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given to me in 2006It’s interesting to say I am close to the completion of an anthology — one that took me nearly a year to get everyone together on. The anthology page count officially is 164 pages as a Royal Trade Paperback (this is the ensemble project.)
     I am waiting on a few internationals and trying to get the permission for a particular photograph — this photo is so eerie as I found this on VK.com. To say the least I am close — the author bio pages is three pages so far and need a few more to round this up (the slots for three-four are reserved but the others are up for grabs.)
     I am working on a challenge while I am waiting — an anthology for the writers who felt like they got left out and accused me of agism.
     “This is a specialized project — a true curiosity for me; it was based upon something I almost put together when I was 28 years old.” I am responding with.
     Carter didn’t understand the concept I was trying to accomplish with this — but I have everything and looking at the e-copy and flesh and bloods it will look interesting to say the very least.
     What I read of the progress of this — it’s so far a very fun read. It was a lot work for a project of this caliber and editors who learning to be editors had bowed out. Well the editor behind who published Apt. #2W is going to help me with some of the remaining submisions as I might need help editing submissions that I may have to translate.
     I found a market in Chicago that’s taking Gothic short stories but the catch being I can’t use aggressive language and go full on hardcore with the Gothic Horror story — this is Gothic Horror light for me. As in I have to curb the truly heavy subject matter — but I am asking about real world/real life horrors set within the onslaught of a Gothic Horror tale? Media Darling curbed the gang violence in there but Legend Keeper addressed it — thinking with the submission how can I keep my distinct delivery with this one. Media Darling would be way too hardcore for this publication as they publish 96 page books at a time with authors.
     I am thinking I might be way too brutal for this local market — the House of Pain delivery is a huge part of my identity before I became noticed as the most accessible writer on the ezine. The one new story I wrote — it’s got an unique cadence to. Halloween Girl’s cadence where I have something like the three fold ticking effect.
      Well the publication from Chicago — they tell writers to keep it under 3500 words for the stories well this will be a challenge to keep it under that because the main story itself is going to be about 3400 words then the sequence starting before my story and byline. I am using a new font for writing a story and manuscript so I can do more with this and submit it off when finished.
     The challenge will be trying to keep it clean — they want more the fear of the unknown than eat your guts out in technocolor; this well will have a vibe of a black and white horror film with tinges of blue scale. I hope the publisher will consider this one as one of my connections on Linkedin.com follows them as she illustrates for Children’s Literature — I will say this new story is a good size within an hour of writing it. The second new fictional shorter stories of 2015.
     This publishing imprint is brand new and works with CreateSpace.com — I think I should send this publishing outfit along to Tabetha if she wants to study what she does. This new story is a horror story but has a slice-of-urban-life ribcage. The story I am writing at the same time as I am writing a longer work too — after writing Legend Keeper and Surbanite’s Confessional.
     I was producing longer work more often than usual so it’s hard for me to place something the sizes I write them. The story itself is the size of Apt. #2W and a little bigger than The Cabbie Homicide; but I hope to God I don’t go over what they are seeking with this because it’s 3500 words firm. My new short story is a work of fiction but having traits known in The Pattern of Diagnosis and Apt. #2W as in this is fact based and researched. Shadowlands.com was the source about Chicago and all of Illinois’ haunted areas.
     I do have a Noyes character in this story, I fictionalize my cousin who is a class of 1994 as he works in the comedy circut and a school mate who egged me on with a dark story.
     IThis story well they were both egging me on in some ways — one by holding out on a ghost story and the other visting a small village saying, “I am sure with that dark mind of yours can come up with something.” The Pattern Of Diagnosis would been too long for this publication — as they are looking for fiction and Apt. #2W is a frightening work of Creative Nonfiction.
     The new story I am playing up my traits that got me published with Tales of the Talisman and made the most waves — writing fictional ghost stories in real haunted places. It’s been awhile since I toyed with a ghost story, well fuck it — I have the idea and going with it. The books that were my source material for this story are Grave’s End and Coast to Coast Ghosts as my grandmother gave me these as I was living in Justice, Illinois. I didn’t read them until after writing Apt. #2W. An Eye In Shadows and Grave’s End are two books that one should get together with Issue 10 because Grave’s End has something in common with my story — it’s deals with a haunted residence.
     I will host the photo with my blog as it will go up in the entry itself — the new story references both books and photographed with the anthology I sought out. This attributed to writing Passenger, Apt. #2W and Ghosts in the Tornado — the story that ties into my anthologies of that book is known as Safety Zone by Barry Malzberg.
     Barry Malzburg was a Tabloid Purposes author before there was a Tabloid Purposes because he uses language as strong a myself or Terry Vinson with horror — I had to put a bleep censor on this new story because this publisher is from Chicago. But I wonder if the strong language restriction had came because she heard about us from Lake Fossil Press? Yeah “fuck” is the favorite word of the roster — it’s a question who does swear the hardest of the roster.
      I will encourage some very strong lanuage with the send up challenge – as we have two weeks to churh out a 190 page anthology. The new story I am contributing to the project does have some very harsh language — one magazine said keep language to a low roar. This one doesn’t even allow very hard profanity but the question is will she allow the use of shit? The new story ribs on a classmate with his question about ghosts too as he says, “I don’t belief in Ghosts.”
      The ribbing comes from watching Stir of Echoes — what if the ghosts start believing in him? I am tempted to grab him a copy of Stir of Echoes as I am photographed with this book and included the photo in Issue 10 — the photographs from the apartment are in this story.
      Well the thing with Marc Lyth that I had insulted him — he seems to know a lot about homosexual literature so I am guessing it came from personal experience. Stinkycat knowing too much about children’s titles like Judy Blume. I am making this clear with the blog entry, I am not or ever will be gay — let’s get that in the open now shall we? I am not even an ally either. I am a gay marriage opponent, and I always been one there. I am going to stand with Indiana on that controversial law; so Indianapolis. I might eventually do a signing there and meet up with the Governor to say, “Stand strong and stand firm for the Christians because someone has to.”
      I am going and tweaing up the mansucript I am going to send off and I was toying with my webcame and video camera some.
      So if anyone who are born in the mid-to-late 1970s — there are some slots that are remaining on this ensemble anthology. Others drop me a message for the anthology challenge on linkedin.com because serious inquiries only with this one.
      This blog entry is going to be paired up with a video blog too so you can read up on my submission guidelines and update — this is not a submission call per say but it was more a casting call in terms of the ensemble roster (this is a true ensemble too.) The new story was written inside of 2 hours, 15 minutes with a 3,000 plus word short story. Misty Gersley said, “You do have the gift as you can churn out some strong stuff pretty fast.”
      Drac Stroller was impressed with one of my other new short stories too. So those of you waiting on The Ethereal Gazette — the moment the ensemble project is done; proceedings with the submission calls begin for the magazine. If you see Marc Lyth being a little bitch — I can give you his e-mail address and you can tell him yourself to stop being a whiny little bitch.
     His ass is burnt about being insulted in Issue 10 so he almost cost me the issue; the little worm was screwing with my third book’s sales and my first namesake with his lies. So I guess he deserves to be insulted on a profound level — I gave him an open challenge if he doesn’t like a book challenge it with an anthlogy of his own as he must not get submissions from career authors. They must be hobbyists like himself and he gets to work with Lulu.com to do the anthology. Both anthology projects I am encouraging schism to be addressed — as Marc Lyth is borderline carrying a Schism.

     Well what I am going to do — is design Issue Five’s cover based upon the new fonts I grabbed up for this. Issue Five is unique with the issue being entirely in typewriter fonts; easy to read issue with that reason. I am not going to let some hobbyist shithead ruin my years — as he’s taking responsibility for doing the accusations of me stealing manuscripts from other writers. So I am challenging myself to do an anthology the same size as Issue 10 and same dimensions as the first and third book as they returned to CreateSpace.com. Suburbanite’s Confessional and Issue Five are the same height dimensions as Issue 10 or even nine.
      “You fucking insulted me in print asshole!”
     As I am guessing he hasn’t read Suburbanite’s Confessional — where Lloyd Phillip Campbell had some fun with him and S.E. Cox as they’re both public figures.
      He wants to praise Morgan’s abomination — he can invite her and Jodi Lee to contribute to the anthology that is a word count limit 2000 – 5600 words (no flash fiction or poetry and must fill 180 pages on a 6 x 9 trade paperback.) The one story that’s done — I couldn’t go very heavyweight as I normaly do; the new story is a little lighter but having moments in the dark. If Lyth wants to publish someone, he can always invite Robert Champion and Eric Enck to the fold.
      This particular project — it was hard from the gitgo; I knew this would been a tough project to pull off and accomplish. But when this is ready and have everyone on board — I will be accomplished when I see this published; I am not out of the subway yet.
     Just as I get close there’s another challenge. I noticed this with getting Issue Five back in circulation CreatSpace.com might yell because of overlaping text.
     I need to explain my software’s new effects I learned how to do. I will say the new story is a slice-of-life with Gothic Horror elements. I wonder if this publication would consider that twist on Horror because the horror is more in the research I’ve done. I don’t know if I ever did a slice of life where it combined the elements of ghost stories and urban legends — well things might get interesting when I get ready to send this off. I don’t know if they take .docx but this will be the first time I am submitting off in that format.
So either way the covers and the new stories look fucking cool as hell; I will send my cousin and classmate the story they kind of egged on. One with saying, “with this village, I am sure you can come up with something dark about it.”
      My cousin I quip, “You mean your mother lives in a haunted area and you were holding out on me? I am taking you ghost hunting; you’re going on a hunt with Cousin Nick and his best friend.”
      Now let’s see if the publisher responds to my query because Gothic Horror is a unique approach in Chicago — know our weird history and you will have a wealth of material to toy with. This new short story — I was toying around with a lot of ideas, one aspect is a bleep filter because they don’t allow the uses of the f-bomb or other f-word. The ghost hunt I am taking my cousin on is to 87th as this is where they seen the ghosts of a 14 and 12 year old get on CTA. (Oh shit, I should ask a bus driver about that on camera!)
     Oh well I will have other chances — and giving writers a chance to appear together on an very unique anthology that’s as unique as the ensemble project. I am doing some video blogs where sometimes movie maker crashes because of the raw footage’s length — I am taking full advantage of YouTube.com allowing me post longer footage and what not. I know one thing — writing the new story I just penned interacts with Apt. #2W so if you want to read that story first so you’re not missing anything go grab it in Issue 10.
     These anthologies are more like what one seen Naked Snake Press do as chapbooks when they worked on Lulu.com. I will release solo chapbooks (my own work) but I will sometimes do an anthology where it will be a few writers who can fill 296 pages with novella length work. A huge problem though is I find jokers stealing my stories and sending them as submissions; I seen this before with “Sage of all Fields” so I am not even amused there.