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I really don’t blame them to be honest; that was the climate of the Cold War as the relationship between the United States and Cuba is always been rocky at best — see the Time Magazine national article from 2009 and you will see what I am talking about as this is a brief history. I don’t know what Obama is trying to do but he hasn’t learned at all from history between the States and Cuba. It was like that since I was a kid too. We felt that tension up here in Chicago in the 1990s as I lost my job at Remcor over that kind of tension. After being laid off from there I pursued a full time career as a writer in 1996 and while I was working briefly at Tower Records I was exploring how I would go about it as I had planted my manuscripts with e-mail address in heavy metal magazines on the newsstand just so I would get noticed.

CBS Chicago

(CBS) — Thousands of Cuban Americans are still very angry with the Castro government. They fled in the 1960’s and are vowing not to return, even if U.S. relations with Cuba are fully restored. WBBM’s Felicia Middlebrooks has the final report in her series “Turning Point: Cuba in Transition.”

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