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Written & Videos Done April 13, 2014

I am sure Hovind will be referring to this as this being from The Message of Philippians 4:10-14; as I can imagine someone singing the theme of Good Times — don’t they realize how grim the lyrics for that one. When you are from Chicago you know exactly what I mean with that one — I can’t believe Mike Philbin warmed up to God too because when you think him he comes up with ideas that are darkly atheistic. I am going to look up this judge as I doubt Eric Hovind or his daddy does any journalistic research.

“I’m glad in God, far happier than you would ever guess—happy that you’re again showing such strong concern for me. Not that you ever quit praying and thinking about me. You just had no chance to show it. Actually, I don’t have a sense of needing anything personally. I’ve learned by now to be quite content whatever my circumstances. I’m just as happy with little as with much, with much as with little. I’ve found the recipe for being happy whether full or hungry, hands full or hands empty. Whatever I have, wherever I am, I can make it through anything in the One who makes me who I am. I don’t mean that your help didn’t mean a lot to me—it did. It was a beautiful thing that you came alongside me in my troubles.”

All right — I will be doing a video blog soon enough; I got a letter from village fucktard Robert Champion who may had got my late grandfather’s address from Sherri Parker/Hibbett. Well I am not going to even let him fuck with my day on this one but I submitted for a podcast and for a magazine; then have a new freebie out there that’s a “Dr” Hovind biofic called The Things One Finds. It’s a bit of a science fiction deal because I mention the hologram of Tupac Shakur which when you’re a science fiction writer you don’t now either to get creeped out or be intrigued.
     Last month will be 12 years ago since I joined FictionPress.com and 11 years ago House of Spiders was written. So this piece — the biofic. I hope everyone who is who sees “Dr.” Hovind whatg he really is — a huckster will appreaciate this piece (I hope FictionPress.com doesn’t get mad for that story. Hovind is a historical figure in the modern era as Forbes.com was chasing his story around.)
     I hope some of it took this in the spirit I wrote the story because it’s a work of satire. I am sure “Dr.” Hovind will be pissed; you know I might have a new collection brewing as I write new stories that hit the 2800-3400 range and thinking how many of these I can fill and another is an anthology challenge for the blogophere — I am sure the twittersphere might shun writers and not give them a chance if they are a true indie.
     When you are a Christian the rules had changed with writers because when they assume Christian fiction author – they automatically assume that one is a bonnet ripper. Well all joking aside I had sent a few new short stories out and about — one is an exposure/podcast. I had never seen my work done like this but it should prove intersting to see. The story I wrote was in a matter of 80 minutes time. I am going to see if I can come up with a short story a day and see what I am able to come up with in 2 weeks — sorry Champion but you did a move that’s a true fucktard in motion.
     I had called Bill Busters.com to find out if anyone fabricated a court order for garnishment.
     They told me, “if you get goverment benefits they cannot garnish this.”
     I pretty much have Robert Champion’s ass in a sling for mail fraud.
     I didn’t think that was below him.
     Hibbett threatened me with a five year stint in the state pen — friend of plagiarists everywhere. She got her history wrong with me — as she didn’t know me since 1984. That would been 31 years; there was no way she went to Spring Hill — I am sorry but going after my family’s address they aren’t public figures and not in public life the immediate family do not work in the public eye so please respect their privacy. Both of you are acting like ingrown ass hair — you’re both a pain in the ass. Stop acting like a hemoroid.
     “That’s some disgusting references.”
     Well the one said I was disgusting.
     I am not about to do something stupid such as consult a bill collector to harass a rival.
     Meaning when I am after someone — you know I am after you. Hibbett’s false claims of creating fake accounts — I created those for her with my e-mail accounts then when have them verified I was going to switch them over to her. I did this for my roster too for their birthday to have something for their short stories that they can allow as freebies so they can have a readership online. I will be doing a video that’s unlisted and it will be paired with this blog. I do hang out with the folks on Insanejournal.com — I managed to torque someone off on linkedin.com; when it comes to an anthology market. Don’t get greedy because I work in a small press and a modest budget so fan funding is very important for my combined projects as a writer and publisher.
     Also — some of those who are on Linkedin.com, don’t even send me a resume unrelated to my field as I am an independent publishing professional. If I want to have you on a project; I will invite you and will be upfront how I operate. I am a networking publisher — my goal is to get you into with a larger magazine or trade paperback journal. When you realize that — don’t get fucking greedy with me aka Instant Fame Syndrome because I will say leave your ego at the door because the subject matter my roster approaches or approached is difficult subject matter.
     I will take your short story submissions via linkedin.com. I will explain with the challenging — it’s for short story writers who fall in the mid-range. You see either poets or novelists — but when they see a short story writer. They are given so much shit. Short story writers need more respect than what they are given because I was talking about this on a blog comment because publishers tend to poo-poo on short stories. Film industry — if with a medium sized film company because I need a good sized budget to do my short stories (Lake Fossil needs to be animated in a unique way to retain a historic accuracy of 1993 Carol Stream and Chicago.)
     Hibbett and Champion need to really both re-think their lives if they are going to fuck with someone who is less fortunate.
     “I will pray for you,” with Sherri Parker’s words.
     What she really means is go fuck myself.
     Where “I will pray for you” sounds more like “Go fuck myself” is where she claimes I am the one who threatened to take her life. I never did that but I basically told her what she did was quite wrong — invading my privacy and being friends with a plagiarist.
     God must really hate you right now!
     He hates us all. (That was was a joke, but going and say, “I will pray for you” sounds more like a kick in the head when someone uses that to fuck you over and devote their life to doing so.)
     Like Robert Champion for examle as BillBusters and I spoke for 11 minutes saying what he did, “They can’t garnish your goverment benefits.”
     Guess what Rob — you fucked yourself; go clone yourself so you can go fuck yourself.
     So here I am working on some new short stories and the idea will be it will play off my metafictional delivery where this collection will be the size of my testimony. Well I wonder if Sherri’s sister will even listen to reason or will she just do her sister’s dirty work.
     “I will pray for you.”
     “Why don’t you go fuck yourself!”
     As in go play hide and go fuck yourself.
     I found a youtube.com video where he, an African-American, said “Fuck you you fucking fake saint.”
     “Pray for yourself bitch!” is his version of “Vaffanculo – cazzo finto Santo! Mentire a me utilizzando più nomi schermo a molestare voi? Sei un coglione cazzo vile.”
     We all fallen short man — I am looking at this as he reveals some Biblical truths.
     “Stop fucking with me on my e-mail!”
     You fucked with me on twitter when you had lead the fucking boycott.
     I am sitting there watching this video and getting ready to pinterest this because this is African-American shock jock (he went for 15 minutes too.)
     As I have my new short story and working on a few others — this blog will have a video blog paired up with this because I know that there are others who had seen this done to. I will pray for someone then realize I am the person who can open that door.
     “Pray for me because I want to be published.”
     “Hey you want to be published, prayers answereed if you can keep your full artistic freedom. Get out of that bonnet ripper rut.”
     I could easy do a meme of “Fuck you — you fucking fake saint” of Samuel L. Jackson saying it from Coming to America.
     I had been seeing African-American video bloggers who are critics of religion as my latter short stories put me as a critic of religion status as I became a critic of this. I wonder what this guy will make of Chicago women – as you see multi-cultural Gothic women here; as I had published African-American writers in the recent history as the last eight years.
     So I am challenging Sherri Hibbett/Robert Champion to get together and co-write a book together that challenges my video blog and anthologies if they think I am that much of a monster – a demon. Then why would they want me to be in so much poverty that even my grandchildren wouldn’t be able to pay it? So Champion how moronic can one get when talking about you because you don’t go after someone who gets goverment benifits because I am not a trustfund pedophile like you.
     As I do hae my new short story up on FictionPress.com; it’s a biofic on a historical figure in modern history. I guess when someone reads this they might ask questions of her as she’s on Linkedin.com — I do encourage her to answer every question one asks her because I am sure she will respond with, “I will just pray for you.”
     I am sure she changed her e-mail address because I busted her over snubbing Andrew Ian Dodge. Yeah I am sure some may see that as harsh of two former classmates but these two were friends of plagarists. With them — don’t even eat. Expel the amoral sister; as in when she refuses to speak up when I get plagiarized and how does someone excomunicate her from a denomination.
     I wonder if she treats me like a pagan because I do make fun of religious leaders without any mercy — does that mean I am going to hell? I believe in God though I am not going to constrain myself in the creative straightjacket.
     “How much bullshit did you dine on?”
     I am sure that Dan Mowrer understands now why I invited him. I explained how he must become a member of the ensemble because his submission will have him explaining why my roster and friends were treated like they were unwelcomed. If that wasn’t Edgar Allan Poe’s 205th birthday I wouldn’t had mentioned Tabloid Purposes IV or Nickolaus Albert Pacione Delivers: A Library Of Unknown Horrors — well losing my lulu.com accounts the blame is all Hibbett because someone by the name of “Stan Dupe” did the fake report.
     This is where “I will pray for you” sounds more like “Go Fuck Yoursef!
     I did a google and seen where some would say that because don’t say those five words unless you really mean it.
     “I am praying to become published.”
     “How serious are you about being a published author if you are from the faith based background — look if you’re not a bonnet ripper novelist, if you do fringe literature I am a micropress outfit. It’s just me so what I do is publish anthologies of short horror, contemporary science fiction, and creative nonfiction with an edge behind it. Are you willing to uncensor your artistry; get out of that creative straight jacket Christian fiction put on writers. In other words, the 1990s happened,” I will respond to this.
     I am sure someone who is a Christian will be stupified by the response of creative straight jacket because I was uncensored for 22 years of my near 25 years. I’ve done the preachy poetry but I am going to say — doing horror and science fiction, it was empowaring. Writing Lake Fossil the first time — I was going, “Holy shit, what did I do. This is a new terrority.”
     So the new short story– a biofic called The Things One Finds the science in the story is YouTube.com; and the thing with me as a science fiction writer. I don’t make up the sciecne in the story — the science was already there. Lake Fossil — and it’s sequels was the same science discussed in Jurrasic Park. That why I had the in-jokes and there was a lot of in-jokes at the expense of Spielburg. He’s a literary influence when I write Sci-Fi.
     This one and the story I did for a classmate based upon his notes as he would have been with RAGE Machines as he was almost working in the indie press. There is work for those who can draw in the indie markets because you see anthologies that are in the computer generated rut. There are some publications who can do this effectively like Tales of the Talisman — but try to find someone who can do graphite or charcol for your artwork when doing horror.
     It an organic genre but one story in my catalog is mechanized that was in Tabloid Purposes: Book Five as I am going to have en easier time getting this back in circulation because I really don’t have to do much to ready it for CreateSpace.com. (I found the original cover and memory cards I used for this. I don’t have the photograph I used for the title page sadly. That was said because it was a sequel photo to a photo I did in 2004.)
     The Millennium Park crouching photos were not meant to be close ups as Diary-X.com would know that one. (The panorama portraits will be my editor photos on the challenge project.) The challenge is to see how fast I can fill a 192 page anthology about the size of Issue 10 — but the same dimensions as the lulu.com version of Issue 5 and Issue Four.
     So the challenge is 3000-5800 words and the anthology call is 2 weeks – how fast can someone churn out 3000 word short story. These are all stories in the mid-range (mid-range is about the size of The Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe.)
     Tell me — those of you who are born in the 1970s; are we the generation of the deceased? Well show me we’re not by joining an ensemble of writers who you could easy had grown up with — they easy could been in your neighborhood growing up. So you really are having to think about this one some — because when you see someone from the old neighborhood who became published.
     “What he became a published writer?”
     “I’d never expect him to become a writer.”
     I remember what Sandra who lived in Wintrop Avenue said when I read “Spiral Torment” to her the first time.
     “What is going through your mind? Man, Nick, I didn’t think this was even in you.”
     Trobiani — I am going to explain something to you on this blog and public record now, Arpil 1997 just as I became published for a shorter work “Method Into The Heart Of Madness” as I wrote this with my sister on my lap as she was a year and a half at the tme. You claimed the last time you saw me was in high school.
     You saw me at 20 years old just as Mowrer did.
     Some of the classmates saw me as I turned 20 years old; I writing subject matter I wish I was able to on that level at 20 years old — the stories that are the size of my first 2000 word short story come out more often. My blog entries are that size too now. So I want some of you to think about the fact some of the classmates are no longer around; as my roster — two of the modern era members aren’t either. What have some of you did that was truly noteworthy?
     It’s a fucking tragedy when you have classmates who are not supportive of you; they would treat you like persona non grata and talk about their 11 points against Glenbard South. Tell me about your adult infamy? I am sure many want to hear about that — as I invite you to protest getting my challenge project into Glenbard East with the new versions of the namesakes. This anthology for me to pull this off — I need everyone to go word-of-mouth like my following in the 1990s; I got that word of mouth and in chatrooms when I was able to do direct link on my screen name. They need to resurrect the HTML chatroom because everyone gained a license to become computer illiterate because of Mark Zuckenburg.
     “Facebook.com — we’re making fun of you because you use a computer to do everything, don’t you know everything is done on an iPhone?”
     “Get on a computer and shut up because you insult writers when you talk with us on a cell phone when you’re not doing a phone conversation. I can understand if a musician or an actress is on a cell and checing their e-mail from it. But the regular people who don’t have Adobe Acrobat Reader on their mobile — you’re telling me ‘fuck you’ and ‘we don’t care about indie writers’ each time you insult us.”
     The indie writer is the backbone of horror and science fiction; the fanzine is what allowed us to get out there or the micropress magazine. The micropress journal is the evolution of the magazine — the magazine that’s a trade paperback that lives on your book shelf and nothing is serialized. Meaning you can grab an issue and not miss anything in a previous issue unless they do a sequel story. That’s where Ramsey Campbell insulted me — because fanzine = lowtech publication, micropress journal is high tech and you can get ISBNs on them. If doing this journal on CreateSpace.com you can get it in more places; you have the tech to work with CreateSpace.com — or willing to learn just ask if you are in good graces with me.
     Roster authors who need help with their own accounts on merging pdfs to make a title seamless — I will do this for you for free (the only time I will work at no charge for pdf merging for authors. If you are not on roster and asking me to do this for you designing for Lulu.com — I have a $60.00 labor charge to design the pdf for you; roster authors you stay there I will help you but I will have to go under a trade moniker. You must have you PDF and everything; if Lulu.com charges $100.00 for publishing services — I am going to undercut them and can do this stronger for less. $60.00 every 200 pages as this is an exention of my graphic design outfit – GraveworX will do this for less than what they charge.)
     I don’t do Kindle or try not to because my design work on a project isn’t always compatible because I use unconventional fonts on some publications. If you’re a classmate and hang out with my roster some on facebook comments, I want to thank you for taking the time to hang out with them. That means a lot to me — and I am entrusting Dan Mowrer to help my roster and I get this anniversary gig going to help me celebrate my 25th Anniversary because he screwed me out of celebrating my ten year anniversary as a published author and publisher.
     How serious is Mowrer about wanting to help make things right with them; I am holding him to this. Meaning if Champion or Hibbett protest this and try to have me arrested for what bullshit claims they came up with — I will have them both for fraud. But I will not sue Sherri Hibbett because it was written not to sue other Christians — but what about having them brought to justice for fraud?
     A source told me of Hibbett, “She uses the big business side of organized religion to the highest reguard.” She anti-subculture and I am guessing what she would make of God Forbid as they were the second African-Ameican thrash metal band — Body Count was the first thrash metal band (Ice T approached thrash on its own terms. He didn’t come in and rapped his lyrics with Bodycount; they were spouted like a thrash metal vocalist. He came in with a similar attack I have — my vocals are a mix between the AJFA gruff and the Far Beyond Driven growl.)
     I am about the college dream — if you are able to go to a junior college; that’s the way if you have a twat like Diana Mitchell who fucked you over. I am not going to let classmates butt-fuck my career as a publisher; as I know one can get medicated pot in Illinois — if you get it for medical reasons. I will say be careful where you smoke it at because they do have a fine in Chicago for smoking it in public — I admit I have tried pot but it’s not my bag. (I was tricked into smoking it. Some friends in Iowa said it was tobacco take a long inhale. I had a fucking headache afer that. I can’t believe I fell for that one; being I was a cigarette smoker at the time.)
     It’s been four years in January since I quit smoking too so I haven’t had a drag of a cigarette since then. I had gained the weight from those who quit smoking because you’re eating a lot and chugging down cans of cola by the case. Some would say it’s my front teeth that are chipped (no it was my back teeth — think it migh be the wisdom teeth that I never had removed.) The video blog that is going with this will be an unlisted video meaning it will be seen with this blog.
     I noticed her friend who goes by Thomas M (gmail id “angryinillnois,” who is noted for being a book burner harassed me into silence and I will not be silent about what he’s doing.) As I am guessing he’s Brian Keene’s patsy who enables the plagiarism of my work — unreleased material were they harassing magazines I submitted to saying, “Pacione is a criminal and under freedom of information act I am asking for those stories he sent.”
     This was what he threatened me with as I am guessing “Flint Stone” is him too on YouTube.com as his “silent partner.
     “I hear you are harassing Sherri Parker again. I’ll make you a deal: You stop contacting her, Mary, Karen, basically every female you’ve ever harassed, and I will not post everything you’ve ever written (including your UNRELEASED work) online, for free, on a file sharing site. You agree to these terms and I will not post links to free downloads of your work on 4chan, reddit, and every other social media outlet.”
     E-piracy is a crime asshole and Sherri Parker is contributing to intellectual piracy.
     I know someone might end up making a sequel from The Net off that — I am sure someone saw this movie because it’s prophetic in the way it described identity theft. This new story — I stole no one’s identities but I will make the one thesis a free download so everyone can see this as my research.
     I want the author of this thesis to e-mail me (unclefossil@gmx.com) because I want to thank him for inspiring my new short story. I made this available on one ofmy cloud hosting for educational resources as this became my reverse research when I wrote Lake Fossil.
     I am connected to law enforcement and private invegitagors too; where I will prove Hibbett a habitual liar where she reached out to David Boyer (dead e-mail address.) Robert Baupader, way to make yourself out to be journalist fodder lady.
     “I will pray for you” sounds more like “Go Fuck Yourself.”
     I know she has a sister — as I have the yearbook and if she has questions about her sister’s scandal. I am on record about this as she lied about the time I knew her — she goes back to 1988-1989, she grew up in the area I lived from 1987-1998; she found me on pinterest.com and when I wrote An Eye In Shadows. Then in 2014 she started a boycott as she was going to have my arrested as part of this boycott.
     “Pray for yourself bitch” as that video blogger said.
     His version of “Fuck you — you fucking fake saint.”
     I think there are some who are going and seeing this one-liner made known in string of nerves and having fun with this one. I am waiting for someone else to write that into a short story. Fuck you Hibbett, fuck you. Did I just make this another 4,000 word blog entry? Holy shit I in a zone as a short story author and a blogger. So as some of you read this — I hope you guys enjoy the 2400 word short, that’s on me.