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Few Projects Back In Circulation…

I have these jokers — one who is Val Blochett who was a cunt to me for ten years; pretended to be a friend to get unreleased material and pirate the fuck out of it. She is pirating around a story that was written in 2011 but now it’s a good chance she had enabled someone to plagiarize this. The fact is I am trying to crowdfund a bill so I can get this paid in full — I had to choose between one bill or the other. The alleged “biographer” chimed in — look if you’re going to be a dick go to LiveJournal and do so.
     I don’t appreciate when Blochett supports how Brian Keene went for my SSN. When my cousin is trying to brag about how he closed down Lake Fossil Press. So if you see someone crowdfunding for one reason or another — don’t intervene and be a cunt where you are asking for your privacy to be violated. If they are trying to crowdfund a huge bill let them do it because what if the person that needed the cash was you. I got the garbage bill paid jointly with my uncle but the Gofundme.com will help pay it for two terms as I know this will be greatly smaller this time around.
     Blochett if you were on the street homeless in Chicago — begging for food or money for your food. That $10.00 in my pocket will be my dinner and I will eat it right in front of you. If you were in the desert and looking for water; your water you’re begging for will go to my dog.
     You allowed my work to be plagiarized and then you said you’d burn the work of the real author because you would rather read the work of a plagiarist. How many fan novels have you owned in your collection because Christine Morgan was selling her fan fiction on print on demand markets.
     “I don’t think anyone should crowdfund — if they need money so much why don’t they work at McDonald’s or Goodwill? They hire always hire a retard,” As I can see you and Elaine both saying because she filed a fake DMCA because she don’t like truth being told about her.
     When someone has a fixed income — they might need assistance and don’t always have the means to get it. R. J. refused to give me a chance saying I am too expensive — but he can afford David Naill Wilson who got paid for pleasuring himself to Star Trek and Star Wars Novels. Blochett can go sell her body to pay for Scares that Care.
     I can see R. J. pulling this, “Nickolaus Pacione is not allowed to submit in the industry — but if you plagiarize his work; let’s see what you stole of his.”
     Someone who had been around thirty years turned someone away without even reading the story — what would he do if my work was greenlighted to a movie? Boycott that because I still call Jenner a male; but let me ask this R. J. in 1998 when I was on the street would you help someone who needs food or keep walking. Because you told me with your e-mail.
     “Why you just get a dead end job!”
     I am sure that R. J. would be saying that to me — but when I made a lot of enemies. I am sure you would try to be a faggot about me too; don’t be a faggot.
     Well I am very happy to say Tabloid Purposes: Book Five re-emerged and this did too— the cover looks really insane looking based upon the 2008 era photograph I snapped in Chicago. I am the number four viewed graphic designer on Linkedin.com– holy shit this is very damn cool. So those of you who are going around creating “comic strips” of me — sorry it’s going to greatly backfire in a drastic way.
     As I saw what Rubas did trying to get three sides of the story — I had comments open for a while but everyone was hijacking the threads too often.
     Well there are ideas for new stories floating around and a think tank for Misty Gersley’s work — we had a discussion about The Plague Doctor in chat as I was talking to some who I am waiting on.
     I can’t believe the LCCN is approved and designing everything — the introduction part and asking who to introduce this will be a challenge. I am pissed when titles are retired by force and when it was a total lie when I get thrown out — it’s the anniversary when Legend Keeper was written and the endgame between me and Lulu.com was starting to happen. The ideas I explore with my newest completed ideas are almost a combination of Legend Keeper and Cyber:Terror:Machine.
     There are ideas that I had brought forth in 2008 that really blueprinted what I did in 2015 — I don’t know if I was thrown off VampireFreaks.com completely over what I said but they were in violation of The Stop Online Piracy Act. I am sure that Smashwords IP blocked me over what I said; and now I can work with a few other places too to get The Condensed Volumes back online.
     I will not stop Crowdfunding to get projects together but if I go with Indieagogo with the ISBN funding — that’s an investment so I can get the ISBN in place for the Condensed Volumes to really get back on Amazon.com or iBookstore.com. This will also give me a possible chance to even work with BookBaby.com in the print deal because they said I need a 25.00 book minium copies to work with them.
     Electronic Frontier Foundation — if you read up on this; get a little more educated on The Stop Online Piracy Act; it gives authors more money in their pocket when they create their own content. I would love to crowdfund the cash for a brick of ISBNS to get out there so I can publish with Bookbaby.com and other places; I am happy to say that I do have the second namesake back online now. It took me two months of formatting and I am looking to redesign Quakes and Storms for an anniversary edition; though this is still in circulation but Melyssa needs to really be careful though.
     I am trying to see if I can crowdfund the ISBNS to help get more projects out there the next ten years; I would love to get an anthology out every six months along with the magazine. But the thing is I might have issues with Predators and Editors claiming victory. Victory as in the death of Lake Fossil Press — nope not happening.
     Brian Keene you fucking retard if you are going around and enabling my work to be stolen as I am telling you to return “Fifteen Minutes Before The 11th Hour,” the original story I wrote not the piece of shit that’s going around. You enable that work to be stolen I will put Kealan Patrick Burkes three stories I bought as the smashwords.com release and make them available on piratebay. So his work gets pirated or mine gets returned rightfully. Do the right thing loser because you are in violation of a federal act that is in the books within 2012.
     I signed the pledge to stop the use of the “r-word” and I have written it in a novella within the context of a very evil character based upon S. E. Cox. The cuntface repeatedly called me the ‘r-word’ and she’s no longer in the business. Mary Sangiovanni repeatedly called me the ‘r-word’ as well as Brian Keene. You want to still call me a ‘retard’ you faggot. I wonder if ‘moffie’ has the same effect in America as it does in South Africa. I am laughing my ass off at some of the slang dictionary for a ‘faggot’
     I am tempted to write ‘tonk’ as an insult in one of my new stories — it’s tempting. So I think Brian Keene and Kealan Patrick Burke are both taking turns being cock jockeys.
     The four words that instantly start a fight, “Go fuck your mother.”
     I am sure Lulu.com will be looking at me with contempt and some staff will be screaming “fuck you” a year later for pulling out the Obama burning the Constitution painting as Kevin of Smashwords.com blocked my IP. I guess they didn’t like how I pulled out the Constitution painting.
     I am sure when they saw that — they wanted to respond with “eat shit.”
     Man up assholes when you were told off — it was done for a reason. the reason being that I am getting back what’s mine as the loser Thomas M and AutoAim.org are going around plagiarizing what’s rightfully mine. I am still in facebook.com jail; yeah it’s bullshit how someone got me blocked for a month because I told the truth. Tania Hibbett — you really are denying someone of the truth that’s told as your new friends; do you support how Brian Keene went for my XXX-XX-XXXX as I know the truth how he got this. By way of Timothy Willard; who can’t see out of one eye.
     She threatened to put me in for a five year stint in the slammer for exposing her the way I did; she knew what I was doing for a reason. She approached me in 2013 curious about my projects. Then turned around and followed me after the fact I was thrown from Lulu.com as her friend known as “Stan Dupe” — that made her a plagiarism advocate. I will have new material going up and ready to go — as I am sure that Lulu.com when using Ingrams Spark to do some truth telling. CreatSpace.com couldn’t handle the unconventional arrangement how I did the ominibus.
     Kealan Patrick Burke’s story “The Clause” is 200 words shorter than The Cabbie Homicide; then I show up twice with 3000 word pieces with The Fandom Writer and The Ferryman’s Wheelchair. I noticed how my alleged ‘biographer’ praised Burke when she took a shit on me creating all these bullshit ‘cartoons’ sorry Kealan I am going to take you out via The Clause because it glorified animal cruelty.
     I had never written a story that depicted this though I am guilty of making a monster story from spiders; in truth they are harmless for the most part. The characters named for authors… pets? Bram the Talking Wonder Dog — a trope about a talking dog; what the fuck is wrong with you well it’s allegory but if I was to do a story dealing with cruelty it will be addressing gangs. Animal fighting is so deeply rooted in world and United States history.
     I am sure Kealan would sic his talking dog on my ass for making a statement about truth. I wonder if he got the idea from Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. The story does have a message though hard to take — might be his first and very rare controversial stories he’s written. Lake Fossil is that controversial as it grew into being so as the sequels might easy become so too. On another note — earlier today I went to do a follow up appointment to my ER visit and found another video of a female who had been in recovery for this. I was looking up others who did an endoscopy; and added one of the videos to my company playlist because I know a few were ribbing on me because I was gagging on Porky Pig. Being that I am close to having two anthologies done after undergoing an endoscopy as my cousin who makes claims about taking over my company, “You know I was praying for your death.”
     Well with that aside I can now focus on getting the second book prepped and trying to get an ISBN for The Condensed Volumes so I can sell this on Ingram Spark. A single ISBN is $125.00 and right now I can only offer them directly meaning I have to buy them first. I had the twat K. H. Koehler trying to pass me off as a faggot as is “StinkyCat” who said that “Porky” was code for a “cock” no I was eating a pork chop with a bone on it. You know why your mother said, “Don’t wolf down your dinner!”
     Listen to your mother on that one kids.