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The Clause vs. The Cabbie Homicide. Easy you can see this — David Foster Wallace is one of the results I pulled up with some of my work. I really need to read Wallace as I am sure that Kealan [Burke] reads the earlier of the two on this one. I hope Arguments Worth Having can do a face off between me and Burke because he didn’t go to college where I did. I am going to let that faggot, Bret Easton Ellis chew on my thoughts awhile as my classmates seen Less than Zero.
    I am reblogging this because I am wondering if Horns (Ewrin) does see a similarities. I see Wallace as someone I need to look for because of writing The Pattern of Diagnosis as I am a little deadpan with my humor when I present an insult like the c-word or the other f-word. I would rather get David Foster Wallace’s work than Bret Easton Ellis. Shit I am far more controversial than Ellis ever will be.

Arguments Worth Having

In 1993 Larry McCaffery interviewed David Foster Wallace for the Review of Contemporary Fiction 13.2. Wallace commented on contemporary authors, including Bret Easton Ellis. (The interview at BookShelf). Recently Bret Easton Ellis went down hard on Wallace. I love it when two respected authors attack one another (not happening enough, this article describes Canada, but speaks for everywhere), but why does the second shot have to replicate the first?

Wallace on Ellis:  You can see this clearly in something like Ellis’s “American Psycho”: it panders shamelessly to the audience’s sadism.

It’s a kind of black cynicism about today’s world that Ellis and certain others depend on for their readership. Look, if the contemporary condition is hopelessly shitty, insipid, materialistic, emotionally retarded, sadomasochistic, and stupid, then I (or any writer) can get away with slapping together stories with characters who are stupid, vapid, emotionally retarded, which is easy, because these sorts…

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