.
      This one continues, “That counselor did you and the world a favor by not letting you go to college.”
      I went to a community college like Cinsearae and some of my roster also did — I more willing to publish a writer who attended a community college before I would publish someone who took a popular fiction program at Seaton Hall. Because they exchange street smarts for book smarts — and you don’t know how to handle yourself in Cabrini Green.
      She got mad at me calling Brian Keene an “uneducated cunt.”
      Well he is an uneducated West Virginia born backwater cunt who really doesn’t know when not to talk shit becaue he might get shot for doing it — Stephen King, you might see this blog and look at me in a weird way because what happened to you in 1999. Happened to me in 1996, she adds, “Brian Keene has sold many books, had a few made into movies, etc. he also got praise from Stephen King himself, so I wouldn’t compare yourself to him were I you.”
      Lake Fossil Press is always created by a fan of horror and science fiction for the fans — by a descendant of Italian Immigrants. It’s my company and never lost it — though Lulu.com tried to pull the plug on my operation but I took them on. It’s born out of my love of heavy metal — influnced by old school Weird Tales, Reader’s Digest, and the Penny Dreadfuls. I will let anyone change the vision of my company — leave the unicorns out of my imprint They are persona non grata as high fantasy is. Lake Fossil Press never published high fantasy or solo authors — as in they must be part of an anthology to be published I am a short story publisher.
      Where the byline is an et. al. This coded term for an anthology or magazine. I got the underground break of a liftime as a publisher — the expose of Blake Judd by the band you hear at the very top of this blog entry.
      Vice.com will house the preview of this anthologies key story! Thank you Neill for letting me run this. I am sure that some would love to do the finger pointing game and cleary this happens all too often as well. I have moments of being a misanthrope myself but nothing to the extent where I’d destroy myself like Blake Judd has. This ensemble is becoming even more unpredictable as what Blackie Lawless wrote — I have a knack with hitting the masses with a foul ball. This is getting to be a fucked up anthology — it’s as fucked up as Darkened Horizons: Issue 3 or Issue 10 of the magazine. Is my generation really fucked up? Neill’s and mine easy the two darkest coming in then I am waiting what Monika Fugate or my cousins can hit the masses with. Reading about Blake — with his dishonesty; I had transparency since year one but I have an reason I am behind on orders it’s because it’s not my doing but Lulu.com because of Legend Keeper. I am getting each thing up slowly with this new anthology when finished is a year late well worth when it published because each part of this anthology was outlined in great depth. K. H. Koehler’s dishonestly remains with her strawman who reported me to Lulu.com as her friend plagiarized — does she want to defend that?
       The video queries allow for honesty and if your a writer getting published — this is the best policy as Curiousity Quills are a little dishonest if they are willing to publish a writer who is more famous for her harassment than actual publishing history. Pesce inizia a sentire l’odore cattivo dalla testa prima; che è anche il caso con un brutto strappare. Era quel pesce sento odore nella stanza..–eh ma vagina un militante di feminazi.. The one who asked me about what I did to stir things up on the Glendale Heights, Illinois, groups — they didn’t like the comparisions to Pleasantville or The Wonder Years. In fact I am going to buy Pleasantville for those who want ideas for the magazine too. If you read Legend Keeper after seeing Pleasantville — you might see a connection. I do like the fact Google Play accepts paypal for payments — that’s going to be a huge factor when I go and buy Manticore or Devilment’s releases because I don’t always feel comfortable using my debit card. CreateSpace.com you need an option where you can accept PayPal.com and offer paypal payments. Also if you’re on Codexed.com wanting a cool template — I will design them for $30.00 based upon your S1 LiveJournal.com template (the side bar and generator works quite well with this. Mine does have some cool traits.) Those of you who don’t like how LiveJournal.com is not quite arranged for writers but the question is how are they writer friendly? Codexed.com is designed for writers so unplug your modem and pull out your notepad; because you will come up with something writing in direct html code as I write my tumblr.com blogs this way.