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When your fans bullied me and went for my work; one of them called me a “retard” via e-mail and I have the e-mails to show it. Then another one stole my work — I had been called nasty names by the Liberals because of my conservatism. I am the one who fought back — took Judo, studied martial arts magazines and had made a bully bleed. I was called retard and Wop-Urkel.
    I was never called a faggot but when I was called retard, the faggot insult would be a comeback. What I did when I countered your bullshit Kealan, I researched you and found your story The Clause on The House of Pain; treat me like a retard where you should treat me with a little more respect. I never went after someone’s SSN like Brian Keene did. I was stabbed because of bullying in Iowa; and the youth pastor refused to bring them to justice when doing so. I ended up punching a motherfucker with a padlock over him trying to shove me into a locker. What I pulled with you Kealan wasn’t an act of bullying but showing you what you were up against. Your fans — well I wish some of them would wake their sorry ass up to realize they need to not make fun of those who have a LD.
     Somes a well timed one armed shoulder throw to the bully who throws the first punch is a warning to tell them to back off. Sometimes when they hit you in the face — barely move your face and crack a sick smile saying, ‘is that all you got’ Brian Keene is well known for his bullying of me and spreading half-truths as I told the truth in Suburbanite’s Confessional. I discovered Kevin Lucia in 2007 when I found the anthology he was published in then became fast friends with my enemies not knowing why they were enemies to begin with. I became brazen and scary in my 20s — I have worn glasses myself Kealan and what would you have done when we were 16-17 years old if we met back then. I would had taught my son and I was in the room with the bully — throw his sorry ass into the ground put a little ground and pound on him; showing the bully that he was dealing with someone who knows how to fight. I had got into brutal fights Kealan when I was 14-16 — almost arrested for giving a guy a tooth polishing for calling me a retard.
     Sometimes you get bullied by misinformation too as that’s the case with Brian Keene. I didn’t have to deal with single bullies but I was bullied by gang bangers. I singled out one of those gangbangers waited for him to throw the punch then I threw his ass into the ground with a headlock the photo featured I have many examples of Keene’s bullying and bullying from your fans Kealan. You need to end this feud between you and me because I have revealed your full controversy and you can’t handle that kind of controversy.

Something Stirs

One day, when my stepson was ten years old, he arrived home from school in tears. When I asked him what was wrong, he told me that some older kids at school had cornered him, mocked him, beat him up, and called him a “fag”. One of them spit into his mouth. Why? Because he wore glasses. In telling me this story, my stepson seemed angry, not so much at the boys who had tormented him, but at himself. He referred to himself as “stupid” and “ugly”. And this is what bullying does: it shatters the confidence of children before they have even had a chance to fully develop it. Being so malleable and emotionally fragile at that age, they believe what they are told by their peers if they hear it often enough. Childhood is a minefield fraught with insecurity and uncertainty. We don’t yet know who we are…

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