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I will have a new short story out of this looks like. Oh man this is dark as hell too to boot. I can’t speak of the details right now but you get to read this blog and the linked up article I found. Hat Tip: It’s A Thrall World for finding this one — that article will find it’s way into the new story as well. USAToday.com had covered this — so Rachel, how dare you lie about being African-American when this went down.

Nickolaus Pacione chimes in on the Race Liar,  Rachel Dolezal, as he found her linked in and by sheer chance he has more connections than she does on there.    She was reported on Linkedin.com for  misrepresentation of African-Americans.   Pacione having grown up with African-Americans in Glendale Heights an published a few off and on over the years he does feel he's in a place that he can really call her some  vicious terms for non-Mediterranean  folk.  As she has origins from Eastern Europe -- all the sources that allowed him to lay into her; and man this isn't going to be pretty as he looked up the term 'blackface.'   With some of his classmates, correspondents and roster,  he invited them to chime in on the news story as Pacione is hunting for some photos of Dolezal.   He's trying to  get her to call him a 'Wop.'  This is a year since he finished and published Legend Keeper.  And how he decided to lay into the Race Liar.  Jayson Blair had done a lot of things but this he never did..

Nickolaus Pacione chimes in on the Race Liar, Rachel Dolezal, as he found her linked in and by sheer chance he has more connections than she does on there. She was reported on Linkedin.com for misrepresentation of African-Americans. Pacione having grown up with African-Americans in Glendale Heights an published a few off and on over the years he does feel he’s in a place that he can really call her some vicious terms for non-Mediterranean folk. As she has origins from Eastern Europe — all the sources that allowed him to lay into her; and man this isn’t going to be pretty as he looked up the term ‘blackface.’
    With some of his classmates, correspondents and roster, he invited them to chime in on the news story as Pacione is hunting for some photos of Dolezal. He’s trying to get her to call him a “Wop.” This is a year since he finished and published Legend Keeper. And how he decided to lay into the Race Liar. Jayson Blair had done a lot of things but this he never did.. This is her status update before the controversy and now she’s getting trolled.

When I had called Rachel who was putting on what history in the theater called “blackface.” I looked up the 1930 Census about my family (and this would be my late grandmother) — I know exactly when great grandpa Nick and great grandma came. Nick came in 1910 great grandma arrived to the States. So you want to call me a fake-Italian no I am really am Italian because they came from Italy between 1910-1913 but the question is most of the Italians settled in New York, how did they end up in the 28th Ward in Chicago. I had did a Google about the Race liar.
      What I looked up and found the photos of Rachel (I had found her linkedin.com profile kids and her blog; a 3rd degree connection I learned)– she’s really Czech; as in fucking white bread as they get. Dave [Chappelle] weighs in on the race liar too; when I have published Africian American writers — you can see where I am pissed for the African-American community. This is not about acting black or white; but being true to exactly who you are. I am going to get in touch with an old friend of mine who works in theater — and I am going to ask him how can he pass off as someone from Southern Italy to show the fraud that Rachel did. He has the training to do this but Rachel — well I investigated her; she is not only a race fraud but also a frocio too. I have new material I am submitting out but busting Rachel well it is something I have to do because she’s of my generation. Get a load of this deal — possible reality show? What the hell — talk about rewarding bad behaviour kids.
      I caught Brian Keene impersonating Lloyd Phillip Campbell on a few places as he said, “Your SSN is a plaything.” So that’s how I know it’s him as I called the web host who is behind the website and brought this to his attention. Twitter’s CEO is my age and this is the same bullshit from LiveJournal but the difference is they do limit writers. Anyone who wants to tweet this blog entry out — I am going to call out the CEO of Twitter for being soft on fraud. This is the other articles I found on the race liar; since writing Legend Keeper — holy fuck have I revealed big news stories or looked more into it? As you see here Wikipedia.org revealed a lot about her as they recognized her a Czech not African-American — like I said above she ‘blackfaced.’
      He’s a fucking lib[eral] too that’s how I figure he’s censoring Conservatives.
      Anti-Italian I bet too.
      Brian Keene claims I am lying about being a wop. Mary Sangiovanni is a white bread Italian who I am guessing is a 8th generation who’d might not recongize her relatives in Italy if she tried..
      Has Legend Keeper gave me that much venom to call out alleged leaders?
      Does the CEO of twitter know he has a plagiarist on the network as he stole my work? Brian Keene enabled this to happen as one of his alts is censoring the truth about the industry as the twat who stole my company title for an anthology. She lies as much as blackface does. The CEO is my age too so if I was to meet him face to face my fist meets his teeth because he’s banning people who tell the truth.
      I said it; I want to fucking punch him and call him a ‘fucktard.”
      These two are under a lot of scrutiny because what went down as they allowed her to remain on twitter but remove me?
      There is a lot of questions to be raised and I will get the e-mail addresses and such so one can raise them too; as I found by chance Rachel’s linkedin.com account. I know one thing; there will be fodder for writers who are reading this knowing that Brian Keene lied to CreateSpace.com. Rachel lied about being African-American and the CEO of Twitter have many questions to answer how he plays favorites with Liberals.
      There is a lot there that some need to answer to — the fact is that I had called the twitter CEOS out via Linkedin.com. Jet well I am waiting for him to respond to me on Linkedin.com as there is a lot of truth very much he’s ignoring too. There is a lot of lies going around and twitter CEOs are being manipulated by those who are Social Justice weasels.
      “We don’t like what you’re saying so we’ve gone after your SSN!”
      That’s what Brian Keene basically said as he had harassed me from home via a Skype number as he got the number from C. W. LeSart or Nathan Shumate with their caller ID. He started harassing me reciting my SSN to me on the phone; I hung up on him and tried to track down the phone number that where this originated.
      That was more than proof he went for my SSN as the HWA is covering this up too; the more that Twitter support will not say something. They are opening the doors for more ID Theft to happen; and that alone I need to track down the CEO of twitter and speak to him on the phone. Suspending someone’s account when they are in the right; I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with the abuse team as they are abusing their authority.
      Yes I did call C. S. LeSart the c-word but she lied how I found her number; I looked it up by going a whois.com and that was how it was listed same with Nathan Shumate. Brian Keene is not liking the idea that truth is getting told about him.
      Brian Keene is protective of his lie; don’t you wonder why they are protective? When the lie had been exposed that they’re so willing to frame someone of a crime so hideous to the point that they would pass someone off who was telling the truth as the liar — that’s the thing that comes to mind with Rachel who was the race liar.
      When I had laid into Jet [Berelson] going after SSN’s are off the table — I wanted him to hear the truth and sometimes when that is the driving thing, you will make enemies. Winston Churchill said, “You made enemies that means you stood up for something.”
      That can’t be more accurate.
      Rachel is an inside out oreo; who does the fucking blackface as I am laughing with Kelly [Osbourne] for putting on the wig to make fun of her. I think Rachel bought on the snide remarks herself as I had published African-Americans; and am a minority who had been in this country in terms of my entire bloodline for one hundred plus years as I looked at the 1930 census. Though they got my great grandmother’s gender wrong in the 1940 census because she’s still a female. That entire history my family been in this country — since the third Pacione born here (of the original 13 that were here. Two from the 13 came from Italy.)
      The 28th Ward is known as Pacione’s Ward as I can point this out to the current Mayor.
      That’s where my Great-grandfather and great-grandmother settled into Chicago from Italy. That is a question to raise how did the Italians from Italy settle in Chicago before the 1920s; that’s an interesting question and it would be a good discussion with Italian-American studies. I joined up with the Sons of Italy because I might see if they can direct me to a few places where I can send longer pieces for a magazine. My grandfather when he was alive, told me about the back alley abortion he found with his younger brothers — in a shoebox no less.
      How do you say, “That’s just really fucked up” in Italian?
      My two cousins the younger ones of my bloodline and I were in chat and I pointed out Rachel and how many connections she has on Linkedin.com to how many I have. When you realize I called her out — I am waiting for her to make that voicemail public as I do want to hear the results of that, I go to her and say “how can you fucking lie to an entire community claiming to be ‘black’ when you’re Czech? You lying bitch — how can you even lie to yourself like that as I learned my family came to this country between 1910-1913.”
      For the longest time I thought they came a little later — I knew they came in the 1910s; when I didn’t know but my mother did though I wanted to find out for myself. I am wondering if he had a sibling or cousin coming to the states also because there are Paciones in New York and Philly — I am asking are they related to me? Pacione is not a common last name even in Italy it is not common either.
      Is this last hame common in Italy as Smith or Jones? That would be Russo as a common Italian last name.
      In Chicago — you see my last name in the phone book; it’s a good chance they’re a cousin of mine. I pointed that out in Basic Training, I said, “Hey give me that phone book if that is a Chicago phone book.”
      “What you going to show us Pacione?”
      “Something creepy,” I laughed.
      Then pointed out “Pacione” in the phone book then laughed, “We’re all cousins.”
      The shipmates were going, “holy shit! How big is your family?”
      That’s something I get asked often too especially when I found out 18 years ago that I have relatives still in Italy.
      My late grandmother’s side of the family were in this country much longer than my late grandfather’s side.
      We were able to trace them to Sweden though as Lindquist is Swedish.
      That’s a unique combination because I am entirely a Euro-American; as in I am entirely European. They had said I am the most European of the American born authors in my generation. I use European approaches to writing American Horror. Brian Keene is Anglo — as in he doesn’t know even a drop of Italian or Spanish; as I have translated my work to Spanish back in 1997 screwing around and translated my own work to Italian as I made O.W.I.F. an Italian language translation on AuthorsDen. I know Legend Keeper will scare those of my generation because it does ask, “What if we were aware of each other in 1988-1989?”
      As the CEO of Twitter is born in 1976 like I am as Rachel was born in 1977.
      We’re Generation X’rs as is Stephen Glass is. He was born in 1972 as I walked around Highland Park, Illinois, back in 2012.
      As I saw the one speak about the Millennial generation as they are having kids now.
      I know one thing if Jayson Blair is to be re-instated as a journalist he will have my blogs to work with to investigate Robert L. Baupader and the Stygian Dealer debacle. I had caught another plagiarizing my five year memoir. How twitter.com and deviantart.com keeps the plagiarist on the sites are beyond me as I had found the owner of deviantart.com and twitter.com on linkedin.com — if they approve my connection I will ask them questions about how they okay Robert Baupader with his fucking plagiarism. The book that the one who called itself ‘Anita Mann’ plagiarized — is An Eye In Shadows as it was a pirated version no less of the book because I caught each part of this and have my copies of the book to compare. I know she edited it at and changed the name for me — changing it to “dick” and passing me off as a faggot.
      The plagiarized version is known as “Death’s Kiss” then the other who plagiarized me became bold enough to plagiarize “Steeplecase.” So I am revealing how the lie had been passed off — I am looking over the manuscript version of this original draft or edition of An Eye In Shadows she doctored to plagiarize.
      The original draft of the book that got pirated and rushed — the one who calls himself “R” and conned me me out of a forced version of the book that he pirated the fucking thing; and that version is still floating around as I also found the 2007 version of the book and I will also make this available too on CreateSpace.com as An Eye In Shadows: ‘07 Version. Being I can make both versions available so they can see where I expanded and revised this edition of the book too. I found the A5 Version too as I am going to size this up to an edition that’s the 5.5 x 8.5 trade paperback inviting the reader how this was revised for historic accuracy; and I will do the cover close to the 2007 edition so they can compare notes to both versions. The 2007 version as the A5 edition — it has my name on the both header pages as this is much different than the current version that’s out there now and it’s the one I prefer out there but I am going to make this available too so they can compare the notes between the two. The version out there now that’s completely revised reflects the publication of both namesake anthologies. I can see where Jenna Tulls altered Legend Keeper to try to turn it into the ‘novella’ Murder of Crows.
      I knew where it was changed and they had been caught. It wouldn’t surprise me if Rachel tried to fabricate he back story and might had plagiarized her academic papers to make herself sound more African-American where she sounded Czech during her interview with Good Morning America. It angers me how my generation are liars and cheats; as Kealan Patrick Burke lied by omission with being in The House of Pain with The Clause. How Brian Keene took on the identity of my pen name to harass me; that’s fucking low he would even do that.
      That;s as low as what’s going on in China with dog napping the family pet and skinning them for on the menu; they are still eating dog in China. Let’s not lie about our race, suggesting that SSN’s are playthings and manipulate those of power now shall we? As I am getting these books ready from Lulu.com versions to CreateSpace.com — the second book has an attention to detail in terms how I am redesigning the collection and Dirty Black Winter I need to write a new introduction. I have a daunting task of getting Tabloid Purposes II ready too as Alex Rivera found the book for me and I need to disassemble the pdf and re-edit the book to remove the problematic author. It will be very cool to see all five back online.
      I have Lake Fossil Press on Submittable.com now so I can take submissions; I will explain the reading fee that’s for nonfiction and that will help me obtain the LCCN. One anthology I am overseeing has a LCCN going with it — and trying to get in contact with those who are doing introductions to give them a briefing on this. As this anthology is going to counteract what Blakely Judd had pulled; I am going to offer a generous discount to those who were victimized by Blake with their money and the deal with the Merch. Century Media and I follow each other mutually on Google+ as I had blown some our circle out of the water with what I am planning to do when this is done.
      “What are you planning of Blake?”
      This is a wait and see guys — seeing the finished anthology will be a huge step and will invite Blake Judd to the book signing then all who had conned him; they will have a copy of the anthology discounted from the eStore. Then showing Blake, “We need role models but you have failed us and let us down; I am showing you something that heavy metal did for me — what I had been giving back what I picked up from this.”
      Reed called what I did very innovative.
      “If you know what went down with Blake, you know exactly why I am doing this. Because real heavy metal reads,” I smiled as I typed.
      “When you have lemons make lemonade; ha — clever.
      I will give a venue a very generous discount code — for every Nachtmysticum album they have, trade it for the anthology and what they do with it; one person who is lucky enough. I will hook them up with five copies. One is going to be theirs, then the other four they go and plant them around coffee houses, college campuses and what libraries can can track down. They will see five copies and a watch from zazzle.com — I am going to be grabbing up two watches (a male version of the watch and the female one.)
      Whoever gets that watch — they will be the one who is going to help get these into places that were Blakely’s stomping grounds; as in where Battlekommand called home. Seeing all the lying going around — I know some are asking about street dates, patience is a huge thing with me and this one requires timing. I am a leader and planning to live up to this; but I am going to need a lot of help getting the word out with these and when they’re ready (FictionPress.com and it’s sister site blocked outside linking; the message boards you can link your facebook pages up so that will help with this.)
      I doubt Metal Injunction would be intrigued by this but I am sure MetalSucks would have some fun with this one because they had did the blog about metalhead reading patterns. In the years of race liars, literary frauds, and manipulated CEOs — it’s almost the workings of a cyberpunk novella you think? This is with a real purposes and why I called Tabloid Purposes what I called it; everyone has a purpose and what drives them — as I am driven as they get. My family didn’t come to the States from Italy to do nothing — every who immigrated here for a reason; and sometimes that reason wasn’t completely there until the generations born after them do it. I will not only offer these new publications for a generous discount to those who were taken advantage of by Blake but I have a discount code for the existing publications I got back online. The anthologies I am working on — spiritually they are related to Issue Five (both of them are.) The anthology I will try to brief my cousin’s best friend how to do the introduction for this because the story in Issue Five has a American Splendor vibe.
      You guys will get Issue Five and whoever bought it and show me the photograph that it made it there; you will get the e-version of both the CreateSpace.com and Lulu.com versions. (I do have the print readies for this one to compare the Editor’s Lounge on both.) These two anthologies I am working on almost got stalled all together because of an ER visit that I needed for getting Porky Pig removed from my food pipe. They told me I need to be on Ranitidine 300 mg so what happened with Porky doesn’t happen again. So with this wakeup call; seeing what Brian Keene, Rachel of the NAACP and the CEO of Twitter.com need to realize; lying is not tolerated in any form. The doctor told me this medicine will keep my food pipe from doing what it did; my cousin said and I quote, “You know we were praying for your death.”
      I know Sarah Jane Ferridge would be looking at that medicine bottle and make a lot of jokes about me nearly dying from wolfing down my dinner. That was the result of an eat and run culture as I had been eating on the run for many years when I would grab my lunch and take it on the commute; eat on the way to a book signing. I am sure some would joke about hearing my arteries clog because I eat a lot of greasy food. Well at least I am honest about my family being from Italy and will deliver on these publications. Twitter; sorry you fucked up when you allowed the impersonating parties to remain and suspended the genuine article as I caught someone impersonating me on facebook.com a few times over.
      When I managed to get my novella Cyber:Terror:Machine back online; that’s a stepping stone how to design the one anthology. I had given the ones who will have introduction duties to check out American Splendor and when I get my drivers working; I will join them in watching this movie myself. This will give them something to work with when they read the anthology — especially when they have seen the articles about Blake Judd; in the wake of Race liars, literary fraudsters, those who drive into a church and kill members of a congregation and corrupt CEOs. You really don’t know what to make of a fucked up world like this.
      Ferridge if you‘re reading this — if you seen what went down in the last two years with Blakely, don‘t put me on the same level as him because I am nothing like him. When these anthologies are done; they will see I am not really a bad guy after all but when the industry vilified me because of my beliefs and my politics. Well I am going to see what I can do about setting the example. I may be a lot of things Ferridge but I am not a race liar; you want to get pissed at someone — get pissed at Rachel for pulling the blackface bullshit.
       What I am saying is I don’t have to lie about my natioanl origin as with that record I show I am an Italian-Scandinavian. I am third generation born in the States as my grandfather was first generation born in the States as two of his brothers came with his mother on the boat to the States. I am sure someone will say, “You Italians freak me out.” I am giving Rachel the evil eye with this blog as she heard my voice with that evil eye comment. Go ahead call me a wop because I know I am Italian-American — as Rachel Dolezal is fucking race liar as she’s a reverse oreo. Blackfaced cracker… If you read this; Loudwire on Blake the Flake.