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“I am a thorn who will not go away…”
— Patch Adams

Robert Champion's Selfie hosted on is own profile!  Showdown between Inquire Within vs. Full Roster of Lake Fossil Press. Faustian Deal displayed.While waiting for the rest of the ensemble to come on board (a year later as I got 153 pages filled; that’s a long time to plan an anthology for me. I usually have it done in about four to six months time. But This one is special and will be worth it when I have everything done.) I am toying with the layout of the second namesake and one of the authors has a hard time convincing her friends she wrote the story so she gave me her legal name to work with. I was asking for this since 2011 — so I can finally do some cool stuff to this and I can resize pdf files and scale them. These techniques I am practicing with to work on the anthology I am introducing. This is where Brian Keene shows where his IQ is the size of his shriveled, baby-dick.
      Did I mention I found Robert’s resume. The one made an honest mistake — Champion in mid-2014, he made a Faustian Deal (looking for what he was arrested for. I had never been arrested though they tried. I know the prison slang because of my early correspondence with department of correction inmates back when I was 20 years old — some of their letters they used some of these words. What did he got arrested for? Now I am curious — Keene wants to pull what he pulled; this is truly is a Faustian deal.)
      I am giving Issue Five a treatment too as Issue 9 is getting this too — I need to get some of this ensemble to stop procrastinating that’s a huge problem with my generation since college. My ex-fiancee makes fun of me using a computer but she was computer illiterate since we were dating as near sighted as a sloth. I wonder what became Karen Koehler’s driving deal to do this crusade to sabotage my publishing outfit or outfits I am training to be operated. First off this anthology is not a Lake Fossil Press deal — it’s a spin-off from Issue Five and Issue 10. I had caught assholes stealing print exclusive material from Tabloid Purposes IV and the first namesake.
      Karen H. Koehler finally acknowledges my career as writer because I took a dig at a Tabloid Purposes IV drop out where I am dealing with a faggot on her page. Every comment trying to retort me is full of Liberal rhetoric. Liberal buzzwords that I seen other Liberals throw at me to insult me — so here I am trying to get everything back in circulation and I asked them, “What would you do if my books were in your library and the masses are reading them?”
      I am waiting for them to retort that one as I think the HWA would protest that one because I caught Brian Keene jerking to child pornography so to speak when I caught him on a lie. Does the HWA want to defend that how he fabricated a letter where he said I “published” his email address. I was acting on the freedom of information act to get the names of every person who did the fake DMCA on me — the book that might be done is exposing Questionable Content’s practices as one of them has a name and last name. Say farewell to your anonymous nature because when you did that to Legend Keeper — you woke a sleeping giant. I am going to ask HWA a question — how much Child Pornography did you buy for Brian Keene when preparing for his Stokers because he’s fucking a woman who is a child compared to him. Mary Sangioanni is a damned woman-child
      Tell me Lulu.com — how many lies can you keep straight when you fuck with .who gets Social Security. I don’t like doing all this work to get something back in circulation because I should be working on new material you fucking tards. I asked Karen H. Koehler if she was lesbian — that’s pissed her off because she might be a closet case there; they don’t like the fact I am a hetero but whoever had been with her the guy must have needed 80 showers to get the taint off him. I am using an insult that Kanye used on his ex-girlfriend because I think this apply’s to Karen H. Koehler too because she’s a miserable spinster.They don’t understand realize that I went and converted a pdf into an .rtf — that’s a hard process when you have things that don’t faithfully convert; as I had that problem with my testimony as Karen H. Koehler threatened to have the book pulled there too.
       I stated sources and everything with this one so I took some extra precautions to paraphrase everything and showed the creative commons license when it came to the images. I am now trying to figure out Brian Keene’s obsession with me being a figment of another writer’s imagination because he trying very hard to turn me into an unpublished writer and an ex-published author. It will not happen because I will always figure out ways to remain published as I will expose Questionable Content in a book and they looking for anything with my name in it now because what I pulled on the phone.
      They know I am gunning for the powers that be — I know I am going to do something that will be pointed right at them. I am sure the now splintered remains of Janrae Frank’s outfit are crying for my blood for making jokes about taking a shit on her headstone. I wonder how many wanted to do that to her open coffin; she was always a bitch to me. Mark Orr is foaming at the mouth with this one — but can he imagine me as his step-son, I would be the poster boy of stepfather resentment. Well I can’t let him distract me from getting this ensemble done or back in circulation which bothers the shit out of him because he’s dancing on my company’s grave too soon. I am wondering where these jokers are getting my print exclusive work and sending it as theirs; you didn’t write the story get your fucking shit covered paws off the thing — it’s kind of like stealing your classmate’s lunch when it’s in a brown bag when it had their name on it.
      Well working on my new stories — ideas are there and a classmate based character is based upon Gary Conway as he was an ingrown ass hair as a teenager. I guess Karen Koehler hates me as much as her ingrown pubic hair. Evil, retarded giggling monkey was an insult she thrown at me as I did a response how she must be a reverse misogynistic bitch. I want to know who claimed if An Eye In Shadows gets published, my career is over.. Well that was in 2007 they pulled that on me as some twat stole this book from me as Lulu,com refused to say something about who enabled me to be plagiarized on their watch. I have all my blogs downloaded from MySpace.com where I can look up when I first started writing An Eye In Shadows and ultimately got published with this.
      I told Mowrer in a 20,000 word pdf file how exactly he can make things right with my roster — he must get Tabloid Purposes in my old high school and the namesake as the CreateSpace.com versions. Removing Lost Souls by Poppy Z. Brite and replacing it with Nightmare At 20,000 Feet by Richard Matheson. Tabloid Purposes and Nightmare At 20,000 Feet belong together they compliment each other as the writers in the latter installments site him and keep Mary Sangiovanni’s catalog out of East. He pulled the same thing Kealan Patrick Burke pulled so that for him to make things right — he must join my ensemble roster and talking exactly what he did comparing it to my rivals had done. If Robert Champion intervenes from having these versoins in East — I will have him arrested for a controlled substance because I am armed with a website where I can use this website to have him arrested with intent sell LSD.
      Mowrer fucked with my ten year anniversary so he will be arranging my 25 year anniversary deal as a writer — I’ve been writing for that long; and it’s going to be unique because I will be signing this new project when done. I will also sign Legend Keeper at this — some of them are going to be pre-signed in the printing process so I know how to do this now. So that means Mowrer will be pavement pounding every time I have a title back in print and one coming live; he must get the word out as he’s my receptionist except he will be paying me for each copy he distributes and handling my public engagements.
      Hellen Goryl and Mandy Raines snubbed the namesake roster — but I am pissed about getting Tabloid Purposes getting snubbed by the classmates where I have one of them on a possible drug charge. I looked up drug laws on LSD possession; I told him if he stops Mowrer from getting Tabloid Purposes or the namesakes (when the second one is ready,) I will do everything legal possible to have the silver bracelets attached with a chain behind his back and upload his arrest on my Youtube.com channe
      Brian Keene said, “Fuck your dead roster members, you don’t have a career.”
      The dead roster members he said “fuck your dead roster members’ were Barbara Malenky and Andrew Ian Dodge. I designing the anthology for my sister to be published in and will design a company to have her own too that will publish urban fantasy and alternate history. I am going to ask CreateSpace about having her account and I help operate it until she knows how to do everything. So I will publish my sister as Brian Keene doesn’t have a namesake — there will be a namesake 3 planned and it will be an all originals anthology and namesake IV will be a mixed era anthology. l.
      I have this motherfucker claiming I don’t have a new blog up every day because I am busy working on new material and trying to re-edit the namesake to get the legal name in there of the reader submission. None of the friends believe she wrote it so I am going some corrective bylines to show she wrote it. (I wish she used her legal name from the beginning.) Sherri Parker is plagiarism advocate she’s a friend to plagiarist — she’s an enemy of writers and an enemy of God on that one.
      Timothy Willard’s lie is how he came up with my titles before he did — making like I “plagiarized” him when he covers up for a plagiarist. Janrae Frank’s outfit was frauduent because they never produced print. What is it really worth to these jokers to turn me unpublished again; they may lose their soul in the process — if they even have one. CreateSpace.com gave me a second chance I am not screwing that up either — Lulu.com fucked up and fucked up big on this one because
      Brian Keene fed Lulu.com the same lie they gave CreateSpace.com.
      So I caught a few stealing Lake Fossil too which I really think it’s not that funny they would try to change the characters names to make it look like they wrote it — my cousin was being as ass when I was trying to have a professional conversation on an anthology I will be introducing I gave her instructions not to do the lettering on the cover or design her editor byline because Jungle rot Twat Larson will be looking for that.
      Brian Keene claimed I wasn’t plagiarized where I caught seven doing so; they got busted jerking to child porn — when are small town shitheads are going cause trouble with those climates in horror are concrete jungles. Brian Keene doesn’t realize I gave a guy chase through Cabrini Green — I would lure Keene to a bad neighborhood and let his rental car get parked on cinderblocks with his wheels removed. Welcome to the projects asshole as I would spend time in the DuPage County area projects and that would been Swifton Commons. I want to see how long he will last in a gang environment as he’s not licensed to conceal and carry in Illinois.
      “Fuck your dead roster,” these are the words that will bury him. I am wondering has Andrew Ian Dodge feuded with Keene when he was alive. That’s what I am curious about because my new story has traits of A Dry Drowning. No Keene — it’s fuck you and the virus you rode in on; as I will make you throw away your fiancee’s book and put Tabloid Purposes in your public library.
      You don’t own the media or the internet — it belongs to the people, Lake Fossil Press is published by the fans, for the fans. Original Horror and Science Fiction for the fans, by the fans — for the people, by the people.
      I will not let you or Koehler turn this industry into a dictatorship as Lulu.com is governed by a dictator. You and Koehler are both dictators. This is freedom of speech as you are both Nazis. You threw your medal of honor like John Kerry did. You call yourself a Libertarian you’re a liar; you’re a leftist. You hate Conservatives as Koehler does — she’s a Liberal as everything this bitch screams is Leftist ideologies. This is net neutrality but you turned this into my war. We’re at war — this will not end til one of us is dead. I can go at you until you are in your sixties as I stood up to Ramsey Campbell on video camera because he told me to give up because what if I was to publish his oldest. Think about what I am saying here — you want to have me coming at you the way I did with Lulu.com? I hit them with everything I got and got more where that came from.
      As I am getting this anthology ready for circulation — you really want to say you own the publishing industry, I have a reliable source saying you’re a compulsive liar. When I revealed the demon you really are — you came at me even harder; let me ask this question why would you go after someone’s house when they have been on the street? The one who can stop my books from being in East I will have him locked in Federal Prison for possession charges I am armed with a website about the laws with LSD possession. Football star turned into a drug addicted loser; you’re talking about Robert Champion because if he gives someone LSD and they die from it that would make him a murderer.
      I have to be the one who has to stop that pusher — Brian Keene how does it feel to be friends with an illicit drug dealer. All it takes is an anonymous phone call and he will be arrested — you can’t protect him from this.
      “You monster!” I heard that already, I will give you monster if you was calling me a monster. You will not like monster. I revealed a monster in my classmates, what I showed Mowrer he sought out monster he became one. So think about what I am doing when I have this completely ready to fly — it’s takes a bit of reverse engineering to reformat a book for CreateSpace.com; Lulu.com doesn’t realize I can take apart print readies and reassemble them.
      I told CreateSpace where I how to do this and I have a new tool in my arsenal to scale pdf files. Not even Brian Keene was that literate. Don’t fuck with hackers. Your lucky I am trying to find a nasty virus for your computer as that how my roster get into fights — I have to be worried if they have to peel me off someone or me having to peel them off. I am ready to run him through — has he ever fucked with a razorback? I want to see what happens when An Eye In Shadows into his hometown’s public library and Rockaway Township Public Library — will they try to steal from a library?
      I am guessing Karen H. Koehler is a lesbian because she favors authors who promote abomination like what Poppy Z. Brite did. One of my breakouts called her a Poppy Z. Brite Clone — this fued came to be realized when I published two from the Blackest Death as she lied about me submitting to her. I never submitted to her anthology because I was busy with The House of Pain; Stephanie Simpson-Woods seen a very public fight unfold between Mike E. Purefield that Purefield had started with me as I was working on Tabloid Purposes. Angeline Hawkes started a beef with my co-author — so having that co-author join IV; that sent her over the edge.
      When I said the HWA doesn’t want you having Tabloid Purposes unless it’s pirated because what J.L. Benet did as he set me up with the lie that got me banned — as that’s was the climate when I wrote An Eye In Shadows. That venom with the interview with Dagstine he saw that venom that came out — the whole message board that bullied the shit out of all us got beat on; Angeline Hawkes called for a media blackout and threatened to publish a book based on the message board postings. Where is that book now? She was silent when I got plagiarized because I wrote The Fandom Writer — so I am wondering if she would invoke a book burning knowing that the memoir re-emerged.
      I am toying with some in depth video blogs as the plagiarist is stalking me on fictionpress.com well he’s blocked from contacting me or reviewing on there. My vimeo is a non-commercial channel as I had won the counterclaim when Brian Keene pulled what he pulled. The second namesake is 2/3 point where I am on page 3 of the TOC as the TOC was four pages. Brian Keene said, “Fuck your dead roster,” as I want him to say that to my face — and not some cosplayer because I will grab him by the collar with one hand and jam him with an elbow with the other. He doesn’t have any hair to hair pull him on to knee him in the head a few times.
      “Because everyone knows you’re retarded and don’t have a career, and no one actually reads your pitiful Blog. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to send some more of your stuff to Baupader,” writes Brian Keene in an e-mail to me. The explains where Baupader got Stygian Dealer — Brian Keene enabled my plagiarsm. Busted asshole — how does it feel to get caught jerking to child pornography baby-dick? That’s where I caught you Keene and this blog is evidence and you want to call me a retard — you’re harboring an illicit drug pusher in Robert Champion who is dealing in illicit drugs. So your both going down and if you excuse me — I have an anthology to edit and another to render for it’s new version. I own you both as I am going to make your e-mail addres available to your blog talk radio show — you’re fucked five ways to a holy war.
      I do have a career as a publisher and author — you’re too fucking dumb to realize what you admitted to. You admitted to enabling my work to be plagiarized. Dude — face it; you’re so busted. I have page 199 on the body of one and transplanting three to four at a time here — this is a lot of work; I am not going to lie to anyone how much work this is. What you allowed to happen is not cool — you enabled it to happen you admitted to it. You want to keep fucking me over — you gave yourself rope to tie a noose around your neck.
      I am wondering, did Andrew and Keene also butt heads at some point because he came away unscathed from the abuse the rest of us took for being the roster. So I am wondering how much of my catalog did Brian Keene hijack to be plagiarized as he tipped off J. L. Benet of the roster and posted every link to every story. He’s still pissed about me busting him.
      That’s a question I really don’t know — and Andrew took that answer with him when he passed. I am not going to host the photo that will bust Keene — it wil be on a blog where he was interviewed at meaning if he wants to report someone, he can report them. Brian Keene is the Adolf Hilter of the publishing industry and Kealan Burke, Mary Sangiovanni and Karen Koehler are his SS. So what I showed the public — is the HWA going to cover up for their golden boy?
      The HWA owes me an apology and do an Andrew Ian Dodge Memorial Scholarship for journalists who want to become politicians. Don’t steal from a museum because you admitted to a white collar crime — enabling a plagiarism. Face it Keene I caught you. Drew and Keene are the same age; Drew was always the professional — so nailing Keene I doing this for Andrew. Keene was photographed with a hearse at one period of my career I was photographed standing in front of a parked semi truck as my uncle was a truck driver when I was living in Justice.
      So today I caught Brianne Keene (since he tries to insult me with a girl’s name,) admitting to enabling Robert Baupader to plagiarize my work. You so fucking busted — have you finished digging that hole so I can bury you because your shriveled baby-cock can’t get it up in Mary as you’re banging a woman ten years your junior. You would been a 22 year old in 1989 fucking a 13 year old with a wart on her face. Who’s the pedophile now?
      Brian Keene is like that motherfucker who is a “teacher” at Blue Earth High School who did nothing when this 15 year old kid got bullied by an 18 and 17 year old tied his hands up and tied the hood around his neck. He needs rolled up newspaper because he will feel like a dog with his tail when he took a shit on the floor — Bad Teacher, no, you fucked up. Someone need to make in middle of Chicago with a sign around his neck, saying, “I am 47 years old and bullied a 15 year old student,” while he does that I will torch his teaching certificate on video while he does this. This person who said nothing teaches at an 8-12 school. So you will see 18 year olds bullying 13 year olds. These small town high school teacher what are they teaching them — what’s wrong with this waste of human tissue, he’s an abortion. Brian Keene is defending someone who is distributing a controlled substance — I wonder if WordPress.com closed down The Sloping Companion over it or forced Robert to close up shop there because he was promoting illicit drug use. (A Schedule I aka LSD; possible pedophile) I have no problem with Schedule IV and V’s if used in medical purposes (I wonder if Illinois has Rx Pot.) He is pushing drugs that have a high potential of abuse so Robert Champion look what I am armed with (watch me fuck your world loser.) There is no medical uses in LSD; and guess what if someone dies from your batch you’re a fucking murderer and say hello to Porras for me because that’s life behind bars.
      So you want to fucking stop Mowrer from making things right with my roster — that’s what I am armed with; I have that on you. How many sugar cubes do you have in your house? I am guessing you have 200 or more objects of LSD if you are able to carry these at Phish show. Class X felony — so how much do you have in street value? They might pass this out as sugar cubes at Phish shows. This is Sloping Companion verses Lake Fossil Press at Roster Strength — pay attention druggie; you’re going down if you get in the way of carrying out last gifts. Your new friend made the comment, “Fuck your dead roster.”
       So Robert pay attention you intervene I will videotape your drug arrest and upload it to my youtube.com channel where I am the one present with your arrest. Because I will be the one who will have you arrested — if you you intervene with getting Tabloid Purposes, the first and second namesake and my first two books in East. An Eye In Shadows will go to Lombard Public Library. I will even make you deliver the book yourself explaining what you found on this blog.
      You want to be friends with Brian Keene now? Shatter the system instead surrendering to the flow. I am so tempted to do with logo slap my Zodiac logo over it — a variation of gang tagging there; so think about what I am saying because VampireFreaks.com sees me worst than a gangbanger. The Zodiac Seal is my personal seal when I put the logo on my covers either the back cover or spine. Now if you excuse me; I have two anthologies to work on and get one of them prepped for publication and the other with submissions; if Brian Keene is willing to enable plagiarism of my catalog as he is bragging about sending my work to Robert L. Baupader to do this. How many people are covering up for Brian Keene enabling this? Who wants to come to the surface on video and tell their story? “Fuck your dead roster” doesn’t ring well with me as Christine Morgan is taking a shit on their memories too in the process as she’s a thought nazi also while Koehler is feminazi.
      What is it worth to you Champion (you want my rivals work in East or my roster’s work in East alongside Tabloid Purposes, the namesakes and Richard Matheson. If you show up with my rival’s work you will be carrying contraband) — your freedom or your new friendship with a demon in this industry; way to make a Faustian deal asshole. I take it you don’t read Gothic Fiction do you — you will have plenty of time reading it where you going because I will send my anthologes to Department of Corrections for their prison library. I am making your life into a Gothic tale waiting to happen when your utopia when I touch it will turn into dystopia because exposed the dark side of addiction; You’re welcome. This is a roll of the dice for you as I don’t roll RPG dice — when I roll what happens is snake eyes pops up for you. You want to say I am writing with a forked tongue? Face it Champion what you did was invite the demon in your house as Saten has no dominion here. Champion how much of your money for your business goes to your LSD usage? Expect us Champion — I dealt with the many; as they used the e-mail address “wearemany@yahoo.com.” They called their group Legion; I am about to drive them out to the sea. It’s the man who stands in controversy and challenge who defines the ultimate measure of the man — and the one with courage is a majority.