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J. T. failed to understand I’ve been at this for 11 years and I focused on one anthology a year and sometimes when bored, I will have two. Tabetha will learn the nuances for what I do if it drives her mad because I am like a daunting schoolmaster when it comes to challenging writers since erotic content is banned outright.
      She has a unique challenge ahead of her — I told her to research creepypasta.com, paraphrase everything she does as your underling Christine Morgan is a literary fraud in her own right. Never trust a “publisher” who written over 100 Fan Fics and her cohorts like Timothy WIllard who posts my work without permission as he still doesn’t have permission to publish any part of Stygian Dealer. I don’t see anything of yours published again J. T. and I guess with Janrae Frank being worm food. You have Elizabeth Peake backing you either. The closing author I am very protective of because she is a family friend and I will not let anyone bully the hell out of her over the fact she choose to learn from me and will be working with Bonny Tuller on a new literary journal under my guidance and tools I give both of them to work with.
       I am one of the top contributors on a writer’s group on linked in and I am in the top 15 of bloggers on the site. I guess someone flagged my article because they didn’t like the truth being told about them as J.T. often lies about me all the time. She goes using that libel site that Jane Beresford owns as she’s with that group that enabled my work to get stolen or had gone after my SSN like 50 Foot Troglodyte did. You bastards went after my sister — and impersonated my deceased grandmother; not cool. You denied that Robert L. Baupader stole my shit — when Janrae Frank claimed that he was on the roster at her “publishing” outfit where she was going to authorize plagiarism of my catalog. I don’t have a “biographer” either as you bastards are the blame to me losing my lulu.com accounts and having my catalog plagiarized including my print exclusive work. J. T. you’re a fucking Nazi who hates Northerners and trying to start the Civil War all over again. You’re nothing but a troll and you need to stop messing with those who are on Disability and I am not using that as a card either like some tried to throw the race card at me.


Ladies and gents, here’s a guest blog from Salena.

I met Tabetha on Halloween 2014 at the local haunted house I work at. She was in line with Dee & motioned me to come over. As I walked towards her, she looked as if she tripped toward me. She said repeatedly that my outfit was “bad ass” & asked me if I ever modeled before. I told her it has been a dream of mine to do so. She made a big deal about my outfit & asked where I got it from.

To let you know, I was dressed as a cenobite from Hellraiser. I was dressed in all patent leather, corset, skirt, arm warmers, & platform boots.
She ended up giving me her & Dee’s business cards.

Later, when Tabetha told me her side of meeting me, she said she saw my aura & it was such a…

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