There is a heresy going around and Jesse Morrell is preaching a legalistic heresy . Who wants to see me face down Jesse Morrell and Eric Hovind in the same documentary and I will host this on my own channel. Just give me some more subscribers as have them in the thousands and I can offer paid programming. This would be something I wouldn’t mind doing as he would call me a fucking heretic because I acknowledge Evolution as a science and will explain how the earth IS 4 and half eons. So you explain that you can look up Reasons to Believe as Daniel Willow points out he follows the site. Fascinating stuff there man; but if you want to submit to an anthology I do have my open. So Morrell how would you like to engage in a debate with me in Chicago.

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 A short documentary on Jesse Morrell of

The Morrell Family is a Missionary Family that is supported by the body of Christ. They bring the gospel to the lost full time through open air ministry. To find out how you can help support the Morrell’s, visit their website at

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