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what became SteeplecaseI can’t believe how long it took me to get Issue 10 back running online. I am tooling around with Issue 9 right now as I am doing some font downloading to toy with logos for the anthology title as this took a year to plan and waiting for everyone. This is where the natives get really damned restless if you ask me because I am very excited about this anthology. I will say that Issue 9 will have a controversial title sequence as it illustrates stigma with mental health — I found the original odt I used to create this as I am going to work to this off the ground as this is as graphic intensive as Issue 10 is.
     I will say that it’s come to my attention that some jokers are going around as my titles Media Darling and Steeplecase — please get a fucking life both of you. I guess you can’t keep a good roster down as Issue 12 will be back as well as Issue 11 as I have the master pdfs of this issue. I will say I am not discouraged by the ass ranger, Michael Rowe
     I will have them the same size as Issue 9 was when I published it on Lulu.com as I almost had this a digest sized paperback. The Royal Trade on CreateSpace.com are a lot cheaper to grab up copies of as I noticed this with Issue Ten. Did Michael Rowe have the ordacity to show up as Media Darling on VampireFreaks.com? Is he that amoral to do something of that nature? I know Brian Keene is an amoral cunt for many years. I made a statement on VampireFreaks.com to say those four words to my face — the four words that a writer will respond with either “go fuck your mother” or a more grisly version which you’re calling him a necrophile.
     My ex-fiancee claims, “No one uses a computer to access facebook — if you are on a computer you are a loser,” well she never learned HTML or had the will to learn because I gave her the first website she had outside of Firefly.com as she got on tripod.com because of me. I never had an agent to help me get into bigger places but I know if I am going to try to place some of my newer works, I might need to enlist one to get a good deal on this one because I want to discuss how I want to sell this as I know one of the authors I had a hand in disovering as a horror author.
     He will not let me into Cemetery Dance as Shock Totem made me marked because what I said on a blog, don’t care either because I know that C.S. Lesart was making fun of the roster in front of me — the very same writers she calls friends on top of it. That fica. She should learn not to screw over other conservatives in favor of the faggot, as you can’t trust the faggot as far as you can throw them. I clearly want to know a legitimate reason that Rowe or the HWA are pissed that I became a publisher.
     Does it piss them off that much that I reached for those who came from literary ghettos as they consider it because I have hung out in a ghetto. I chased a guy down through Cabrini Green when I was 19 years old at full sprint. The guy got scared that I would jump into the air and kick him in the back as I enough speed to do so — that was the first time I grabbed a guy by his collar with both hands too. That scared Jay as he never seen me do this before — but they would talk of me headbutting a guy in the lunch room. The nerdy kid delivers a very hard head-butt.
      “Don’t try me!”
     That’s what I said without saying anything because I was called a “retard” — my mother was shocked when I pulled out the Master Lock when I was 14.
     “I didn’t realize he could be that violent,” when the Dean called her looking at me and Batagilia — some from our middle school who went with both of us. I remember the looks I got. Wide-eyed terror. That was why I was kind of shocked that Dustin pulled out a knife in a brawl situation because I turned any small object into a weapon in a brawl — but I never really needed weapons to get into a fight but there was a time I had used a bike chain as a whip. Some bully was going,
     “You got oil on my shirt” when I had seen the chain connect — so you have to realize why Lake Fossil had the rough climate in some ways. If someone is trying to convince me to throw in the towel saying that the work they plagiarized but in truth I wrote it as someone was caught stealing Lake Fossil as The Creature Below — yeah fuck you there you want to steal my first science fiction story? Fuck you — that story is prized for me as Ghost in the Tornado is, plagiarizing my work like it’s a war trophy. I get it — some people hate me as large groups want to burn an effigy burn the fucking effigy because I already seen those burning my books.
     “That’s it you’re going to facebook jail!”
     At least I am not getting an incaration for something I say — as someone might call the thought police on me because of Issue 10. Yeah that happens often on facebook.com — it’s almost hysterical how someone flags me for calling someone a rape baby. When I see my signature works stolen and then someone turning around saying I stole these from them — total bullshit on their part.
     Think about what I am saying — don’t put your name on something that you didn’t write or steal characters of those who created them. Issue 10 well caused the most controversy as this one I am not going to apologize for any of it either; the scandal that Sammi E. Cox caused when Issue 10 was published almost ended my company. But I am here with Issue 10 in hand — I am looking for a classmate’s response to Tabloid Purposes IV or Tabloid Purposes. I will also have Issue 12 back online too as I have the files intact.
     How can Brian Keene justify allowing my work to be plagiarized as his circle is covering something up when I had busted him on a lie. I am busy working on a brand new short story which I started last month and it is taking awhile to hammer this out too. Tabetha Jones agreed to take the Easter Egg spot on the version of the Condensed Volumes I will be introducing to CreateSpace.com.
     I seen my ex-fiancee was making fun of me using Facebook.com with a computer, she claimed, “No one uses a computer anymore to get on the web!” I guess she was too illiterate to understand how to use a computer except to create a plagiarized work. Seems like the plagiarists were fond of using .docx for attachments knowing they can snag someone’s work from FictionPress.com, I will not be discouraged from getting this roster together. A very real anthology where the writers are real — so I will not let someone who is created by a TV writer in the 1980s steal my work either.
     The reason that trolls like using cellphones to attack someone on twitter because they really don’t like to think period. Putting their foot in their mouth and shoot from the hip to make fun of those with learning problems. An Eye In Shadows — I hope this latest cover gets approved and I asked Lulu.com what if my family got an account on the site and started publishing me? I wonder if they’d object to that because they saw a figurative size ten go into their door when I pulled out the Obama burning the Constiution painting when I took them on. These magazines when I have them reintroduced — I will have new introductions and what not as you can’t keep a good magazine out of circulation for long. Some of the things in my magazine, there are people who will ask, “Are you making up the horror you write about?
     I have to ask — what would VampireFreaks.com staff think if my magazine makes it to their front desk knowing what I caught staff members not honoring a DMCA complaint. Tell me how can one not honor a DMCA and lie about the right to publicity but here I am getting the ISBNS for the issues that previously didn’t have them. I am using a website to handle my publication measurements to design the spine graphic. My cousin doesn’t understand how much work is involved with this as takes a lot of figuring and problem solving to design a cover for a magazine or for a book. I will say this much — I am more qualified to teach science than Hovind is. But will I do it — I am just a writer and a publisher.
     I know there are weirder things had happened; and when you read up on Kent Hovind I will say there is a certain kind of crazy involved with this one. There are ideas I explore as a writer — where the new story I am writing there are ideas that is entirely a new concept for 2015 but a return slightly to my Postmodern elements. The return of Issue 10 almost on the five year anniversary as Issue 9 will be returning on the five year anniversary of Issue 10 when that was published.
     Issue 10 and Issue 11 will be also being prepped for publication as I will have to do the e-mail address only correspondence because my post office box expired. But I do have my About.me open but the thing is how do I block unwanted visitors on that site. I get hell because I am not “religious” enough or not inteligent enough but the question is with many is this.
     If you are of my generation; what really is your world like during the era of 1996 as some of you didn’t attend college after high school. The question for those of my generation, what do you expect to become? Not everyone can punch up a blog and do them in great depth or produce a magazine and had 13 isssues up to this point.
     I am not trying to produce a sermon with this but you do have to think about why I am hard on my generation — we were a generation of slackers. When working on this new piece and designing the covers I found some of my memory cards from an era that seemed to have some of my cooler looking photographs. I have one of them with a version of my anthology which became introduced after Legend Keeper; but the question is — who wants to send Eric Hovind a copy of this bad boy?
     I will happy to say I got Apt. #2W back in print because that was too good of a piece to fall into the digital graveyard. I am just happy to see this one live again. I know that Keene will pissed to the thought Issue 10 is back — that means if I can get the other issues back and running.
     What is old is new once again as I made Issue 10 available as I have the covers of Issue 9 ready to go too but need to do something with the title page though. Well I am trying to figure out the font I want to use for the ISBN and copyright information on the magazine. I know there are those who want to submit to the magazine.
     “Too long and didn’t read,” why don’t you say that to my face — it’s comments like that that make me want to go even longer with the blog posts. Look you want to be an asshole — go move in on LiveJournal.com because they were an asshole factory back in the day. I noticed the asshole who got me kicked from LiveJournal.com is also with tumblr.com as he is the reason I was thrown from LiveJournal.com and irony he’s on bandcamp.com — he better get used to giving away free music. Meaning if he is got that priceline deal — give him the goose egg.
     So I wonder if S.J . Bagley would make of Issue 10 as he made his address availble to the public — well he never had any respect for what I am and what I do. So with me having Issue 10 ready and back in circulation I am thinking a plan of attack where I can plant these to get more readers.
     I am pleased that I have this one back out there and for the same price as I was selling them on Lulu.com but how can I convince the masses to shop at CreateSpace.com for titles. Issue 10 is made available on pinterest.com — as the goon who claimes Lulu.com won over me; getting my catalog back is a victory and having Issue 10 live that was a glimmer of hope for An Eye In Shadows — I had to do some more tweaking to that one to get it right and the Editor’s Lounge for each one will have photos from the era on the covers or what was done since then. I will love to imagine how some will take to what I had written in The Editor’s Lounge of that issue and waiting for the easter egg to arrive for the reintroduction of The Condensed Volumes. I didn’t have a fast enough connection to work with CreateSpace.com or the technology yet to do so. Now I can do almost what I can with Lulu.com on CreateSpace.com. Support the true independent writers and publishers and I can’t stress this enough though AmyLynne aka SpicyPixi is a mass market snob.
     My ex-fiancee is also a mass market snob too because she had no lulu.com or CreateSpace.com released titles in her possession unless it was someone who did a half-assed design job. I will use a photo from the old archive I am digging around and seeing what I have managed to keep in photobucket (I have to thank them for keeping me all these years. That came in handy with image hosting for codexed.com or diary-x.com because we didn’t have an image host.) I found another photo from a unique era that I thought to be lost too — I am thinking of including this on the spine of Issue Five when I reintroduce this.
     I know having to redo Issue 10 was easier this time around because it’s the roster of record after Lyth was booted. He was pissed that he wasn’t happy with what he was paid — as he reminds me of one of the assholes from 2003 the one who called herself chokecollar. I was thumbing around archive.org — with my websites said to have been lost to time. It’s surprising what I am able to bring back though thought some photos were thought to be lost in time as my radio appearance photo as I published this in my book Dirty Black Winter. I have the plagiarizer calling me a racist — he’s the one who is racist as he’s Anti-Italian and plagiarizing those who are an LD telling a long haired to “get a hair cut.”