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Coming after someone who has very little to begin with and doesn’t charge $125.00 to have a story pulled but long planned anthologies and my magazine writers will have a 2-3 week notice pending on the project. The one that I am doing that’s a speed anthology where my cousin will be introducing it — as she’s a children’s author introducing a bunch of horror, urban fantasy and real life literary weirdos. The one that needs to take off your make and turn on the video camera is you because your obsession with me as well is too unhealthy as unhealthy as Jane Beresford’s obsession with fuck my copyrights. I laid this all on the table as I spoke at length with one of her alumni about you and Morgan as I dealt with your kind much longer than who you’re targeting. You’re a typical small town shithead and a busybody where everyone’s all suspects. Don’t point the finger at me because I never stole from anyone; but the one who failed to understand this is S. E. Cox and disgruntled ex-writer Marc Lyth.
     Seeing none of you work in circulation J. T. let me point out something — do not put me up there with Stephen Glass because I didn’t fabricate my sources. I am guessing with your sources about me came from Encyclopedia Dramatica. Have you seen my Linkedin.com as the jokes on you. The fact is I am going to do two anthologies as they are almost done and waiting on one to do the introduction and the other my own cousin will be doing the introduction duties. As some of you are stealing my mother’s family reunion photos as I had found the one that had me wearing a pair of Kevin Johnson Cons. I saw the photos and the one I am quite fond of — cropped it up where I had a pool cue in one hand and a cup of beer in the other. This was the first time we had a beer keg and everything — my second oldest first cousin worked with my uncle at the dealership in South Chicago. I told my mother to guard those photos closely because I caught a few using them on VampireFreaks.com to impersonate me. I caught one joker impersonating me over having Jason Brock thrown in Facebook.com jail. Yelling at Brock via voice mail I was telling the truth and if he wants to boycott me for doing so; that’s when careers are on the line and seen a fake name appear where they picked apart my namesake and put his anthology side by side. The person calls himself “Bull Winkle” as he was pulled from the site for having a fake name starting shit.

Hello. I am sorry for being offensive. Mental health issues are nothing to be made fun of in any form. It struck me as odd when you tagged me. I had no prior knowledge of your situation with Brock before the tag.

That was from J. Russell when I had sent her this message on Linkedin.com — she didn’t know the full deal between me and Jason Brock because we were on Lulu.com about the same time. We were coming up the ranks at the same time as one person said on a rival’s blog they had done everything within their power to prevent me to get discovered. Brock was connected with me on my MySpace.com account for many years. Making fun of someone’s learning disability is not cool — I worked with more writers who have LD than any other publisher because I know what it is like.
      The one on vampirefreaks.com known as Boxturtle became my advocate when she learned I really do have a learning disability — that’s why I do my video blogs so the masses can see what ADHD does. I told Russell I didn’t appreciate the railroad job. So study this reblog and see what obsessions a small town shithead has when she deals with those who grew up in urban areas as I am in it for the right reasons. Though Christine Morgan made this personal by publishing my ex-fiancee over false pretenses. Wattpad.com has something that’s an alt piece but is vocal about the Jason Brock debacle.


HERE’S an excellent article that describes Empathic people as being the perfect target for a Sociopath to victimize. It’s like I’ve said many times. People with a good heart are easier to victimize because they’re willing to believe the best in people and aren’t prepared for the worst. Even when it happens, a person with a good heart will be quick to forgive, to want to see the good in people, and still be vulnerable to fall victim, even to the same Sociopath, more than once.

But it’s not just the Sociopath and the victim to consider. There’s also what this article refers to as the “Apath,” a person willing to conspire and enable the Sociopath, for various and assorted reasons. Likely a former victim in some way, the Apath is just as bad as the Sociopath. Maybe worse, because the Apath knows what the Sociopath is up to, but…

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