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my closing breakout wore this make up better; C.W. LeSart is hosting this photo herself so she wants to report me for DMCA bullshit -- she needs to think about letting me through and giving me clearance for the ensemble project.This will not happen to Lake Fossil Press — too many authors involved and it’s an anthology only publisher when it comes to other authors, solo titles are mine or a classic from long forgotten at times. The ensemble anthology is my first all original writer line up since Tabloid Purposes: Book Five and The Ethereal Gazette: Issue 9. The first namesake and the second namesake comes from a long tradition of mixed era projects — Rod Serling even did this before he went on and done the show Night Gallery. I would like to see an anthology book go toe to toe with E. L. James. CreateSpace.com staff do talk about my covers in the office.
      I would like to do Kickstarter to fund five sets where each ISBN bundle and a packet of ten ISBNs are $125.00. You want to get ISBNS for Ingram Spark; this is where to get them as I am going to work with a few places and the means to get them out there. The Condensed Volumes will be going with print.nookpress.com because it’s got a complex layout; it looks like it was too complex for CreateSpace.com Lake Fossil Press with it’s offspring outfits that I established are a training ground for other editors to become guests and work with the roster and play the mentor role like I do. Sorry Christine you’re addicted to serial number scraping. Some of the stories I find and scout on other websites — I will ask the author if the story is original and invite them to join me. That’s how this project took a personality all of it’s own.
      My reasons for being a published author and a publisher are noble but J. T. you’re a fucking sad act as the author of Ad Nauseum was torqued how she really did get a piece of my mind.



This was posted on the Dark Storm Facebook page today.

Tabetha Hoover Jones appears to be handing Dark Storm Publications over to Leah Diane Hutchinson, lock, stock, and barrel.

There are whispers floating around about why, and when I have proof positive, I’ll post it. Until then, I want to assure the public that just because Dark Storm is changing hands, that doesn’t mean that it automatically falls off my radar. Hoover Jones likes to say that I have a personal vendetta against her, but that’s not entirely true. I’m dedicated to making sure that authors don’t get scammed by somebody fraudulently posing as an indie publisher, no matter who has the keys to the front door. If anything, I’ll be looking closer.

There are a few observations that I’d like to make.
First, it doesn’t matter what some dodgy contract says. When a company is closed, sold, given away…

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