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Pacione at 21 years old as he examined the one sided feud that unfolded.   Since this original blog entry was done,  they were taking mutual barbs.  Pacione addressed her ignorance about American history.   Pacione put the Hovinds beneath a microscope as well.

Pacione at 21 years old as he examined the one sided feud that unfolded. Since this original blog entry was done, they were taking mutual barbs. Pacione addressed her ignorance about American history. Pacione put the Hovinds beneath a microscope as well.

When you tag people in facebook.com — I will explain how I do and why; when you talk to someone it’s like making eye contact in a conversation. You look right in their eyes. Sarah Jane Ferridge doesn’t have the heart to look me in the eyes when she smears my name on her site — when I did my analytical blog on September 19, 2014, she was claiming my posts were thoughtless. The one tag was for my sister just turned 19 — who I pulled for her on her favorite band’s page; a band I grew up listening to and they did a like with the share.
     Seeing that Sarah took jabs at my learning disability — I need to speak up; and if she is going to piss someone off. Sharing a rival author’s blog trying to ruin my publishing career will do it — there are a lot of followers on here. Ferridge is selling off all what’s left of her musical belongings — but the question remains is she going to wake up and realize I am not her enemy. I am trying to keep everyone in the know with my project as Ferridge wants to make me really hated in a community that’s been nothing but kind to me.
     “Sarah I am not your enemy yet you see me as yours. You want to treat me like an asshole — talk to someone who cares,” I tweeted as I pointed her to LiveJournal and laid down a gauntlet — you’re the one who threatened my life on twitter.com while I kept my cool with you. I am keeping my cool again with this blog; but yet I see you blowing a gasket. Sometimes you need to make yourself invisible but when you are taking barbs at those who have a learning problem — it really doesn’t fly with me. So my gauntlet is presented and the rules.
     This gauntlet is a last chance to do some soul searching because there are things you will face that you will have a true distain for the Midwest. I have to ask what was the job you had when you announced your retirement. I have the industry trying force my retirement from publishing — it will not happen as I am going to show where you got your sources from about me lied about everything she wrote about me. Where she claimes persona is not a plaything — she needs to take her own advice.
     She employed straw men to terminate my Lulu.com account and got mad when Gary Oldman revealed he’s a Conservative — telling political correctness to burn in hell. I am not exactly politically correct and polite; or as she says, “Prim and Proper.” Ferridge you need to end this because you don’t want to have someone on you well into your eighties. When I had engaged in my rivalries with Brian Keene and Mary Sangiovanni those feuds went my whole damned career. So don’t point that finger at me — you’re a public figure you should be used to having people putting you under a microscope! If you’re not used to that — give those “likes” to those who can use the exposure..
     I will not let her dictate the direction of my career as I will champion those who are underdogs. I am the delfacto champion for those who are web-published, self-published, and underpublished — if you are unpublished and a fan fiction writer, if you follow my ground rules you will become published. I turn fanfiction writers into published authors.
     “Oh great she wants to sit on my lungs for that one!”
     What that what I think it was?
     She carries a VCR for a beeper.
     She claims that she likes to talk trash — there’s some trash talking, and I did it without dropping a cuss once — but she realizes she was done in 2011 as that album she did was a last hurrah. If she wanted to promote my work — she’d link up my journal on codexed.com instead of a bitter rival author’s blog. You’re going to treat someone like shit when they have ADHD — when they already been treated like that enough? I am trying to get an author’s work in schools as one of my roster guys passed away of cancer — cancer claimed two friends of mine (one was a church-mate and one is a local far-off.) I had learned two years later that a childhood friend of mine paased away in 2010 — I had to tell a classmate to cut me and my roster loose. If you friend my roster and then drop me — you have a lot of nerve.
     That’s hanging out with Kealan Patrick Burke with a Tabloid Purposes and burning it as he will give you one of his books for free in exchange of you doing that. Throw away his solo titles if you realize he snubbed an invitation that was an act of goodwill. I vow to have him deported over that one. I wonder Kealan might try to send her a free copy of Kin for that one — but the Taig needs to shut up. (That one I might be accused of being Xenophobic but the one who is Xenophobic is Kealan. Tell me one good reason you want to stifle those who are LD because one of them commented about your pink sock. Frocio!)
     Ferridge don’t stoop to the level of prolapsed rectums. When you deal with someone like Kealan Patrick Burke — I know why the faggots like his work, why I want faggots hating me he’s a metrosexual. It was almost ten years ago I took a leak on McKeeman’s photograph — and the spoiled with HIV commented on that one without knowing the reason why I did that. I wonder if Chad Savage caught wind of that one; how did he know of that one — as I will never buy Darren McKeeman’s novel if Savage did the artwork for free.
     What I said on the page where I said, “Why should we care about Sarah’s solo venture under her own name — especially if I was getting her music played in Chicago?”
     This gauntlet I presented — it’s going to truly piss her off because it’s the equal to what my mother did when I was sixteen; being limted to five books in Chicago for three weeks and access to web by means of a chromebook. No access to my rivals work — these are the books: Carl Jung, The Holy Bible (MSG,) Richard Matheson’s Nightmare At 20,000 Feet, Catcher in the Rye, and A Library Of Unknown Horrors.
     With the Chromebook — I will allow her access to YouTube.com as she will be able to buy movies on YouTube.com as she will have access to ten movies: The Last Man On Earth, Pleasantville, The Butterfly Effect, Passion of the Christ, Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, E.T., The Ring, Super 8 (I need to also watch this,) The Blair Witch Project and Citizen Kane.
     Whole family will be in Chicago — but there’s catch; the husband and little one will stay in hotels and a rented RV on their dime as they will fly into Mason City Iowa, or Gary-Chicago Airport. They will be on a street food diet meaning they eat what we eat — vegitarian meals are scarce in Chicago so their meals will be at Whole Foods. 43 days in Illinois, two weeks in Northern Iowa — Ferridge will be sleeping in the rough 75% of the time in Chicago so pack cold weather accomedations (as they will be Kelty outdoor gear. No tent but allowed to change and shower in the RV.)
     Midwestern Tough Love is what I am showing — as she hates me with a passion; she will curse my name as she gets it right. This is my buddies birthday too, I am being merciful but elements are not though. I will have her seek out Blake Judd with a video camea and staying with him in a PADS shelter where she will have to drive like she’s from Iowa. The kind of RV they will rent is well enough room and can live comfortably — sleeps five so she can warm up.
     She will not do this in the spring months — she wants pull something where she claimed I pissed her off. This is me getting pissed off but even then I showing kindness where the elements show none. I know the joke I will quote and I can see her saying this, “Please God if you can’t make me slim — make my friends fat.” I am using humor to defuse her hostility because she used liars as sources about me. Those who hated me since the beginning and lied about submitting to a market — that one she shared harrassed my best friend from college and another I cut my ties with and became a local rival. That one and I did events together in Chicago.
     “Someone let me know when he gets eaten and shat out a lion,” yeah that sounds like a death threat to me — but you want to feature a blog that is so devoted to ruining my career. Being she disrespected Metal Church on my sister’s birthday — doesn’t get the bigger picture here.
     Just because she retired from being a musician that doesn’t call for my retirement. Just as an email address known as nickpacione1976@gmail.com or the other one nickpacione1975@gmail.com created where he was using the actor’s photograph that Brian Keene hired as his official photo where Keene used fake DMCA’s to almost have my tumblr.com taken down for good. I will use a different image hosting location when I nail them because the evidence to take them down is overwhelming. Sherri Hibbett invaded my privacy when she wouldn’t meet with me as a public figure as in waited until I did an event and when she showed up; I would had her ass escorted out.
     The question is Ferridge — can you live with yourselve at the end of the day knowing you contributed to fucking with a disabled man. What is that it worth to you — your soul? You will do something that you have lost your soul over — and that most expensive thing you can lose and losing the will to be inspired pales in comparison to losing your soul. Where Karen H. Koehler really has no soul because she was willing to destroy the career of those who have very little to begin with. Adding insult to injury telling someone who is on disability to “get a meaningless job” like cook burgers.
     This is up to you if you want to play in Chicago — but you will staying here longer than a month but on your own dime and not knowing how long the cash on your debit card will last. It can last a month or go in two weeks — so think about that one; your not holding all the cards. The one who is not me either. Before the share you did — think about the situation where this wanted my retirement as a publisher. I haven’t retired from this — she cost me my lulu.com accounts that doesn’t fly too well with me. You’re better than that Ferridge — and the question is do you that you’re better than that? Koehler is a negative F-list celebretiy meaning she’s willing to steal from a museum if something of mine is in there like Brian Keene attempted to as he’s a thieving faggot.
     I get under $9,000 a year from disability and I put more of myself out there than most. But to see my work on a newstand you have to admit that was pretty damn cool. Ferridge think about what I am saying here before you contribute to that blacklist when someone has very little to begin with — when I saw you in Chicago, you were unapproachable then. Your old boss gave my friend steady design work — I didn’t realize he knew Drake, as Drake would joke that it’s the world got smaller.
     I gave you a chance to join all of us on this roster — but you have too much of an ego to do something like this. Ferridge you need to think long and hard about what you’re doing because you’re not thinking. You want to ruin a career — ruin Keene’s because he’s willing to steal from a museum. I would never steal from a museum — in fact I insisted on paying admission to a museum where I was a guest.
     Think about that one Sarah — I insisted on paying because I believe in what they do.
     Would you steal from a museum? Then burn a book in a process because what I think of Karen H. Koehler I will burn her rough drafts before they even see publication. She’s looking for a publication for her work since selling Black Death Books. My work had seen it catching fire both when it was published and when it was in a binder at my cousin’s house in Chicago — get off my ass and stop sitting on my lungs. As a childhood friend joked about sitting on people; I took that joke gave it a diabolical spin as in sitting on one’s lungs.
     “You fucking asshole — how dare you!” I can see her saying as I would eat two Quarter Pounders and a 20 peice and not gain a pound.
     I wish I can still do that — so I will make a joke about my own weight when I was 31 years old I almost broke my book signing table when I jumped on it Ig saw me almost do that. I gained 20 lbs in the hospital from being medicated and caged up for 21 days. I have made cracks about my ex-fiancee, the mother of my son because she wants to damn him to high school sport watching until he’s 30 (I was 15 when I read Larry Niven and Ray Bradbury.)
     Small town hell is when you are that age and still wearing your Letterman jacket.
     Thinking that Malcom McDowell version of Fantasy Island where the guy has a fanasy about going to the NFL and not going to college — then ends up bagging groceries asking about his career as a football player where his classmates saying, “20 items or less.” My classmates treated my roster like persona non grata as one of them had a few months to live — this classmate that spearheaded that one knew he wronged me. The video query policy can eitehr hurt or protect because I am preventing what happened of my memoir and Legend Keeper from happening to my other catalog. It’s not that I am not comfortable with first timers — it’s because the current wave are not writers but plagiarists.
     So you really need to think about what you post Deva because I do speak with followers who are in countries that don’t speak English and I will use Bing.com to speak with them. In case you haven’t noticed I was doing paid boosts and that is how you get more checking you page out — it’s a matter of being able to do a large enougth boost to see what traffic you get because one post got six hundred likes. (I am not shitting where Digital Wastland got 600 likes in the short few days that ad ran.) Think about that one because I figured out how to boost posts — this blog entry is one of those you will hate me as much as the original blog post that took a critical analysis did.
     Think about your actions lady because right now you’re looking at something that really will piss you off and be thinking, “Wait what if I was in the wrong about him — sharing this blog what his rival said? What have I done?” Think about this post as I was analytical of Gail Riplinger’s daughter and those of the King James Only Movement had been critically examined. So think about that one if you were had your heart weighed against a Ma’at feather — if it is heavier than the feather; do you even want to imagine something like that? I have a family friend who is going to be doing a shoot where it is based upon this for Tabetha Jones anthology and I will have Tabetha get in touch with the one known as Devil Woman for the GLS for her project. I will ask Tabetha what has she got covered already. I told this kind of anthology will a 7 x 10 anthology a B5 trade paperback because it will make this stand out because no other anthologies will be this size.
     So Ferridge think about what I am saying when you are endorsing bloggers who are famous for harassment than trying to get their work in schools. As you will be visiting a high school special education classroom in DuPage County where your gear will be in stow as in you will carry your gear in and discussing Call of the Wild then will be reading the story by Jack London I published called A Thousand Deaths. This namesake project Brian Keene had attempted to steal wasn’t just my work he was cheating but the entire roster on that one. Eric Lowther would ashamed to be in a museum so I guess he was happy he was removed but there are other chances for him to take his head out of his ass. Waiting on what to happen Ferridge to crap to roll out your mouth — you are not holier-than-thou.
     You will see evil and reality is evil not you; I write about horrors of reality — madness lurks in reality and you might not realize when you see something like that in Illinois your reality is a little different what makes vile as humans, you asked that question yourself. When you have those five books in your possession you will be reading them at differnt times throughtout the day and even at bedside you will be reading. You can either be part of the solution or contribute to the problem. Then you can decide whether you want to take part in a virtual book burning or not.. Find a different reason to have declaired a dying hatred of someone than telling the truth. You thought I got on you before you have to imagine what Lulu.com was like when they saw me drop the f-bomb in the copyright page of Legend Keeper then flat out lied to me and pulled my accounts from under me on a lie. You will be asking the question, “If there is a God — does he give a flying damn?”
      Then when you are on this deal is you create a blog and work with your chromebook to create entries that are 2400-3800 words each then you use Nookpress.com to compile a book of the best blog entries of this and that will be a momento of your experience. When you realize my son is nearly 16 years old and my ex-fiancee along with the state lied to me. They claimed that this is an open adoption well it is one but she refuses to allow me to send him my work or anything of that matter but I am going to get my anthology in Hampton Public Library to mock her. Thou shall allowth a witch suffer to live right — but this takes a new meaning. This is a game of chess — and this is knight takes queen; what comes when that follows. Check and mate. When you had played chess — been on the end of checkmate; so you want the play games with careers and lives; I don’t play games Ferridge when I took on Lulu.com and got everything back I wasn’t playing games with them.
      My hottest post on the page got 98% from India so I am curious what they have to say of the piece I wrote — I am curious what reach that Skot had with his post as there are few checking his post out too; madness is what holds the cards. That original faith I had when I was 18 — it’s not the same; it’s a lot darker and scarier.
    &nbspWhen you had got in the heads of monsters and turned your hometown into one — Ferridge do you really want to seek out monsters? I have ideas for works that I am hoping I can get them placed but with all that took place with Lulu.com the magazines or publications will be scared that I would turn on them too like I did with Lulu.com. They would ask; would they want to take a chance with me knowing that?
      Ferridge I will not let you sabotage this anthology because there is too much at stake with this — would you want to gamble on your career with this; knowing the stakes are very high with this one. I will not let Karen H. Koehler do this — how is a celebrity different from this as you should appear on I Am A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here? Meaning you think it’s so hard to be a writer — since you’re working a day job you keep a blog somewhere and see what you come up. I will not be the only writer to come along and do a critical analysis of you and I will not be the last; you need to learn how to develop a much thicker skin because Sarah Jane Ferridge has the thinnest skin towards the critics. You should go around the groups more to see if they are as forgiving of you as they are on message boards — as they are not that forgiving. Oh fucking great I got somesone showing up as Steeplecase and have to deal with downraters on a regular basis. This is the other post where I had drawn a lot of visitors too click here. She needs more than a facebook and merch site for her shit; she needs a bandcamp, reverbnation.com in addition to spotify. This isn’t Fantasy Island you’re facing Ferridge but there will be real fears you will face and believe me you will be looking at me wishing I was dead knowing this. Except you will not be dealing with something with mortal danger and unforeseen consequences — but you will be tested each way though and the video camera following you everywhere because you will have the camera on your person. I am guessing Brian Keene is going for more than one handle showing up as my titles to start shit like he did when I was then with Lulu.com. So Ferridge I will say this with conclusion of this blog — you are sabotaging something bigger than all of us; it is bigger than me — it’s bigger than you; bigger than Koehler or bigger than Brian Keene.
     Would you like to see H. P. Lovecraft and Richard Matheson get into high schools? Think closely about what I said — Brian Keene never went to college; he an uneducated prick who got lucky with his first novel. One of my publishers pointed out and my roster did I am more a bad boy than he is — I play it up a bit better; because I urinated on an editor’s photograph. I am trying to educate my geneation who didn’t learn of this aspect of heavy metal — the side where I read books and short stories; something you failed to understand with your old boss. Have you gone driving around with an audiobook in your CD player or Mp3 player as I have War of the Worlds in Spotify.com because I published H. G. Wells. What Brian Keene attemtped to do was hurt the other writers involved with my project because why — he hates my guts and wants to bully me my whole career because I refuse to kiss his ass and continued to piss on his gate. Well think about that one Ferridge because you really are not thinking at all on this one. If you want to be made into a fool, this is how you do it. If you had a chance to really give back to the community that gave so much to you; would you take advantage of that or would you take that chance — roll it into a big fattie and smoke it like a joint?
      This is a chance to appreciate the things where you have very little to work with to begin with — when you don’t have a lot of funding to work with; grants are tough to get or afraid when you get them you lose your benefits. What if you are not able to gain employment because you have a few screws loose in your head and the only means of making extra cash is writing? Would you try to not screw that up for someone? Someone is trying to case me off VampireFreaks.com because of an accusations of being a racist; but when you have something like this nightmare scenario. Ferridge think about that one if you live in a population of 6000 people or smaller because that’s what Brian Keene and Mary Sangiovanni grew up in — small town for me was 20,000 people or higher. She’s not Deva anymore kids — I am sorry she’s gave us all a gift of disappointment. This is not hate I feel for her but frustration that she would pull this on someone who is less fortunate; what if she saw me in 1998 in Mason City, Iowa, from August to November where I was struggling to find a place and pay for food — would she have helped someone then?