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This is the blogger who gave my Christian testimony a very unique and cool comment . As I am writing a new blog up and getting an older entry ready public viewing some of you get to see where I came from a bit and showing a photo from the era too as this will be a photo taken from the photo booth when I was at Nocturna in December of 2001. I will be linking up the entry to what I wrote in 2001 called Naperville as this was something that was in the 3000 word range. (3,337 words for exact word count as The Atheists are calling me a shit writer — well let me ask this much if Ramsey Campbell stopped doing once sided research as he has a book on CreateSpace.com. He’d shut his fucking hole. My first namesake pulled 67 likes on it’s e-store so that means something and hoping that also gets some sales from the store too. Yes this is the same Ramsey Campbell — click here to compare the likes with my namesake or Legend Keeper. I am sure the one who goes by the name “myself” is Christine Morgan writing as a different person defending her anthology.
     As I am sure the one known as Angela took a shit on my book without even reading the fucking thing — tell me; who exactly did I plagiarize Emma that conclusion is baseless as I know who started that rumor he calls himself Shadowtron as he was the one who called me a racist when I had insulted him quite hard. Tell me — who did I plagiarize if I did; I would never do this but I had been accused because I do have styles very close to Lovecraft and some others. I mean they are close because I would run my work through http://www.iwl.me

Mark T. Barclay's Heretical Theology

You can click here for the new Mark T. Barclay Ministries Cult video.

Mark T. Barclay Ministries Cult

About the new video:

Mark T. Barclay has taught at least three of the most destructive Trinitarian heresies known to the Christian church and this is well documented and not only that, but has spread his heresy to other ministries associated under him. Barclay has taught that the Trinity is not actual persons, but that the Godhead is a three-part being and he has taught that the members were not eternally Father, Son and Holy Spirit, but changed. This is not only one of the most destructive Trinitarian heresies in the history of the Christian church, but it also an unholy attack on the Orthodox teaching on the Person of Christ, being fully God and fully man(hypostatic union). Thus, making his ministry and church a dangerous cult.

Ken Mattson

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