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While I working new material to send out for submissions; I decided to share some interesting finds.  The new short story I am working on is as blistering as Legend Keeper.

This Kid Does His Homework

While I working new material to send out for submissions; I decided to share some interesting finds. The new short story I am working on is as blistering as Legend Keeper. Those calling Cthulhu Mythos “fanfic” I need to explain the genre that was created in H. P. Lovecraft’s honor, the style is called Lovecraftian Horror. So I figure some of you can enjoy this weird documentary as I talk about what I am working on and feature a kid who does his research. I will see if I can find him some good heavy metal so he can get some eerie ideas and what not; going to link up one of the sites where he got his ideas from.
      I wonder if one looks around this place can someone get ideas for Medical Horror; well who knows because I have a hard time writing medical terminology. Even when I wrote The Pattern Of Diagnosis I couldn’t get the medical terms right. So I hope some of you enjoy the documentary choice as this is for the kid as he learns how to do what I eventually became. A Weird Historian. The video is presented for educational reasons.

Oh man — I have a 6400 word beast that’s has as much venom as The Fandom Writer or Fandom Weirdness; it’s a heavier hitting and much darker piece. I can’t believe how blistering this new story is going to be and just working on it for a few hours; oh shit — this is brutal as in old school Pacione from the 1990s brutal. I never thought I was able to even touch that brutal level of A Cemetery Dream it was a blueprint work. The Statue and Lake Fossil were blue print works too; showed I was able to hit the 6000 range too.
     This is Legend Keeper blistering for a short form work; oh shit — that is the first thing that comes to mind that comes with this. Pure dark philosophical horror. My works always had the philosophical elements — even House of Spiders had these traits. I haven’t written anything like these last three stories I was submitting out and about.
     The creative nonfiction breakout story that Cinsearae and I published; that was a breakthrough work for me. First piece I hit the 5000 word range and I was doing 6000 word pieces in my twenties and seen a kid at 14 doing stories which played up 1,000 Ways To Die and he really researched the material.
     This short story has some philosophical questions asked throughout the work; and it’s very provocative in that sense. I was writing provocative horror at 14 years old — but nothing like in my mid-twenties material where I was hitting 2100-2600 words quite often and did 3500 word short stories. I am doing 3000 word short stories too more often and as fast as I am able to punch out something 2800 words too. Edgar Allan Poe had one story like The Tell-Tale Heart and The Black Cat while I had a few like that and able to churn them out every few days. I will say to you all out there; don’t mistake our dialect and wording for shitty grammar and if you’re “prime and proper” to me — fuck off already.
     “What I suck because I don’t write like a small towner?”
     Get used to writers who are originally city or urban because we’re not going away.
     Well I am going to run this story through iwl.me to analyze the traits — I had pulled up David Foster Wallace with the results. Man I need to seek out his work. My new story I pulled a result of Cory again (holy shit he’s going to think I am plagiarzing him when I am not!) Oh damn this sucks when you have a style where it’s a dead on match; that’s uncanny because I’ve seen interesting results for different short stories and novellas I’ve done.
     This story is mine and I am not going to lie about that either.
     I think that’s why trolls think I am someone’s pseudonym — now I get the joke, I am a literary changeling because you will not see the same style twice from me. I wonder of the magazines and anthologies I’ve submitted to studied our damned dialect. I guess the new style I am playing up has traits of Damage, Inc era Metallica where honesty is the excuse I have. If you want to be on an anthology I am overseeing in some form leave your fucking ego at the door; I have no room for someone’s bullshit to be honest.
     I had attempted to teach K. J. Boye how to format an anthology originally where he was a novice at that level. Seeing someone four years older than me not being able to format a manuscript then expect pro-rated for a reprint? I am working with a member of my roster to help play role of writing coach to a first time writer where we’re going to have her going 2000-3000 words out of the box. I’ve seen this kid do something that range out of the box — I mean holy shit this is amazing he did this even with 1,000 Ways To Die (I wonder how researched he is on that medical oddities website?) I wasn’t even to churn out a 4800 word work at 14 years old — now about 16 years old..
     I wasn’t able to do that until I was 23-24 years old. But it took awhile before I was doing this more often at 27. I wonder if this kid would become a creative nonfiction version of a horror author; he’s got what it takes. I will have my younger roster authors keep an eye on him to see what he does up to his 20s as a writer — I hope he keeps going into his twenties because he’s doing shit that’s very journalistic traits for his then age. Casey when he was 17 did a 6000 word story; damn — I need to show Casey this one. This might be Casey’s protege.
     This new short story — it’s postmodern with a horror ribcage.
     I am going to see if I can get Terry Vinson, John Paul Allan and John Floyd on the fray with this one I am tryintg to rush and get done in two weeks. I know one thing — I am at 30 pages with the one project and will be designing an anthology around a public domain released artwork and using my Issue Five name logo; I created a cool name logo that I had a few that I did variations on the logo sequence. Not even Coach had an interesting name logo but he had his name in the title a few installments. That gave me the idea for the Lock and Key Revisited project. Doing an anthology that’s entirely the Lock and Key vibe will be a real challenge. I got some joker who is starting shit on FictionPress.com as I am guessing he’s one of Christine Morgan’s lackeys; Christine Morgan’s work is more fanfiction than original works if you ask me. That’s more the reason she did the bastardization of my first science fiction work. Go back to writing fanfiction you twat; and leave me to do my anthologies to make some cash off Legend Keeper.
     This new story is written in such a way where it does have a vibe to what I wrote when I penned Steeplecase. I am sure Christine taught her spawn how to hate people without even meeting them as they went crank calling my family’s place. This one I am working on is a bit pessimistic. It would come about when a fannish shithead who is your age torqued you off enough to say, “It’s us you steal from ultimately.”
     I don’t appreciate some twat doing an anthology that bastardized Lake Fossil where I knew where the name came from — Lulu.com fucked up my synopsis on one version of Tabloid Purposes IV. Trying to tweak my covers is not easy — I am trying to do something truely unique to me compared to other titles on CreateSpace.com. I hate having to rip up the parent files to design a cover. When I get issue five tooled up I can proceed with other innovative anthology cover designs. I am trying to show CreateSpace.com I am quite innovative when doing my magazine, solo books and the anthologies. Once I started to discover LibreOffice’s draw program there was no stopping me with the innovative traits.
     Designing Issue Five — it had the most moving parts I ever had with a cover layout; I was originally designing covers on LibreOffice’s word processor untl I found the draw program. Once I get Issue five approved the rest is going to be easier — the ensemble anthology project; the spine will resemble a composition book because it had a black spine but designing aspects of it are going to be a little tricky. Some of the nuances are going to make this thing really damn cool looking. Some writers who I addressed — I was the one holding the cards on that one because I had to explain to them what manuscript preparation.
     The new story — oh it’s nasty with how the delivery comes about it’s a slow prodder too but when I hit you with the the scares you’re not going to realize when it’s coming. Wandering in Darkness was known for it’s unpredictable traits. My newer works are blistering in their vibe — showing man is guilty of many things. My five year memoir closed out with my 2000 era quote, “Horror is the monster that’s mankind.”
     This story plays up that 2000 quote.
     The ensemble cover will have traits that will show a kinship with An Eye In Shadows in the 2014 revised edition where I kept the integrity of the 2008 version. When you live in Chicago — or around Lombard, you never really saw a kind word. This one easy a blistering 6000 plus word short story — it’s as frightening to a fish that would be in open air and out of the water five hours that’s not a lung fish. It’s got a sufficating delivery going for it; I never written anything with that vibe.
     This is a coin toss boys — flip a two-headed coin. I am trying to fix my two projects for their re-emergence and I don’t want a situation like An Eye In Shadows where it was a merry-go-round getting everything ready. This new one — oh man this is flat out insane with the feel. I know with these — working on the Lock ‘n Key Challenge I am going to make the rounds on a few sites to get the word out and see who’d be up for this challenge.
     The challenge is for those who can churn out a 3000-5800 (max 6800 words at most) original horror story, urban fantasy and weird real-life piece. The Lock and Key Library was edited by Nathaniel Hawthorne’s son, Julian. My multiple new short stories a few went out as free reads while others are getting submitted around. While I am arranging both anthologies — I am going around sifting around for interesting fonts and seeing what I can play with on a book cover layout.
     “What fonts do you have?”
     As a publisher I have hundreds of fonts to toy with though there a few I will not touch with a ten foot pole. The new short story will show traits in those who steal ideas and thoughts as being spineless. I can offer up some free templates for those who need help preparing a manuscript who never did that before. Do not send me anything in a body of an e-mail when submitting for an anthology; as this will go unread. This one I am going to say will have a heavy dose of gloom and doom. This one is strong with lot of heavy sarcasm and the eat-me grin.
     If you’re submitting to a publisher or any magazine — learn how to format your manuscripts. This one who I yelled at for that. I was not comfortable sending larger pieces in the body of an e-mail. 2002 I started submitting for print publications — the one I sent to they had a 1700 word count limit; I can barely do that range because my own blog entries are now longer than that. Do not send me a reprint and expect pro-rates for the fucking thing!
     Especially when someone is a micropress.– fuck off.
     Don’t get greedy when it comes to a very small outfit; submitting out myself is how I fund my publishing outfit at times. When are some going to even understand I am a working author myself? Independent publishing professional who is looking to publish a blogger in the print medium — if you can do a 2400 word blog and born in the mid-1970s; feel up to giving this a shot? How can you change up your blogging style for a print medium; do something that doesn’t require hotlinking.
     The new short story is longer than Wandering in Darkness is and trying to get my covers ready for CreateSpace. I can get these covers to my liking and pass inspection I will be good to go because doing these will help when I do the two that are next.
     “Don’t care — you should give up.”
     When you write Lovecraftian Horror — you see the insults and being called some duragotory shit; as I seen it when I had gone at it with those on Gothic-Classifieds.com. I had my cousin trying to get more real life shit interrupting company and industry work. I am tired of that world interrupting what I am trying get done and out there. The aspects of this blog; will hopefully give some fan fiction writer out there the urge to make a litrary crossover to either original horror or creative nonfiction.
     “I don’t care what you produce you’re done.”
     I really can see the literary industry pulling that argument out of their ass. Yeah go pull a rabbit out of your ass.
     This new story has a crushing effect too as I am not done with my fannish counterparts who are my generation; it’s time to educate showing them Lovecraftian Horror is published often. Cthulhu Mythos used in real cities as there are Cthulhu Mythos time lines that Mythos writers get noticed in — Shoggoth.net coined Cthulhu Now timeline. Cthulhu Mythos set in the 1980s-present like the story Pickman’s Modem.
     I have the anthology this is published and reprinted from. There is a timeline where The Cthulhu Mythos if you written a few stories in this — it’s a rite of passage. This new short story explores Nietzsche and Jung type ideas. This one has a vibe you want to toss in some math metal to capture an eerier tone with it. I know one thing with Tabloid Purposes: Book Five and 3 when introducing them to the new location — Book Five might be easier of the two to arrange. One thing — avoid sendups of Twilight with any of my anthologies or the magazine.
     “What — no short stories where it’s multiple parts in a 5800 word piece?”
     Stand alone and reads as one continuous short story.
     You want to fair well in anthologies born in the New World — learn New World History (North America and South America, they are producing interesting works of short story.) Try to avoid breaking 5000 word short stories as chapters because they are meant to be presented as a standalone work. The Ethereal Gazette — it’s the 3200-6800 word stories that do very well in the magazine or the 8800-10,000 range. This story is one of those that would be tricky to place because of the size. The fan scribes of my own generation need to understand they don’t bring an ego with them with this mentality that their shit don’t stink but when fart — watch it.
     Think about our dialect when you say we suck as writers because you might not catch our dialect. Think about how the Wonder Years was done as Fred Savage is an Inland North based actor as his brother; how do you write for an Inlander the question? If you can hear the Inland and understand our regional terms you might catch something cool in motion there. Hemmingway and Edgar Rice Bourroughs were both from here as is Charles Beaumont. So is Robert Bloch as he lived where my grandmother as a kid grew up — though moved to Wisconsin in 1929. I don’t know how much my grandmother was aware of Robert Bloch in his prime.
     But think about what I am saying when doing anthologies. They are not the throwaway pulp magazines as this wave of magazines or journal sized publication. they are bookshelf publications as in you keep The Ethereal Gazette on your bookcase. I am trying to do something with a matted cover with the layout with Issue Five which was akin to what Book of Dead Things was like when I had the first version.
     The piece I want you guys to check out is something I came across called Deathicide. This kid wrote something the same size as Steeplecase; but my story I am working on and will be sending out is a little larger than this is. I am going to send this along to Horns to see what he thinks because I will explain something with 1000 Ways To Die. It was a creative nonfiction horror anthology series on Spike TV. This kid was a little young for this show when it was in it’s prime so you have to realize how did this show get all the way to the Phillipines.
     He researches this shit! That’s why I am turning my head and need to show my roster this one; he’s my son’s age. So what I am going to say — give him four years and see what he takes with this if he can go in to creative nonfiction because he’s doing this from a nonfiction horror show. My new story plays up many different territories myself and this is something I am looking at because he’s doing mid-range short stories out of the box. So as I’m hammering away on this new short story give this kid some readers; I am going to have Horns look at this one to see what he thinks.
     I am going to feature a documentary for those who are on that site if they want some ideas how to hammer out original written content. I have to admit playing with a nonfiction show and researching the material is pretty damn original.