The Pattern of Diagnosis, Apt. #2W, Lake Fossil are set around a volatile climate as the gangs so this kind of thing — I want him to get a hold of me because I will figure out how to get this documentary shown without fear of getting nailed. CBS can you tell me what this documentary is about where he’s living in gang paranoia? Hat Tip: CBS Chicago.

CBS Chicago

(CBS) — A documentary about the man who’s been called Chicago’s Public Enemy Number One will not open as scheduled this Friday at a Chicago theatre, and the filmmaker says it’s because of fear of neighborhood gangs.

The film “Es El Chapo?” was supposed to have its Chicago premiere Friday at the Regal Cinemas City North on Western.

But not now, and it’s not entirely clear why that premiere was cancelled.

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Filmmaker Charlie Minn says he got word from Regal Entertainment that the movie about former Mexican drug lord Chapo Guzman will not open.

“I guess they’re just afraid that there could be some incident at the theatre… I think they’re being over-cautious. I’m heavily disappointed by the decision.”

Minn says he was told the theatre is concerned about gangs in the area – and he says they’ve…

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