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I wonder if he will be pissed at me for finding this one of his; back in 2002 — I did some searching on Archive.org and found this. Does anyone remember his story, The Clause well some searching I found this. This angers me all the more what he pulled on me because he was one of us on The House Of Pain. I hope this blog doesn’t mind me reblogging this one because I am sure Kealan is trying to go to his hardcore roots. Ready for the kicker?
     He was that at all because he showed he was a fan fiction writer first. I am at 9,300 words with the brand new story of the metafictional style. I am not jealous of him at all but pissed because he would treat alumni like shit. Terry “Horns” Erwin said of Legend Keeper I had crushed my competition so I am going to give Kealan something of mine to chew on as The Pattern Of Diagnosis is back and live. Go grab Issue Five on CreateSpace.com and click here where they still have my comment sternly correcting the guy who mis-billed me. My creative nonfiction makes me an author that’s a stand alone from my generation because I am darker than my fictional counterparts. I am working on some new material and will have a special treat for those who are fans of Greek Mythology as I have introduced The Iliad with a very humorous and respectful introduction as I will have this linked up on the blog entry too. I have classmates pissed at me because of my crazy cat lady joke as I am trying to raise funds to help pay a $1,300 Electric bill and donates are accepted on Codexed.com as I will be making framed prints of my older photographs and offering up as exchange to those who donated higher amounts as I will put this in a metal frame that’s either silver or black; then have Walgreens help me blow these up to a larger size.

Cat After Dark


What’s your earliest memory about you making up your own stories?

Oddly enough, I remember always trying to write sequels in novel-form for movies that I loved. Two of the ones I clearly recall were Aliens 2 and Ghostbusters 3. The former had the Momma Xenomorph from Aliens somehow (inexplicably) surviving entry into the earth’s atmosphere after her ejection from the airlock and landing in a rural lake. After that the details (mercifully) get a bit hazy, but I remember the idea was to have rural folks going up against the Xenomorph with shotguns and pitchforks. Which, given the period in which the Alien movies are set, makes absolutely no sense at all.

I also remember a short story entitled “The Calling”, which involved people locking themselves into a church at night to avoid sleepwalking into the tide at the behest of some hypnotic force. Although I’m sure I’m…

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