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My archaic I use as a horror author came from when I was a Gnostic (the heretic aspect about me came from Gnosticism) when I walked away from the church and almost didn’t return because I was asking questions some churchs would say, ‘you shouldn’t even question’ but if you’re seeing this one being reblogged and seen teweeted on the new location. If you are a Christian looking to retweet this. In fact I encourage this and I will be doing a video blog about these ministers myself.) This is not for the easy offended and those who might be King James Onlylist’s too who might be offended by something this fucked up.
     The hard part with the new account is re-establishing the following but with my Google+ account this I will try to make a public posting for those who want to read up on him. The other post is made password protected so a nosey twat like AmyLynne is not going around and starting a flame war; wait is she the one who made the allegation that I was another David Boyer?

Mark T. Barclay's Heretical Theology

It’s an irrefutable fact that Mark T. Barclay is a heretic and builds his hermeneutical and exegetical fallacy in his book The Missing Red Letters on a major Trinitarian heresy, which heresy is historically rooted and grounded in the heresy of Gnosticism and has been condemned by the Christian church since the Apostles.

As we will see in this review, the Apostles and the early leadership of the Christian church opposed Mark T. Barclay’s Gnostic teachings on the Trinity, which heresy in short not only gave rise to other major Trinitarian heresies like Modalism and Arianism, but also influenced Islam after Arianism was rejected by the Eastern church. And like Islam, Mark T. Barclay rejects the Biblical and orthodox teaching that there is one God in three co-equal and eternal persons. [1][2]

What we will find out further in this review is that Mark T. Barclay like other heretics doesn’t know…

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