I don’t know how true this is — Wax Trax is back? No shit cool — my best friend turned me onto the Wax Trax roster; my favorite album was KMFDM’s Nihil I bought this used a while back when I came back to Illinois in used CD store Bloomingdale, Illinois. I found Frontline Assembly’s Gashed Senses and Crossfire while I was in college. So I hope they don’t mind me reblogging this and a big hello there — go check out Bandcamp.com for some of my findings because I think Leper would be a good fit for Wax Trax as they are a very dark Pink Floyd.

Wax Trax! Records

Howdy Wax Trax! people
-Just wanted to check in and quickly fill you in a some mighty nice things going on around here.

Wax Trax! Films Presents…

The Wax Trax! film “MONUMENTARY” is still humming right along on schedule.
In addition being neck deep in editing, we were lucky enough to sit down with Ivan from LAIBACH when they stopped through town.
So much history and insight from probably the most complicated and misunderstood band ever on the Wax Trax! roster.

Say WAT?

Speaking of Laibach. The Laibach-US Spectre tour is in full goose step and blew through Chicago this week…It was incredible!
This is the first time the band has been back in the states since 2008 and we were very excited to have them perform in town.
Thanks to all who stopped by the WAX TRAX! pop up shop at the show Wednesday evening. We were so happy…

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