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The thing is I don’t understand with fan fiction writers; when they are approached by original fiction counterparts – they are either intimidated or approach us with hostility. I had been the goto for the fan fiction writer to become a published author for ten years; but the thing with fan fiction writers I get annoyed about is they would celebrate works the characters that they didn’t create. That’s the one thing I don’t understand but if you’re going to call a Lovecraftian Horror author a “fan fiction” writer that’s a bit derogatory. This piece one will see is my historian status on full display.
     When I was trying to query for a magazine – Jerrod had interrupted me on as I was trying to query and said, “Don’t publish him he’s just a fan fiction writer!”
     Way to ruin someone’s chances to get in a publication fuckball.
     “I want to see him get just unpublished and never published again.”
     I could sure realize that Kevin would see this happen as he saw the painting of Nobama burning the Constitution in reply to his bullshit. I have a few stories I am tossing ideas around and trying to get this anthology ready to go. Though Ramsey Campbell really doesn’t give a damn either way if I am published or not as Apt. #2W in Issue 10 is revised and more details were added to the piece since its Withersin introduction. Ramsey who would you rather see get out there?
     That’s the question I want to present to you – as I am the one who can get H. P. Lovecraft into public schools as you said, “Fuck the true indie!”
     I have an idea for a story I am writing at the moment and there being ideas of the direction I can go with it; as Legend Keeper allowed me to explore some heavy hitting concepts and ideas. I have a new freebie up and some asshole going around bastardizing my middle name to bully the shit out of me on FictionPress.com well I blocked him from there and moving on shall we.
     Well to say the least I have some new short stories that are floating around – some are surely be floating around and ideas that are there; as this would been a few year ago since I been to Baltimore. I was sifting around making a few connections here and there; but a few plagiarists I had caught doing so were invading my privacy.
     The classmate, Robert Thomas Champion, made some bullshit claim about me impersonating him when I would never impersonate anyone. The stories I have that are being drafted I might have a few full length outings. The whole thing going through my e-mails as Brian Keene invoked a few prank calls as I blocked prank callers to Google Voice. I had seen the assholes insulting those who are giving me positive feedback on my work – I really don’t appreciate insulting the readers because they enjoy what I write. The one who I had to block is denying that Robert L. Baupader stole my work but Brian Keene admitted he enabled Robert L. Baupader to do this as I am going to point out some shit with Robert Champion.
     Pacionese – oh fuck you there pal; as the faggot who lives in Chicago pulled that one I had found his web I suggest these worms find a new hobby than Pacione-bashing because it’s only creating a buzz about me. Shitheads are going to be shits – and when you have the fan fiction writers who are going around creating a shitstorm because I am the one published and they are in their mid-thirties with 70 fan-works that are novel length works.
     I don’t understand the fannish shit; as much as I grew up on The Twilight Zone and studied Nightmare On Elm Street to become a writer. It’s the ideas I got from watching them and went into Philosophy because of it. Nightmare On Elm Street – the 1984 incarnation, the third one and New Nightmare are the most well written of the series.
     “You studied A Nightmare On Elm Street to write horror?”
     “That I did man but I didn’t go ripping Wes either – I came up with ideas of my own playing with my own nightmares; thinking what I was able to do with it.”
     I wrote Wandering In Darkness with a similar idea and concept that Wes Craven explored when he wrote A Nightmare On Elm Street – I will explore similar ideas and see what I can give with horror as it becomes my own take on the subject matter.
     There is a short story dwelling around and an article floating around here; one floating there thinking what one can really come up with. There are ideas there – I know that much as I am tweaking my covers for the re-emergences (I am hoping CreateSpace.com don’t give me flack for having complex covers.)
     The hard part is doing the spines of these because I used Lulu.com’s spine width calculator for designing covers. Well when I have to examine an entire wave of writers and use that loosely if they are not serious with their craft – you end up having someone who wrote the “novel” known as Another Hope on your hands that came around when I published Tabloid Purposes IV. FanHistory.com said I was set out to redefine this; what they call fan fiction – well I am going to redefine what that is original horror and science fiction created by the fans, for the fans. If they understand that part – redefining; I don’t always support transformative works because it hinders us who are really in the game to get out there for original ideas and concepts.
     The two pieces I recently wrote aren’t fan fiction but they are highly researched material based upon Forbes.com’s articles, my own exchanges and a college thesis I came across with the one. Then the sources for the one came from reading the articles that unfolded during the era as they were made online by The Chicago Tribune – as these jokers who bash my work don’t really do the fucking research like I do. Don’t shit on the story without looking at the actual information such as Bonnie ‘n Clyde: 60172 as I stated all the sources as I had revised An Eye In Shadows with this information I didn’t have in 2007 or 2008.
     If you’re going “too long; didn’t read,” what is your attention span if I have to ask because you can’t watch videos that are forty minutes or read a short story that’s 2000 words. Go back to reading books where they are 20 pages and 400 words tops dumbass. If you hate my guts for one reason or another; go on video and show your disdain – don’t hide behind fake names to be a total faggot!
     “That’s a little.”
     “What politically incorrect; haven’t you figured it out – I don’t give a flying shit about political correctness and when I do horror I sometimes will make social commentary. So take that; put that up your pipe and choke on the smoke, motherfucker!”
     So think about what I say with some of you who are telling me that I “can’t write” or grammatically inept.
     Does it register with you I have an accent and a dialect to my writing?
     There are some things that might come off sounding a little differently to some and there are a few who are cowards coming on impersonating my 16 year old son.
      That’s not funny at all – if you’re a fan fiction writer and hate me; I perfectly understand your disdain for original fiction writers where you prefer reading fanfiction writers of the original creators. When the project I am working on – is open to the blogger to crossover into writing a print medium but can go into great depth with what they do.
     Some of these jokers don’t realize I am in the top 25% of linkedin.com within the blogger category which is really surprising to me. The other bloggers that I am up against are often fashion bloggers so I am a candid life blogger – as I will speak literature some and my InsaneJournal.com account will see reviews at great depth too. I will ask some of the websites that are there who are protecting fan works; if someone wants to be a serious author – why don’t they submit to markets seen on ralan.com? Rule of thumb – don’t snub anthology calls no matter the market; but be selective because you don’t want to do something that compromises the beliefs you have or integrity of your publishing house.
     So those of you who are fannish types; how serious are you about your craft as writers or do you just intend to end up doing something like Another Hope? If I was to do an anthology based upon a character it will be a tribute to King Kong; because King Kong (the written character) is in the public domain – or was as this is debated. Lake Fossil owes a debt to King King. The characters I do original shit with – some of the characters are in public domain; and you can have some fun with this so if you’re writing King Kong fan fiction. I am keeping an eye on you guys because Kong was a serialization in print as novelized. Lake Fossil is also in Lost World Genre created by A. C. Doyle. My teenage character was a stand in for Professor Challenger so I am thinking if I am going to do another sequel to Lake Fossil I need to introduce a descendent to Professor Challenger. I am playing around with ideas here and there; publishing an A. C. Doyle story that’s not Sherlock Holmes or Professor Challenger I did that to show he did more than those two.
     I have this challenge for those who are fan fiction types who write 2400-7800 word pieces that are stand alone works; can you do a short story that’s original equal size to this?
     “Uh? What’s a stand alone?”
     That’s our terminology for “one shots.”
     I do not allow slash fiction of anything I write; please honor those wishes – I am a Christian and if you write fan fiction off Lake Fossil please keep it faithful and no number titles (ie Lake Fossil IV, V, etc because those are mine when I do sequels.) You can have the Lake Fossil stories interweave with my other Science Fiction possibilities and world worlds but nothing longer than Lake Fossil.
     The condition of this I will allow it if I get to publish it in print – Lake Fossil Fan fiction is property of Lake Fossil Press; therefore Lake Fossil is my creative property. Real Person Fiction of me – I will publish that but, for fuck’s sake, do not slash me ever because it’s hard enough as it is for me to find a woman. I got really mad when I found out Michelle’s then boyfriend was even thinking about slashing me and my son; I was going to look for him and shove him over North Avenue Bridge. My blogs open the doors for fan fiction writers to do fiction that they want to be print published for as this is my research that I make available online and freely available. I am active character when I do meta-fiction; not your goddamned Sue/Stu whatever you fucking call it but what I am is a real life version of the everyman.
     I am an educated version of the everyman; knowledgeable with computer science and technology so the aspect of science fiction when I do the hard sci-fi is computer tech and information technology. If I need help with additional science knowledge on this; one of my cousins graduated from DeVry University. My one cousin though wants me to write not so intelligent things or come up with ideas more like a simpleton from a small town. I don’t write about rural small town horrors like my rivals do or Kevin Lucia does but I will explore urban terror; because I had more access to larger cities as a twenty-something and early thirties.
     Small town for me is 20,000-30,000 people and able to take a mt. bike across it.
     Also I don’t make up my haunted towns – The Typewriter had a goof where I wrote two South Barrington, Illinois, I wish Dave caught that well we joke that Justice, Illinois is our other South Barrington.
     Why make up a haunted town like Thrall, when you really lived in one like Justice, Illinois, and one in your backyard (Glen Ellyn, Illinois.)
     I am sure some of you fan-fiction writers might want to play with Zak Bagans’ hometown and my old place where I used to go to make the cash to pay my early bills. Also home of my first lone wolf ghost hunt – as I was published for this in Tales of the Talisman 2.1; I wish I was able to find my sketches of the chapel from 2000 at the time when I wrote this. If you’re going around making my family’s address public this is kindly saying this; refrain from doing so too – please respect their privacy because they did nothing to you. Robert Champion lose my family’s address because all the drugs you were dropping on your tongue because you think that human is on the menu – this is going to make some people sick when I say this; if you really want to see what human tastes like. Here’s a meat cleaver; chop off your own limbs and cook them up.
     “That’s a fucking gross comment!”
     I am here all week.
     I am sure classmates are bitching because I made that retort but that was actually the kind of rebuttal to, “I will kill you myself, then eat your carcass like a Portillo’s Hot Dog.”
     Does that sound like someone who is all peace and love like a fucking hippie would say?
     You piss me off, Hippie scum.
     Someone throws that one at me when I have long hair – but the difference between me and them is I am a Conservative and vote Republican. There is a wave of Republicans who have long hair; listen to heavy metal and read science fiction, horror, and other weird fiction. I can’t believe how many years I had been known to have long hair and it’s my entire published in print career I have it – I was short haired at some point but grew in and didn’t look right because I was naired.
     I can imagine what those who had chemo feel like having their hair fall out in clumps – it’s a scary thing; my hair in 1999 was very long too and co-worker said they were going to give me a “hot oil treatment” so I would imagine these kids who are 20 years old and writing fanfiction. I never toyed with that when I was 20 years old though written Cthulhu Mythos off and on – I am a known Cthulhu Mythos author. You work in publishing and a genre fiction author – the long hair is something you really can get away with; small press publishing especially being a few of the roster is known for their ink or got ink.
     The fan-fiction counterparts if you see an original fiction author/publisher combination giving you feedback on something; listen because that might land you a publication gig. The fannish world the more I research this. I am going to admit it’s a bit weird to see and think about because I don’t think I can ever be celebrated with a whole body of work that the stories aren’t my characters to begin with.
     Creative Nonfiction and developing my own horror sub-genres gave me a literary identity – where I was able to coin subgenres as a writer. Lake Fossil Press was one of the first publishers of Creative Nonfiction in the small press as Victoria Murray was a creative nonfiction writer in Tabloid Purposes. That world is so fucking weird it sometimes I have a hard time trying to make of this site but The Twilight Zone Fandom, Edgar Allan Poe, H. G. Wells, and some of the horror fandoms if they do the crossover they seem to do rather well in a small press setting.
     You may never know who is going to be scouting you because a few of my alumni emerged from this circuit. So to be honest – if you’re going to be getting noticed for writing fan fiction exclusively; don’t be expected to be taken seriously when you call yourself a writer.
     Because I’ve seen the 20-somethings who were older than me who got more noticed for then I started asking questions if they ever tried. getting an original piece written – when they did this they got picked up by me. Developing a literary identity thing with being an author and publisher; where I am just a working writer, like you.