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white trash scumbags who are up there encouraging their 'son' to be a complete dick. His mother is bitch too.Holy shit — I heard some very encouraging comments in facebook.com chat from Mancow; he said those who are the bullies are stuck within valleys. He can’t be anymore right about that one — I am working on the new story though a few set backs as I am working on them (the sound drivers I am trying to fix on my computer.) This new story well it’s about 8000 words now and if I wasn’t having problems with my computer I would been writing more on it last week and have the sound going. Instead of the two week limit on this anthology that it was the challenge I presented on Linkedin.com it’s how fast can we get everyone in and ready to go.
      “Are you always this prolific?”
      That’s an understatement and now trying to get my computer turned on (the desktop so I can get my files off it so I can rework Dirty Black Winter without starting from scratch.) I have added a new toy to my toolbox; and that’s a second hard drive that doubles as cloud storage. I am still looking for short stories for the one project — and if you’re in the born in the 1970s (mid-to-late) I have a few spots open and a couple spoken for but I think this anthology that’s an ensemble I can easy make this a 200 page anthology or the size of the five year memoir.
      The new story — is in progress and have two submitted out. I am wondering what the verdict on the one is though I doubt Brian Keene will start badgering some publications to intercept the story when I wrote it. Intercepting my work seems like a vile past time Brian Keene has. I am sure he’s got a few on CreateSpace.com convinced I am a vile criminal when Horns noticed what he did.
      I will say this on record right now — I offered the link where one can merge their pdfs from using LibreOffice/OpenOffice not for sale but offering to help for free if they want. So the one who is going around under a name relating to BK’s account. I am wondering if he was the one who impersonated my friends and correspondents. I am sorry but I am not amused by that; going around ruining someone because of what — they wrote a book? I expected that from my classmates and seen them try to ruin me (See Kathy Nolan and Robert Champion; more so Champion because I am saw the certified letter for my disability benefits.)
      “You are not a writer!”
      I am sure I’ve seen this a few times as I can pull out some of the hatemail I got back in 2003-2004. As Ben (RockCandy76 gave me that much shit before I was published; he was one of the original asswipes devoted to fucking me over.) I am sure this one — I am giving him one free chance to take a shot at me in print over the shit he’s invoked over the years; I will give him a hint of my cousin’s last name — starts with a W and ends with an L.
      I guess his mother encourages him to steal from his enemies too; oh man I am going to be called a scumbag because I am riffing on an entire family of aging assholes. This new story I am writing I am riffing on fanwriters much as I did when I penned The Fandom Writer years earlier.
      I am inviting someone from a blogger background to hit the 2400-8800 range with the ensemble project if they can change their blog style to a more narrative delivery with being a short story writer. The one anthology is that range (the one for writers who are from 1973-1979 with this one. The other is for those who missed the boat on that one and want to fill a 180 page anthology in record time.)
      his whole fucking blog is plagiarized from the news no less!Rule of thumb on linkedin.com — don’t send me a resume if you want a hire with me; pull out a word processor and start writing a short story 2000-4000 minimum with me if you’re sending for the magazine. This new one — well it’s in the 8000 range right now and got some positive feedback on this one. The progress on this one is challenging to keep something in this range to say the least because it’s a crazy fucking size.
      I will say this much I am also writing some freebies as well as print exclusive content until I can get my sound working it will be rather hard to do video blogs; I am working on that right now.
      “My sound is down right now guys.”
      Randy of Chicago Metal Alliance was following this and said, “Yipes I can’t even imagine having no sound.”
      Happened before on the desktop more than once.
      So yeah I am trying to figure out how to do this and don’t know if the motherboard or the soundcard itself is shot. Well I will say of this new story — I am not going to be short of scares on this one.
      Mancow told me keep kicking ass; and that’s exactly what I am doing — there is a lot of Biblical references in this new story and everything is implied as Empyrean Sky’s track refers to the narrative too. This story I am working on became a monster — oh man I can’t believe how much of a monster this one is because when I started it it was just 6000 words before my Wi-Fi and drivers went out. The new story — oh man this is getting heavier and heavier with each sentence I am writing on it. I didn’t think I could write something this heavy hitting from the git-go but I was exploring harder subject matter just as I turned 20 years old because my first story I wrote dealt with church burnings.
      Doing dark heavy subject matter had been my hallmarks since year one online; and it’s what I got noticed for big time when I developed my website.
      Having that I had to do a refresh of my computer I lost a lot of my key fonts I needed to even design my covers — it’s a frustrating thing there. Well I will say this much — the new story is coming along nicely and coming at a very strong pace but the hard part is how can I give this a strong enough ending where it will have many returning again and again. I will say this much — there are some of the roster who are itching to ruin some of the worlds of my classmates; namely Amy Schaper as my story is being worked on where I am going to have a field day with this.
      Now I am going around trying to get my drivers reinstalled.
      I am sure that some were making fun of my heavy metal tastes and literary patterns; but I cannot listen to country writing the way I do though. I am now at 8,200 words those saying I haven’t written anything in twenty years you’re so full of shit. I am sure Christine Morgan is devoted to stealing from me as she lied about where her anthology title came from Lulu.com typo’d my synopsis and that’s the truth how that name came about.
      I am sure Balzer’s deals had gone to shit since he ripped off some of my publications and pissed on publishers who had published me over the years. One of them was a friend of his.
      “You’d be hearing from my lawyer!”
      I am sure that I never heard from Robert Champion’s lawyers as he fabricated the legal claims of my blogs when he was trying to sue my ass for $10,000 (fucking con artist.) Well to say the least this new story is picking up speed — if I can get the sound back on here I will be back in business with the video blogs and what not. I am clearly making some progress with this.
      One thing what exactly will leave someone scarred for life when they read a short story — well that’s what comes to mind when I am writing this new one. I can make this clear Karen H. Koehler and my ex-fiancee are going to lead the crusade about ending my career as a writer and publisher. That will fail because what happened with Brian Keene backfired with going for my SSN because he was trying to get someone to think I didn’t exist. Koehler is trying to get me passed off as a faggot when I was choking on a pork chop and it really was a pork chop which I hope it was boneless so I can make a sandwich out of it.
      “I just don’t like the idea you’re a Conservative writing Horror — it’s a faggot genre,” I can see Koehler trying to defend her libel. Well I am in the midst of working on this new novelette and seeing what contributors I can get entirely by word of mouth. My guess K. H. Koehler might be a lesbian because no man in the world would touch her naughty bits unless it was her brother. I am sure she would get pissed at that — don’t care she fucked over my Lulu.com career; it’s entirely on her that I lost all my storefronts as she lied about her sources where the “e-mail address” and address were “published” in Legend Keeper.
      I am going to make this clear — Karen H. Koehler is the reason I was thrown off from Lulu.com without being allowed to speak up for myself on Legend Keeper. My guess with all the e-mails that were fake claims of harassment came from all their friends using fake names at that.
      She claimed, “I know who got you thrown off Lulu.com but I am not telling.”
      That’s because the person who got me thrown was you lady. You don’t like when the truth is told — when you’re dealing with Christians; nothing you ever tell is the truth and what will be coming back upon you happens threefold according to your dogma. Your crusade ends and what would you do if I sold to a publication and that happens with that publisher uses Lulu.com; I know Questionable Content is gunning for anything with me where I am listed as a byline.
      Saying I am incompetent when I almost can do what I did on Lulu.com on CreateSpace — I almost can pull it off but the things that are tricky when using LibreOffice Draw is designing the full wraparound using a complex method. I am trying to get everything ready and now I got Faststone.org re-registered and PaperPort 12 working, I might be able to get some progress made. I submitted off to a few places and waiting to see what happens there but I am guessing Horror.com will not support any venture I do and HorrorWorld.org would rather review plagiarized work of mine.
      The new story well it’s making progress; right now it’s in the nine page range on a A4 manuscript format and trying to see what submissions I got out there via submittable.com. I have a classmate who having a hard time finding work; one thing is to teach them an editorship and have her working with five other editors to teach her how to do this as well.
      Bob Gunner will say I was a quick study; after getting Open Office I took the publishing side of things with stride and became formidable in the process. I am trying to get the issues and publications back into circulation as Brian Keene attempted to fleece me for some of them; I am not exactly amused that he would do something like this. As I am tempted to send Predators and Editor’s an invoice over the bullshit they had put my company over the past ten years — the fact they had cost me submissions since 2007 and they don’t give a goddamn who they fuck over in the process. Andrew Burt yes I am addressing you here because you did this without even reading a Lake Fossil Press title — in other words you are giving into the Payola.
      Compromise a vision of my company for what “celebrating diversity” sorry that does not quite compute with me — I would rather publish quality stories where it don’t contain something about a man sucking off another.
      “You want to tell me to give up at this era of my game?”
      This is only the second period and this is not even the half time buzzer kids.
      Give up publishing — whoever said that to me should put a garbage bag around their head, inject their veins with mercury and see what happens there. I don’t care who you are — you don’t tell someone who has an LD ever to give up. The mercury thing that’s both male and female I am suggesting that too.