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Seeing this — it makes what I did on the HWA boards and the reason I was barred from the HWA was petty compared to this. But from the rest of my state — I apologize you have to put up with Kanye West as he’s of my generation and I am shocked he pulled this at the Grammy’s!. It wasn’t funny with the MTV Music Awards — if he did this with the Metal catalogy when God Forbid won the award instead of Jack Black; he would been getting his ass kicked by the lead singer as he’s African American. I wonder what would happen if a barred writer wins The Stoker Award and exposing the controversy that Stoker Award winners in recent history had caused as I was calling for Brian Keene’s Stokers to be stripped over the lie he told CreateSpace.com. I wonder what Kim K would think of her husband’s fuckup. The HWA was pissed I was recommended twice for a Stoker in 2005-2006; for best longer story with a sequel story and with an anthology. So Ramsey Campbell if you’re wondering what would it been like if I won I would had encouraged the masses to chant “Tabloid Purposes” as Tabloid Purposes II I brought a gutteral chant along with it like Jerry Springer and Steve Wilkos has one.
      Well Kayne you can always join up with Lulu.com as you can be an asshole on there — as they will not allow me to speak up for my work. The whole thing with Lulu.com was fucked up because they banned me on a lie; and they’re hunting for publishers who use Lulu.com who publish me because they know when I submit to an anthology and they use Lulu.com will be bar them for publish me? So seeing this — is this what the HWA is afraid of when they see me storming the stage and beating up Brian Keene for saying what he said of my sister and burning one of Mary Sangiovanni’s work because she did sleep her way to the top?

imageLOS ANGELES, California ( The Adobo Chronicles) – He did it again. Rapper Kanye West reprised his most infamous stunt at Sunday night’s Grammy awards, taking the stage as Beck was accepting the album of the year award. West popped up on stage and moved toward Beck as if he was about to take the trophy from him. Instead, West turned away and quickly jumped down.

Beck beat out both the night’s top winner, Sam Smith, and the category’s expected winner, Beyoncé.

The incident was a repeat of the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, when West accosted Taylor Swift during her acceptance speech after Swift’s “You Belong With Me” beat Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” for Female Video of the Year.

“Yo, Taylor, I’m really happy for you, I’ma let you finish,” West said after taking the microphone at Radio City Music Hall, “but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time!…

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