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This goes back to the old country; as I am Italian-American I do ask how much of the ghost stories that The Plague Doctor is the center of as my cousin still lives there. I am going to ask her if she knows some about the Plague Doctor. I figure I would reblog this for those who have ideas they want to toy with. Writing Prompt maybe or perhaps — fascinating stuff you can read about him on Wikipedia.org. I thought about doing a horror story where it does toy with the idea of having a descendant of the Plague Doctor in Chicago. I have a story that I just wrote and will be sending it for submissions as I learned that Timothy Willard is pirating a story that’s not published yet as I wish to get paid for this story. I am wondering if J. T. would fare well in the plague era of Italy because she is a human version of that plague. This is very fascinating as I had seen the episode on Ghost Adventures; I wonder if my cousins would toy around with this — surprise me as this is too fascinating not to write about. Joseph Rubas called me the most European of the American horror authors of my generation; it’s because I explore European approaches to writing it.


Tell your friends and tell your family. It is time for us all to make plague doctor costumes. Everyone needs to build these and walk around their city/township at night scaring the bejeezes out of everyone.

It is not necessary to speak, just wander. Stand outside and stare into the windows of local shops while people are buying items. Stay in dimly lit areas, behind bushes or fences. Allow certain people to see you but only for a moment and find ways to dodge out of view by using the terrain or the city as your camoflauge.

Here is a visual tutorial on how to create your own mask(and some extra plague doctor images):

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