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If I remember right; Jason V. Brock was on Lulu.com with me in 2004-2005 as he queried for the magazine but never followed through with his submission. He’s pissed at me because of him being in facebook jail for 24 hours as I had a few words with him on voice mail — I spoke rationally but they don’t understand an Italian’s accent as I was quiet for my accent. This bastard is about peace, love and veganism but I am selective where I get chicken or beef because in Illinois you don’t always know where the grocery store gets it from at times. I did an experiment where I submitted for Dark Regions Press to see what happens after the fact I had called him out on facebook.com. Jason there are some things you get into that isn’t any of your goddamned business. When someone goes after one’s SSN that’s one of those things that isn’t your fucking business to butt into when I am in the right on this one.
     I am going quote one of the stories in the first namesake but Jason, you’re what they call a Rebel without a Clue. That’s from the lead story in the first namesake to boot so you want to do something that pissed me off — take a swipe at my mental health diagnosis again. I am planning a signing in South Bend, Indiana, to meet up with some readers from that area. I do hang out with my readers, sometimes eat with them at their diners ask where their hostels are at so I can cook my meals on the road. Oh yeah I found your overpriced 74 page book on lulu.com. I paid for my buddy’s title and that was more entertaining and researched; though he could use a treatment because he’s encountered the unique problem that Lulu.com titles do have. I wonder if he does reject my submission now over him getting in Facebook jail for 24 hours. Lulu.com doesn’t get on him for saying “Fuck You!”

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Jason V. Brock Jason V Brock

Jason V Brock is an author, artist, and filmmaker who finds himself in a very interesting place in pop culture. For starters, he has created two well-regarded documentaries that focus on two very different men, both great contributors to science fiction, horror, movies, television, and the arts in general. One is Charles Beaumont. The other is Forrest J Ackerman. We chat about them and the creative process. How do you create art? One rule of thumb: Do it yourself! We begin with a look back at Brock’s childhood and how he, a child of the ’80s, grew up with the DIY ethos. In Charlotte, North Carolina. That’s where Brock cut his teeth on comics, retro cinema, vintage LPs, pulp fiction, and Playboy. Brock began working at his local comic book shop at the age of 13. His dad was a writer and graphic designer. It sounds like…

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