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When I penned my own testimony I had sat down and read his book in 1998. Though I am a Conservative and very controversial in my own right I do understand where he comes from a bit. There are people who hate me to death because I am a Conservative and seen as the bad guy with long hair listen to Megadeth and read H. P. Lovecraft. Fox News — I am going to say MSNBC is going to say of me what you guys say of Marylin Manson and I would like to do a video sit down of my own with him reading Tabloid Purposes .

Marvelous Things

Marilyn Manson celebrates the performance of sexual deviance, which rejects dominant ideals of heteronormativity and gender binaries, and is accepted and demonized by critics.  Rock critics that lean more liberal and accept the rock star life style, such as Rolling Stone Magazine, are fans of Manson. But, more conservative critics, such as fox news and religious groups, fear that he has a negative effect on society.  Controversial aspects of Marilyn Manson’s public image include satanic worship, BDSM, bisexuality, dressing in drag, drug use, group sex, and androgyny and self-harm. He uses the mostly sexual imagery during live performances and makes erotic fetish music videos in order to express his sexuality.

Marilyn Manson is the front man of the American rock band Marilyn Manson, beginning in 1989 to the present. He was most popular in the music scene from mid 90s to early 2000’s. He is a controversial figure because of…

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