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Political Correctness Nonexistent

If you are going too long and didn’t read — I have something to say to you if you are doing this to a writer who isn’t a novelist or a poet; get off of it. Go stick that bloodied tampon back up your ass if it was infected with Eboa. You want to pick a fight with those who are short story writers — then you’re a faggot who is carring the AIDS virus if you do something like that. I am working on a new short story as I am sure AIDS carrier named Michael Rowe is contributing to having Conservatives blacklisted. You want to call me phobic — you want to call me a “bigot” I had that thrown at me in 2013 when the suits Deviantart.com tossed me off the site after 11 years; I will not do something like this though! What you bastards are doing on VampireFreaks.com and the industry is not cool at all — Ferridge should know better not to do that. If you are going to mock someone with an LD — you better be prepared for a backlash. Also if you want my other place’s archive — go here.
      Come off of it — hope you snap your neck on that high horse you are riding. Time to realize there are authors more than what you see in book stores and you should support indies in that department. There are more authors than Brian Keene or Mary Sangiovanni as they are suggested for the casual rock listeners out there. They want to claim that I am not even a flavor of the weak; I am not to be underestimated since taking on lulu.com. I guess “SpicyPixi” refuses to let the people give my work and anthologies a chance; I guess she’s too dense to realize that Brian Keene and Mary Sangiovanni are the flavors of the weak there as he told me via e-mail yet again; to exit the way that Robin Williams did because no one will miss me. I will never end my life.
      These new short stories I am punching out and getting Issue 10 ready for reissue on CreateSpace.com. As you noticed that the alleged “biographer” really does want me unpublished. Sometimes — you have to ask why; and praised pink sock’d Taig, Kealan Patrick Burke. He’s politically correct and will bend over to get fucked in the ass just to be published — I am going to end up shanking the industry when I write these new short stories. I will laugh when you break your neck in half falling off your high horse — what is your idea for horror? Those whitewashed lights that are brightly presented or would you like to descend into the wastelands.
      “You did another Tumblr.com tantrum about me,” I can see this child molester touting and yes I call him a child molester which I think he created the second handle based on my piece known as Steeplecase. I know one thing it will piss a number of masses off knowing Brian Keene lost his DMCA complaint against me because I had submitted evidence of his lying through his teeth to CreateSpace.com. I am beginning to think the HWA is covering up for Brian Keene’s lying and bullying because he’s “entertaining” — they want to hate me with every bone in their body; I am going to reveal a huge lie with them in this post. Take your heads out of your collective asses on this one or have you enjoyed sticking them up each other’s asses for way too long.
      “You have access to the HWA directory when you were a member and harassed others,” is the lie they had in writing. Well I am going on record to say they invited David Boyer and similar to him over to dinner. As the HWA president thinks it’s a huge joke I get plagiarized as I have the statement I made to Monika O’Rourke where she threatens to “end” me — I am on record with Ray Garton threatening to have me committed claiming he had been trying to e-mail my family. Ray Garton fucked with my career for ten years because his was going downhill for years now; as I did a signing with a composer who said I can invoke strong emotions.
      If you jokers want to ruin me — you haven’t even started to have me fire back; I am willing to say what these jokers had done to stifle those who don’t kiss their ass. When they were the most upset is when I said “Good Riddance” to Janrae Frank on tumblr.com — and I still say it this day. Where is her headstone because I gotta drop a major duce — can anyone tell me where this is? Do you want to hate me for saying that — it’s the GLBT community that hates me, do you want me to apologize for this? No I will not. I will not apologize for refusing to sell out — as Mary Sangiovanni was a sellout in 2004; a Liberal mouthpiece since that time too because every single one of her posts screamed cute liberal buzzwords. Well one of the new ones I am punching out — it’s quite Jungian sense very dark.
      So have you fallen off your high horse yet? Trying to be a distraction will not happen — this new story is focused as hell. It’s a disturbing work of a postmodern fifth dimension — as I will feature another documentary as I am doing another video blog; this new short story I am writing as I did with Legend Keeper. I chronicled modern ruins. I have to ask if Kentucky has this as I am in touch with a few from there now.
      The new story I am fleshing out — plays up The Ethereal Gazette: Issue 10 and when Issue Five arrives the madness gathered among pillars of salt. Oh believe me on this — thing this one will be challenging as the other new ones I am also working on and one just completed. This new one I am working on — well it’s about 2200 words as I speak but the question is with those who go on and on with the “too long, didn’t read” bullshit. Why were you friends with writers if you were going to pull that bullshit to begin with? Come on you mean to tell me the lion’s ate your tongue as did the rest of you — then left you as fecal matter because she had shat you out.
      “We stopped caring about your career in 2006 — we didn’t care when you sold your work, we just paid attention to the assholes who smeared you and got our source material to hate you from them,” I can see some of you responding with as you think my imprint is done; well wait until this anthology as it took a year to plan and get submissions for. The problem with my generation is procrastination — but when everyone is locked in; I can’t wait to see everything when it is coming together.
      Come off it if you’re going to make fun of someone who has a learning disability — come off your fucking high horse. You’re going to make fun of someone with a learning problem — go drink yourself drunk and let a bus hit you because you are a fucking lowlife, making fun of someone who has ADHD and calling them a retard.
      Fuck you!
      You want to make fun of someone who has a learning disability — have you kicked a blind person too? Think about about what I am saying — is it too much to be kind and look past the disability? As in giving them a chance because what if they have something legit to offer the world look at Albert Eistein who was learning disabled or Thomas Edison; what do they have in common? A learning problem — I had published a few authors who have learning problems (two off hand.)
      You want to call both of them the”r-word.”
      You want to call them a retard?
      That word had me pull out a masterlock and right crossed a guy drawing blood because he called me a retard. It invoked my bloodiest fist fight — I dare you to call me that as Ray Garton had the gall to call me a retard, the fat fuck who is too miserable to have kids. Words do cut — they invoke brutal fist fights so I have been in fist fights; so think about what I am saying while I am writing this new short story. Love your enemies true — but God help me from wanting to throttle them. This new story — it will get some curious about my beliefs; but when you’re dealing with 1611s — the heresy they see is a reflection obscured in the mirror. This story is longer than The Cabbie Homicide but it’s almost darker in some ways — now I am thinking what anthology will accept this work of the weird.
      This story — holy fuck this one is dark to say the least; man it’s darker than a motherfucker as I wonder if they can keep up with the nature of this beast (I use the term beast to describe this.) I would love to have my best friend, Jay join the fray and write about his version of Cuba Road as this is his story to also tell — or of Bacherlor’s Grove. We had to deal with a woman who had an unhealthy fixaction with a member of Def Leppard — damn hard to believe it was 18 years ago since that.
      This one — damn — it’s going to be a hell of a piece as this came along at it’s size rather quickly but if you are going to come at me; get a goddamned Dreamwidth.org blog. If you’re going to be an asshole — LiveJournal.com deemed me a public figure and back in 2008 I wasn’t quite comfortable with this. It was because Darren McKeeman protested as I was going to get him thrown from LiveJournal.com; then when I nailed The Rusty Nail — I was tossed off there with all my dial-up IPs locked.
      Sarah Jane Ferridge hasn’t seen flies around shit in the industry when I did Issue 10 I had seen more flies on shit for that issue alone. The reality I came to accept I can’t get away from Brad Fritz and made my peace with him as he is now with Google.com — back in 2001-2002; I really hated him because he tried to cheapen a writer with LiveJournal.com. I didn’t understand the writer’s world and LiveJournal back then; but I figured Codexed.com is more a better home for my nightmares as Diary-X.com was when I had them. They were the same people who run the old place and developed the new one. The new piece as I did the word count is about the size of 2015 to a 1976 (the fourth time in 13 years I had a number title.)
      Well I am figuring out how to get the original cover art I had for Alex Rivera’s art debut for the magazine’s cover. I am trying to make this a wraparound cover like my testimony will have a cool effect.
      The process is pain staking when doing complex cover arrangements for CreateSpace.com — Issue 10‘s cover was just as intricate as the memoir as I had new text for the title and back covers as I had to take apart the original components to make this happen. So those of you who think this is too long and didn’t read; come off your high horse if you didn’t snap your neck in half trying to get down. You can attract more flies with shit than you can with fruit; but when you have controversy on your hands. There will always will be the buzybody flies who are putting their feet on it puking for their dinner then repeat — that’s how controversy works it’s like flies when they land on shit.
      “Okay that’s a gross analogy!” I can see some of you puking at that one; do I need to explain what flies do after that? Oh that’s it — I am making the joke that’s how they make maggots. Okay let the stone begin with that one — but ask me if I care; because I really don’t if you lose your appetite at that one because I went there. This new one is coming along and will be something I am thinking how will I finish strong with it?
      This story is very powerful in it’s methods and looking to quote something from Sinners in the Hands of An Angry God to set the tone for this. As Stephen King also mentioned this book in his first novel; I read this book in college as I also read Dance Macabre too — that was my schooling in writing horror as is reading H. P. Lovecraft. I read Dance Macabre first then discovered H. P. Lovecraft — this new one I am writing is a very definative short story for me as it is the darkest of my postmodern storytelling. I am happy I am able to be able to rifle off short stories and blogs that are 2000-4800 words almost at a moment’s notice.
      This one is a sci-fi/horror framework where it’s got my hardcore traits meets the postmodern surrealism I am known for too. That’s going to be a kicker for me to be able to do something like this — as you will see this as a result of writing Legend Keeper as that’s a science fiction/alt. history with Gothic Horror elements.
      This one is a Gothic Horror story with a science fiction skeleton — think William Gibson co-writing with Jules Verne and H. G. Wells in the feel with Edgar Allan Poe crawling into there. I have a near 3000 word short story already and this is a surreal motherfucker — almost like when I appeared in Emanations. It resembles the Emanations version of Media Darling, but this isn’t a sequel to that story — though it’s tempting to give Media Darling the treatment. The hard part with these will be arranging the covers because I employ a complex method for designing them.
      Using LibreOffice Draw does make the design work a little easier but I need to tweak up the back cover one more time to make things work though — there is a lot of guesswork in this. Especially when I want each cover to completely rule — that’s what made my covers stand out when I was with then lulu.com I knew how to do all this. So those of you who are saying I am inept to design a cover I can give Kealan Patrick Burke and Chad Savage a run for their money because I did this myself.
      So tell me — if you are going too long, and didn’t read still are you going to go to video to call me a retard? Making fun of someone who has a learning problem really makes you a man — hasn’t mommy taught you how to respect your elders? I guess your common sense got an enema.