I wish I had found this during the writing of Things that one Finds because I had faced off with Paul Tayler in a few e-mails. Taylor — my watch I have out there that has the verse from 1 John 2 saying no lie is of the truth as I am busting you for Lying For Jesus. Humans never lived with Dinosaurs so who the fuck came up with that Flintstones doctrine? If I get an Indieagogo going to help me fund my new equipement including a second laptop — do you think you can help me fund a documentary that I will host on my YouTube.com channel where I can do a Sister Wives camera set up. That is the best way I can faceoff with Eric Hovind on camera where it has more than one angle and one being a wide angle lens. This is one of the shot I want too for this documentary and another sequence where it will be based on a documentary I saw with the unique camera angles. this is known as a horror movie shot. I am also debating with Mormons and Horror fiction because horror is a genre that Pentecostals really are lethal when they do dark subject matter. I am writing a lethal tale right now that’s 4000 and up now.

Why Evolution Is True

If people ever say we’re exaggerating the ravages of creationism in the United States, have a look at this video. Check out the title in the subject line. The answer, of course, is a resounding, “YES! Praise Jesus!”

Non-American readers: be prepared to be gobsmacked by the stupidity here.

Eric Hovind and Paul Taylor are your hosts at this 30-minute episode on the Creation Today show. For most of the show Hovind is lecturing to kids.  I can’t think of anything more vile than promulgating such lies to children.

Hovind comes off, I must say, as a bit unhinged: as an amalgam of Jimmy Swaggart and Soupy Sales.

Among the highlights:

  • 4:02: Hovind claims to prove that dinosaurs are mentioned in the Bible (as “dragons”) and concludes without doubt that those dragons were really dinosaurs. (He later says that dragons are mentioned 35 times in the Bible, and Hovind…

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